End The Massive US Dairy Industry Welfare Scam

End The Massive US Dairy Industry Welfare Scam

Hey there modern vegans and vegan curious, it’s Margaret, and welcome back to ModVegan. If you’re new to the channel, do take a moment
and subscribe so you don’t miss another great video like
this one, and click on the little bell icon so you’ll
get notified whenever a new video is here. Today I’m going to be talking about Canada’s
dairy industry. And I’d imagine over the last couple of weeks you’ve probably heard US President Donald
Trump talking about Canada’s dairy industry, the
American dairy industry, and how he feels that Canada’s dairy industry
is behaving unfairly. I thought I would add my perspective as a
vegan, and as a Canadian, to give you guys a bit
of an idea how all of this is working, what our system is
in Canada, and how all of these things play into artificial
demand for dairy around the world, and kind of how our whole agricultural system
works around the world. In Canada we have something called Supply
Management. And that’s most of what is upsetting President
Trump. So supply management works like this: in Canada we have something known as the CDC, or Canadian Dairy Council. And their job is to determine what the demand
for dairy is in Canada. So they look around Canada, they try to determine
how much dairy people in Canada are consuming, and then they sell quotas based on that demand. And this is to control the supply so that
it is just in line with the demand, so that we’re not producing
too much, and so that there’s no waste. So what the CDC does, is they then sell those
quotas to farmers, and farmers produce that amount and no more. The result of the Canadian dairy council and
their quota system is that we have less oversupply than they
do in the United States. This in turn keeps prices more stable, and it just helps to make sure that farmers
can make a living wage without needing to subsidize the dairy industry
with taxpayer dollars. Now, in the US, they do this entirely differently. They spend $4 billion dollars a year to make
sure that no matter how much dairy farmers produce,
they still are able to make a decent amount of money off of their
product. So they artificially raise the product price,
pay farmers for their product, even when it’s not really
in line with the supply. So that’s how they interfere in it. And basically what I want you to draw from
here is that both the US and Canada do interfere
in their free market. So neither one is a completely free market. In the US they use subsidies to control the
prices and to control how much dairy farmers are paid. And in Canada, we do it by managing the supply. And preventing farmers from overproducing. It’s important to state at this point that
there still is oversupply in Canada, but it is quite a bit
smaller. So they do dump dairy, literally in lakes
and things like that, in lagoons, when they don’t have buyers for
their product. But it is much less of a problem than it is
in the United States. Now one thing that Canada also does to make
sure that this system works, is that they have tariffs. So we have tariffs of about 300% on US dairy
products, at least on MOST US dairy products. And that’s to prevent lower priced US products from entering the Canadian market. Canadian dairy products are about the same
price as American dairy products, but they’re not
the same price and you will notice that dairy products are a bit cheaper when you go to the US. However, at least Canadians aren’t having
to pay dairy farmers to keep their prices low. At the heart of this debate is something called Ultrafiltered milk. And it’s kind of like liquid protein, and
it’s sent to Canada from the United States and there currently
is no tariff on it. So somehow, because this was a new product
that came in after NAFTA, Americans could send it to Canada with no tariffs. And so dairy farmers in the US who have produced more than they can use, they can send that
product to Canada and it will be bought up here, and
they use it in order to create cheese and things like
that. And it really is a lifesaver for a lot of
American farmers. I listened to a really interesting podcast
out of Wisconsin recently I’m going to put a link to that down below, or at least the name of the podcast, and it was interesting. There was an interview there with a Wisconsin dairy farmer who was explaining that they’re going to lose their herd because
they simply produce, produce, produce, this is what everybody in Wisconsin does, they produce way more milk than they could possibly sell to anybody, but they have to because they get so little
money for their milk that they need to do it. And apparently even with that $4 billion in
subsidies, smaller farms are still at risk of losing
their business. And this is another great thing about supply
management. In Canada, we still have fairly small dairy
farms. The average dairy farm in Canada is about
80 cattle, or 80 cows. In the US it’s between three and five hundred. So, you can see that the system that we have
in Canada helps to protect those smaller producers, whereas in the US, they really need to be
large farms in order to make money. And this kind of all begs the question: why is the US spending $4 billion dollars
a year on dairy farms if they could just do what
we do in Canada, and have dairy farmers making a decent living, while not having to pay tons of money in taxes? You would think that someone like Donald Trump, who’s all about lowering taxes – would think that maybe it might be a good
idea for Americans to stop subsidizing their dairy
industry, and instead manage the supply. But that doesn’t seem to be on the books for
him, but it would be interesting if the Americans
actually encouraged them to do that, because the thing is, even if you’re going
to argue that our system is protectionist, the US’ system is basically
a tax grab. It’s crony capitalism. It’s taking money from American citizens, and putting it in the hands of the dairy farmers, who still don’t even make a very good living. Really the only people who come out ahead
in this are the processors. Not the producers. Dairy farmers really don’t make a whole lot
of money in the US unless they are huge, and the processors tend to take away a lot
of the profits, because they are the ones who are able to
take these products and turn them into something. And the other thing to remember is that, you
know, milk needs to be picked up every 60 hours
or so, or it goes bad. If you’re a dairy farm in the US, and you
have extra milk, it has to be picked up immediately and used, because if it’s not, it has to go in the trash. And that’s what happens to a lot of it. So much dairy in the US is wasted every year because farmers produce more than they can
sell, and when that happens, it has nowhere to go but the waste. Now, in order to make the US happier, Stephen
Harper, our former prime minister here in Canada, did suggest that we should produce millions
of dollars in subsidies in order to keep our system the
same as the United States’. And basically just to have a race to the bottom
in terms of prices. That would have made prices lower, but it would have increased taxes even more, because the system would have made it impossible
for dairy farmers to survive. So it’s just – it’s one of those really weird
systems where you kind of – you lose either way. And why is that? Now, I’m obviously coming at this from a vegan
perspective, but one takeaway that I see from this is that
the dairy industry is completely unsustainable no matter what
country you live in. At least in Canada, we try to keep the supply
in line with the demand, and that does make it a little bit more sustainable. But in the US, it requires billions of dollars
in tax money every year, just in order to keep the system
afloat. And then when things happen, like people consuming more plant milk, the dairy industry goes crazy, because they’re afraid they’re going to lose
their jobs, and they have no way to survive in the new
economy. And this shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t be producing a wasteful product of cruelty, that is difficult to unload, spoils incredibly quickly, I mean, I can totally see why some dairies are actually converting to producing plant-based milk because it’s a much better product. Plant-based milk doesn’t spoil as fast, it’s easier to make. There’s no cows to feed, there’s no poop to clean up. It’s a much easier way to deal with this whole
problem. And that’s why I think the dairy industry
is doomed. Without billions and billions of dollars in tax subsidies, this industry cannot exist. There’s always going to be the problem of
over production, there’s going to be the problem of what to
do with waste, there’s going to be ground water contamination. There’s going to be all sorts of problems. And to me, this problem is very easily solved by simply switching to plant-based milks. Technology in the dairy industry has also
been a double edged sword. Because in the US they use it just to produce
more and more milk. And of course, in Canada we don’t. And one of the reasons why we don’t use things
like Bovine Growth Hormone or anything like that here in our milk, is
because there’s no need to. Because here, instead of trying to produce
more and more and more and more milk, our dairy farmers
just produce what is needed for the Canadian public, and
they don’t have to produce extra. And in the US, they do. And so, it’s just – it’s a very interesting
situation that they’ve created for themselves in the US – where it’s
just a race to the bottom. Where everyone is trying to out-produce each
other, and the result is low prices that have to
be propped up by the US government. To me the dairy industry represents everything
that is wrong with animal agriculture. You have this wasteful, environmentally harmful
industry, that is destroying land, destroying waterways, and resulting in billions of dollars in tax
subsidies that you, Americans are paying for. And in Canada we’ve got our own problems. My kids came home from school the other day with another one of these egg farmers of Alberta advertising campaigns. I’ll have to share it with you some other
time. But basically, it just bothers me that my
money is going to promote an industry that is fundamentally
unhealthy. And that’s one thing that, despite all the this with the subsidies and
stuff like that, your government and my government is still
paying for it, and it’s ridiculous. I think every single one of us should be contacting
our local representatives, our congress people, and everyone like that, and letting them know that we’re sick of paying
for subsidies, we’re sick of paying for advertising campaigns for these unhealthy industries, that suck
us dry. And I don’t mean any offence whatsoever to
farmers. I know that it’s really hard to make a living
on a small farm, and I get that. But it is just not the way to do things. It’s really bad for the environment, and it’s
bad for your health. Working on a dairy farm is not good for you! There are so many reasons that this needs
to end. And even though I totally sympathize with
farmers, who probably are struggling, and I get it
– this has got to end. It is insanity. Insanity is doing the same thing over and
over again, and expecting different results. Well, for the last few hundred years, we have
been struggling with how to adapt dairy to the
modern economy. And it has not been going well. Plant foods, on the other hand, are doing
great. They make good profits, they are affordable
for consumers, and they don’t seem to require billions of
dollars in financial subsidies in order to make them viable. The mere fact that plant milks are a threat
to the dairy industry proves that they work better. And so if you’re a capitalist, and you think that the way to do this is by being a capitalist, then you should support plant-based milks, because I’m sorry. The only way you could possibly have the dairy industry function, is within some sort of a system that is socialist. And in Canada, we do that through supply management. We have to have the government come in and tell people how much to produce, and tell them how much they’ll buy. That’s how we do it here. In the US, they simply say, we can’t control
this, and so instead, we’re just going to pay you,
no matter what happens. And neither one these things are sustainable. They don’t work. They’re unhealthy, and that’s all I have to
say about that. I just find the entire thing ridiculous. I can’t believe that our countries are almost
willing to go into a trade war over a product that should
not exist. It is cruel, it is environmentally damaging, and it is not fiscally sustainable. At all. And that’s all I have to say on this subject. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
up, let me know what you think about this, I’d love to know your opinions on this topic, let me know whether you agree or disagree. Thank you so much for watching me rant, I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did, give it a thumbs up, subscribe, share it with
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hear your comments in the comment section below. Thank you so much for watching, and have a beautiful day.

43 thoughts on “End The Massive US Dairy Industry Welfare Scam

  1. I also just read yesterday that, here in America, "Newly appointed Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue reinstated low-fat milk as part of the National School Lunch Program"… Since I have been vegan, I have continually become more and more grossed out by the thought of consuming BOVINE BODILY SECRETIONS. Seriously, just think about this for a moment… Name ONE other secretion from a mammals body that is considered food!?!?!?! All I can think of when I think what is squeezed or secreted from the body of a mammal… are things like: Feces, Urine, Puss, and other gross stuff. So, why then would we think it is normal or proper to ingest the bodily fluids of a cow or a goat, eww it is so GROSS!

    As for plant milks, I have and still will sporadically buy and consume these products but they are not really necessary and I see them as a treat. For example, when I get crazy and eat processed vegan foods, I will sometimes eat peanut butter filled organic dates with plant milk.

    Good Video, thanks!.

  2. I do think consuming cow lactation will become almost unheard-of within my lifetime even though it still feels so far off when I hear about ridiculous things like this. Here in England I know people who are lactose intolerant and even some people with an allergy to dairy who still consume cow lactations, they would rather suffer the consequences than give it up, which I think just shows how pervasive it is in our culture. It really is quite scary how people are so willing to turn a blind eye to all the facts, and for what? A cold glass of carcinogenic, bone weakening, cow growth formula with a dash of pus mixed in.

  3. Well done! I always enjoy your videos!! I will definitely keep this in my collection of resources since it seems I am getting asked so many questions about why I don't consume dairy by my friends and family these days. They seem to understand why I don't consume meat but when it comes to dairy, eggs, and other animal products, they don't see the harm in supporting those industries. I also have the issue of defending my arguments against my roommate who is studying animal science. If you happen to have resources on how to talk to people in these industries or those who study animal agriculture about veganism, I would love to know what they are! I agree that we need to be compassionate and empathetic when we approach these subjects and how we talk to people about veganism. Compassion is one of the reasons why I decided to go vegan in the first place! Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  4. Eradicate animal agriculture immediately! It's completely unnecessary as it's not used for survival, sustenance, nor self defense reasons, the only justifiable reasons for harming others especially innocent sentient beings, and it's the leading cause of climate change, (animal products are the leading cause to) preventable top 14/15 dietary and environmental chronic killer diseases (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, etc.), world hunger (worst human abuse), species extinction, deforestation/habitat destruction, water and air pollution, and rape, torture, murder, enslavement, and exploitation of 150+ billions of innocent sentient beings (both human and non-human animals) globally. Don't be a principle hypocrite on this issue. Liberate the animals and live/be vegan for life as there is no rational, reasonable, nor justifiable reason not to live/be vegan for life as humans are 100% biologically herbivores, so live/be vegan for life. Veganism is the principled lifestyle of humanism, environmentalism, liberty and justice for all sentient living beings. Veganize all animal products. #AnimalLiberation #AnimalRights
    Educate yourself the truth, about veganism, and make the transition to veganism everyone:
    Fully watch speech and Q&A to interpret the vegan message best:

  5. The overwhelming majority of humans on this planet don't know that they are 100% biologically a herbivore, the number one reason for all humans to live/be vegan for life, so live/be vegan for life everyone as there is no rational, reasonable, nor justifiable reason not to live/be vegan for life.
    Educate yourselves the truth, about veganism, and make the transition to veganism everyone:
    Fully watch speech and Q&A to interpret the vegan message best:

  6. Humans have absolutely no need for cow milk nor secretions (cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.) as we have absolutely no need for giraffe, cat, dog, bear, hippopotamus, deer, horse, camel, etc. (nor any other animal species) milk nor secretions. The ONLY milk and secretions we humans need is our own mother's breast milk when we are born. When we are done weening, we never need another drop of milk ever again. No species needs milk nor secretions after they are done weening from their mother nor any other animal. But, the great news about being vegan is that we have plant-based/vegan milks and plant secretions that can be a great addition to post-weening diet. We have soy (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter), rice (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter), almond (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter), coconut (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter), hazelnut (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter), oat (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter), and hemp (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter) milk and secretions. This is milk and secretions for a baby, adolescent, and an adult human can and should drink and eat as humans are 100% biologically herbivores. Humans are 100% biologically herbivores, the number one reason for all humans to be/live vegan for life, so live/be vegan for life everyone. There is no reasonable, rational, nor justifiable reason not to live/be vegan, so live/be vegan for life.
    Educate yourselves the truth, about veganism, and make the transition to veganism everyone:
    Fully watch speech and Q&A to interpret the vegan message best:

  7. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but you're very critical of the commodification/exploitation of particular beings within particular industries (dairy in this case & animal ag more generally) for obvious reasons (you're vegan). You clearly want these industries abolished (ultimately).

    Quick question: Are you willing to extend your critique(s) to an overarching global economic system that commodifies/exploits all beings in all industries? If not, I understand. I simply wish to inquire about how far you're willing to go analytically & politically to achieve the objectives you so passionately advocate for (even while ranting) 🙂

  8. Long ago, I did, in fact, make a video about this topic titled, "Are Milk & Cheese Prices Fixed by a Conspiracy? Well… Sort Of." The Canadian system is, in fact, a system of subsidy (thus the term "support price" is used), and official documentation uses EXTREMELY OBTUSE jargon to make it seem to comply with various international trade agreements (whereas it has been repeatedly proven to violate those agreements, incurring regular annual fines).

  9. Our CDC shows up in hazmat suits and quarantines you when you have a weird rash, hahha. The dairy subsidies here are ridiculous. There are warehouses here full of cheese that the government bought from farmers and they can't even give it all away. Look at this story that popped up in my newsfeed last night on Facebook: http://www.newser.com/story/242494/theres-a-major-misconception-about-dairy.html?utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_content=5912823504d301220f03319d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook

  10. A huge shame, that we in the EU decided to copy the US system rather than the much better Canadian or the Japanese one… They are so afraid of anything that sounds like socialism, that they rather destroy the planet, ruin farmers and waste billions of our taxes just to be able to call it "free market", although it's just another form of socialism.

    We have socialism only for the rich and big corporations and they still bash everyone, who wants socialism for everyone… So much stupidity…

  11. Love your rant!! Agree 100%, can't see why people, with supposed killer business-sense don't see that this system is against everyone's best interest, even their own greed-driven motives

  12. I so want to be on your side but you cannot call almond, cashew and soy "milk". This is a lost battle for vegans because milk is produced by mammary glands in female mammals during and after pregnancy by the release of prolactin and progesterone which results in lactating something Freelee calls pus, a liquid rich in proteins, fats, vitamins and antibodies. It is just normal for the law to adapt and it can be seen in all sort of industries (alcohol, meat, textile, energy). Otherwise you'll have companies coloring vodka and selling it as scotch.

  13. the meat and dairy industry is the fuel that feeds big pharma and health care industries, since they need the large scale chronic conditions that ingesting these health hazards bring, these are the merchants of death, they latch onto the corrupt system which is the government to keep the gravy train coming their way

  14. It's interesting that you guys have a milk oversupply when we have had milk shortages in Australia last and this year which has caused problems for dairy farmers because instead of putting prices up the supermarkets payed the farmers less than they promised to and the public was outraged. People started buying branded milk like that made a difference. It's also caused big supply problems for the cheese industry too (my mum works for a cheese company). I guess North America doesn't have as many problems with extreme weather causing short supply of different foods. During the drought bananas were $18 a kg.

  15. Great video! The one good side to Brexit, is the fact that hopefully now farmers and the meat and dairy industry won't received such huge subsidies. It's absolutely ridiculous.
    There is also the environmental factor two, farming totally wrecks the natural habitats, some areas of the UK is nothing but fields with farm animals in it. Here is a good article on the problem we are facing.

    (Btw, I did vote to Remain simply because of the anti-immigration element to the Brexit campaign, and I am pro-EU and I felt that remaining in the EU, we could have more of an influence animal welfare in the rest of Europe. But the one thing that really tore me in half was the subsidies issue)

  16. Keep a collection of all the Dairy and egg advertising that your kids get at school – would be best to see it all together

  17. Did Donald Trump really try to rebut your blog? I can't speak for the whole country, but here, our milk prices are similar to Canadian when you adjust for CDN versus US dollars. We pay from $3.49 to $5.39 for a gallon of milk. Sometimes it goes on sale for $2.49 to $3.29 at larger stores.

  18. Here in Europe we also have dairy subsidies, there might be some smaller dairies here, but the trend is to grow above 100 cattle or it's hard to sustain, but I've even heard larger farmers complain about prices. Unless you're on a niche and say produce organic dairy products and are able to market them directly to consumers like the farm I volunteered at way before I went vegan. I've also had jobs at milk factories and from what I understand most of our surplus milk is made into milk powder and exported, usually to countries with a high lactose intolerance…. I agree that it would be better if demand would drive supply like in a true free market economy, but that's defnitely not the case in the western dariy business model…

  19. I agree, for many reasons, that our US subsidies to dairy, meat, wheat, soy and corn should be discontinued. One reason we have so much junk food is that these products are overproduced and very very cheap, so the subsidies act as a huge windfall to processed food producers. But I don't believe we should just leave farmers to deal with the fall-out. Finland has been enormously successful in moving dairy farmers to berry production, reducing cardiac deaths by 80% and deaths from other (medical) causes by 45%. And they've avoided bankrupting dairy farmers into the bargain. https://hpjmh.com/2012/11/06/learning-from-the-dairies-to-berries-project-in-finland/

  20. What was it Winston Churchill said? You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing once they have exhausted all other possibilities. We Americans are financing our own destruction with a mortgage on our children's future, and unfortunately, children everywhere ( as apparently all collateral in accepted ). Thanks for another informative video and for the look at the dairy industry in Canada.

  21. Love this, I see the US Extension Service as a potential vehicle to help move dairy farmers off the cow and into plant based mylk production, am I the only one seeing this? Extension gives out educational support to agriculture at all levels/stages of development so supports dairy production via research and industry connections.

    I will try to get your video to MN's congressmen to engage them in this too. While they are Democrats they are interested in taxation, too, especially if the system is broken.
    One additional bonus for dairy farms that make this switch: Ability to leave the farm and take regular vacations, haha!

  22. Margaret is exactly right.This industry is not sustainable as it is.Supply and demand should be the rule of the day.Propping up prices to keep farmers in business is totally asinine.Let the mkt dictate what is needed in the mkt place.Not that complicated.

  23. Great analysis!
    As an economist and a vegan, I never considered the two systems and got 2 new perspectives about the diffrence in the amounts that are being produced and the war trades.
    In israel we have qouta control system, and I have heard that the more economic efficient is to subsidize, after watching you i now know it's more wasteful in resources and, I assume, bc the farmers get subsidized per liter they over produce and hurting the animals in the process.
    You have my support making more economic veganism videos!

  24. in America they subsidize meat and dairy bc in America we are taxed something called social security and they want us to die at or before 70 so we don't collect our social security . Sad but true

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