100 thoughts on “Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization – Feature Breakdown

  1. i'm sorry, I love Jake's stream but he's awful in this video lol he looks and sounds like you're holding a gun to this head

  2. It's good that EU4 audience mostly consists of males.
    If females watched this video no man other than Jake would have a shot with them.

  3. Things that should be in the base game… Part… idk i lost track how many dlcs they are… Paradox shows perfectly what's wrong with the game industry

  4. the cashing in of development seanms interesting though it best be a lot of stuff to make up for permenantly reducing development sailors and manpower aint worth it if u ask me unless its a lot of manpower in a pinch like the big blob wars production should be changed for something to help with stability like maybe get prosperity bonus instead? that seams like an interesting bonus that strengthens a past mechanic

  5. Wait, did he just say a DLC is going to be free? Why are DLCs free all of a sudden? I have a bad feeling about this. Knowing Paradox, they're not going to stop milking their fans so easily. There must be a cache. I bet they're going to install an in-game microtransaction system, allowing players to buy monarch points and other ingame currencies for actual money.

  6. Because the Ottoman's units pre-1700 weren't 2x as powerful as anyone else's we just needed to give them OP buffs and Janissaries.

  7. Who here thinks that paradox should stop making more DLC for EU4 and CK2 and focus on something new like Victoria 3 or some Cold war/Modern day grand strategy game with proper peace time mechanics unlike Hearts of Iron4? EU4 and CK2 are great, but something new would be nice.

  8. Jake won't let me start a 1.22 game until Cradle is released. if Jake knew I was lamenting that I can't start my form Persia campaign he would surely stare me into a proper man. Stare my clothes right off my back. Stare me back into to the paleolithic.

    P.S.Serious semi-related though: Imagine a paradox grand strategy that dealt with the very dawn of modern man from the paleolithic. "Cradle of civilization" in a whole other meaning. I once made a Civ II scenario with a lot of modding around this idea. I think some of Stellaris' mechanics could be used.

  9. While I am not a fan of the heaps of DLC for EU 4, I must admit that Jake can sell things. Good breakdown, calming but strangely tense voice and hit almost all the right notes.
    The seemingly obvious fact that he is the evil twin of Hypnotoad (futurama) doesn't undercut the event, but gives it its own wiered charm.

  10. Alot of people are complaining about the Ottomans being buffed even more, but I think it will work just fine. If you can survive the Ottoman onslaught early to mid game, Janissary Decadence will be even more devastating, as half their army will disappear with no manpower refund as the Janissaries are dealt with.

  11. Hope theres a event that if you military advisor is a different religion he can set up a revolt to switch your countries religion.

  12. Have you guys looked into the possibility of making a civilization type game based on your EU IV engine? 4,000 BCE to 3,000 CE.

  13. I would prefer some easier way of recruting the janissaries. The same with edicts. Maybe it is a good time to add those options to the menu on the left side (Diplomacy, recruting, building, etc.)

  14. This Cradle of Civilization have some many bugs, right now I don't know why I can cross every fort and country when I am in war, enemy can do that too. Before Cradle of Civilization it was impossible, friendly fort stop army, now war is so chaotic.

  15. Did you guys even notice he was promoted to "game director"?
    Maybe that's why he came up with the new "serious Jake" look 😀 😀 😀

  16. I have a question concerning the upgrade of the advisers.
    As we can see a level 5 adviser costs around 25 bucks per month.
    What happens if for what reason ever you cannot pay that much anymore?
    Is it possible to downgrade the advisor?
    Or do you need to pick another advisor?

  17. I like the new Army Drilling thing, but there is one thing i dislike, the Profesionalism decreses by mercenaries which makes sence but it destroyes my use of the mercs, i recently have started to use them as Rapid-Responce and call them rather Provincial Units… I feel them havin a touch to compulsory military service conscripts from ordinary people of my nations… Because they are not weaker, as regulary's which again doesnt make sence and i only found out recently about that… But specialy they spawn extremely fast, which makes them suitable as rapid response… For say if you have a colonial empire, and you fight wars and focus your units far from home in your colonies, and suddenly there is a war in front of youre homeland… Now you can relocate units, and it will take time you dont have… Or offcourse you could have mercenaries spawn rapidly and use those as response to the new threat… Basicaly one big problem is the extreme limit fog of war emposes, youre mostly unable to plan anything since you dont know where the enemy is unless he suddenly drops 200K units right in your heartland…
    So what i want to say is that they should consider putting in a global feature, or at least allow it for german factions as it is historical for those to mobilise troops when at wartime and gain units either fast, or imedeately to respond to threats rapidly…
    Something as was in Victoria II where you had your professional army standing, but when things got out of control you could always hit the mobilise button and get a bunch of cheap units in youre homeland provincies depending on the population there…
    So paradox please think of such feature when dooing the next DLC, and we all know there will be a next, cause you need our cash!
    Oh and about that fog of war, concider features that allow for greater areas beeeing visible in the later game… Cause it like doesnt make any sence that you see a 200K army only one prvince away from your border! It is nearly impossible to react, especialy if you like to play on speed 4-5 mostly, cause the game gets boring otherwise!

  18. I had to click because of Jake's stare on the thumbnail. I don't know if he wants to sleep with me or kidnap me and hack me into little pieces.

  19. just remembered this video today after watching dan lind breakdown man the guns.Jake’s stare is just making me laugh so hard XD.

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