ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2012 – Obama Is Bankrupting The United States!

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2012 – Obama Is Bankrupting The United States!

I’ve been having some interesting discussions here on YouTube with people
that just don’t seem to get in economically. Unfortunately, they have no clue that we are heading
for economic collapse because of uncontrolled government spending. President Obama is bankrupting our country and driving us towards
economic collapse in 2012 or early next year. Apparently, those that vote for Obama are too blind to see and understand
that the completely broken system of endless handouts and debt-fueled prosperity will eventually be a major cause in an economic collapse like the world has
never seen. Social Security and Medicare are a good thing? That’s a question. Well, what do you think will happen when all the money is
gone? No one will get anything. And that will somehow work? Do you realize that our deficit in this year, 2012, will be larger
than the entire debt was when Ronald Reagan started his presidency. When our politicians finally spend the last dime left in the treasury because people have bought into the
lie that the government owes them something, then what will happen to your liberal fantasy world? What happens when there is no more money? When
there is no more Social Security or Medicare? This is what the fantasy do-gooder liberal worldview has brought us folks. We have spent TRILLIONS on social
programs over the decades and liberal politicians, and even some republicans, just want to keep that going. Can we see some results? Where are they? Where are people
leaving poverty? Where are homeless people getting off the street? President Lyndon B Johnson’s Great Society (doesn’t that have a sorta Chinese ring to it?) was supposed
to fix all that and his programs spent $2 trillion over 25 years and nothing happened. So your Dear Great Leader Obama comes along and spends that much money in 3
years STILL to no avail. And yet, liberal progressive fools want more? God help us! When is this mass liberal delusion fantasy world
that you guys live in ever going to end? It has failed in EPIC proportions, yet the snake like politicians that you keep voting for
always keep saying, we need just a little more money, just one more program, just one more government agency, just one more government czar can solve it this time. Let’s just
tax the rich more. Let’s just tax the internet. Let’s just tax small businesses more. Obama told us Government Motors, good old GM, paid all their loans
back and all these jobs were saved, but for how long? We then get the real story and see that GM’s stock price has dropped
so much that the company lost some $25 billion on the Obama bailout. GM employs 68,500 people in the US, so each job supposedly
saved at GM ended up costing the government $365,000. Enough is enough! Your Great Society, government can provide everything fantasy is
coming to an end because you have broken the bank. All because politicians promised them the world and they believed it. Welcome to the future of
your sick little liberal experiment. And yes, you republicans have played the game as well.

30 thoughts on “ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2012 – Obama Is Bankrupting The United States!

  1. Pres Johnson peronally picked the bridges to bomb in Vietnam fighting the bad ole commies while at the same time pushing his own great society communist ideology……Oh, the irony.

  2. You seemed to forget about "other people's money" being used to bail out banks that created the problem in the first place. You have no problem with privatise profit but socialize loss, people like you would have been the first to bleat if your banks were left to fail as they should have been, nor have you said 1 word about defence spending. Obama/Romney, it doesn't who wins, America is too far down the track to destruction to turn back so continue to beat the poor, they deserve it.

  3. It's nearly a 6 minute video, I don't want to bore people to death. And please don't put words in my mouth when I don't speak about something. I agree that banks should have been allowed to fail instead of bailing them and Wall Street big wigs out.

    Please watch my video ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2012 – IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO GETS ELECTED where I pretty much admit that it doesn't matter who gets elected. It sounds like we really aren't that far apart in our thinking.

  4. Um, why not cut our defense budget so we have enough money for social programs? The USA currently spends twice as much money on defense as any other developed nation. There's no way that is necessary, unless the USA aims to control the world's resources through military force (which is what I feel is happening).
    Anyway, all this is beside the point. The real reason our economy is failing is the monetary model itself. This is because the system is built on differential advantage.

  5. You actually think there is a positive benefit to minimum wage laws? Really? Maybe you should go take a basic economics class. Minimum wage laws actually hurt the economy because they make the price of your hamburger, cooked where people get paid minimum wage, go up and it also keeps businesses from hiring additional workers. When workers are paid more, businesses owners expect them to do more and they also don't hire additional workers because it raises labor costs. Go look it up.

  6. Last time I checked, working at Walmart or a fast food restaurant wasn't the American Dream for most people. And you think that because somebody works at Walmart, that's the fault of republicans? Some liberal known as Barack Obama must have drilled a hole in your head and poured in a lot of stupid for you to believe that?

  7. You should work for what the market allows. If one restaurant is paying $4.50 an hour and another is paying $6.50 an hour, workers will go to the one paying more. Dude, get an education or take a vocational class and make yourself more marketable so you DON'T HAVE TO WORK FOR MINIMUM AGE! Damn man, that isn't the problem of the president, that's YOUR responsibility. You aren't entitled to a liveable wage unless you EARN it.

  8. Uhh, last time I checked Barack Obama was the president and that is exactly what he is doing, bringing people back to work for low paying jobs and claiming some kind of victory or 4.5 million jobs created. Complete BS.

  9. What exactly do you think a job sat McDonald's is worth? Do you realize if everyone there got paid $10 an hour a Big Mac would cost $6? What good would that do?

  10. I have stopped trying to discuss any of this in the workplace..or even with family..
    Everyone wants ,"Normalville" to continue. As long as they aren't impacted directly
    (except for the price of gas)…the crisis is invisible to them.. They don't want to hear any of it.
    Just go home,munch on their 'Big Mac,fries..and Big Gulp'. and watch 4 hours of mind-numbing TV… I remember LBJ signing the War-on poverty…The jerk!
    Now we have organized ghetto-poverty.

  11. I'm glad I found your blog…just subscribed.
    I'm stacking silver, food, water, etc….
    Also need a roadmap to a sane part of the country… it may be a small map!

  12. Unfortunately Normalville might not last much longer and those that have been ignoring you probably will be coming to your for help. It will be funny how that works.

  13. Thanks for your comment. That pretty much shows who will be surviving and who will perish because of laziness and the stupidity of not being prepared. It's sad that we've come to a place in our country where many people can do little but depend on government for everything.

  14. Hey, I'm one of those "others" who used to pay into Social Security……..every month…..right off the top…….no choice. So I didn't complain too loudly when I became disabled about twelve years ago, with an incurable disease that leaves me in CONSTANT PAIN! And I'm afraid I don't loudly enough about the Medicare that allows me have medication to relieve some of that pain. Would you like me to send you the bill? And it's not I'm getting rich real fast on $800 a month + $100/food stamps.

  15. Now that I got THAT off my chest…….this is post 2 by the way…….I have to say, truly, I feel the same way about our government spending. We are ALL heading for some DARK DAYS, my friend. I just wish the idiot government had kept their hands off of what we, the working people, were forced to pay into SS. If it had been left alone, if people hadn't decided that "More Government was Better", we wouldn't be living in the welfare state that we do. I'm 56; it's sad to see my country lost.

  16. (post 1/2) I too am concerned about government spending. However, there are two important things that I never see addressed in these arguments:
    1. You can't make an honest living in America anymore without wealth to begin with. In the past you could go out and plant a small field or chop wood and sell it. Not anymore. Technology replaces the need for human labor. Now even higher-level fields like accounting, legal, HR are being lost to technology. Jobs lost in the recession are not coming back.

  17. (post 2/2)
    2. Money that is spent by the government is not going into a black hole; it goes back into the economy. So how can it run out? Medicare spending gives money to doctors, hospitals, and drug companies which otherwise would not be received. Taxes on these people circulate some of that back. Unless money is going overseas, it's a closed loop. Money only disappears from the economy when wealthy people / companies hoard it (ex. Apple holding $100 billion offshore).

  18. Wanted to add: And the rich are definitely getting richer. I was born and raised right here in my rural farming town, and I've had to watch small family farms go out of business as corporate farmers with lots of expensive toys and higher efficiency drive down prices. Money in America is not going away. It is just starting to collect into pockets of wealth. The gap between wealthy Americans and average Americans has doubled in the last 50 years.

  19. Sorry, I can't help myself: I have to expand on that some more. When people who are "dependent" on the government receive benefits from the government–food stamps, housing assistance, medical insurance–who is benefiting from that government pork? Not the poor, who see only temporary value from those 3 things: a meal, a place to live for a month, a dose of asthma meds. The actual money goes DIRECTLY to the grocery stores, the landlords, the health care providers; the actual "dependents".

  20. When I was working, I was paying into my Social Security, jusst like you do. When I got hurt and couldn't work anymore, I had to apply for Social Security Disability, which, like I said, I paid into all of my working life. It's like a government "insurance" that I paid for. If you were to get badly injured and could no longer work, you would have to apply for SSD (Social Security Disability), just to live and for the medicare/medicade to pay the dr, and hospital bills. Anyway, I paid in the

  21. money for my "insurance". Unfortunately, unscrupulous politicians have been using Social Security monies like their own personal piggy band for so many years, our (and I say "OUR" because it IS OUR (yours and mine) money is virtually GONE! So, I am sorry that YOU are paying for MY misfortune, and I really don't blame you. But it is not my fault. And I am most certainly not getting rich "off of the system". I would LOVE to be able to work again, but barring a miracle, that just ain't gonna'

  22. happen. So I make do with what I've got and am thankful. I just pray you the never have to depend on the "good graces" of our government. I hope you understand a little better where I'm coming from.. Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. And remember the reason for the Season, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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