Fast Pitch with UB Accounting Alumnae

[Kathea Smith] Hello and welcome to another edition of Fast Pitch: 120 seconds with the Merrick School of Business.
I’m Kathea Smith, assistant dean, and today you’re going to meet two of our
students and learn a little bit about what brought them to the University of
Baltimore and what they’re doing now. So let’s start the clock.
Hi Renata. [Renata Ernst Kerche] Hello. [Kathea Smith] Hi Renata. [Renata Pacheco dos Reis] Hi. [Kathea Smith] It’s like deja vu. That’s right I have two
Renata’s both of whom graduated from the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business and have come back for yet another degree, and both are working at
SB & Company, a public accounting firm here in Baltimore. So let’s start with
Renata (Ernst Kerche) and tell us a little bit about what brought you to the University of
Baltimore to pursue your graduate degree? [Renata Ernst Kerche] I came to the University of Baltimore to
do my MBA and I could it was flexible and I could customize it in accounting.
And while I was here I was able to be a graduate assistant in the dean’s office
[Kathea Smith] And we loved having you here. What about you Renata (Pacheco dos Reis)? [Renata Pacheco dos Reis ] I’m a transfer student. I started my school career at Montgomery Community College. And I learned about UB at a
transfer fair and I chose UB because of the flexibility and the night classes.
[Kathea Smith] Great. So you both have graduated and you’re both at SB&Company. Are there a
lot of University of Baltimore alumni working there? (inaudible) Well that’s a tradition we definitely want to continue. So can you tell me about what brought you to SB &
Company? [Renata Pacheco dos Reis ] I met as being company at a career fair here UB and they also came
to a Beta Alpha Psi meeting. And I started there as a summer intern two
years ago, and then I was a part-time intern for a year, and I started
full-time a year ago as a staff auditor [Kathea Smith] Fantastic! And what about you? [Renata Ernst Kerche] I also found out about SB & Company through the accounting career fair and Bta Alpha Psi. I joined the company through the internship program last
summer. And I joined full-time upon graduation. [Kathea Smith] Fantastic!
So if you had one piece of advice to give students about why you choose the
University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business, what advice would you give
them? Renata (Ernst Kerche) [Renata Ernst Kerche} I believe the University of Baltimore have great faculty and
great advisories that they helped me a lot to choose my career path. [Kathea Smith] Great. What about you? [Renata Pacheco dos Reis] Yes. I really like the faculty as well. And besides the faculty, there’s
also a lot of non-traditional students then work full-time and they could also
be a great resource. [Kathea Smith] Well thank you both so much for joining me today. And if you
want to learn more about how you can come to the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business to become a leader in the accounting industry, check out the
links below. Times up!

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