Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization – Announcement Trailer

Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization – Announcement Trailer

PEGI 12 I walk among the ruins of a great Timurid Empire Once a great nation, now fighting for scraps But one night, God blessed me with a dream
to unite this sacred land under one flag Through schools and scrolls
we will spread the divine wisdom And as our merchants bring wealth from the farthest corners of the world, they will leave behind something else We will drill our armies from sunup to sundown,
so we may never be defeated, even when outnumbered! Our rivals see our ruins as a proof of our defeat… but from them we will form a foundation,
as strong as stone… from which to grow an immortal Empire From the cradle of civilization

100 thoughts on “Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization – Announcement Trailer

  1. I guess they saved a few bucks. Hey guys, I can donate $5 if you are short of money to hire decent voice actors?

  2. Love the idea of a Persian focus. Any chances we'll get a little more Zoroastrian content slipped in with it, or is that stretching my luck?

  3. Paradox really need to let this game go ive got 2500 hours in this game, its dead now. Having like 5/6 dlcs is acceptable at a strain… but like 12 is just beyond a joke now

  4. can i just add that the voice actor was shit it sounds like he has a sweedich acsent third rome had the best voice actor epic russian voice <3

  5. I'm an American and I have no trouble understanding what's being said. I don't even know what accent it is, or if it's even a real accent.

  6. So Timurids are getting nerfed? From what I'm seeing they're losing a lot of their valuable land and will now struggle even more to form the Mughal Empire

  7. Asian DLC announcement – Japanese, Chinese
    Russian DLC announcement – Russian
    Turkish, Persian DLC announcement – Guy with weird English accent (not Turkish or Persian)

  8. I don't know what everyone is complaining about; I think it was very kind of Paradox to give the voice-over job to some random homeless, drunk guy with a very loose grasp of English. This opportunity could mean everything him.

  9. As an Iranian I would like to make everyone aware that this isn't even CLOSE to a Persian accent, it sounds like an Egyptian mixed with an upper class British man.

  10. This game needs better implementation of trade system, colonialism and naval warfare. Instead you keep adding irrelevant content which AI can't even manage.

  11. The amount of people that still utterly defend PDX's policy is crazy.
    Sometimes when you go posting into the community discussions, you get answers like "Duh, if you don't bother buying the DLC you can't really expect to have a solution to your problem".
    As if I shouldn't expect a playable game if I'm not willing to sink 15£ OR MORE every month into it.
    You can buy ~10 full, complete, very well made games for the price of the EU4 complete edition, even without the cosmetic/music stuff.
    What you get with PDX for 10 bucks, by contrast, is a piece of DLC that makes 3 icons into clickable buttons.
    I find that a little hard to defend, despite still having sunk over 1000 hours in PDX software.

  12. I've spent so much money on EU4 dlc's that my account has been asking me about it. NO MORE PARADOX. You are gready! At least make it worth the money!

  13. Why the name though? Isn't India/China/Mesopotamia called as the cradle of civilization? That too on a different era altogether?

  14. oh look another DLC i will refuse to buy until a steam sale hits because it is overpriced for the amount of "work" that has gone into it, most of your DLCs should have been free anyway, but cant generate sheckles that way aye ?

  15. I'm quite certain that it wouldn't have been so hard to find a Turkish or Persian voice actor to narrate this trailer instead of using English with an oriental-ish sounding accent.

  16. I still haven't bought the last expansion because it is too expensive for what it is. And now you are releasing another one. Why Paradox? Why?

  17. I'm the one who do the voice, I'm a native Arabic speaker, and they want it in such accent that I've did…XD sorry to bother your ears guys!!

  18. Just stop…. Realy, how many dlcs? if i wanted to play all the dlcs of eu4 i would need to spend 150 euros…. relese somethink new… like vic 3 or eu5

  19. This is a good reason to play a muslim country after 800 hours of game.
    Nothing special, but not really interested in their scenarios

  20. Buff the Ottos again wtf paradox only because some noobs complain dont give in omg IT is supposed to be historical not balanced Jesus Christ..

  21. Don't even worry about it, people in the comment section. Why would you need to eat food or buy new clothes if you can get this good dlc instead? Learn to prioritize your spending, friends

  22. idk whats worse the fact they think they need trailers to sell DLC or a horrible Asian accent trying to sell a middle east DLC?

  23. Another money spinning dlc! I notice a ptch, so something got taken out for it to be put back in
    with this worthless dlc! Shame on you paradox….nothing more than common thieves this company!

  24. Paradox Interactive Great dlc ! Cant wait to play it ! Btw when will you guys release a dlc with the Wallachian x Moldavian story ? Idk, give it a historical name The Wallachian blood rivers ! We fought against many empires, a small country with just 3-4 regions, and even managed to deflect and install fear into them ! That would be interesting to have. I love the achievement with Dracula

  25. Guys, great work and am thoroughly enjoying the game but it would really help if there was more detail in economy and trade menu. For instance details about the tariffs

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