Enforcing Private Morals Simply Doesn’t Work | EP#118

Enforcing Private Morals Simply Doesn’t Work | EP#118

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness today I want to talk to you guys about why enforcing private
morals is impossible and this is something that Alan Watts previously
used to talk about a lot and that was you know 60 70 years ago I liked
listening to his lectures he has a lot of insight and his his insight and his
wisdom is timeless so everything that he said 70 years ago 60 years ago it’s
still entirely relevant today and this is on forcing enforcing private morals easily can be most it can be most easily
highlighted with prohibition right when the police are taking away people’s
alcohol it doesn’t work everyone has to naturally hate the police the police are
supposed to be helpful and like you know the people who protect you but when
they’re forced to enforce private morals it it can’t work out it’ll always go
against the majority or a massive portion of the the public and as we saw
prohibition didn’t work so now that they’re doing it with you know
everything else it’s still just as much of a problem and in here’s why so again
a lot of this is things that Alan wants already said but I’d like to bring this
back up as a discussion and talk about this today so a great example that he
uses is he talks about LSD and the reason that he talks about LSD is
because it is a it is a pretty severe offense to be caught with possession of
LSD I’m not actually sure what it is for Canada but I just checked why I briefly
checked and what it said was for the United States somewhere between one to
nine grams can get you let me just make sure I know
what I’m saying here can get you not less than five years in prison okay so
here’s the best part about Alice D it is you’re able to disguise LSD or you know
put it into something and disguise it with almost anything you could put a
large quantity of LSD into a napkin a handkerchief whatever and reactivate it
later it is almost impossible to track so what happens now that it is such a
severe crime not less than five years in prison if caught with LSD well all you
have to do is blackmail someone or slip someone you know some were put it in
their bag or whatever it might be it’s um it opens all these avenues for
terrible malicious use around the law and it enables the police to pretty much
do anything because they have to look for this terrible awful thing that is an
indictable offense and there’s no like it can be disguised in literally
anything so that gives them the grounds to go through everything test everything
destroy everything whatever it takes to stop this evil terrible thing and LSD
yeah it’s it’s obviously gonna be terrible for you if you have a bunch and
I mean literate look I haven’t even tried LSD but for people who have done
it and they’re okay with their use of it and they’ve managed to do it safely and
securely they shouldn’t be going to jail for five to up to forty years literally
like a life sentence basically for for trying a hallucinogen it’s it’s
insane and look I’m not advocating that people should be able to do LSD it’s
more so look at what we enable by trying to stop it and I mean realistically it’s
been statistically proven that the like drug war has brought more drugs to the
United States then when they weren’t on a war against drugs so you know they’re
not actually solving the problem they’re just opening up all these venues
for blackmail and you know a-and you know taking out your political opponent
or whatever it might be I mean to be fair you don’t hear about that a lot but
it’s entirely possible and when things are entirely possible eventually people
are gonna be taking advantage you know a lot of people said that the hate speech
laws in Canada are pretty ridiculous but you know when are they gonna get used I
mean you don’t really see it happening well you know fast forward up until now
you see a lot a lot of hate speech legislation you know being used against
people that it really shouldn’t be used against I can’t remember what the number
was but it was I believe it was in the hundreds of thousands of now it wasn’t
hundreds of thousands maybe it was like fifty thousand or something like that a
year for kids who were getting charged with hate speech and it was just really
really interesting to me that people who don’t even have fully formed frontal
lobes can be like charged with these crimes of hate
speech when you know like realistically most people think back to high school
you in their high school career and you know how many people went around saying
things that would now be considered illegal a lot i pre I’m pretty sure more
than half of the people I knew in high school would have been hit with hate
speech you know charges and does that affect are you able to work after that I
don’t know I look look the problem with enforcing private
morals makes everyone hate the police so there’s this huge disparage between the
people we’re supposed to protect the society and the people living in the
society and then you know you open up all these venues for blackmail and
terrible things and it just creates problems and we need to stop enforcing
private morals because it just makes it worse for everyone there’s literally no
benefit aside from the small minority of people who hold those views who are
against those those those personal things whether it’s like they’re trying
to enforce religious a religious thing or you know like a specific cultural
thing or whatever it might be private personal morals for a certain group or
you know a certain entity you can’t go around enforcing those for everyone
because everyone lives by different rules this is one problem of a very
multicultural society which all has extremely different value sets we can’t
just go around applying one to all of them it’s just it doesn’t work I mean
we’ve had these laws for such a long long time but even seventy years ago
you know philosophers knew that it wasn’t going to work and as we saw with
prohibition it absolutely did not work as we’re seeing with the drug war
increasing the trafficking of drugs it’s not working and you could say oh my
gosh this person supporting drugs then no I’m looking at what is happening and
I see that it is not working and even seventy years ago they said this isn’t a
good idea and it hasn’t been so what do we do now
not not pretend like it’s a good idea and continue with it what do we do to
solve the problem well again statistically we’ve seen that
legalizing substances or decriminalizing just general pushing towards the aspect
of legalization generally improves the problem not you know having like people
breaking into people’s houses looking for trace amounts of LSD which what they
would have to destroy the whole house to actually find because it could be in
anything you know what I mean and and there’s so many reports of police going
through to raid houses and like I someone like last week or two weeks ago
and it was they raided this like semi poorer house of two older people and
they had like two joints or something and because of two joints they like
raided their whole house they took their their pistol or whatever to defend
themselves and then they took all of their money because they’re like this
must be drug money because you have two joints in your house all of your money
that you have must be drug money so they took all of their life savings it’s um
it’s pretty scary what they can do and that is enabled by this legislation
going against you know like very very harmless drugs like like marijuana is
such a good example because it’s literally done so little harm and
ruining someone’s life taking away their life savings that does a lot more harm
than smoking a joint does people really need to consider these things as we move
forward because for all I know this could get worse but hopefully we’re
airing towards the sides of decriminalization legalization across
the board and I mean there’s definitely some things that it’s like it’s hard to
ever argue that they should be okay like heroin and different things like that
but I use at the example of LSD because it’s so easily hidden and the offense
and the punishment is so strong that you create so many potential terrible
outcomes by doing this so yeah normally I don’t talk about drugs and
things like that but I am very curious to hear what you guys think and as an
advocate as a huge fan of Alan Watts and I’ve listened to all of his lectures and
I regularly listen to his lectures this is something that comes up pretty often
in his lectures and I really wanted to re-break this topic to see what people
felt about the enforcing of private morals and again with your comments and
response and feedback and everything this doesn’t just have to be around
drugs but drugs is has been one of the easiest or not the easiest one of the
best examples to point to of where private morals were enforced it
completely backfired and failed and and we realized that it didn’t work out very
well for alcohol now we can realize that that may happen and may be applicable to
many many other things and again as I’ve shared statistically like the drug war
has made it worse a lot of these things have made it worse and if we just look
at what’s happening the reality that we live in if it’s made it worse
should we continue should we change direction they’re probably looking more
to making it more intense more legislation on this more strict you’re
probably not the right way to go but I love to hear from you guys in the
comments below know this is a little bit different but
bear with me I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off,

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  1. A gram of LSD is enough for hundreds of doses, LSD is measured in micrograms. So this is why the penalty for posession of a gram is so high.

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