Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Cell Phones & Air Conditioning ‘the Ugly Side’ of Welfare

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Cell Phones & Air Conditioning ‘the Ugly Side’ of Welfare

so Elisabeth Hasselback is now she has
left the view is we’ve talked about and she is now on Fox News probably the
correct place for her perfectly logical and she teased the segment this guy john
stossel goes on Fox News and they kind of pitch in as the
non-political guy who just gives you the bottom line truth on what you need to
know so you don’t get screwed the reality is
he’s an incredibly ideological extreme libertarian who falls under not
true libertarian philosophy but kind of this libertine libertarian
that Judith read talked about yesterday on the show
if you miss that check it out listen to what she had to say about the
ugly side a welfare check it out up next box business alert friend you
joblessness numbers about to be released what are they instant analysis next then
do these folks really need to be on welfare so have a TV yeah but television he have air-conditioned yes cable TV yeah how many channels 131 john stossel
checking into that and exposing the ugly side entitlements coming up okay now to me
Lewis the ugly side of welfare is the negative connotation surrounding
those who receive government benefits the idea
that the spending as wasteful all love the negative nonsense around
welfare programs that to me is the ugly side of welfare
the fact that some poor people have cell phones & Air Conditioning to me is not at all the ugly side of
welfare right they they passed this office as
hard-hitting interesting journalism and I i think if
you think about this logically we kinda need those people who aren’t or
offered have cell phones don’t yeah Louis integral part of their lives
cell phones for people who are on welfare are hugely important often they have
addresses that might change much faster then people who earn more money to put
it to put it simply it becomes very difficult to apply for
jobs or even to maintain access to some of these benefits if you don’t have a number where people
can reach you you probably you you may not have an
email address you may not have a regular physical address that you really need a cell phone it’s
abundantly clear and I would even go further the assumption that poor people
shouldn’t have cell phones is in part kind of grounded in the idea that it’s
an unnecessary expense and or a luxury but increasingly access
to a mobile phone is becoming more of a utility the idea
that it is it is a simple that is it is simply a
luxury to have a phone that is yours that goes to you
that you carry around as as a luxury i think is antiquated its
its drastically distorting this a and then the other thing as far as the
air conditioning goes Louis you can get an air conditioner for a hundred bucks or even less
sometimes who are we to say that if you are on welfare providing
yourself or maybe someone who is elderly who
lives with you or maybe a very young child or baby who are very susceptible to those high
temperature high humidity days with some comfort in the summer is
somehow out of bounds I mean it’s almost like
were in a country where the right expect poor people to
live in cardboard leaving to use with no plumbing and dirt floors right I know I and maybe that would be a that would make it seem like they’re not
taking as much from taking as much from the government as
people think they are mad dog penis does go both ways of course there people
taking advantage of the system right and and and as we know it every
time we say that we can acknowledge it and we have to say any system will have that and is it
statistically significant and the answer is now yeah I must
remember that a lot of he’s government handouts as
their point miss that in this segment are actually quite
stimulated oh that no question about it we talked I
can even I my head’s gonna explode if I start going down in doing that analysis
again lawyers suffice it to say were completely at home here with what Elizabeth
Hasselbeck is delivering in her new role at Fox News let’s take a break we’re
gonna talk to David Greenfield about technology addiction next and then
your voicemails and more

100 thoughts on “Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Cell Phones & Air Conditioning ‘the Ugly Side’ of Welfare

  1. Really? Because before the 1980's most people didn't have central air conditioning, and few people had any air conditioning before the 1960's. I don't know of any epidemic of the elderly and children dying.

    Regardless, air conditioning is a luxury. It's not a necessity and it sure as hell isn't a right.

  2. Why shouldn't a poor person have a cell phone. I spend about 30 bucks a month, and my phone costs $150, so it's not massively expensive, and it allows them to keep in contact with people, potential employers, and family. As for cable, it's about $30 a month too. Sure, they should try to get jobs, but having cable tv, airconditioners, and cheap cell phones are fine for people on welfare.

  3. Just because you didn't know about it doesn't mean it didn't happen. It just didn't get publicized in the past because it was seen as an "act of god" much the same way they viewed people dying of bacterial infections before we had antibiotics. But once antibiotics were created and these deaths were avoidable it then became unconscionable to deny people their use because they were poor.

  4. Obviously the cost of these appliances has gone down tremendously since then. Look at tv's in the 1960's incredibly expensive, remember Back to the Future when he said he had 3 tv's and the family thought he was rich? You can get a cheap air conditioner for 100 dollars. If you go to the Goodwill you can get one even cheaper! These items are not by any stretch of the imagination indicators of wealth. Nor should they be out of reach to those on assistance programs.

  5. You Americans… do you know that most housing outside US does not have central A/C? Instead of heating/cooling up the room that people are in, you guys need to heat/cool the entire house, howz that not wasteful? You have the highest % of obesity in the world, how is that not wasteful? U are 5% of world's population and yet consumes 24% of global energy… rich or poor, the US by large is a very wasteful nation and that's the ugly side

  6. After watching John Stossel conducting "GOTCHA!" interviews on poor people who have the temerity to have air conditioners – imagine these unworthy "moochers," who should be living in mud huts! – I have more and more understanding for Dr. D. and how he rocked this smug, sniveling geek's world back in 1984.

  7. Yeah! Let's just blow all the poor people away with our multiple guns and Walmart bullets. That's sure to stimulate the economy! Fuck their heating! Let'em go South for the winter. Fukin' birds do it!

    These fucking Republicans are pond scum. Hopefully they'll all go to their beloved "heaven" as soon as fucking possible! Amen.

  8. Yeah, I doubt that unless you keep an A/C on 24/7 it is really going to cost that much. Or at least, so much that A/Cs should be a criterion to block people from getting welfare.

  9. This is such bullshit, and these are their examples of people abusing the system? Phones are needed for job searching, TVs are so cheap people give them away online free if you pick them up, cable costs fuck all and locks you into contracts that can last longer than your job, and I doubt these people are sitting back in air con all day either because I have a job and even I can't have my air con on 100% of the time I'd like it to be on because it's too expensive electricity wise.

  10. A/C is a luxury for a lot of people. I used to go without it to keep my electricity bill down to a minimum.

    What about State sponsored paid job training programs that would prepare people to build infrastructure? That would reduce unemployment and fix our roads.

  11. These bleeding heart liberals are too inept to understand the moral hazard these social programs create. If people can have luxuries like cell phones, A/C, and cable TV without having to work for it; then what incentive do they have to work at all? Nobody is going to work for something that they can get for free. Also, stop with the social programs are stimulative nonsense. Taxing people, or printing money to give to other people does not create new wealth. All that does is redistribute it.

  12. The problem is the assumption that people on welfare don't work but according to the agency itself almost all do. I grew up welfare, my single mother worked two jobs and we still didn't get electricity sometimes, we had ac too. It gets hot as hell in Texas.

  13. Now I'm not a big city economist but money only works when its redistributed. That's what purchasing things does you exchange it for goods and services. Its essential to the economy. These small amounts of money get spent in a wide variety of places and to at different stores they are very stimulating. As for these people not working many of them do work. They just don't get paid much so they need help. Also in the US there are many places where heat waves kill people.

  14. Do you have any idea how cheap all those things can be? Also who to say they don't have any jobs maybe they just work really shitty jobs.

  15. It's pretty disgusting. Try living in Texas where, some summers, it gets well over 110 degrees. Old people, children, and the ill drop like flies without AC. In fact, during one of our worse heatwaves, 20 people were sick or killed from the heat in a single day.

  16. What about those who do work and try to make end meet and can't get any type of help because they make too much money? I have been there and I had a job and they told me that if I quit I could get assistance. How is that right!?

  17. Why would anyone complain that someone on Welfare has a cellphone? Cellphones are cheaper than regular phones! Having a landline, home phone is more of a luxury and an unnecessary expenditure than a cell phone is.

  18. Ya, it does cost "that much", depending, of course on outdoor temperature & personal requirements, but several hundred dollars per month is typical.

    As for blocking people, no, it shouldn't be a criterion. I'd personally prefer a system without food stamps. Cash only. What a recipient does with it should be (?) up to them.

    Expenses such as these, however, shouldn't be used as justification for increasing support.

  19. What is with the pretty WHITE blonde women who come from total lives of privilege and comfort….and they HATE HATE HATE.

  20. I have found that the poor are very capable of completely moving their entire life to an unknown place with no guaranteed work quite easily. That is a logical and intelligent suggestion.

  21. I can see objecting to cable TV, and there are some abuses in welfare, but frankly, that is peanuts compared to corporate welfare and corruption of the tax code. But, it easy to demonize the poor, because people see them everyday, and see them use food stamps, etc. But they don't ever see the billionaires pocketing millions from government largesse.

  22. Hasselbeck makes me think of a quote from the series, "The Big Bang Theory". Amy holds up a picture of Sheldon and asks, "How can you not fall in love with that face?" to which Penny replies, "Because sooner or later that face is going to start talking." That's about the case for all these beauties they have on FOX.

  23. Landlines average about $30/month, and don't include free long distance, and of course don't make it possible to get that call back from an employer wherever you are. With cell plans that have unlimited talk, long distance and data going for $50/month, the land line is a waste, and often more expensive.

  24. She is an idiot. Did you hear her say "Joblessness numbers…"? Joblessness? Strategery… What an idiot…. LOVE YOUR SHOW DAVID!! KEEP IT UP!!

  25. TV and AC were invented in like the 1950s. At that time, only the wealthy had them. Its 2013, Fox. Get your head out of your ass.

  26. First for all, for an intelligent woman, Ms. Hasselback isn't that bright. Secondly, people need cell phones now. There are very few pay phones now, and you need them when driving.

  27. The morons want to crush those below them on the socio economic ladder without realising that that is the bottom floor. Take that away snd not only do those on it siffer but ALL wage earners get dragged down as those who become desperate start working doing lower rung jobs FOR LESS MONEY. Then those who WERE doing those jobs offer themselves up for the next rung AT LESS than those currently doing those jobs,. But seeing beyond your nose is not what right wing scum are not terribly good at…

  28. You miss the point. I work and pay taxes, so when my money is taken from me and given to someone else, that's less money I have to spend, save or invest. Basically, instead of me getting to use my money; someone else gets it. No new wealth is created because I now have less money so that someone else could have more. Don't even start with that heat wave nonsense either. As if nobody could survive before A/C existed.

  29. If they're so cheap go buy a couple thousand of them yourself and hand them out in the hood to people that don't have any of them at all. You see, it's only cheap to you when someone else is paying for it, so if you think this is such a great idea; do it with your money.

  30. so the poor shouldn't have cell phones or TVs eh. Whats next electricity, and education, they really want to push us back into the dark ages where the peasants worked on the lords land and the masses believed everything told to them. Well they can fuck the right off because I'll die before I let them reduce me are my family to that.

  31. Hey, I'm just saying, if you think that people shouldn't have A/C in the 21st century then you're welcome to go pack your things and live in the woods. They aren't entitled to A/C, you're logic is completely backwards. If you think a gov should stand by and watch people starve, because "freedom", and free markets/individualism, why not just take the extreme step and go live an existential anarchist's wet dream and become a mountain man.

  32. Liberals are compassionate alright, when they have their dirty little hands in other people's pockets. These utopian statist progressives will not stop until they control 100% of the wealth.

    That's why they despise Faux News, Drudge, Breitbart, and alternative media…because it exposes their delusional and deceptive lies. Like shining a light on a cockroach.

    …and an Obamaphone IS NOT A RIGHT.

  33. What the hell is you talking about? All I said is that people can buy a cell phone, AC and a TV really cheap it's not that hard to understand. I'm not saying they going to have a IPhone or a 80' HD TV but they could easy get on of the easily afford older cell phones and get a minute plan and afford older tv models. As for AC have you ever consider they have it in where they live or they could find one of the models that go your window. Trust me I have no problem giving money to the poor.

  34. Agree sadly the people who think all poor people are just lazy people who want to live of the government likely never walk a mile in those people shoes. They never had to work two jobs just to be broke after paying bills.

  35. There's no such thing as an "Obamaphone". The SafeLink cell phone program started under the Bush administration (I know because I was a PCA and used to help my elderly clients set theirs up. I stopped working as a PCA in October of 2008), and if you wanted to get technical, the free phone program started under Reagan and was called Lifeline. However, it doesn't matter because the program is funded by telecom companies, not by taxes, and the president has nothing to do with it.

  36. Are you lost here? We're talking about them buying these "cheap" things with taxpayer money. These people don't have jobs, they can't afford anything on their own. I don't care what the poor working class does with their own money. I care what the poor, unemployed do with my money. They shouldn't be getting this money in the first place, and they definitely shouldn't be using that money to buy luxuries. This does not help people; it just enables them to be lazy and dependent.

  37. If you honestly think that there aren't millions of people taking advantage of and abusing the system; you're either foolish, or just in denial.

  38. Notice you said elderly, because it was only meant to help the sick, disabled, and elderly (the way it ought to be). After 2006 when the Dems took over the House and Senate, the Lifeline program exploded in size when it was attached to the SNAP program. That 'Federal Universal Service Charge' on your cellphone bill is what is used to subsidize the program. The money is then sent to a non-profit which distributes that money to the FCC telecom companies. So in the end, yes, taxpayers pay for it.

  39. We have a constitution. The federal government giving people air conditioning or any form of welfare in general is not legal.

    It's not a matter of whether people "should" have air conditioning. Just because it's the 21st century doesn't mean that air conditioning is all of a sudden a necessity for life. This reminds me of the arguments people give for legalizing same-sex marriage: it's 2013, so we mind as well legalize it as if the year has anything to do with anything.

  40. Here in the UK our Government is radically overhauling the benefits system & whilst it's long overdue it is the most vulnerable of benefits claimants who are suffering the most.People have quite literlly taken their own lives because of harsh changes to the money they're paid.And I'm talking about those who're on their death beds & yet have been assessed as 'fit to work'! I live in daily fear of losing my disability payments but will my Government give a damn? Absolutely not.

  41. The polarization of this issue is because the system is riddled with fraud. No one wants a 70 year old grandmother to go without a phone or air conditioning, conversely, no one wants to pay for a 23 year old to have the same things if they are capable of working. Too many on the entitlement programs are capable. The classic food stamp scenario of buying junk food, nails and hair done, dripping in gold jewelry and driving an SUV is not just urban legend. many see a lot of it every day.

  42. Stop the fraud in the system. that is the answer. start requiring ID when EBT cards are used, start requiring only real food can be purchased. So many sell the card for cash, If they are selling it, how much can they really need the food? These are real issues. Some of us see the fraud every day, all day. Somehow there is ALWAYS enough for hair and nails, clubbing and real phones, they are not using their obama phones! But somehow never enough for food, or rent, or daycare, or electric.

  43. and the reality is that most dont use the obama phone because they have a better one with internet access that they somehow can afford. I know of three people right this minute, who got the govt phones and let their little kids use it while they have an I Phone. and by little kids, I mean 5 and 6 years old. The obama phone is not necessary, it is not serving the purpose because that system too is plagued with fraud. such a waste of tax payer money, huge waste.Where is the monitoring?

  44. I think it's a bit sad when a country that is as consumer driven as the U.S. is, gets offended when the poorest among us have some basic things. I wonder what process the critics would go through if they lost their job for a few months. When would they sell their TV? When would they forgo air conditioning? At what point would they cancel their cell phone? How long until they give up the fast-food lifestyle pervasive in our country, and start buying "only real food?"

  45. Any hint of correcting the fraud and abuse through welfare reform is met with cries of "discrimination" and "racism" from the left.

  46. Personally I'm proud of the fact that our poor people frequently have refrigerators, cell phones, a television, and a decent meal once in a while.

  47. Benefit fraud costs the UK an estimated £1 million per day.
    Tax avoidance costs the UK an estimated £250 million per day.

    Who are the real villains here?

  48. If they had said, "I've got a rolls royce" or 'I live by myself in a 2k sqft house' I could understand how they shouldn't be on welfare. But to say that having a 40$ a month cell phone, a 100$ air conditioner (notice they didn't say central air), and a $150 tv doesn't exactly scream "I have money to burn." At least to me anyway. What about the billions in corporate welfare? THAT is the dirty side of welfare

  49. "We have a constitution. The federal government giving people air conditioning or any form of welfare in general is not legal." Obviously you haven't read the constitution. And your last argument is a strawman. No one uses those arguments, that's just silly.

  50. That is absolutely disgusting. Fucking hell america, just the fact that you have that available on TV is unbelievable.

  51. the worst in the US is 10 minutes of TV followed by 5 min of ads
    Anyhow I have to agree that if you are on welfare and you pay for cable, you clearly don't know how to cut your non essential expense.

  52. Hey, Elisabeth gets paid to do nothing. She found out that poor people are allowed to have electricity and plug in appliances to it, like tv's, air conditioning, and light bulbs.

  53. The cell phone is the most basic "safelink" phone, just a basis receiver and transmitter, no camera, internet, etc. 250 minutes are provided, which do not roll over, needed for emergencies and important contacts like medical appointments. Imagine if Elisabeth had to use one of those?

  54. Again, there is no such thing as an Obama phone and they aren't paid for by taxpayers. How stupid do you have to be to believe that? Pretty stupid since a simple Google search would tell you that. The program started under Bush and it's paid for via telecom companies. I work with low income families and out of the 17 families on my case load only 1 has an iPhone. It came on her mother's plan, and her mother pays the bill. 4 others have smart phones…all 4 have full time jobs. You're disgusting.

  55. Lol exactly. Pay phones are few and far between these day…and very expensive to use. I work with low income families and it would be very difficult for them if they didn't have cell phones. When I call my clients, it's a call they can't afford to miss. My job is to find safe shelter and housing for families in crisis. They need that call,and I'm glad they can be reached. It makes my job easier. My job is hard enough without having to chase down 17 families to keep them updated.

  56. I was using that as a reference point. I've since finished school and work with low income families. People like you who want to take these programs away, make my job 1,000 times harder. To help my clients, I need to be able to get in touch with them, and my clients absolutely need me to be able to get in touch with them. I pay $72 of my taxes to annually for needy families to get SNAP, TANF, healthcare, and WIC. Most people pay about $45. Are you seriously bitching over a few bucks a month?

  57. The losing 'Survivor' contestant doesn't 'think' anything. Nothing at all.

    She is provided with a script by Fox and she merely reads from that script. No thinking involved. She is perfect for the job – a blonde Aryan baby machine (the origins of Filarski are Prussian) who looks good in a short skirt/dress. If she could actually think for herself she wouldn't be working there.

  58. The very notion that an individual on public assistance may experience momentary comfort or happiness drives most conservatives into absolute rage.

  59. I live in Nth Philly. Americas third world nation. Check this out. We have tv's we pay 40 bucks for those old tubes tvs. up to 48 inch tubes. Air conditioners start at 60 bucks used. Refrigerators, washers, dryers all used for about 80 dollars a pop. Broke people/ ghetto folks are resourceful. We buy used unless we could afford otherwise. I wish I had a camera to document these businesses or flea markets as is. These are not luxuries they are the norm.

  60. Grocery stores make money, farmers sell their products, landlords get paid. homelessness is severely reduced, children get to attend the same schools uninterrupted, children, the disabled and elderly get an extra food supplement and health care. The horror of it all. LOL

  61. It is an urban legend in America I can tell you that. I live in the UK where there is a decent enough benefit system that is being cut down now too. I actually worked in social housing in the housing benefit section and yes fraud goes on but there are some who really live on very little indeed. The selfishness of the few should not be a reason to revoke the needs of many.

  62. I think you'll find taking that attitude is incredibly silly. Human beings constantly strive to change things and move on. You are basically advocating we don't and for what reason? Also the US gets very hot in the summer; air conditioning is pretty vital in those states that get 95-100+ heat everyday! Also air con has been around for some time so it's not like its some new fangled luxury.

  63. Yes, because it is so simple to pack up and PAY to move to a different part of the country or world and PAY for a new place because you AREN'T ALLOWED to have air con where you live. Jesus fucking christ. Corporate pigs never cease to amaze me!

  64. Hasselbeck and those clowns at Fucks News wants the people who live under the poverty line to sleep in the streets and eat dirt for nutrition.  How about this…yeah let them live on the streets-the streets in YOUR DAMN GATED COMMUNITY!! Come on Liz-you want the homeless and the downtrodden to live by their means-well hell, they can't afford a house or a motel-so they'll just set up camp on the streets IN YOUR DAMN DRIVEWAY-OR IN YOUR NEIGHBOR'S DRIVEWAY.  Hell, they're on the streets but hooker-they're on YOUR STREETS. Open up the gate Fox puppet!!  Mutherfuck you Hasselbeck, and the rest of those Fucks News assholes.  

  65. "……..Cell phones becoming a utility….."

    I agree one billion percent with this.
    In fact i see almost no reason for land lines to exist anymore. The only reason i have one is because it comes free with my cable/internet package. If it didnt, i wouldn't have one. 
    Oh, and to any cable providers employee's reading this (as if, but you never know). Why the holy shit are you not teaming up with a cell phone provider to give me a cell phone service with my internet and tv? I dont care about a fucking land line. I do care about my cell. 

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