FEE WAIVER CHANGE, NEW Immigration PROPOSAL, WELFARE Evidence [October 2018]

FEE WAIVER CHANGE, NEW Immigration PROPOSAL, WELFARE Evidence [October 2018]

hi friends here’s the latest in the world of immigration you don’t want to miss this one stay tuned hi again guys I want to thank you for liking subscribing commenting showing me all these good vibes they motivate me to get in front of this camera and do videos for you each week if you have not yet subscribed what are you waiting on okay this is the channel the immigration TV that provides the latest updates in the world of immigration and do all sorts of other teachings too right this is a cool channel subscribe right now okay so here’s the latest the latest is that just a few days ago our government issued a proposal to change the rules as it relates to fee waivers what is a fee waiver a fee waiver is that I nine one two right application that you would submit along with any other applications or petitions to seek a waiver of those very expensive immigration fees now not all immigration petitions would allow you to waive the fee for example if you’re petitioning for your family for a green card right and you file that I 130 you cannot obtain a fee waiver on that one but other applications and petitions do allow you to waive the fee such as the i-90 right if you’re applying to replace your lost green card or if you’re seeking naturalization you would file that n400 those will allow you to waive the fee and those fees are pretty expensive right there hi okay so under this proposed change our government is now saying if you’ve received food stamps SSI cash assistance Medicaid we’re not going to look at that evidence alone to determine whether we should waive the fee or not as a matter of fact we’re taking that off the table and there are only two things that we will look at now the first is whether your income is at or below the federal poverty guidelines or your going through financial hardships so friends what’s happening here our government is taking a very very thoughtful look at all of these immigration policies and they’re saying we’re going to keep this one we’re going to get rid of that one we’re going to overhaul this and they are making a lot of changes which is why I’m always in front of you talking about what’s being changed so this is just one of the more recent ones now this is a rule making process this is not in effect yet the public has 60 days 60 days to respond to these types of changes and so if you’d like to respond to this change you can just do a Google search for Federal Register I dash nine one two and it will pull up that announcement and it will give you the instructions on how you can submit online your comments about rules like this one okay go ahead and find this Federal Register on Google and comment but for now in summary what’s happening is if you’ve received food stamps Medicaid any of those welfare benefits SSI cash assistance you cannot say to the US government because I’ve received those benefits I am now eligible for this fee waiver and I don’t have to pay this fee no not anymore only if your income is at or below the federal poverty guideline or if you are going through financial hardships on USCIS s website there is a table that will tell you what the federal poverty guideline income is and it’s actually based on your household size for example if your household size is made up of three people your income in order to be eligible for fee waiver for example your income must be thirty one thousand one hundred and seventy dollars or below this okay if your household size is made up of five people okay your income must be forty-four thousand one hundred and thirty dollars or below that okay it cannot be forty five thousand in order for you to be eligible for a fee waiver okay or if you’re seeking a fee waiver on the basis of financial hardship know that you must submit a lot of evidence a lot of documents to the government to prove that you’re going through financial hardship so that’s the latest friends stay tuned comment on these not just on my youtube channel but go online on the federal registers website and comment comment if you feel very strongly about these changes friends I will see you in the next one go ahead and subscribe and you guys take care bye bye [Music]

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  2. I cannot for the life of my figure out why we would grant citizenship or legal residence status to anyone who needs government assistance. Unless you have come here seeking asylum and have been proven you truly need to leave your home country you should not be allowed to come and freeload off Americans. Asking for a fee waiver should be a red flag right off the bat.

  3. so I make around 18k a year but thats before taxes so in the end its
    less than that, will that help me qualify? or is the guidelines set how
    much your income is before taxes?

  4. Hi , do I need to fill this form for each one separately i mean fill one form for me and other one for my husband

  5. Hello how are you Miss I forgot to do signature in my N400 and I 912 please tell me should I send again my foam with Note and write it down this in the

    Note: amended I forgot my signature in last form this one I have signature please accept this phone

    Thank you very much Miss please help me if you give me a reply so I really really appreciate you once again thank you have a blessed life take care

  6. How about is ur house hold is 2 how much should your income be to qualify,is only me and my husband and and we dont depend on any of this government assistant but our income is low

  7. I live in Champaign Illinois and I was supposed to send my forms to Chicago Illinois but I sent them to Dallas Texas by mistake and my forms contained i912. It's been 1 months and I have not received any answer till now .WHAT SHOULD DO thank you??

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