Dr Shah Rukh Khan – Life Lessons

Everyone Clapping (Cheering) Thank You very much My name is James Smith,
I am the Vice principal of the Internationals, um I would like to welcome you to
The University of Edinburgh and welcome, those who you have come from the further way inspite of the movie title ‘Deewana’. Madness – particularly of nice or romantic kind, is an absolute acknowledge them and use them define the only way of living, the only life you have all the most beautiful people in the world, creative. the one who lead revolution, discovered and invented things. They did so, because they embrace their own idiosyncrasies. There is no such thing as normal, normal is just another word for lifeless. Soon after i acted in Deewana i became the happiest hero of the movie call Chamatkar. This movie had more believable plot like. i get cheated of all my money by my best friend/conman and find myself asleep in graveyard only to be awaken by the ghost of the murdered mobster. A ghost that I can see and nobody else. I’m very perceptive to that Dr Shah Rukh Khan – Life Lessons

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