Earth in Human Hands — Book Trailer — David Grinspoon

Earth in Human Hands — Book Trailer — David Grinspoon

– When people ask me
what to tell their kids about climate change, I say, don’t pull the wool over their eyes. But don’t tell them our world is doomed. Because it’s not. Instead, tell them some
stories about our planet and our species. Tell them how remarkable
it is that on this planet some chemical reactions
evolved to the point where now we can look out at the universe, back at our own planetary history, and forward to our future. Tell them how we have
inadvertently begun changing our planet in dangerous ways, and need to learn to play
a more constructive role. As an astrobiologist, I
study how planets evolve. I wrote Earth in Human Hands
to explore the transformation we human beings are now causing on Earth, and how that fits into the
larger story of our planet. Seen from space, Earth is
the most stirring sight. Why? Our ancestors never saw Earth from space. Yet we all feel it. So this wide recognition
of the whole Earth as lovely and precious also demonstrates our
capacity to evolve and grow. But right now our planet is changing. And our best science can’t
say what’s going to happen. The system is so complex
and hard to predict, especially because we ourselves
are increasingly part of it. Our decisions and our
indecisions are now a part of planetary evolution. We’re not the first species to come along and radically change the planet. But we are the first to
know we are doing so. We can see it coming. We can change course. That gives us disturbing responsibility but also opportunity. If you look at our deep history, you see that we have faced
existential threats before. This history also suggests
that we have the capacity to become a very different kind
of influence on the planet. We can develop a more positive
and sustainable relationship with our biosphere. It’s not enough to think
about what kind of future we want to avoid. We need a vision for the kind of future we want to create. That’s why I wrote Earth in Human Hands. Can we have a vision of
where we want our world to be in 10,000 years? We have to see ourselves
as acting in collaboration with our future selves,
and future generations. We have to hold up our end. To do so, we have to gain
much deeper knowledge of both our planet and ourselves. We no longer have the option
not to be planet changers. So we have to figure
out how to do it right. In Earth in Human Hands, I
describe what I think it means to be a constructive
planetary force, rather than a destructive one. If we step back and look at ourselves from a cosmic vantage point, then
our task here becomes clearer. And personally, I think
we’re just getting started on this planet.

5 thoughts on “Earth in Human Hands — Book Trailer — David Grinspoon

  1. You aren't aging a bit; you're looking better now than when you did all those "Universe" episodes. Remember to send a mass mailing if you do a book signing or talk in the Norfolk, Virginia area.

  2. It is all about thinking in terms of DEEP TIME – Galactic Time. Thank you brother for a vision of planetary wisdom and hope!

  3. As a high school teacher, a frequently discouraged citizen engaged with environmental and climate concerns, and simply a human being who loves life on our planet, I am so grateful for this book (I'm currently at page 340) for providing far deeper, more expansive, and surprisingly hopeful ways of viewing our situation. I will be recommending this book to pretty much everyone I know.

  4. David, when are you going to take off your silly hat allowing me to see your full face?I am Avigdor Goren, in the past Avigdor Grinshpoon = Avigdor Grinspan

  5. I remember the BBC series "The Planets".. a cool scientist talking about planetary weather, such as lighting on Venus, and cool comments about the Venera probe surface image: it was "neat" being able to see the sky in a corner of the photo.

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