Education Based Ganges-Sarasvati Civilization

Education Based Ganges-Sarasvati Civilization

Nithyanandeshwara Samarambam Nithyanandeshwari
Madyamam Asmadhacharya Pariyantham Vande Guru Paramparam I welcome all of you with my love, respects.
I welcome all the devotees, disciples, Samajees, Satsanghees, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedhar,
Kotari, visitors, viewers, sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhana TV, Aura TV
and through two way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha all over the world. The cities
sitting with us, two way video conferencing having nayana Deeksha, Heuston Aadheenam,
Dubai AAdhenam, Singapore Aadheenam, Rajapalayam Aadheenam, Hyderabad Aadheenam, Pudhukkotai,
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Madurai Aadheenam , Kula Lumpur Aadheenam, Oklahama Aadheenam, Singapore Aadheenam, Bangalore
north,and many more cities are joining. I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I’ll continue to expand on The KatoUpanishad
Santi Mantra, please recite along with me Aum Sahanā vavatu | saha nau Gunatthu | saha
vīryam karvāvahai | tejasvi nāvadhītamastu mā vidviṣāvahai
|| auṁ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ Understand, listen , I will read out the meaning, translation and
then expand on it. Aum, May we both together be protected, may
we both be nourished and enriched, may we both bring our hands together and work with
great strength, energy and enthusiasm. May our study and learning together illuminous
both with the sharp absolute light of higher intelligence. So be it. May we both not have
enmity or incompletion with each other. Let there be peace, peace, peace. Let there be
peace in my inner space, peace in nature, peace in divine forces. Listen.. The context of the Indian education
system, how the education in vedic tradition existed, how it was happening .
The other day I was reading letter to British parliament. He writes to British Parliament,
I went all around this country, north to south, east to west, I have not found a single person
who is lying, who is telling lies, I have not found a single beggar- understand, I have
not found a single beggar, I have not found a single person lying, People are so fulfilled.
I few want to rule this country, we have to break their back bones. Their strength , their
education.. I will read out the exact is addressed febraury 2 nd, 1835, I have travelled
across the length and breath of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar,
who is the thief, such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people
of such high caliber that I do not think that we would ever conquer the country unless we break the
very back bone of the nation which is the Spiritual and cultural heritage and therefore
I propose that we replace her old ancient education system , or if the Indians think
that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, lose their self
esteem, their native culture, and they will become what we want them, truly dominated
nation. Understand, understand the strength of Indian education system. This was Macaulay’s
address to the British Parliament on 2 nd febraury 1835. You can all see the letter
and his face. Anyhow, understand the value of Indian education
system, what kind of human beings and society we produced. Listen.. Only when the education
is producing the human beings of higher Consciousness, it can be called as education. Not just some
skills or talent, set of skills and talent does not make you educated, as i said, uneducated
are those who are educated only in schools… uneducated are those who are educated only
in schools. Please understand, in any civilization, any
culture, any country, any society, if there is a peace, there is a lot research and development.
Fortunately, we are the civilization naturally protected from all sides. Three sides ocean,
one side large hills , mountains which can never be crossed with ordinary efforts of
human beings. This natural protection gave a tremendous peace to this Ganges-Saraswathi
civilization. Civilisation between Saraswathi and Ganga, that is why war was never a mainstream
activity of Ganges Saraswathi civilization. Please understand, in any civilization, whatever
they feel as their greatest achievement, mainstream life, lifestyle, they build monument for that
purpose. Please understand, if they think, waging war and killing people is their mainstream
lifestyle and purpose, they built monuments of warriors, people who are , who lost their
lives in the war, or people who won the wars, monuments are built, war meomorials are built,
monuments of the victoriouus kings are built. If they think whatever human beings think
is their greatest achievement, essence of their society, they build monuments for it,
so that the future will remember them through those monuments. Please understand, that is
why I am saying, the Ganges-Saraswathi civilization, the Indus valley civilization, the Hindu civilization,
waging war was never a mainstream activity for us. It was always only for defense and
self protection. You may ask, how, how I am coming to this conclusion. Look at the monuments
we made through out the country, not even 2 percent, war memorial or the kings emerges
victorious after war. 95 percent of the monuments we built are monuments for education, 3 percent
is for great educators and teachers. Understand, all our Temples are not monuments of some
war victory, it’s a place for education in memory of the great teachers and educators,
it’s a Samadhi of Siddha’s , not monument of great kings, Only 2 percent is monument
of great victorious kings or war memorials.98 percent is for education and great educators
, teachers. Understand all the temples are built for siddhas, great educators. Based
on the monuments, you can understand, what was highly respected in that civilization,
in that society. I was also reading the Agama shastras , the science of building villages
and cities, everything was centered on education, knowledge and teacher . That was really surprising….warriors
were only a small part of a society, given a very small place of security job, that’s
all, mostly their job is security job, or attending, serving during any natural calamity.
That was their regular routine. I am not saying we never waged wars..we were , waged wars,
no doubts, that was not our mainstream life style activity. There was so much peace, so
much of research, development, so much of knowledge , knowledge creation and spreading,
so much exploration of space under the water, under the earth, into the fire, so much has
been done, so much knowledge was available, even whatever is left out unimaginable, unmatched humanity may take
at least take 5000 years to catch up with this vedic knowledge. To catch up with our
education system, they may even take 10000 years. Understand the statements that I am
making are not out of ego, arrogance, self pride or anything. I am simply stating the
facts,., simply stating the facts ,simple truths straight away. We put so much of attention
on Arjuna becoming a greatest warrior and emerging out of Gurukul, but we forget , from
the same Gurukul, Sahadeva emerges as the greatest astrologer in this war. A whole department
of astrology was functioning in that same Gurukul. But, we were so glamoured by Arjuna
emerging as the greatest Archer, Bheema emerging as the greatest wrestler, we forgot Sahadeva
emerging as the greatest astrologer. Understand even to be a greatest archer, you need the
knowledge from multiple other disciplines. If you see the monumets of a country, what
we bulit, what we revered, what we respect, what we want to be, what we want to remember
and how we want to be remembered, what we want to remember, how we want to be remembered
by our next generation. All these aspirations were centered on education…..All these aspirations
were centered on education. So much of knowledge on physical health, mental health, Consciousness,
powers of consciousness,, so much was available. Our education system, our Gurukul system,
making human beings, should again become the mainstream education system…. Should again
become the mainstream education system. Please Listen, When I read this Santi Mantra, I can
see very clearly, the context of the Indian education system which was always towards
higher and higher intelligence. Sahanā vavatu | saha nau Gunatthu | saha
vīryam karvāvahai tejasvi nāvadhītamastu mā vidviṣāvahai
|| auṁ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ May we both together be protected, may we
both be nourished and enriched, may we both bring our hands together and work with great
strength, energy and enthusiasm. May our study and learning together illuminous both with
the sharp absolute of light of higher intelligence. So be it. May we both not have enmity or incompletion
with each other. Let there be peace, peace, peace. When ever I read this verse, again I fall
in love with the education system, our Gurukul system. What a powerful beginning, where Teacher
and Students together say, seethe context, no where Guru is claiming, I am going to teach
you, you are the Student, nowhere , He is demanding obedience from the disciple, no
where disciple is made to feel that he is new. Actually, there is no psychological ragging
here. The ragging starts from the Teachers . Please understand, in any educational system,
in any educational institution, ragging starts from Teachers. It’s the teacher ‘s who
feel insecure about the new fresh vital energy coming inside, they want to make the statement,
Ai.. you are there..(down) We are here..(up). It is they, the way they behave, makes the
senior students set a trend. Ragging starts from so called Professors, Teachers, Principals
in any educational institution. They just want to illogically bulldoze and make a statement,
be there…(down). Not even one aorta of ragging here, he says very beautifully, may our study
and learning together. Because our masters know these Apoushyas, Vedas has multiple layers
of meaning. Even if the Teacher is teaching Vedas for 50 years, 51 st year when he opens
the manuscripts again, when he opens the palm leaves again and reads the same line, he may
click with a new meaning. Because he knows it is from Aakashic records. So he is teaching
from that humbleness, May our study and learning together illuminous both , please understand,
illuminous both with the sharp absolute light of higher intelligence, sharp absolute light
of higher intelligence. I think the Teacher should have this pace, this context. The Teacher should have this context , this
pace. Each one of this line introduces our education system and the context on which
our system was evolved. Next statement, May we both not have enmity or incompletion with
each other, because they are going to live together, understand, Guru and disciple are
going to live together, so not having incompletion is very important. See , if you don’t live
together, like this modern day, non involving narrative education system, where there is
no living together, there is no involvement with each other, then the possibility of incompletion
itself is not there. But when you live together, not to have incompletion is very important.
Teacher can always establish his superiority and let disciple not have incompletion. But
he is not doing it, this is, it’s very clear, please understand, by the authority you can
never make somebody without Completion., only by your Authenticity you can make others Complete,
never by authority, it is by Authenticity. Whether it take times, months, years, it’s
only by the other person realizing the Teachers Authenticity, Guru’s Authenticity, he becomes
Complete. Completion cannot be achieved by authority ,it’s only by Authenticity. I will continue to expand on this verse in
the further Satsangs. As you all may be aware, yesterday we were in Prayag..Teertha Raj Prayag,
Kumba Nahari, having Snan in Triveni. Yesterday is the first time I would have spent such
a longtime in …Sangam, after the Sangha started, after the Sangha started. Even during
Kumbha Mela time, we go and just take a dip and in ten minutes our Acada has to vacate
the place for the next Acada to come. See usually , Maha Nirvani Acada gets the first
snan, because Maha Nirvani is respected as the highly educated, disciplined and culturally
rich Acada, it’s actually from Maha Nirvani ,all the acadas were formed, there are records
even 100 years before, only the Maha nirvana Achraya can give Sanyas to any acada. All
the other 13 acadas did not have a separate Acharya Maha Mandaleshwar or a Guru to give
sanyas on their own, all of them have to come only to Maha Nirvani Acharya for Sanyas, so
in all Kumbha Mela s, Maha Nirvani gets the first snan, it’s the good news, same time,
they have the pressure of vacating the place for the next acadas .Usually the last acada,
the vairaghs and Vaishnav acadas , they come last, but they get lot of time, they get almost
30 minutes. But the fist acadas , we get the first dip, but early morning, it will be around,
almost 3.30 you have to get ready and be there, in the shivering cold and only ten minutes,
ten minutes. But Maha Nirvani entering the water, Kumbha Mela starts, we start the Kumbha
Mela. But even in those times and we don’t get time to spend with Triveni, so much time,
yesterday , we really had good snan, great darshan of Triveni and snan. And today again we have long day, preparing
for SHIVOHAM process, SHIVOHAM process is starting tomorrow, SHIVOHAM in SHIVA’S home….
Claps …..So today is the last day of the Inner awakening, we are going to work on the
past life regression , cleansing all your past life patterns …. and we also have Sri
Vidya Homa, worshipping mother. Please understand, only with the blessings of Mother, you can
enter the SHIVA ‘s home. SHE has the key.. SHE has the key , it’s Mother who has the
key. SHE is the Mokshadayani..SHE is Mukthidayani, so today we will recieve MOTHER’S blessings,
DEVI’S blessings and enter into SHIVA’S home to have SHIVOHAM.
So today we have a long day.. all the participants need to get ready, anybody who is here for
tomorrows SHIVOHAM process, if you have already done Inner Awakening you can also can join
the past life regression process. How many of you are here for SHIVOHAM process.. If
you already done Inner Awakening, please keep your hands raised.. you can come for the past
life regression process, you can be part of it. And If you have not done Inner Awakening
you may not be able to do it, because ,you, you don’t have the introduction, you don’t have the context,
so..but even if you have not done Inner Awakening, you can join Sri Vidya Homa. That I can easily
give you introduction and set the context, but this past life regression, you need, you
should have gone through all this different Completion process and initiation, ony then
it will open up, only then it will open up and you will be Completing it. So we have
a long day, yesterday also it was a long day, it was not just snan, the whole emotional
roller coaster you go through and come down, when you see Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi, oh
GOD! It’S too much. I have decided secretly after the IA , I will go spend there for few
days and go to Bangalore… I just have to see my it is, even otherwise,
I said, yesterday itself I decided, either after the IA I spend few days otherwise I
am coming back to spend few days in Sangham. SHE is just too much..Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi,
before the public life I spent lot of time with Triveni..Ganga, Yamunan and Saraswathi,
after the public life, it was always for Kumbha Mela and overcrowded, oh God, if you have
seen Kumbha Mela and seen yesterday that ground, you will be shocked..this ground becomes that
city..just plain ground it becomes a city where 50 crore people live. Please understand,
Alahabad population is less than 15 lakh, it’s less than 15 lakh. All of you need
to know, there is no regular Airport.. there is no regular Airport in that city, only Army
has a Airport, very rarely they allow the civilians to use it. That’s also not Airport
fully, it’s just gas trip, that kind of a infrastructure. It’s a plain ground with
just river and sand, you can’t even lay a foundation and I was trying to locate where
our camp was, I was trying to locate, finally I located it, based on the railway bridge,
because our camp was just below the Railway bridge, such vast land, empty land becomes
a city for crores of people during the Kumbha Mela. So today we have long day, get ready
for the Spiritual process. With this, I bless you all, Let you all radiate with Integrity,
Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, causing Living Advaita, the eternal Bliss, NITHYANANDA.
Thank you. Be Blissful.

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  1. As we all question the current outdated British system that even the British have stopped following. The Gurukul system with its focus on indepth exploratory learning is an eye-opener. The children here follow their passion and learn as they are living and doing rather than rote learning.

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