Experience of Saudi Arabian culture in Korea #1 (Eng sub)

Experience of Saudi Arabian culture in Korea #1 (Eng sub)

Welcome back guys! This is yongsworl..D I’m now in Seoul For the first time in Asia, ” SaudiArabia culture week” have held in Seoul. So, I flew straight to Seoul from Jeju Island. Originally, it is hard to experience Saudi Arabian culture
in Korea. So I have a lot of expectations. I listened to the song and watched the wedding on video. However, I don’t know Arab culture very well. It’s like a cultural exchange they opened for me. Okay, so.. Let’s Go ! (Open in Grand Hilton Hotel) I took a bus to go to the hotel. (A statue of Yi Sun-shin) (a statue of King Sejong) I arrived What is this? This is named Arabic coffee Ah~ Arabia coffee / Coffee, coffee arabia Arabia coffee~ This is free sugar, No sugar How does it taste? It’s not the coffee I know. It tastes good for the body. Sand? I think this is sand. Ah.. No? Is it grain? I guess he was making coffee out of this. This is the most expensive one. It’s the solidest of the three. Oh, for dessert? Yes, I usually eat this and coffee a lot. Oh! This is delicious. It looks like jujube. / Yeah This name is Ajwa Dates This is delicious and sweet kholas dates It is soooo sweet You have to eat this with coffee This is Sukkari dates Oh… so sweet.. It’s too sweet I’ll try Arabic. ( I was embarrassed because he spoke Korean so well ) You speak Arabic well I studied / Good job This is Saudi Arabia greeting Nose. Nose Greeting? No. No. Can’t You can’t do it to a woman. Guess where the flowers are. This is Saudi Arabia embroidery. and You can take Henna here This is Henna It is for the man You can choose this one, or this one, or this one What is best? Not the best. But, This different. okay? This one same to me All people of Saudi arabia take this every day And this one for the… With a nife, and dance And this one for the marry… What do you want? Oh you speak Arabic! / A little How about? Do I look like a Saudi Arabian? Greeting, Greeting But.. But.. Be careful Just.. Two, Two Two?? / Yeah! (Shy guy) Some culture in Saudi Arabia is the.. Here, Like this (Shy guy) But just with a man, With a lady? No (Shy guy) ( I got photos ) ( Actually, I don’t know much about art )

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  6. صراحه الثوب والعباة طالعه عليه احسن من السعودي لما يلبسه بس لو انه يسلم يصير كيوت

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  10. فهمته فهمته الله واكبر الكوري يشرف السعودين وجاايشرفكم وانت اصلا ما عندكم احساس شنو هذه المتخلف كنه حرمه ماكينه يفتر ولله كوري جاي لأ السعوديه ولله مسخره كوري هم اصلا محتلين من قبل امريكان و أنتم هم محتلين من قبل امريكان

  11. Assalamo alaikom! I just found your channel through youtubes recommendation. This video reminds me of saudi arabia.. I have lived and worked there for 5 years. This made me miss saudi life sooooo much 😊

  12. Ajwa dates usually the most expensive one in Indonesia. Just found your channel from jay/Daud Kim channel. Interesting to see you knew and learned Arab n Islam from zero

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