Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients Ruled Unconstitutional

Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients Ruled Unconstitutional

a federal judge has ruled that Governor
Rick Scott drug-testing program for welfare
recipients is unconstitutional this is federal judge Mary at s schriften and she says the following:
the courts find that there is no set of circumstances under which the
warrantless suspicion was drug testing it at issue
in this case could be constitutionally applied and she is arguing that this violates the Constitution’s protections
against unreasonable searches and seizures which I absolutely agree with up now there are many issues when it
comes to this drug testing program for one you should keep in mind the Governor
Rick Scott founded a but Urgent Care chain known as Solantic and slanted does the drug testing which
means that even profits from this right now he die
besten is interest in this company however what he didn’t
do is he transferred shares to a trust in his wife’s name would win
but he still obviously profiting from the so there’s
a look conflict of interest there well another issue that I always had
with this is you are already assuming that someone is guilty and you wanna
prove them innocent prior to them receiving problem you know government assistance
or ever that not only helps them but help their children right yet
jumpin’ lot although right there was a study
that showed that because they did in force this before
that they were dry before the judge found it unconstitutional that the people that their drug testing
had significantly lower incidences I’m sure you’ve been there in
the population at large what I to assume that because somebody
is poor yep because somebody disenfranchised
they’re more likely to be an at it is the growth this to bigotry I can even
in the fact that this person that rick Scott can’t
see that that his constituents can see that it’s so obvious from the outside pool I think
that his constituents can see and I think that they support him absolutely
despise in people who are on welfare but I think if you’re going to despise
and distrust the poor don’t ask don’t know her teeth half
measures okay if you can test them for drugs in their urine test their blood so much
cholesterol they have maybe they mean too much fast food why they wasted money
on that maybe their eyes are straining been
watching too much reality TV or something like that I mean these people don’t currently have
a job they shouldn’t be able to have any enjoyment not in any area unlike how dare they occasionally smoke a
little bit we need and yeah I think you instead of going
one step further and actually looking at the room causes a problem the root
causes a poverty and unemployment and drug abuse you know just like you were saying why
would these people you know they might have higher cholesterol because they
read more fast food why because that’s all they have
available to them because I don’t live in a fucking society that keeps but down that keeps the kinda lower social classes in their
place there’s no social mobility anymore America and I’d how well it just hurts me so
much that what you’re saying there the constituency probably backs
rick Scott in having utter dismay a this date yet for people on welfare I
wouldn’t be surprised that the majority of his boner have had to use the welfare system at
some point yeah I won’t let me jump in really quick sorry Jimmy I’m because
carried it back to bring up a point about how the drug test do not yield the results that rick Scott would
expect right so if you look at the general population in the United States
a present the general population ages 12 and older report using illicit
drugs however if you look specifically at welfare applicants less than two percent
applicants tested positive for drugs so it didn’t take us lower than the
national average okay so they’re less likely than the
national average do you travel but the cool thing about that is that his
company gets paid whether they find the drivers are not only yeah it about thirty dollars I heard
about that taxpayer yea so it’s all things like this keep
happening like what’s happening and it just so used to be you like a
shame involved in america and then it was the
one media watchdog job to shame people who would do things like this and mike
wallace than 60 minutes will come a day when the camera you run the other but
their way because you just got shame that
embarrassed and revealed right so why how was this so I get it I get
and I gotta go back to Brian Williams gonna go some people say it’s not but
some people say he said I can tell you because I’m a corporate
tool and I can actually tell you what’s happening I’m Brian Williams at work for a defense
contractor a shame though is still there it is now we’re shaming the people on
welfare exactly hearing that is important worst possible position the
real cause the poverty is these lazy fuck in dark people who don’t wanna work I think brightly the annoying are too
lazy Mexicans him somehow are lazy and taking our jobs yeah another area of the half measures that
really bother me and I think that if ideologically you are opposed to people
taking drugs for receiving welfare like not just the people who are receiving
SNAP benefits or something there’s a lot of forms that well there with that yeah I must have been taken
away but we have in this country we have massive corporate welfare I would like
to see them investigate these CEOs and find out if they have some sort to
painkillers in a system are they’ve been taking by agar
something like that how dare you take drugs like that when you’re receiving
billions of dollars to prop up your failing bloated banking I think it’s
ridiculous I wonder what that percentage is really compared to the national
average by making this sound like you’re driving are you kidding me those but
Colgate doin fuckin megalomaniac to have turned
investment banking into a casino gambling those
pricks who spend their lunch hours ahead don’t smoke or houses in strip clubs those guys they all have doctors will
definitely get them together I get everything they want their drug testing an app for welfare yeah

100 thoughts on “Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients Ruled Unconstitutional

  1. I say drug test everyone on Wall St. Rick Scott is just another, demonic, soulless sociopathic, Rethuglican zombie sheeple! Just like that fraud GOP guy a few months ago that had voted for drug testing food stamp recipients and then was busted buying drugs from an undercover cop! The hypocrisy is blinding!

  2. I'm a Floridian and a lot if not most Floridians think that electing Rick Scott was a huge mistake.  However, TYT takes this argument way too far in the wrong direction. The root of the argument is whether or not welfare is abused and, if so, how can the abuse be stopped.  Scott is an idiotic greedy ass hole, but the argument on how the welfare system should be changed (or if at all) is a valid argument.

  3. Liberals always blame some one else for their problems. Dont make alot of money? how about go to school or go into a trade job? there is always a way out. Stop with the "learned Helplessness" and external locus of control and take control. Sick of people that blame everything else. Keep blaming something or some one, you will never move up. 

    I remember when i was a liberal, as soon as i started working hard and moving up in life, moved to Capitalism, being liberal  and blaming others for my faults did not help at all. 

  4. If they drug tested the people in my apartment building that have section 8 benefits and other government aides then they'd all lose the benefits because they all pop pills and smoke weed.

  5. Your freedoms should not be restricted based on receiving welfare, and it is a very dangerous attitude to think they should. It allows the government to control those who are dependent on them.

  6. And what happens to the money they are given? Spent on food, gas, local taxes, energy bills, etc, etc. All taxed, the money goes back into the system and circulation, it does not just dissapear. When will politicians realise it is not wasted money.

  7. So now all the gun-nuts and right-wingers are going to come out and campaign against the drug testing, right?

    Because if it's against the constitution of the USA, then it's bad, right?

    And surely they don't want to be labelled as a bunch of hypocritical arseholes, only interested in issues that affect them and their precious guns, right?

  8. Whether or not somebody receives a public benefit has zero relevance to their civil rights.  "Receiving benefits" is not the same as "probable cause".

  9. Everything they subject welfare recipients too, it's also applied to vets. Each month when ordering my prescriptions I am subjected to drug testing.

  10. Unconstitutional? I'd volunteer for random drug testing being on the system. I've seen first hand Many many welfare recipients and people in low income housing using their Ebt cards, general assistance for buying booze using it for drugs. Sure not ALL but I have seen a lot that do. Who knows, maybe it's different from state to state. Why not have random drug tests? If you have nothing to hide then why appose it? Real simple actually.

  11. The people bitching about it on this show probably have. Never lived in a homeless shelter or low income public housing in their life. They simply don't like the government imposing on our rights ( NSA anyone) which I agree on most points. It sucks having poverty wages, having to rely on things like fuel assistance and other public programs. But such is life. I don't like the corporate low life's but I also don't like the low income people acting like people Owe them. The money I get monthly is considered poverty wages too so I speak from experience. Back in the day I grew up on government assistance for years actually. I was drug and alcohol free. The money is there to help people NOT to be used for a booze or drug habit period.

  12. Personally I dont disagree with drug testing BUT only if they test all the hypocrite politicians as well because as we all know there are some who do coke and crack and those are only the ones that have gotten caught. And they must do it during the elections on camera so that we the people know for a fact there wasnt at all ANY foul play with their results.

  13. I live here in florida and the drug abuse is unbelievable. We have to have drug tests to get a job why not have a drug test to receive the tax payers money? It isn't just weed (which I have no problem with weed) it is meth , crack , prescription drug. I don't think their benefits should be taken away but it should be a strike 3 system that gives them the chance to clean themselves up at least while they are getting state assistance. Most hardcore drug abusers aren't going to give a rats ass about how their children are taken care of and it isn't just the black population it is also the white population that are flying below the radar. It isn't just one thing causing this mess but a whole slew of fuckery that keeps the revolving door of poverty spinning, we can all agree on that subject.   

  14. How is the an unreasonable search?? You are not constitutionally entitled to food! Food Stamp are unconstitutional.

  15. I go to Wal Mart and see 3 full buggies full of food and the people are paying with an Access card . i have a half of a buggy full of food and pay with cash . What pisses me off is the Access card users go out into the parking lot and get into Escalades !!!!!  That's what makes me mad about the system .

  16. so wait, they're all discussing whether or not it's right. But wtf?? Should drugs excempt someone from getting help in the first place? What is this fascist crap

  17. What's going on with the shredded American flag in the background? Why is it shredded?
    I'd like to see the 1st girl repeat her views on the evil presumption of guilt over DUI check points on highways. And since she brought up the "think about the children" card, I'll challenge her on that too over DUI checkpoints.
    Why all the f'ing swearing?
    What's the 2nd girl's style called with a loosened shirt and tie, tattoo, and lip ring? Is it classy? If I did that at work with my shirt and tie, I'd be told to straighten it up. She's probably complimented on her sexiness. Double standard?

  18. I think they need to get tested. More than half the ppl I know who receive gov assistance do some sort of drug. Whether it be weed, pills, coke, whatever. And they use the money from selling their food stamps to fund it. At least the " corporate users" spend their own money. They don't use tax payers money.

  19. so….it's wrong to make sure that people getting tax payer's dollars for doing nothing that they aren't using them for drugs instead of bettering their lives…….also, it's not a violation of their search and seizure rights since you're consenting to the search when seeking welfare, you don't accept the terms, you don't get the money. many drug dealers use welfare as a cover for their business and then break out from that and use their ill gotten money to act rich all of a sudden….they need to put limitations on welfare recipients…these are american tax dollars going to pay for people sitting on their asses doing nothing. they should scrap welfare and have only two forms of government assistance, unemployment assistance and disability assistance. if you're able bodied, get off your ass and find some work, maybe the government can help you get a course to make your job search easier. if you're not able bodied, then you need assistance. but with modern technology, you would need to be mentally disabled to not be able to work, if you can operate a keyboard, you can get a job in the modern age. 
    "how dare they occasionally smoke a little weed" yes, how dare they smoke weed that's been bought with tax payer's dollars. if you want pleasures in life, get a job, if you're on welfare, you should be using all your money on getting by or you're getting too much. 

  20. One thing to note that seemed to be overlooked: they compared self-reported statistics (8% over 12 years old REPORTED using drugs) with TEST statistics (2% actually tested positive).  Potentially this means an even WIDER margin, because depending on what industry people are in, or what they want to go into, they're likely to lie about their use (for example, the US Air Force will take you as long as you've only done marijuana 4 times or fewer; any more, or anything "harder" and you're ineligible).

    Long story short, they pointed out a 6 point difference, but odds are good the margin is MUCH wider.

  21. Many companies drug test potential employees before beginning employment. Military veterans must past drugs tests to receive benefits. So, tell me why welfare recipients shouldn't be tested before getting "free" money from taxpayers?

    Both my parents are first generation immigrants that arrived with nothing but lint in their pockets in the 80s. They've worked their asses off to get off welfare, buy a home, raise a family and put me through college. There are no excuses for people being on welfare generation after generation. Quit blaming the rich, quit blaming Republicans (which I am not).

    “I have never understood why it is "greed" to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else's money.” ― Thomas Sowell

  22. whats wrong with testing someone for drugs when youre giving them money? im all for weed but if i give a homeless man 20 dollars so he can buy food for a few days im gunna be mad as fuck if i see him sitting with a big bottle of booze. if you earn your money fuck yeah buy as much weed as you want as long as you can sustain yourself still. is that a bad train of thought?

  23. Wait a second, if it's a violation of the 4th Amendment to drug test people collecting state benefits then why isn't it also a violation of the 4th Amendment to compel drug testing for federal employees? Wouldn't the same lack of probable cause exist? When I was in the Navy I had to take around 15 drug tests throughout my six years, and had to go through further drug testing as a DOE contractor later on.  I didn't see any activist judges out there championing MY 4th Amendment rights.

  24. the judge needs to point out the article in the constitution that says it would be unconstitutional. I say that because there is no article that covers drug testing or welfare so it is idiotic for a judge to say ya that is unconstitutional.

  25. What is wrong with the Turks.  Why do they assume that welfare people are idiots?  People that have recently used drugs would not apply.  They are not idiots, that is probably the main reason that the detected usage rate was so low.  I am not saying that they are all drug abusers.  But avoiding weed for a few weeks is a "hardship" that anyone can survive.

  26. Along these lines we shouldn't have drug testing for jobs either… i mean having a job is a right and should be constitutional. Man these guys are RETARDED. "OMG the government is imposing on my right to do drugs D: while i gets free money NOOOOOEESSSS" If you are getting FREE MONEY you best be doing something to pay off that free money.

    Also got to love the lie of "If you are poor you stay poor" Yet I worked from living on the streets to living in my own home./ Damn sucks to be a lazy ass bitch like most of the losers on welfare who don't want to earn more money to get a better life. Because then they lose that free money they getting. 

  27. Test the recipients of corporate welfare first..then we just just might be approaching a level playing field.  But not until….

  28. meh i disagree with this.. i have always thought.. excluding weed, that people should be tested, for crack, meth, and heroine addictions.. so that they could be taking off welfare, because all of a sudden they wouldnt have money, tax money, to do drugs.. i wouldnt be paying for somone to get high.. i like that idea.. And on top of that they would instantly quit doing drugs, and get a job, or get clean for a month.. so they could get back on welfare…

  29. So I need to get tested for drugs prior to getting on my ship so I can work my ass off to pay for welfare but these assholes don't need to take a test to get my money?

  30. "despise and detest the poor"  Really?  Argue against what actual people say instead of these phantoms you create to argue against.

  31. here in palm beach florida go to the emergency room for seizure or whatever and the doctors call me a pill seeker pill popper dr shopper like im sorry i didnt mean to have a ambulance pick me up and drop me off at your ER i was unconscious. 

  32. If you can pay for drugs, you can pay for food. If you're a danger to your children, you should lose your children. Problem solved.

  33. sweet, now stop testing CDL drivers.   (Lol, good luck, like they are going to not harass people that actually help society).

  34. I grew up in Idaho, and I can tell you…Drug use doesn't depend on how poor you are—It depends on how BORED you are!

    Everyone around me was just talking about drugs there.

  35. Drug testing is more than merely unconstitutional. It is immoral. Whatever will they think of next? Testing for alcohol?

  36. Im sorry but if you want free money they have the right to know if the beneficiary is drug free and living a straight life. I just saw a fb post about a girl who was like got welfare now its time to get weed and my nails done while here kids are suffering. Fuck you young turks step outside your gated community.

  37. But if you work you have to fucking piss in a jar, THAT'S constitutional, apparently.

    Noibody seems to have a FUCKING PROBLEM with that!  Even though we're the ones SUPPORTING the fucking welfare fucks.

  38. Unconstitutional, isn't taking money from those that earned it and giving to people that didn't…Unconstitutional……

  39. If I have to be fucking get drug tested to get my employnent then you need to be fucking drug tested to get my fucking tax money for your fucking welfare thats the point get off your lazy fat ass and get a fucking job and if you fail the fucking welfare drug test then you dont fucking deserve the fucking assistance shiftless lazy bastard! -_-

  40. Private companies are allowed to drug test employees without cause. The government, according to the Constitution, must have probable cause to perform such tests. See the difference?

  41. People bring their own self down! Drugs should not be a sense of happiness. Why should the people that work have to pay taxes for people who sit around on their butts all day and do drugs and take money from the state! Yes please lets do testing!!!!! We are not trying to hurt the people by taking it away we are only trying to help them in the end

  42. This isn't about discriminating against people with Welfare, this is about making sure the taxpayers money isn't wasted on lazy bums mooching money on people actually working to get a fawken paycheck. If you're willing to get assistance to support your means of livelihood, then I think you can't complain when you get drug tested to get money that isn't even yours! I agree with TYT with alot of issues and this is definetly not one of them, it makes me sick to my stomach!!! 

  43. Adults should have the legal right to use drugs as long as they're responsible for their own lives and are not harming anyone else. But the thing is, if you are on welfare, you are no longer self-sustaining. You shouldn't receive the benefit of government assistance if that money is going toward drug use. The is contrary to the intent of welfare in the first place.

    Their argument is that drug testing welfare recipients paints them as drug users. Lots of places in the work force have random drug tests, including police officers. This is not because we have greater suspicion that police officers are doing drugs.

  44. This is the most ridiculous "news" feed I have ever seen. What a bunch of douche bags. Why do they keep referring to marijuana like it is the only drug out there?

  45. my opinion is, welfare recipients should be drug tested, tested for nicotine, and have any body art tattoos or piercing documented at the time a benefit is awarded, basic cell phones should be the only phones permitted…. I work 80 hours a week as a commercial driver and that subject to random drug testing by my employer and the Federal Department of Transportation, in order to work for my money. The argument that it is a safety sensitive job is Bologna, because there are six hundred automobiles for everyone commercial truck on the highway, and 1 automobile operator is subject to drug testing , just saying. Just visit an emergency room at any local hospital, and size up the people complaining of a belly ache that receive free state or federal health insurance, and 99% of them are on it iPhone, inked to the max, at totally lose their mind when they are told there is a $20 copay

  46. That "2%" is from a VOLUNTARY drug test screening. You think drug users hear voluntary drug test for welfare recipients and are like "sign me up!"

  47. who's the dorky looking hipster cuntbag with the shitty lip ring and fucked up tie i want to urinate on ur face she has no political street cred

  48. Unreasonable searches & seizures? That's ridiculous. So you're telling me it's ok to drug test people who work for their money, but unconstitutional for those who don't work for their money? Fucking morons.

  49. How, in anyway, is this an unreasonable search or seizure? The state is not asking people to enroll in their welfare program… The people are asking the state for assistance and in that case the state should have every right to require a drug test for that person to get that assistance. The fact that there is any argument at all to drug testing people applying for welfare is ridiculous. Bottom line, if you have money to buy drugs, you don't need welfare.

  50. I have to get drug tested to work a job that's 50-60 hours a week. I had to get a drug test whenever I gave birth. (The only irritating part was I had to pay for the drug test out of my own money.) What's so difficult for a person too lazy to work to pee in a cup to get free money?!


  52. There's too many white people on meth,wax, X, etc. for that to pass anyway from what documentaries say. There would be MAD white people made homeless. They say it's
    part of their white privileges to be able to use and sell drugs without worrying about
    anything at all. I've seen how they do. I saw a 15 yr. old white daughter of a DEA officer invite black & Hispanic dudes over to drink & smoke while they showed off their fathers weapons. I couldn't believe how dumb the young teens are. I told them don't be surprised
    if they're on camera in that officer's or agents house with his daughters. I'd hate to see what could've happened. Those girls were crazy and so were the guys. That was a definite death trap. There was TOO MUCH that could go wrong. I wouldn't go ANYWHERE NEAR them once I saw that, I got ghost.

  53. By Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala: In total Drug testing, disagreement . Drugs in the Black community is
    an introduction by the very government that now issue out rude and extreme punishment, which is a manifest destiny caused by US Government.

  54. so why is it constitutional for everybody else to have to drug test for their money? you can't get employed without doing it everyone knows that. so obviously the walfare recipients that are having a problem with this have no intentions of getting a job EVER what a shocker! confirming that leftist do want special rights not equal rights.

  55. Whoever said something slick must believe in luck because their coward azz comment
    disappeared when I manifested here virtually. Smh

  56. The conflict of interest part I agree with but why shouldn't they take a drug test? I had to take a drug test as a condition of employment why shouldn't they have to take a drug test as a condition of taking taking money for nothing?

  57. Elected officials have progressively ruined law, legislation, constitution, and county without consequence, or regulation.
    But, a so called free citizen cannot get the lowest of positions at a Walmart, or even food stamps without being subjected to drug test and background check.
    Society has repeatedly allowed the wrong kind of people into their governing system and that system has become a cancerous disease eating the country from inside out.
    These political sucks shouldn’t be allowed to govern a McDonald’s let alone a country.
    This alone has become a testament to society’s modernized enslavement.
    When the wealthy retarded are allowed to rule, it always guarantees misery and ruin.
    This is a mistake that has been rinsed, repeated, and recycled, over and over again throughout human history since the beginning of time.

  58. Either drug test EVERYONE or NO ONE! PERIOD! … I worked in aerospace and they ONLY drug tested hourly hands on assembly and maintenance type workers because they were around dangerous equipment etc …meanwhile engineers working on AIRPLANE designs and managing the dangerous equipment etc NO drug tests?? Like THEIR mistakes can't kill people?? Man that made SO bloody angry! Also if there were rumors of drugs they brought local police canine units in to sniff all the people and their lockers and tool boxes …..did they EVER take the dogs into the offices to sniff desks and cabinets and briefcase/purses etc?? HELL NO! SUCKS… Luckily at least I never had to be drug tested because my hire date was pre drug test institution and ….company would of had to give up something to get that from us …but our membership sold the new guys down the river …typical of unions and why I love/hate them BTW I stored my own narcotics in my boss's desk …..J/K.

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