Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Vanderbilt University, November 2015. 200 students rise up to protest the white
privilege and micro aggressions of the “racist,” “bigoted” Vanderbilt administration. The protestors don’t offer any specific
examples of discrimination, but that doesn’t matter – what matters is that they feel
victimized. The next day, a bag of dog poop shows up at
the front door of the university’s Black Cultural Center. All hell breaks loose. Full of righteous indignation, student activist
groups rush to Facebook to denounce the racist act. The police investigate, they quickly find
the person responsible, but nobody is arrested. You know why? Because it turns out that the bag of excrement
wasn’t a racist attack. It was left by a blind girl with a service
dog. She couldn’t find a trash can, so, wanting
to do the responsible thing, she left the bag outside the door of a nearby building,
knowing a janitor would pick it up and throw it away. The student group did apologize – but then
they added another charge against the administration: “The needs of students with disabilities
on this campus are also marginalized.” Seriously, this is not a joke. On the college campus today, feelings rule
facts and victims are heroes. According to the left, all inequality in America
is due to victimization. They start by claiming that all non-white
people in America are victims of “white privilege.” Then come women.They’re all are victims of the patriarchy. Then come gays, and lesbians and the transgendered
– they’re all victims of our “heteronormative” and “homophobic” society. But what if you haven’t actually been victimized
by anybody? It doesn’t matter. To the left, so long as you feel victimized,
you’re a victim. Even if you have never actually experienced
discrimination, you’ve surely been targeted by “micro aggressions.” You know, nasty little words and phrases that
weren’t meant to be insults, but just are. If somebody asks you “where are you from?” that’s considered a xenophobic micro aggression
– they’re implying that you are a foreigner! If a man holds open a door for a woman, which,
but the way you’re supposed to do, that’s a sexist micro aggression because he’s treating
her like she’s a helpless female. Of course, he’s also treating her like she’s
a woman – BUT HOW WOULD HE KNOW? And heaven forbid anybody address you by your
biologically accurate pronoun. WHAT IF SHE IDENTIFIES AS A MAN?!? In short, everyone is a victim – except,
of course, straight white males… Also anybody who dares to disagree with the
left. If you’re guilty of either of those crimes,
you must be confronted, even if doing so requires actual aggression like, say, a riot. Here’s a trick the left plays to justify
their violence. First, they say it’s okay to punch Nazis. Then, they say that every conservative – in
fact, everybody they disagree with – is a Nazi. But here’s the biggest problem with the
left’s argument: They’re based on feelings, not facts. Take “white privilege.” The only real privilege in America is American
privilege. Everybody in America has it – more than
citizens of any other country in the world – the privilege to make your own decisions
and live the life you choose. According to the liberal Brookings Institution,
if you make just these three decisions, you’ll do fine. And with drive and ambition, you’ll probably
do better than fine. First, finish high school. Second, don’t have babies before you’re
married. Third, hold down a job. If you do these three things, you’ll be
on your way to the privilege of middle-class life, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual-orientation,
or gender. Also, there’s no “patriarchy.” Women already make up the majority of college
graduates. According to Time Magazine, young single women without kids already earn more
than their male counterparts. Oh, and gay and lesbian couples, they earn
more than their straight counterparts, too. These are facts, and facts don’t care about
your feelings. Neither will your employer if you get a job
after you leave school. The moment you graduate, reality is gonna
to hit you like a truck. People who give you a paycheck expect you
to produce. They expect you to work. Hard. And all the claims of victimhood, all the
whining – well, nobody cares. So, stop worrying so much about your feelings,
and start worrying a little more about being a good person, doing your best, and not getting
in your own way. If you don’t, the only thing you’ll be
a victim of is yourself. I’m Ben Shapiro, editor of The Daily Wire,
for Prager University. To keep these videos free, click here.

100 thoughts on “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

  1. It’s scary to believe that these people are our future leadership. And no one in this country are nazis! Nobody in America is part of the national socialist German workers party.

  2. I legit hold the door for everyone. I was told to as a kid and I continue as an adult. I know you can open the door on your own, I just want to be nice. Holding a door open takes a few seconds and a simple "thanks" always brightens my day.

  3. I think I might actually agree with Ben Shapiro on something. Sometimes you may feel like someone is demeaning you, but that might not always be the case.

  4. Im like don rickles I enjoy pissing people off , I dont go out of my way to be mean, but here is the truth , you are really not that important in the world neither am I so get over yourself

  5. People mostly white women /lesbian ( who could be rented people of fusion centre) harassed me with this kind of vulgar things when I expressed my view in social media however my self esteem is not so fragile to be ignited by stupidity of fusion centre gang stalkers. When this kind of street drama to intimidate me failed miserably 🙂 twitter and facebook suspended disabled my accounts.
    Why? Because fusion centre of FBI CIA farm are intimidated by me that anytime we can cut the corn, ripe or unripe does not matter.

  6. I think when the Mayans said the world will end in 2013 they were talking about the chaos pc culture would bring

  7. Ben Shapiro, you’re a hero. You’re one of the reason I stopped being a democrat a few years back. There’s nasty stuff on both sides, going neutral is the way to go imo 👍🏻

  8. His wife’s a doctor folks. He may only have a iq of 250 compared to the rest of his families iq of 300+,but he’s smart

  9. One of these days some dumb liberal is going to make the mistake (again) of trying to punch me. The last one spent several days in the hospital and 6 weeks in a cast.

  10. All that the left is trying to get away with, is B.S., & They will never ever surceed, in their evil plans, as long as we the Church is still in this earth. It's not your father's, (satan), time, just yet.

  11. it's too bad Ben doesn't like Trump even though Trump is practically perfect as a president and even if Trump has a few flaws, it's a bad idea to mention them because it only makes the left stronger
    Rare case where facts don't matter

  12. Everyone here: Shapiro being religious and talking about facts is ironic

    Religion doesn't have to do with facts since God existing or not hasn't been proven. We don't fully know how universe started, so believing in God is a theory, an opinion about it. There is no fact that proves it wrong or right. So what you believe in (God existing or God not existing) is just an opinion

  13. I resent being called white. My shoes are white but I am not white. I have fair skin color but that is where it stops.

  14. Finishing High School doesn't mean much where I live, NM, because I saw kids get up to 10th grade (just as far as some of my friends got, this is anecdotal) with a reading capability of maybe 1st grade. If what they are teaching you is garbage, there is no discipline and the teachers are overwhelmed, I would think that the high school experience is more HIGH, than School. At least that was my experience. I was smart, I did some of the work, but the stuff that got hard for me I had learned could be avoided. There were tricks, and it took some work, but it was doable. I knew one guy who had a car and just bribed smart girls to do his homework for him. School is lax and the kids focus is on everything but school work for the most part. Although, their, and my, desire to learn was still intact, it is not treated properly. I'm not saying I know what the fix is, but I will say that strict discipline would have been good for me, and I'm a half hispanic Jewish, white Christian male.

  15. and yet Ben has a 'feeling' that there is a magic sky wizard who cares deeply about what we do with our genitals

    the FACT is,there is zero evidence of his 'god'

    what a clown

  16. Sure, there is some truth to what Shapiro says, but stating opinions are facts is an insufficient argument. Propositions must be supported by evidence to be facts, not opinions. Additionally, citing one example and proceeding to straw man the political opposition is effective rhetoric, but a poorly formulated argument.

  17. First, I want to thank you for allowing comments on this video. The ADA is "a thing". Maybe Ben needs to look into the LAWS… Every building constructed with "public access" must follow ADA compliance guidelines.

    There's a parody of this vid, by Prophet of Zod, applied to Right Wing Christians, and their persecution complex. It is better than this one.

    As an independent moderate, and a straight white male, I find your entire presentation DISGUSTING.

  18. Luckily Ben isn't an MMA student as well… Imagine all that Intelligence, and the ability to kick your ass as well… God Bless you Ben… Respect from Quebec Canada..

  19. Is it really fair to compare conservative Christians with the Nazis? Let's see.

    One of these groups consisted of poorly educated, working- and lower-middle-class white men, believed that they were the inherently superior master race and thus had the right to kill anyone who wasn't part of their group, took control of their country through a sustained campaign of false propaganda, domestic terrorism and mass murder, dreamed of conquering the world, blamed the Jews, immigrants and dark-skinned people for stealing their supposed birthright and put same in death camps, followed a bloodthirsty, tyrannical dictator who rose to power on the promise of restoring the country to its former glory it once had back in its mythical "good old days," literally worshiped said tyrant as a god, put explicit references to God in its official paraphernalia, and used the swastika as its emblem.

    The other is the Nazis.

  20. “I’m Ben Shapiro, the biggest scumbag alive for a tabloid source of a fake biased university”. Get punched, loser

  21. Facts and I don’t give a shit about the shitty little generation of cowards the libtards have produced: I give them macro aggression; I carry and won’t hesitate to waste any lefty prick who threatens me; I don’t like fags and lesboys; I hate muslims; and I assert that whites are superior in all ways. Period.

  22. Feelings and facts both matter equally. The object is to win the game and feelings don't care about your facts. Winning means making life as least shitty as it has to be. What difference does it make if you're factual right and everybody still disagrees with you?

  23. I'm highly offended by this video! Is there a safe space on YouTube? At 5,186,518 views, 5,500 leftist libtards were highly offended. One tenth of one percent. 99.9% were fine with it.

  24. due to all this stuff about micro aggressions, I decided not to hold the door for a girl once and it lead to the death of her, a crippled boy and ultimately the ruin of my kingdom. My name is hodor from winterfell

  25. Facts don't care about feelings and neither do I!! Three things a man needs to do to be successful stay in school, don't be a baby daddy and get your ass to work. love it!

  26. Light-skinned Blacks and Mixed-Race Blacks are harassed by Dark-skinned Blacks on this basis. Dark-skinned Blacks claim "victim" on everything and Light-skinned Blacks are always blamed for the darker blacks "feelings."

  27. Never fear, Mr. Arab is here and he will straighten these nut jobs out real fast and he will not so much as apologize about it!

  28. He forgot about the privilege of being born into rich families. Thats some real shit. Any rich parent that doesn't force they're kid to make they're own way in terms of paying rent and bills is doing that child and the country a disservice by introducing another adult to the world who has no idea what its like to WORK and EARN for a living. Hell if your kid asks for anything, even as a 6 year old, find a simple task they can do and make them earn what they ask for. The earlier they learn the lesson that money is not easy and people have to work for a living the better, it will make them a more adjusted adult ready for the realities of life.

    If all our politicians had to work a simple labor job for at least 2 years before becoming a politician they might do better for the working class.

  29. Don't hold the door open for a woman when going into a restaurant but as a male your expected to pay for the meal or be demonized on social media and by society? My head hurts……

  30. “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

    Unless it’s about the following.
    • Israel
    • War
    • Abortion
    • Judeo-christianity
    • College kids with green hair
    • Talking really fast
    • Universal Heath-care
    • Sex before marriage

    Then your feelings are greater than facts.

  31. I am not Democrat but lets be real there is some form of white privilege because we are living in the era of white rulership. This topic whites in general should just leave alone because it is a topic that will never find resolve until whites fall out of power. When you group is in charges its just non sense to suggest they have no privilege.

  32. Let me tell you something

    Here in our country, we are extremely conservative and don't welcome foreigners.

    Who are we? 👇REPLY

  33. Isn't it amazing how the lie and the deceitful people promote the lie and the deceit and only use it to motivate indifference and hatred for others once again a fine example of the world we live in today with a lie is believed to be the truth and the truth are discarded when they find out that those people lied and misled many of their fellow citizens it's amazing how the Sheep follow no the liars

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