Final Biomedical Engineering  Society Tiger Giving Day 2019

Final Biomedical Engineering Society Tiger Giving Day 2019

The biomedical engineering society
at Auburn is an interdisciplinary group of different stem majors that come together
to look for opportunities in the biomedical engineering field. The
National Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society has a yearly
competition where undergrads design a medical device to compete that has a
significant impact on a specific healthcare issue that the team decides
on their own. It’s an opportunity for our students to get together and use their
knowledge that they’ve accumulated over their career here in Auburn. The funding
for the Biomedical Engineering Society would go towards our design team which will
use that funding to create a prototype and to test it so the prototype and the
platform that we’re using for testing to make sure that our medical device that
we’ll be submitting for competition at the national conference next year is
feasible. Thank you for your support for the Auburn Biomedical Engineering
Society on this Tiger Giving Day.

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