100 thoughts on “Facebook Groups for Business 👉 (27 Hacks and Tips)

  1. Pat, you're a generous genius!  Just put a few of these into place today…and surprise, surprise…they work! 😉  Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much Pat , im struggling my own small 450 members FB group to make it growing , and start like small business.

  3. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2091869840893349?ref=share
    I’ve made a new UK only car buying / selling group. No dirty weirdos will be allowed 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  4. Hi Pat! What I most struggle with is how to atract more people into my group and on my mailing list. And then how to turn them into paying customers. Thanks!!

  5. Hey Pat, great stuff thank you. My question is (for a new business page), how can you grow your business page while keeping it SEPARATE from your personal page? I get it that I can’t just invite a bunch of people that aren’t my personal friends to my business page (which I found, at least for now, I have found is impossible – please educate me if I’m wrong) but what do I do? Is the only way for me as a noob to post and pay for a boost? How do I join groups from my business page? It seems like can’t join a group from my biz page, it defaults to my personal page and I can’t seem to figure out how to switch them over. HElLP please!!!! Thanks…..

  6. We have a new business that needs consistent prospecting but I am not savvy with struggling with Social media for our business start up and honest prospecting.

  7. I am struggling with most is getting the activities across the different elements synched up. Very useful video thank you.

  8. It's like to teach someone how to make 1M$ if already has 5M$ in his pocket (much easier), your tips is good for people they already have audience.. otherwise its not relevant.

  9. Awesome Pat! I have a growing Facebook Group and I am looking for more ideas to have them engage and find value. Thank you for your awesome ideas!

  10. Thanks Pat! Great tips and I love the way you break it down. I specifically like how you emphasise the importance of getting to understand what your audience wants/needs

  11. Hello how can I edit the posts of Facebook Unit? I can only just edit the title of the post… The alert message said that I am not authorised to do so, even though I am the admin and creator of the post. Thanks in advance.

  12. Thanks! It was helpfull! I want to create a group now, but I have no option in the settings to ask questions (What u show at 17:02 in this video). Is this something that will appear later like the community tab in YouTube after 1000 subscribers? Thank you for your answer.

  13. #27 Ask questions in your group, my fav. I have been asking for an email, and building my list by giving them my freebie in return. How do ya'll save the member answers, screenshots, spreadsheets? HAS ANYONE HEARD OF OR USED "GROUP FUNNELS" Thanks!

  14. Love these tips! I used them to grow my group too. But I found it tedious saving my member requests answers to screen group members. So I created this tool, that plugs into Google Chrome. It not only saves your answers, but you can connect it to your email service provider too! https://thesoulcialdesign.podia.com/fb-group-magic-tool > i hope it helps you all!

  15. That part with the rising table tho LMAO. Great info Pat. Bro you the man. We are creating an FB group for Our Artist Ja'Seen Seven an will use this info immediately!

  16. WOW Thank u so much for so many great info 🙂 Merci. Can u tell me if there is any way to colect email adresses form the existing fb group? Can I send them a formular?

  17. Thanks Flynn for a valuable information, But I want to ask whether groups really give permission for promoting our business. I only promote my business in Buy and sell groups,please give me some suggestion

  18. I work at a public agency and we have had our social channels go through a few predecessors. We are having difficulty figuring out who is a consumer vs who is actually part of the industry we oversee. We would like to know more about our audience – would you suggest polls to get that information?

  19. Hye. I just applied to join your fb group. Hihi… Nurul Asyina. Warm Regards. I like your explanations. ☺

  20. Great video! Thank you for sharing all of this great information. I'm stoked to start implementing some of your tips into how I manage my FB Group.

  21. Hey Pat – Have you ever presold an item but it didn't meet the threshold? How do you refund or explain the fact that the item isn't coming out?

  22. What am I struggling with: ghostwriting about your topics and I need to get my head around the basics, so thank you! You are so easy to listen to and make my writing a lot more knowledgeable!

  23. Great video. We've actually started to work on a couple of Groups ourselves. We have an established one that's pushing 2k members for Global Real estate information. Our goal is that we don't allow any form of property sales and as we only want to share information. But, now you mention that "free speech Fridays" idea it could be worthwhile doing this as we usually delete around 90% of the content posted.

    Check out the GREIS Community here (Global Real Estate Info Sharing) https://www.facebook.com/groups/2247388682167416/

    I also have just started a completely different group for Startups & Hitech people. The focus is to discuss PropTech and information relating to Property Technology and the industry.
    Check out PropTech Worldwide: https://www.facebook.com/groups/462660761142587/

  24. What a fantastic, fun, inspirational, and thoroughly informative video, Pat!… So much wonderful info in it that I will see your video more than once, and implement from as much as I need in each stage. Especially now when I'm starting from scratch to build an email list 😀

  25. I created a private facebook group and am struggling with getting a paypal link button that sets up a monthly payment. I even called paypal and they have no clue. I do not have a webpage, just a facebook business page. Thank you!

  26. How about info on fixing not being able to click through the section on my group or how to fix the problem on everyone being added automatically even though all notification are off as suggested?

  27. Pat, is there a way to go back and look at the responses to your questions AFTER you have approved your member? And thank you for this video! Very helpful, as always!!

  28. Giving away free reports has helped me a lot with Facebook groups. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ8ESSd2g5w


  30. I am so happy i came across lutherangrants/org .I just received a grant of $55,000 for my business funding all thanks to them .

  31. I've found that the really large groups (with tens of thousands of members) are a total waste of time and energy. To genuinely connect, collaborate and grow your biz, the best groups number in the 50 to 5,000 range. Do you only run your own groups or do you belong to others that have helped you grow your business?

  32. Hi Pat… hope your still here… my Business FB page is senate from my personal account as I’d rather not have my ID shown on the business page and I know that can happen if I personally invite a friend! But how do I invite people to a group without revealing my personal ID ??

  33. Hi Pat my group is growing and I want to learn how to capture emails and be able to monetize it in the future. Great you tube channel by the way.

  34. I'm just entering the FB Group game and learning how to use it to have fun with my direct sales community. I'm excited about your "hacks" and I can see myself using many right away. I'm looking forward to learning more.

  35. Hi..struggling to increase my organic search for my new Travel Blog: www.travelindians.com and understanding the SEO to increase the income through affliates. Thank you, joining your group right away!!

  36. struggling with sharing my Prime Tapping gift with the world. Learning leaps and bounds this last 30 days. Thank you . You doing and being more is me accountability.

  37. Great tips, Pat. So any tips on how to manage having a free group and then a paid group or membership site. How do you determine what content to put on both? Obviously you want to encourage people to subscribe to the membership site so you get paid.

  38. Hi Pat, Can you have more than one Group page? I have several categories that I offer in my business. I would like to highlight them for each category. Thanks so much for your help.

  39. Great vid. I have the group, I just need to do better and implement some changes. I do have post approvals pending up. That eliminates most spam. I can do better though. I have looked at it as a non profit thing I do for too long. It is time to make some changes. I ran some experiments with a referral link and did well. $1100 worth of free groceries in 1.5 months. That means there is room to start making a modest profit and start growing.

  40. Hi, I'm trying to join a group with my business page. When trying to join I can join with one of my pages but not with the page I want to join with. Did you find a solution? I hope to hear from you 🙂

  41. Hi Pat. I'm a budding entrepreneur and just started in April 2019. I'd love to know more about getting into affiliate marketing. i was going to join your 1-2-3 Affiiate Marketing course (right name??) but you had mentioned the course was not really for the brand new person to affiliate marketing. I appreciated very much your honesty for that and would love further info or resources for the newbie! Thank you!

  42. Hi Pat, thank you so much for this video. Can you please tell me, should you thank your top contributors personally within the group or privately? Thank you 🙂

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