Ok, guys, it’s been like five months and
now we have the second intergalactic threat this year. So, those who are going
this time are… the Russian girl, Indian boy… Hispanic girl, black dude, Chinese guy
and to lead… okay… Lieutenant? Maybe I could go too… Mmm don’t think so. Last time it didn’t work out too well… Didn’t work well? I split into the robot
that was going to destroy the world Yeah, exactly… before they destroyed the world, and before we even opened our mouths I came up with this great joke for me and
Mark, and when he was gonna do his line you killed the guy! It was too late then!
I was just standing there looking down because my joke only worked if he
finished it off I was too busy finishing him I didn’t know there was a joke
coming right then Yeah, that’s the problem… You don’t have a sense of humor, it’s complicated… look at Taranis After he wrote his new material, he didn’t even need to break a sweat! Was punch line after punch line. I saw everybody laughing there But there’s also the saving humanity thing, right? Isn’t that more important than entertaining people? Who do you think saves the world the
most: George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon or Arnold Strugle? I don’t know this Arnold… Yeah, nobody knows, it’s a doctor from
Doctors Without Borders… He’s somewhere in Eastern Europe right
now, amputating the leg of some poor guy with a knife and a fork. What difference does that make to the world? If you’re not doing these things on the cover of Variety magazine, or The Hollywood Reporter, it doesn’t much make a difference now, does it? I don’t know what else I should do You don’t have to be a comedian to save the world, just hire one I don’t know guys, isn’t it cool to have
someone in the group that is not funny? I don’t know, the grumpy guy, the guy who
doesn’t understand the jokes and saves the world while you keep telling jokes and laughing at one another No can do man, remember that time we threw a bomb and this guy killed a kid and the world was against us? Now, look at the irony, Taranis’s brother killed half of Megalopolisville, then told half a dozen jokes, and was on the cover of People Magazine as Sexiest Man Alive What’s the deal with this cover anyway? Where are the other 47 sexiest men alive before him? Don’t they have to die before the next one takes over? This is like an obituary of shirtless people on the beach I don’t get it… See! You can’t even recognize a joke No, no wait, look at the stuff there Ever notice that he looks ike a giant tumor, huh? It doesn’t even look like real muscles! Looks like they’re huge tumors on his body, …because of the radiation, get it? We get it… It’s really tumors, isn’t it? Because of the radiation He’s gonna be dead soon, isn’t he?


  1. God this one is so good. They are all awesome and love coming each week for the new one but I have watched this one again every time I come back since it came out.

  2. Way better then the real avengers I'd love the racism to black guy russian chick mexican chick Chinese dude assemble lol

  3. Really does make a point of how more and more the superhero movies would rather be this stupid comedies than a cool movie.

    Like the garbage fire that was Thor Ragnarok.

  4. Ok im gonna said it again, its the real Tony Stark talking in a new armor. But please can anyone teach to laugh to the daft punk impersonator????

  5. That's why you always must be yourself, kids. Never, ever copy others. Unless you feel it fits you.

  6. So this channel also produces stereotypes??? Backlashing SJWs doesn’t mean you can go full-scale American racism…

  7. The idea that it's more important to be funny than make sense, and the idea that if anyone doesn't think a joke is funny, then it's the Audience's fault for not having a sense of humor, it could never possibly be the fact that the joke or comedian isn't funny…..also the fact that people in entertainment often have a god-complex, and act and are treated like they're heroes for telling jokes

  8. ouch that is soo me.. i once made a joke on a bald guy saying he looks like he's suffering from cancer and well… he actually was…

    instant regret is a terrible feeling..

  9. Russian girl, Indian boy, Hispanic girl, Black dude, Chinese guy and to lead ( avoids the tumor hulk ) OK the LT. My kidneys. 🤣

  10. These should be the fictional superheros that are in the background of fictional Marvel and DC stories of any media.

    Imagine Peter Parker watching on the bus

  11. 1:52

    The fact that Platinum Man doesn't know that THAT person is a hallmark trope of the superhero genre that WORKS proves he's not worthy to wear the suit.

  12. I am sick to death of that stupid game of throne video game ad playing before every fucking thing I watch. I click on on e video to see some boobs and now I'm being stalked by that stupid fucking game.

  13. Vision could literally beat all of the villains in the marvel universe by just making a ghost hand and sticking it through some guys heart.

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