Emergency?! – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 8

Emergency?! – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 8

Hey everyone, and welcome back to some more Civilization 6. So, when we last left off, we were in the middle of sieging Bergen, and we will be taking it pretty soon However, before we continue that, let’s take care of some other things – we can get a fishery over here, or several even but first let’s remove the jungle, because that will finish the city walls inside the city, and I might need those I do need some amenities, but one thing at a time let’s keep moving grab a mine So, bring it on Norway He didn’t even manage to kill the spearman, that’s pretty funny Well then, I saved the spearman Let’s see how much damage we can do with the both catapults all I need is capture Bergen, then we can peace out. Let’s actually attack with the legion and then with the other legion I think… we can take it in like, a few turns Definitely want to finish the Warlord’s Throne, so what I can do is remove the jungle I have extra movement, which means I can move into the jungle and then remove it and maybe even give him an escort in the form of my crossbowman Next up – university in Rome, and we can speed it up. That’s a forested hill So let’s remove that There it is… didn’t save me that much time, but it’s useful kill the warrior… might as well attack them both I don’t want to take too much damage on my legion Let’s just kill him, it’s fine The more units we kill, the better deal we might get. Also, what the heck are you doing, Japan? I have no clue what he’s trying to do here but if he attacks me, he’s going to sign his death warrant. That’s literally what he’s going to do if he ends up attacking me I don’t think he will have the balls to do it, but I don’t know I have no clue what he’s doing with all these units. Not interested, Norway, sorry Let’s do this Here’s a promotion, but I’m not picking it up right now – we need the damage So, let’s see Let’s just kill this guy No, let’s attack Bergen I don’t even have to rush this too much anymore, because Bergen will definitely be ours Yeah, let’s not risk losing our legions, because I kind of like them, you know Move into Rome just to stay safe This should be safe right here Yep We can grab a mine That’s +1 era score Oh yeah, because this is a tile after a natural disaster, makes sense And we can move in with the pikeman because I got one more pikeman moving in I could actually attack him… No, I could not Alright, let’s remove the jungle. That’s one more turn on the Warlord’s Throne Okay, sounds good to me This is looking really good so far We should be able to take it without losing any more units… wait, is that a Russian settler? Yes, it is Okay, well – I want to settle on this side, so let’s do that but we should hurry up I got there just in time. Russia almost stole my city location, because clearly that’s my city location, not theirs It’s signed right there, don’t you see? He might still be able to settle a city right here though That’s the problem I mean, even if he does, he will lose it to loyalty pressure Yeah, there’s no way he can actually maintain a city over there. It’s not happening Faith buy a builder, and I’m actually going to faith buy a trader here, and then we can use it for an internal trade route To boost this city’s production a little bit and first up, we’ll get a granary So, let’s see if we can capture the city yet Probably not yet, and I need to back up How much damage is this? Should be pretty good. I can get the city into red almost If I attack with all my melee units right now, I might be able to take the city on the next turn – let’s try that It’s a little bit risky, but I can almost take the city Yeah, I don’t even have to attack with everything, we should be fine as it is Okay Yeah, I think we basically got this – pretty sure it will be mine on the next turn I don’t want to attack with this guy, because he might have like, a horseman or something like that – and then I risk losing the legion The city is low enough on health, so that I should be able to capture it on the next turn I’m about 90% sure that I will be able to do that Remove the jungle 3 turns to finish the university and we finish… well, we will finish the Warlord’s Throne on the next turn – perfect timing best timing ever We might want to protect Mediolanum. Well, I’m glad I had city walls, I would have been in trouble otherwise And now Bergen should be ours Warlord’s Throne is finished, which means we will get a production bonus for 5 turns In all our cities, every single one of them First, I’m just going to use the attacks elsewhere Yeah, Russia is backing up. It would have been silly settling here, because they would have lost that city to loyalty pressure Okay, let’s take the city. I’m pretty sure I can take it right now Yeah, I can take it right now, it’s basically ours Let’s try to get a little bit of experience for the legion like so… and… first, this guy – he can take it on his own. There we go. It’s ours – and now we can peace out Because really, there’s no need to stay at war. I’d rather get actual full control of Bergen without penalties I can almost kill him It’s fine. We killed enough units So let’s peace out. Let’s see what kind of deal he’s going to give me. He won’t give me another city, will he? No. Hey, it’s worth asking. Sometimes they do We should be able to get a quite a lot of gold however He will not give me diplomatic favor. How much gold per turn can we get? 40 gold per turn Almost… maybe diamonds Okay, diamonds and let’s say 25 gold per turn? I don’t think I have diamonds, I’m pretty sure I do not Yeah, he will accept that – slightly more gold per turn? 28 gold per turn diamonds, and 245 flat gold – and obviously Bergen will be ours Accept. That is a good deal in my book and just like that, Bergen is ours. It is a pretty damn nice city, and we took more niter with it Which is certainly important as well Let’s just faith buy a builder right away Yep, might as well. And we got another governor title and now I can assign Victor to Bergen, which is what I was going to do. He’s not even needed in there anymore Let’s assign him to our newest city down here, he doesn’t have anything useful at the moment or… if I’m going to attack Russia, I could establish him here. I don’t think I need Magnus in this city anymore He’s still useful if I end up chopping that forest, and that is a forested hill Anyway Policies… now I can actually get rid of serfdom unless I want one more builder… we can get one last builder and then remove serfdom here That leaves me with 71 faith, so I don’t even have enough faith for more builders Let’s remove serfdom. I will keep caravansaries, and then we can pick up medina quarter again This will definitely affect most of my cities at this point – and if not right now, then very, very soon I could pick up land surveyors temporarily – there are a few tiles I wouldn’t mind buying Let’s get that then. There are several tiles I could actually buy So… this will do Alright, so… let’s actually use that governor title, shall we? And assign Victor to Bergen I just realized that there’s a good chance Norway will call for a special session of the World Congress, and to try to get an emergency going against me, which Russia would probably join and there’s a good chance they will be able to pass that because I don’t have that much diplomatic favor. We should probably wait and see if that’s going to happen or not before deciding what to do next but anyway, let’s take a look at Bergen… obviously need to repair all this, and then build city walls speaking of city walls since there’s a real possibility I’ll end up at war with Russia let’s build city walls before the granary I’ll feel safer that way, that is definitely a good idea and the trader where can we send him? We can send him to Japan, or to Geneva perhaps 15 gold per turn, that’s nice – and it will be safe because trade routes to Japan are not very safe… if I end up fighting Norway which, again, if an emergency happens I will end up fighting Norway Let’s play it safe and send it to Geneva. That’s 15 gold per turn. No hammers, but that’s okay. I can live with that and let’s go for some military techs we could unlock bombards, which is a good idea regardless of whether the emergency is going to happen or not I can boost gunpowder quite easily. In fact, we are literally about to do that The armory is not queued up, but I was going to build an armory after the workshop regardless, so that will be done in time to boost gunpowder anything else? Let’s see… library obviously, and then probably a harbor, or maybe some more units. We’ll see about that we can pick up the promotion and just wait I got a few more units I can upgrade but we should wait for professional army before doing that I will be getting professional army once we finish exploration and unlock merchant republic Alright, and since I have land surveyors I can actually buy some tiles I’m going to buy one of these I think… or we can buy the jade That will be a little bit expensive but I won’t get the jade any time soon if I don’t actually buy it so let’s just buy it and get the amenities from that how’s housing in Rome? 7 out of 9 at the moment, ok Let’s go get that quarry down over here Sounds good and repair the plantation – and then we can get some fisheries since Liang is established, and we got Auckland So even without the update, these are going to be some really nice tiles – with the update, they are going to be insane But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet Still, we will definitely grab a fishery over here That’s 3 food, 2 hammers and 1 gold and again, that’s without the patch that’s going to significantly boost coastal cities also, if Norway actually ends up declaring emergency, I could probably take Stavanger quite easily he doesn’t have city walls in there right now So unless he builds those… it would be fairly easy to take that city and first, let’s get the niter – need to remove that improvement Okay I’m curious to see whether that emergency is going to happen or not There are actually some benefits to letting it go through. Not that I will have much choice but one benefit is that we will be at war with them, without having to declare war ourselves that’s definitely a benefit, because I won’t get grievances as a result and I will get some rewards for succeeding I think it was 200 diplomatic favor if I’m not mistaken, which is not like, a massive amount but it would more than double my current diplomatic favor so also, I still need to improve the sugar apparently, which is fine Oh yeah, and we should grab that governor who do we want to promote? Well Probably Magnus. I could still get black marketeer, but I think I’d rather get industrialist I could promote Victor Maybe We could grab garrison commander, which might actually come in handy, that’s what I’m thinking +5 combat strength and your other cities within 9 tiles gain +4 loyalty per turn. Yeah, that part is not that useful but units defending within the city’s territory get +5 combat strength. That would definitely be useful for Bergen That’s what I’m thinking or we could grab Defense Logistics and and get additional niter I will need quite a lot of niter to promote all my units So this isn’t a terrible idea What else? We could also promote Pingala, which is not too bad +100% great people points for Rome What does Rome have right now? campus, commercial hub and industrial zone. Let’s promote Pingala, that’s definitely worth it Okay, sure as for Rome… yeah, workshop will be next. That’s a no-brainer but then I will get some units I could definitely use a few more ranged units for defense if nothing else We’ll send a catapult into the encampment to prepare for the possible war and sugar needs to be repaired. Alright then I’m pretty sure that emergency vote is going to happen but let’s wait a little bit and see I’m going to wait for bombards regardless before I even consider going to war again because at this point, I don’t think catapults are strong enough not against these cities What’s happening? That’s just his agenda printing boost, astronomy boost… and we got stirrups, 7 turns to get gunpowder, 3 turns to get the boost. Yep, that’s perfect timing basically I can just finish the armory, like literally right now oh and hold on, let’s check the industrial zone So I was going to build it here, but this might be a better spot for it actually That is a better spot for it but let’s get something else first, apparently I need a trader Okay, so we’ll finish the armory, that gives us gunpowder boost – and then I can recruit some ranged unit that’s what I’m thinking a crossbowman or so That definitely won’t hurt Could also grab another legion or so Let’s get a crossbowman – some more ranged units for defense won’t hurt I might send one to that tundra city in the south… Arpinum right now I got a spearman in here, which is not particularly useful for defense a crossbow man would be much, much better, to say the least so, you go into the encampment, and pick up crew weapons This is definitely going to be my target if we end up with an emergency. I should be able to take Stavanger pretty easily Unless he builds city walls in that time, which I mean… he might I’m honestly surprised he didn’t build city walls. It’s a little bit weird in a city with 7 population, but whatever Lighthouse is next. We got two turns to finish the trader, so one turn to move here Okay, let’s just move them, or get the mine first Okay, fine So you guys just chill and wait It would be nice to unlock corps to merge some of my legions but I’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that I’m afraid I’m not quite close to unlocking those… and I’ll keep one crossbowmen inside Mediolanum It won’t hurt, and since I used up that builder, I might send this one across. Yep Let’s get the farms because I can repair those quite easily when they get pillaged It’s not a question of if it’s a question of if, it’s a question of when – if we end up at war with Norway again It would also be nice to upgrade this galley, but I don’t have the tech just yet So just grab a farm And you… can we chop anything? I can chop this jungle right here Yeah, sure, why not. It’s not like I’ll be building anything on that tile… certainly not So, anything else? A camp and we still got one more build left Yeah, Russia already has a swordsman. Is that the special session? Yeah, that’s the special session Okay, they got a combined… like 260 diplomatic favor – I will not be able to prevent this if they both vote for it I can still try to use some of my diplomatic favor but honestly, there are benefits to letting this go through. 1. we’ll be at war without declaring war ourselves 2. I will get 200 diplomatic favor eventually and 3. I can just capture a city while their emergency is happening but let’s use, let’s say 50 diplomatic favor, or rather 100 If I can prevent it with 100 – that’s fine. If not, that’s fine as well It will probably pass however Yeah, it passed 11 votes – so I wouldn’t have been able to prevent this even if I used all 174 They used all of their diplomatic favor Yeah, they really wanted this emergency. Well fine, we can have the emergency, whatever It’s fine. Let’s make sure we got the city states. Yes, we do Okay, I got 3 envoys right now. I’m just going to send some envoys to both We could use the last bonus anyway Yeah, science from every university building. I do already have universities might as well get that and this also means I need safe trade routes. No, not Buenos Aires Geneva is the single safest trade route I currently have I might also be able to convince Japan to join in the war. That would be nice if we could do that He would do that, but he’s asking for a lot. Well, what about Russia? It wouldn’t be as useful… No. I’m not willing to pay that much We can try to wait a few turns and then ask again, oh Oh wait, did he like, change his mind or something Okay, well… let’s wait a little bit and then we can ask him again University is next, because I kind of do need that and I’ll just attack Stavanger. I can literally attack it from inside the encampment Having said that, I don’t actually have walls yet, but they will be done pretty soon. I’m not too worried about that Alright, let’s move in. And attack Stavanger works for me Just need to be careful around Bergen Especially when it doesn’t have city walls just yet. I could actually build a fort right here – with my legion which… isn’t a bad idea actually. I might just do that. That’s one of their special abilities, which I haven’t used But now I can use it Also, this will be amazing experience for us I might be able to get more… expert marksmen crossbowmen, at least one of them should be less than 30 experience away we can do that and I will need some defenses down here. The crossbowman is almost done. I might need another one Let’s recruit one in here, or build a theater square… wait, no – this was supposed to be an industrial zone but I can get the theater square in 3 turns I might actually get that, because I do not have a single theater square yet Let’s build one. Sure Okay, fine. And in here… I’ll just queue up some ranged unit – crossbowman although 25 turns is a little bit too much Yeah, that’s way too much theater square? Harbor? I could get a harbor started. Although I would prefer not to Yeah, this city has low production overall. It doesn’t matter what I queue up – it’s going to be slow regardless I might as well just queue up some kind of unit, like a crossbowman So, fine. And I’ll keep one build on this guy, so that he can repair pillaged tiles Some tiles will definitely get pillaged However, that’s going to be the end of this episode. So, thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed it leave a like if you did, or a dislike if you didn’t and subscribe for more videos just like this one. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

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  1. well, that went well, your economy is kinda weak thou. put some of those low productio cities to make some usefull ship and try to protect your Sea routes, maybe?….. you should have gotten norway, those guy get a lot more benefit by being in war. i mean you can literally RAID your way up to a science victory, which is hilarious. EDIT: Third.

  2. Why did you not vote in favor of the emergency? Just imagine it were real life situation and the leaders go "wait, what?!"

  3. If you haven't already, go for the Legion Achievement "Missed that in History Class," where you clean up radiation with a roman legion lol

  4. You were so succesfull in conquering Bergen, that AIs wanted to give you some kind of reward – next Norge cities! Nice episode.

  5. Bro new to this channel. Good content subbed. I am hardcore civ player since Civ 1. I was wondering where you are from originally. Your accent is similar to Slavoj Zizek's lol.

  6. Marbs, please note that you can repair tiles with your legion. And you have several luxuries not improved that would help with your amenities.

  7. Don't know if I missed it or anything, but has that Government Plaza been built yet?

    Keep an eye on that Russian swordsman close to Arpinum, I think it is up to some sneaky bastard business.

  8. Watching Civ 6 makes me think there's room for one more expansion.
    Revolution and Evolution.
    Revolution – expands upon the idea of the cities flipping from loyalty pressures. In addition to becoming "barbarian" or changing civilization owners, cities may also flip and become an entirely new civilization with a leader screen. Means some civs currently in the game who still doesn't have an alternate leader, should get one – though it may not necessarily be needed for all of them. If historically, a civ broke away from another, we can use that kind of connection too. The "newborn" civilization inherits the current tech level of whichever civ it broke off from. So supposing there's a game with Rome. Then one of the Roman cities flips. There's a chance it may, instead of becoming barbarian or changing allegiance to the other nearest/most influential civ, it becomes… Byzantium. If there's a British city that rebels, there's a chance it can form America, or Australia, etc.
    Evolution – Adds disease and pestilence to the game. As a follow up to natural disasters, and expanding on concepts like housing, we can add sanitation level as a part of city management. Neglecting new sanitation techs and infrastructure can result in increase risk of diseases and illnesses, like the Bubonic plague. Sanitation levels and infrastructure are also affected by natural disaster damage and war damages. But it's not just bad news for those plagued, they can use the plague for their own benefit, and load up pestilence infested catapults to attack their neighbors, or just send the plague off in trade caravans to sabotage enemies. Plague can cause attrition on units, and hinder or reduce population.
    In the late game, there's new genetic engineering tech, allowing for more science fictional options, including genetically enhanced soldiers, GMOs, pedigree pets, and straight up biological weapons etc. which also means more world congress resolutions to decide whether to encourage or ban certain types of genetic and biological research

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