Faculty Feature: Leonard Steinhorn

Faculty Feature: Leonard Steinhorn

What motivates me through education, through politics, through everything we study is to make this a better democracy, a better society. And you do that by knowing more about the society, by knowing more about how to communicate, by understanding the people you want to be able to reach, by understanding what you’re saying to them in a way that’s going to create an emotional bond that will grab them by the figurative lapels and say hey please listen to me I have something to communicate to you. This is important. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk together. “Johnson did things that no other president did; civil rights, great society. He should have been somebody that every young person and every liberal would have celebrated, but they didn’t.” It’s incumbent upon all of us really to treat this fragile democracy with the greatest deal of care because we have been bequeathed a society that has treated us well and now we have to do the same to future generations. And one of the ways to do that to get people out there who are advocating for the things they believe in but advocating with respect for truth, for facts and the society that we live in. What we teach here is strategy. We teach people how to think. We teach people how to develop and refine their instincts in this field. I hope that people walk out of my classrooms not just thinking about the job that it’s going to help them get, but about the knowledge that they have acquired, the way that they see the world differently, the way that what they’ve learned can help them make a difference and do the things that they care about in this life; And to me once they do that, once they accomplish those goals then it’s you know, I feel good about the job that I’ve done.

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