Easter Island – A Secret Hindu Civilization? David Childress from Ancient Aliens Reveals The Truth

Easter Island – A Secret Hindu Civilization? David Childress from Ancient Aliens Reveals The Truth

Hey guys, today we have The David Childress. He has explored almost a 100 countries in
the world, and today we are gonna talk about how people of South India went all over the
world. and this is a very interesting story. Welcome David. Thank You. I wanted to ask you specifically about this
book: ‘The lost world of Cham’. Seems to be getting a lot of great reviews
and it’s a very interesting book. I wrote it a few years ago, it’s one of my
most recent books and it’s a book I was really excited to write. And it was the culmination of many years of
study and my travels. You know, I’ve traveled a lot in India and
across Asia and to Sri Lanka, Indonesia. I’ve been in to Thailand many times and to
Cambodia and Laos and finally I made a trip to Vietnam. Vietnam? Yeah and that was where I really started to
learn about the Cham and the Champa. And it really opened my eyes to what was going
on, ultimately. What I discovered and what I write about in
this book and the subtitle is the trans-pacific voyages of the Champa. Trans-Pacific? Trans-Pacific.. voyage so I realized there
that first of all, that the Cham were these Shivite Hindu or Buddhists. Yeah they were followers of Hinduism and Buddhism? That’s right, and they call themselves the
Shivites. Yeah and the Hinduism that they followed was
Shivite (Shaivism) . In Vietnam? In Vietnam. And they were also in Cambodia too- and ultimately
in Laos. what I discovered with the Cham as I researched
them, I really discovered them so much in Vietnam. Around Da Nang. The Cham were not ever in the very far north
of Vietnam, they were from about central Vietnam, north of – all the way to the south. To the Mekong delta and all that. And the Cham were not the same as the Vietnamese..who
we call the ‘Dai Viet’. They are not today’s Vietnamese. That’s right. Today’s Vietnamese are almost all ‘Dai Viet’. They’re from the north, they are really of
a Chinese ancestry.. they are very light skin like the Chinese. They really are a sect of Chinese just as
the Thai people are.. pretty much the same. Both were invaders coming from China to the
south. And in both cases what they did was they pushed
out the Cham or Champa people. How did they look? The Cham people and there’s still a residual
of them today in Vietnam and you have them in Cambodia. So the word Cambodia is also from the word
Cham. Oh really? Yeah and they are there are darker skinned
and they’re more like the people of southern India. They look like me? They look like you. Also Indonesians too.. Cambodians also but they have a more oriental
look. Darker skin Vietnamese or Thai. So those people they were megalithic. They also used the Keystone cuts. Those Keystone cuts which are these t-shaped
cuts and you pour the metal clamps and yeah so when I went to the megalithic city near
De Nang called ‘My Son’ . I talked about it here and I show pictures. There, I was looking at the ruins of My Son
– a fantastic place and there was basalt blocks perfectly cut. They were amazing to me and I could see how
what they were doing was very high-tech and megalithic and then I saw the Keystone cuts. And they were identical to Keystone cuts I
had seen at Tiahuanaco and Bolivia. And other Keystone cuts I had seen in Peru
at Ollantaytambo. And we have seen them in Cusco too. Yeah. You can see them in India too – a lot of sites
have these Keystone cuts. I think Hampi has keystone cuts. and you will
see them in Cambodia too at Angkor Wat ,you will also see them at some temples in Egypt. And a few places also in Greece and Turkey
– these Keystone cuts. You’ll see them at Borobudur in Java. So, once I saw the Keystone cuts.. because
Keystone cuts are a very unusual way of putting giant megalithic blocks together. So the idea that different cultures in South
America, and in Vietnam, and in India, and in Java, also in Egypt that they are all using
this same unusual key stone building technique. You’re gonna only see them on megalithic buildings
that are already very well made. But then they have keystone cuts and you have
molten metals poured into them. So you’re looking at megalithic technology. You’re looking at metals technology, melting
metals, pouring molten metals and these are megalithic structures. At that point I realized, Wow, Cham are also
in South America I mean there’s some trafficking going on. So I began to research more and more the Cham
I realized there’s really something here. And I have been in Cambodia myself twice before
and I just thought , “okay what’s going on here ? ” I made some trips also to Java to
Borobudur. There’s also another site near Jakarta which
is where Borobudur is called Candi Sukuh. It is high in the mountains and it’s a very
old Hindu temples. And there are Keystone cuts there and also
the site looks like a Mayan temple. When I first seen pictures of it, I thought
oh this must be a Mayan temple here but no it’s in Java, in Indonesia. Oh! What was that about? So with the Cham i realized that yeah they
are these Shivites who are worshipping Shiva. There’s many statues of Shiva there, with
the third eye. It was a common motif with the Cham and Champa
people. Also the Shiva of course is having a topknot
. He has a topknot of hair. Yeah and he’s always depicted even in Vietnam
this way. And throughout Cambodia those megalithic places. Also I went to a site in northern Cambodia
called Preah Vihear, it’s on top of a mountain right on the border of Cambodia and Thailand. And it’s very much like Machu Picchu. So that’s where I realized that the Cham were
these people that were travelling across the Pacific and that even many of the Pacific
Islands were being settled by the Cham and that they were these they were Hindus and
Buddhists at the same time. And similar with Borobudur, they don’t know
who built Borobudur no one takes credit for it. Historians say oh it was this dynasty the
Shailendra dynasty. There were some Buddhist and it must have
been them, who built it. But so no one says they built it, but here’s
also another Cham site. Originally where did the Cham come from? originally from Vietnam or ..? No I think
they came that came from India, I think from southern India. South India? South India, yes. What language do you think they spoke? Well they may well have spoken the Tamil language. Tamil language? Perhaps, yeah. I don’t know what language they would have
spoken sure may well have been that. so they start from South India and they go
Southeast Asia? Which is.. how do you think they went? Starting well, I mean could have been Vimanas
but of course may have been using ships really. So the land of Cham began in Sumatra. Sumatra? Yeah. So Sri Lanka was not land of Cham and it was
more closer..coastal part of India or whatever. Who knows? Because they were joined together. They were joined, yeah the Rama’s bridge and
everything. yeah whatever the history there, it is closer
there. But Cham became a land that was starting in
Sumatra included all of Indonesia, Java it included Malaysia, where Singapore is today,
also Thailand but it was before the Thai people moved down into that area. Cambodia, of course and the southern half
of Vietnam, also included Borneo I would say it also included the southern islands of the
Philippines. And all this area was Cham and it was in Sanskrit
they called it ‘Suvarnabhumi’. Swarna bhumi – the land of gold? The land of gold yeah and when you go even
today to the Bangkok Airport it’s called ‘Suvarnabhumi’. Yeah. As you go through the airport, there’s a big
mural of Rama on his chariot. You can see it is very nicely done. it’s always nice to see that, so yeah the
land of cam was this Hindu and then later Hindu – Buddhist area. It encompassed a huge area. So many ports and islands and so the Cham
had a fleet of huge ships.. of so many ships. You think they were like extremely well developed? Oh very well developed and rich in gold. There’s a famous story of the Chinese coming
down to some of the Champa cities in southern Vietnam to loot them and they took so much
gold and treasure. The Cham people had so much gold and treasure
and they were travelling from island to island. They were great navigators in the ocean, they
could go to any Pacific island. They were the ones going to Tonga, Tahiti,
ultimately to Hawaii, to Marquesas and even to Easter Island. All of those Islands.. You believe that the Cham people built the
Easter Island? I believe now that the Cham people built Easter
Island, what is on Easter Island. Wow! And I believe that the statues on Easter Island
are statues of Shiva. The statues on Easter Island they’re huge
they’re megalithic, and they wanted them, they wanted to put them around the edge of
the island and they wanted to put a top knot on that. Yeah and it was a separate piece of stone,
a red volcanic stone and it was a topknot with that and it’s like a hat. but if you are a Shivite and you know Shiva
you know that that top knot is Shiva and that symbolizing Shiva. And I’ve been to Easter Island three times
and it wasn’t really until I went to Vietnam and started researching the Cham that I realized
yeah and the whole Shivite thing. And I realized those statues are Shiva. So with the Cham were coming across the Pacific
as Hindu sailors really. And later they were Buddhists. And we’re talking going back to I think 1000
BC, you know and but going up to around the Cham Empire lasted until about 500 AD or so. What happened with the demise of Cham was
a civil war in Southeast Asia among Cham cities. It was a city in Sumatra called Sri Javaya. Srivijaya? Srivijaya, yeah that’s it. And that and they were they noticed someone
who they’re still trying to find exactly where it was. It was the city that’s been destroyed by tidal
waves and earthquakes and volcanoes. In fact it’s in that area where just recently
in the last year there was a tidal wave in Indonesia and a hit that part of Sumatra. Yeah and wiped it out. That’s the area where Srivijaya was. But so there was a like a civil war and the
Cham are fighting with each other. They went to Vietnam. At that time the central power of the Cham
was in southern Vietnam. There’s some islands off of Vietnam too – called
Cham Islands. They are still called Cham Islands? They are still called Cham islands today. And those Islands are granted islands off
of Da nang and they have very nice beaches. But not even today or not many people live
there. But apparently what would happen to what I
say in my book is that fleets of ships every at certain times of the year fleets of ships
also coming from China. They’re coming from Java and also I think
from southern India also fromm Orissa, konark and places like that and they would meet at
those Cham Islands. Huge fleets of ships. giant ships too. And then, from there, they would head out
into the Pacific because I was a very good place. Going just south of the Philippines they would
head out into the Pacific and from there that will go to Micronesia, to this fantastic place
called Nan Madol. in Pohnpei Island, in Micronesia but beyond and then out into Tonga and Samoa
and tahiti and ultimately to Mexico and Central America and to Colombia and to Peru. So they make a major mark in Southeast Asia,
they build these amazing megalithic sites you know? Including Borobudur. And then what is the next really amazing stop
they make? The next stops are going to be Fiji, where
they’re also megaliths. And then to Tonga where you have a number
of pyramids. The site outside of Easter Island that has
the most megaliths and pyramids of unusual size is Tonga. Tonga has megalithic buildings, it has a giant
stone arch trilithon like Stonehenge. There are large pyramids. So in Tonga, they do build these amazing structures?
and then, where do they go? From there, they would continue to the East
to Samoa , to Tahiti also going to the Marquesas which is moving farther north but closer to
Mexico. and then from there, they have to make that
final big you know journey to North America. They’re landing either California or in Baja
California or in Mexico, or further south. So, thank you so much David, I am a big fan
of you and all this information I am getting from you is just amazing. Thank you. It has been great talking to you Praveen,
I have enjoyed it very much!

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