First Source Supports American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery Program

Having cancer is hard enough but not
having a ride to your appointment or to your treatment visit makes it even
harder. If we can relieve that burden by teaming them up with a volunteer driver
and giving them the knowledge of knowing that they have a ride it relieves a huge
burden for those patients and it makes their treatment go so much smoother. We
have a program, Road To Recovery, which teams volunteer drivers with their
patients. They pick them up at their home bring them to their appointment, wait for them and then bring them back home again. And it’s just our way of ensuring that even a ride to an appointment, to a treatment visit is not the biggest
obstacle for a patient when they’re trying to get well. First Source has been
involved with The American Cancer Society for many years. We’ve been
involved with The Relay for Life and the Breast Cancer Walk. Last year we learned
about a great program they had at the local office where patients could try on
wigs but the room needed a little tender loving care so we put our resources, our
financial resources, and some employee resources to work to remodel that room.
This year when we asked how we could help, The American Cancer Society told us about a program The Road To Recovery. When we have an opportunity to give back to a national program on the local level we want to be involved. This program puts cancer patients at ease that they can get to the valuable treatments they need
without having to worry about them. They told me that there were to be some times where I would feel very sick from the radiation and not be able to drive
myself but at the time I had no family around. So for me it was really heaven-sent. It was a saving grace. Driving for Road To Recovery has been wonderful for me. I very much enjoy the people and getting to know the
people as we go back and forth to their appointments. It is very fulfilling just knowing that you can help the community in this small
way but for that person it’s much more than a ride, it’s the stability of
knowing they’ll be able to get to their appointments. I’ve actually driven
patients myself and there is a huge benefit to actually meeting a person and
knowing that this is something that they need to get well and it’s something
simple that you can provide. It’s just donating your passenger seat. I think if people volunteer, they would get as much out of it as we do as the recipients of this. I can’t say enough about the volunteers that do this. I mean I don’t think you know how much I thank you for this and they always say we know, we know. Very good people. The participation in Road To Recovery is very flexible for the volunteer. If you can only do a couple hours per week or two or three
days a month that’s fine. If you can do more than we certainly will have
patients that would be happy to have that help and assistance. We’re there to
provide training for you, as well as assistance throughout it and make this
an important but also meaningful opportunity for you. Yes I would
recommend it. It’s been a perfect way to volunteer and work within my schedule
and still help a lot. Cancer affects every single one of us and this is a great way that you can get involved to help patients get to the important
appointments they need. Volunteer. Get involved. Become a driver. To get involved in any of our programs or services call us anytime at 1-800-227-2345 or go online to

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