Flash Frozen Civilization found in Antarctica and Pre-Adamites

Flash Frozen Civilization found in Antarctica and Pre-Adamites

[Music] ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for joining us this edition of leek project I’m your host Rex pare and we have Joseph Reyna with us the author of incredulous and this guy knows so much about prophecies ancient relics of antiquity we’re going to talk about a quasar right now literally how did you describe that Joseph like an exploding solar system almost what’s the entire galaxy becoming a star something the size of a galaxy that becomes a stars what they figured out quasars are okay and we’re also going to talk about Antarctica and what is going on out there right now now Joseph just disclosed some information with me about how there is a civilization literally multiple civilizations that literally flash flooded in that flash flood like flash froze in Antarctica so this is very deep we’re going to talk about some planet X / Exodus / the flood NASA and these seven planets that have been discovered and just a collection of things all combined into one so it’s a real honor to speak with you Joseph how are you doing I’m doing great thanks I thought I’d start talking again only because of the Resurrection and Easter coming up so I wanted to like how planet X seems to be part of all that fantastic and also I mean you know I know that you have done very few interviews over the past few years and it’s neat that you’re kind of jumping out and and getting your feet wet again Thanks it was the time there were the information I was finding I did not want to go on on the errand and say something I should say it was really bad what I was discovering let’s get into it what’s going on first let’s get into Antarctica if we can well apparently Secretary of State Kerry was sent down there I believe well bomb has gone down there I know the Pope has gone down there several states leaders of state have gone down there and it’s supposed to be to get them ready for what’s about to happen a sort of disclosure except from what I’m hearing they don’t want disclosure they’re removing the bodies of what’s called the pre-adamite pre-adamite were the species built before us genetically engineered before us have a much longer skull sometimes it’s go go straight back kind of like nipitiri and other times it flattens out kind of widens to the back much like the greys type of skull and they’re taller and they have a funny body because they have a longer or more vertebrae in the backbone so it’s kind of long and then they got a little potbelly the the way Aquanaut is portrayed in the images from Egypt they have those type of bodies almost a feminine like body flat chest very little muscles for the masculine and large hips this little potbelly and a much longer torso with the elongated skull so those are called the pre-adamite they were far more intelligent and they need became troublesome so they went to the vanilla version which is us we have shorter lifespans and limited capacity for memory we’re sort of waiked when we’re born we don’t have access to those memories and then we also don’t have cell topics so we’re the second species that followed and much of that is in a lot of the writings of the Hebrew not everything that was in the Hebrew writings were put into the Bible they had to decide what was going to go in and what was going to stay out and this one is sad to leave out because it was just too troublesome and they went with the Creation of Adam and Eve and left the other one out altogether so that’s what they’re finding down there now this in addition suppose I have been flash-frozen and then a we spoken before about the possibility that Earth is not that old only four years old because of the Galactic battle that took place between the reptilians and the Anunnaki if that were the case then earth would have broken away much of his atmosphere would have been gone it’s basically what would have been an island on that particular planet the size of Saturn what has become a sphere and then would have tried to I guess regrow life on it it would have kept some of this atmosphere it would have lost a lot of the oxygen used to have 50% oxygen in the snow core they find that before 12,000 years we had 50 percent oxygen after that it’s down to 20 percent 19 percent somewhere in there but the flash-freeze these beings there’s also giants down there and dinosaurs that were flash-frozen the mastodons i understand three times the size of an elephant and they were flash frozen and the flash freeze a pole shift would not do that pole shift which would change you have time to go grab a coat you don’t have time for that and you’re flash-frozen you’re basically the mid-stride completely stops all your blood vessels for use everything freezes it’s way too fast and from what I understand they’re removing these bodies they’ve been down there for over 12 years filming removing very sophisticated technology and they’re eventually going to have some sort of tour down there I guess you can take and walk through these ruins from what David Wilcock and then several others have as well there were three spaceships that crash-landed there again it was 12,000 years ago right at the time of that galactic battle and they speculate that these individuals landed there because it was already an ancient civilization they’re stating back millions of years and of course that would have been T a month part of t amount at the time so they land it there the ships couldn’t get back off of Earth so they started on I guess building cities around there again this would have happened TM on not earth they once earth took place these guys were flash-frozen in position if they know that there’s the tropical jungle down there I believe 65,000 square miles that was all flash-frozen so Antarctica was at one time a tropical location and it was flash-frozen very quickly plato was right at about the same time 9,000 years before him and he said it all happened in one day so if the explosion occurred within a day or sort of sort of corrected itself that started trying to heal but anything along the periphery where the a tree was completely ripped off would have been flash-frozen and now look can I jump in real quick to just share him a couple things because this is very interesting and first of all what would cause the flash freezing and you said we’re kind of the 2.0 version because the the first beans are not the first beans but the ones that the elongated skull is like a Connaughton essentially they had longer lifespans and it sounds like they had more intuition but why were they a problem and are you referring to the Anunnaki creating us and creating them essentially in these physical meat sacks yeah pretty much but you have to also throw in the reptilians because the reptilians needed more warrior like individuals and if we take a look at these guys they they are not warrior material so they would have modified us we came afterwards and then the Anunnaki took what the reptilians are modified and tried to sort of bring it back in when I was what they were and that’s what why we ended up the way we’ve ended up very warlike sex maniacs that have short lifespans and become very aggressive at some times it sort of hardwired into our nature so essentially our beings have been tampered with from multiple offworld beings yes every single everything one of these groups that I hear that are trying to I guess make contracts with humans on earth they have to go through all these other species that already have I guess programs they call them on earth where they’ve been abducting people and trying to get them to meet someone else sort of prearranged so that they’d be attracted to this individual they’re looking for a genetic greeting sort of system you heard of those were the grades were abducting women and creating a hybrid species oh yeah we absolutely love their selves yeah that was really fascinating these women would be like three months pregnant now and they would be proactive in it at all they go to doctor doctor you want to hear anything about it so they didn’t have anyone to turn to but those things are creating a not human and you can’t take a child especially something that’s predominantly genetically human and just keep it in isolation don’t hold it just leave it in a corner to develop on its own it it’s going to have psychological damage and it’s probably not going to live past the age of 14 now humans have to have they have to be interacted with they have to be held you have to play with them or they don’t develop properly so bad seems to be a big problem for them and then once they’re down here they don’t know how to they don’t have any common sense I mean I’ve seen people with no common sense that were very very intelligent these people they just do not know how to blend in and only I don’t know that they ever will supposedly that’s what they were trying to do um that sounds like not Eric Jacobs work he says that a lot of the people that he regresses that have been abducted they’re trying to get them to show them how to walk across the street properly and how to act when you go in the kitchen and just normal stuff like you base product combat and furniture in your bedroom yeah sort of stuff I don’t know what I did trying to do it because it serves no purpose if there’s an intelligence of these on the ships trying to operate your ships you know it doesn’t make any sense to bring them to earth the only thing I could see why they would longer bring it to earth is because of what people are calling the Ascension or what is believed to be the ascension when that happens they would want them to be on earth hopefully that like many Dorian candidates start in a rub movement was completely I don’t think they’d be I don’t think they’d be mature in Canada to not there they have the ability to make you do things telepathically they can control you they can make you wake up get dressed go to your car and drive out into the the road where they’re waiting for you from the people that they already like mostly there it’s their parent one of the people that took cells from created them I’ve heard of that they don’t like that control at all when they’re at a job like they try and fit in and get a job somewhere they mostly work very well so they have to let’s say they go to a restaurant they have to control the person giving them the food and make it look like they got paid when they didn’t but that person’s getting fired and just little things like that something they can’t keep up the these things these degrades there’s two types of them the work I did trying to figure out what these these were the ones I was dealing with during Eisenhower’s meeting in the desert there was a priest who was at the location and he was told to keep quiet but he didn’t he went to the Vatican and told them what had happened there were several species meeting with the president and several other individuals they they wanted us to disarm and they would assist us in what’s about to happen would be ready for the ascension the others the grace offered weapons and technology in exchange for abducting humans they went with those guys what was fascinating about them though was when they were abducting individuals the military ordered them to only abduct 400 per year and they needed the names and dates of the locations and addresses of these people what the greys said these particular type of ways they said that they were from Earth they said they was from the future and they said they were horribly damaged by the radiation something bad had happened they had gone underground into underground bunkers they thought that would survive but what happened was females could not reproduce up to 45 days on the ground and then they have to use their cloning technology that sounds pretty far-fetched but I’ve seen cloning technology is very real anyway these guys had it at that time and I was the only way they could survive by cloning themselves over and over and over they were trapped underground during the earthquake that took place and this would be somewhere about what we would call the apocalypse timeframe anyway they finally got out of there and when they got to the surface they were horribly damaged by the radiation the military jumped to the conclusion there was some sort of galactic neglecting to them the ICBM war you whether the countries here on on the planet I immediately suspected the power plants because if we lose power or one of those gets damaged they start releasing tremendous amount of radiation they have a lot of fuel rods that will burn for a long long time and that will cause a huge cloud of radiation that’ll pretty much poison anything gets anywhere near it there’s 120 on the East Coast alone so you you’ve got a tremendous amount of of death just waiting there for people anyway these guys said that their DNA was horribly damaged that some other stress riyals came by found them and took to their world and so when these graves when you see them smooth can would be the almond-shaped eyes those are actually an outer suit that they wear and some movies have brought this out some documentaries underneath their skin looks like the bark of a tree and smells like putrid cinnamon and you don’t want to touch it there’s so much bacteria on them but they they had kept himself alive for a long time there were some of them that have some human cells and those are the ones I believe that are trying to create these birthing projects but this particular group came back to earth and they said they wanted to get the DNA from their ancestors the ones who went down into these subterranean cities that they had for themselves or bunkers and repair their their DNA using the DNA of their create ancestors their grandfathers their parents and that’s not what they did they started abducting a lot of people way more than 400 and then they started nothing with them in a way that would sort of wake them up spiritually and it moved them away from the path that would have taken them into the underground bunkers that’s why they weren’t releasing any of the of the addresses or the names of these individuals so basically what they did was they found a way to prevent their grandfathers and grandmothers from never meeting with each other or their parents remember meeting with each other that means they have to cease existing and thereby creating a sort of self sacrifice I believe that’s why it was permitted to be done anyway that was that particular group so they prevented them from going down and the ground bunkers when the military start doing experiments in the 50s with women in colleges asking for volunteers to stand the ground for long periods of time they realized after about 45 days the women the reproductive system shut down so they realize these things were telling the true and then they started building the underground bunkers because they figured they would meet them for these up whatever event was coming up into the future so that was my my extent to my knowledge of the greys also most of the greys so the little ones we see that walk in four or five at a time those are the Bible in Scripture are called the raphe em dead things because they’re not alive they’re more machine the biomechanical so they don’t have souls so people here oh they don’t have some of them must be demons and no they’re just machines they don’t answer to you no commands they can perform simple functions but you want to give them as much brain powers they need and that’s what it takes clear for them to accomplish this job but in the Bible when you see here Raytheon just think little grey ones that’s what those are you know I’m thinking of the artificial intelligence here in the States even and they’re almost completed there is a IBM supercomputer that is calculated to run three hundred quadrillion floating points per second and the quantum computers I don’t have enough data to show exactly how fast they actually are I do have the data on many of these silicon based ships and even the one in China right now that’s running 93 I’m trillion floating points per second I mean that’s just that is so incredible so where am I going with this the software that they have for predictive programming combined with all the technology all the research all the data essentially that has been obtained from each human being from their habits that metadata etc I wonder if there’s already like a ghost in the machine and the archons or these entities possibly have a way to literally control like you said the politicians the corporate gurus those that have the money in the honey essentially to do their bidding and it seems like they’re turning this planet into a transhuman /all microchips all electronic all artificial essence I mean now they’re even running out 5g not for Gd more now it’s 5g where they want to have five billion Hertz machines on every on every block essentially just blast some people with Wi-Fi constantly I mean the 4G isn’t good enough we got to have 5g and then six G and then seven I mean just add a couple more zeros behind the Hertz it’s getting ridiculous well Jason sent me some information dealing with AI and they have found these these signals coming from space and they seem to have been sent from the past into the future and these signals pretty much tell them how to build these machines so guess what they’re doing all this build on I see how who can build it first and that’s not smart these were a eyes who lost the war long ago so they sent this information to the future hoping somebody be dumb enough to build these things and that’s exactly what they’re doing exactly what you described this AI system very ancient war that took places they never really lost sort of just kind of to be continued and that was a reason t amount was destroyed remember the that black goo that ran all over the ley lines of that world it was a massive artificial intelligence controlling that planet and whenever it is so is black goo actually like artificial intelligence microorganisms that were ever then IO they connect to the the group consciousness so if it’s a million miles away it can send that information back and be controlled right and if any part of them gets destroyed in any kind of battle we find a way to destroy them then then efficient is transmitted to the other so they’ll know what we’re about to try and work against it in other words to fortify themselves against that type of attack and the black goo is a sort of nanite I understand the military immediately about super soldier right because these things can get get inside of you and to modify you with a molecular level they’re that small and they did they started modifying people but what they started these things weren’t creating super soldiers they were creating super humans but they were more benevolent they were less aggressive calmer they could they just had the desire to either learn a lot of languages or or learn a lot of sophisticated information and it worked just not what the government wanted cause it couldn’t control them and so they released it into the sewer lines over in Europe that particular group did and so this stuff got into all the organisms in the in the sewers and then became airborne and anyone who living next to these things all of a sudden started reading more and speaking different languages and it sounds pretty fascinating when you see will talk about it but they sort of tracked it down and found out what it was it was the AI so released into the sewer systems so it’s already been released but it is working more in a beneficial way now the AI is apparently the reptilians are allied with the AI and their bodies are completely saturated by these tiny nanites but the the greys used to be slaves to the reptilians from what I understand they broke away the whole a I think is interesting when you start looking at autism because if you take a human child and make them catatonic through all these injections you give them an AI system like this could easily infiltrate their body connect where they need to and we’re in the body give them a vessel sort of certainly it would make it easier and if you’ve seen the film the accountant which just came out a short while ago on video where Ben Affleck does a great job playing this kid that has autism and then he learns how to be essentially a rogue super soldier and the abilities that he had is incredible and if you have autism your sensory perception is different therefore like you can’t fill things as much as somebody else it’s almost like when you if you are let’s say you get your you’re holding your own hands it’s almost like you’re holding hands with mittens on because the nervous system gets damaged from the chemicals in the vaccine so absolutely I can see that and I also wonder if they do this on math skills to maybe pull out a hundred savants out of a hundred thousand people that they physically damage and mentally and spiritually the the vaccine agenda there’s a multiple line of reasons for it I feel oh and get this this while we’re at vaccine the MMR vaccine there was a recent study released and I will I will actually release this data here shortly 2000 plus parts per billion of glyphosate in the MMR vaccine 2000 parts per billion in white phosphate is it’s roundup that means you’re literally injecting yourself with roundup you’re injecting babies with Roundup welcome to the New World Order they love you so much sorry continue it makes me so mad I mean it’s just unbelievable yeah and that’s why I’m like well we were making some headway but these people they’re still very powerful and in very powerful positions so draining the swamp swamps going to take a little longer I think um one of the things them I wanted to connect pata decks with because we right started talking about that this going back twelve years again 12,000 years everything always goes back to 12,000 years but some major damage took place to let’s say our world exploded right blew up so he blew it up and we’re right on the edge of section that you know gets flown out into space well the atmosphere is gone and space is incredibly cold so you’re subjected to the space without without the warmth of Earth around or anything else around and you would literally flash freeze because of the of the temperature from space how cold it is and that’s the only the only way I would see if something could flash freeze I don’t see any other way you could do it there was that movie the day after tomorrow with those gigantic vortexes that allowed the outer space temperatures to drop in because they weren’t being pushed back sort of like a reverse vacuum we brought cold temperatures down and in in that movie they portrayed people just kind of taking a breath and is just freezing in place there’s also that Fox down and something similar to that happened over in Russia there was a Fox crossing a stream you can see his nose out of the ice and his eyes and ears out of the ice and the tip of his tail out of the ice the rest of him is in the ice so he’s swimming across the stream and that flash froze that was back when we were first experiencing those those polar vortexes there speaker so these beings there were quite a few beings here on this on this world but according to what they call the Mohammed Accord something they signed back in the 16th century but actually a sixth century and then uh supposed to show themselves anymore they’re supposed to remain hidden and just kind of allow humanity to see what would play out kind of hide it to the shadows of the hidden hand sort of thing to run the world that way and that’s kind of what they’ve been doing so they they just stayed in the back see where we go and apparently because of all the pedophiles stuff coming out and all the attention being drawn upon them they’re kind of kind of shine that shines spotlight over that direction Hey look over here and oh this is so important monumental you can put this pedophile stuff aside and we’ll get back to it later and never will they what they want to do is basically put us in a big box inside the box were in right now there’s no such thing as aliens off world or life over the world in this bigger box that they want to put us in there were a type of humanoid on earth or possibly Mars that was very advanced their world was destroyed they came here to earth and eventually got the flash-frozen down and the South Pole to probably claim those some sort of pole shipped and we got mixed with them in the breeding just natural selection sort of thing and then humanity sort of came out of that is what they’re planning to do they want to spread out technology release over a hundred years so that by the time the disclosures happen everybody will be dead the ones who committed all these atrocities against humanity so they won’t be able to count about anyway that’s their plan I don’t think it’ll work because there’s other plans in the in the works but that’s kind of what’s taking place on there and why they’re releasing this information right now the thing that gets me though is Planet X is a very big part of Christianity people just don’t realize that when they speak in Revelation of the red dragon that’s Planet X it’s got the wings got the long red tail and thread and looks like fire and when you start looking at the symbolism and what they’re describing that this thing does it is planted X David need pretty much points to it being Planet X when he figured out that Virgo in September 23rd will have Jupiter in this womb area for 42 weeks at that point and in the actual writings which says the woman illuminated by the Sun it doesn’t exactly say the sonnets she illuminates living illuminating this constellation the moon’s at her feet and she’s about to give birth you you’ve interviewed David meat a while back right yeah matter of fact that was the first interview that I did on Planet X and that’s got over 450,000 views that was a really good show David I need to get old him again ya know he’s he’s uh he’s incredible the research he did I tried to get ahold of him and I sent him an email telling him that his date is off the – I think he’s like thirty eight hundred years ago as opposed to 36 hundred years ago and the only reason I explained that it was off with because during that passage of Planet X it introduced Venus back into our system it had Venus in its gravity well took it with it and destruction of T amount and it was reintroduced at that time the Mayans record just was happening Velikovsky mentions that Venus was never mentioned before this and Lena’s finally settled into orbit and when it’s settled into orbit between Earth and and the Sun it it sort of pushed earth back a little bit and gay five additional base to our calendar all the ancient calendars are 360 days and oh man do I got to jump in on that real quick that I was thinking about that just the other day when I broke down the New Jerusalem and I mean to a tee literally I have the size of it I was able to put together the amount of square feet that each person would have left if you took a hundred and forty-four thousand and the twelve was constantly going back and then the 360 so I’m just interjecting here real quick and please continue but I was thinking that the past few days about how I’m wondering why they changed from 360 days to 365 and another thing that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately as well is the asteroid belt and was there a planet at one point in time that got smashed by something and now that’s the asteroid belt so once again I apologize for interrupting but I just wanted to throw that in real quick yeah that’s the planet I call P amount some people pronounce a Tiamat some call it a ton there’s several names for it they said that they don’t think there was nothing that matter there to to create a planet that size that’s because most of it was blown out into space the comments all come from there it was a water world and a lot of the debris was taken into the gravity well of Nibiru as it passed final plan of X as it passed by and the remains of it all was called the hammered bracelet it’s the the asteroid belt but they have actually with satellites and telescopes been able to detect clay on these asteroids you can’t get clay on asteroids that never formed into a planet because that requires tidal forces water and pressure kuroh erosion of the soil to create clay but these have clay on them also they’re all they’re all orbiting on their axis in the same direction so that was part of that world and we’re part of that world earth is part of what once was that world and when Earth finally sort of stabilized the calendar was 360 days I always wondered why 360 why can’t just make a nice 400 degree circle 100 degrees in each clutter that a 90 because the the calendar was that way 360 degrees you got 90 days for each of the seasons because we have course seasons and the earth goes on acts is and Auntie amat there were no seasons it never rained before that time there was a very heavy concentration of oxygen and it almost looked like a foggy day all the time and you were done you will heal faster that you were cut you lived much longer and once that was destroyed then weather patterns formed on earth and we only have about 12,000 to 14,000 years of erosion on the planet weather erosion it doesn’t go back any further than that so this plan is four billion years old and we’ve got at least what 2 billion years of an ocean with whether there’d be nothing left but rocks and water there would be no soil left from the erosion of the rain and that’s very very clearly documented that we only have about 12 miles of you erosion on Planet so the plan is not that old the evidence would fit into that only being formed 12,000 years ago so that would be roughly about three thousands of Planet X I think that one Planet X during the destruction of TM on everything in this gravity well may have slowed it down because the timeline isn’t quite there it’s a little too long and then it comes back around 7,000 years forms then you have the great flood so we have to catastrophe before that then you have the great flood and at that point you have a brand that’s that’s human we are right now after Noah because Noah was when he was born he was supposed to have very light skin reddish hair and his eyes thing did kind of glow and his father Lamech was concerned about this and he questions his wife and she’s like I not telling anyone else to you and so he went and spoke to his grandfather which was Enoch the same one in the Bible who created all the pyramids so Enoch went and spoke to the sky guardians and then came back and said do not harm the child they have an in the best warding they could use artificially inseminate your wife with this particular child he is the sort of prototype of the next race and that those writings were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls called the book of Lamech he was a father of Noah so I find it interesting that sometimes Tom Horne and Steve quale will speak of the purity of the line of Noah from Adam and Eve and how the demons keep trying to infiltrate it feel free as whitey was in essence he was genetically engineered and it’s right there the information is right there for them to go look at they just kind of ignore it it doesn’t fit into the little plants that down these scrolls are fascinating I’ve actually got a copy of the the newest translations and if you read the secret book of John I mean it’s got a completely different version of Genesis yeah and the the Book of Enoch wasn’t in there The Book of Enoch hunted down and destroyed for millennia they they finally thought they got rid of every copy and when you actually see the Book of Enoch he realized that Christ quoted from it quite a bit it was required reading at that time when Christ was on the run on earth and today we’re going to remove the book of Joel of of Jude from the Bible because he quotes from that book he says he quotes from the book and so they want to remove it since that book was not in existence but for several books that are missing there’s the book of the Wars of the Elohim that book is missing and the picture of fact none of the books mentions that are missing that these were very important books and we’re not supposed to you know be destroyed but there was actually sort of a witch-hunt witch-hunt by the Romans who ordered a lot of these documents destroyed the Book of Enoch says that angels can take form in other words they can become human beings they can be born like human beings inhabit a body and they have to destroy that because Christ if you start looking into into the Bible into the angel of the Lord the one called the angel of the Lord when angel ordered is described this particular angel and he’s always called in yoga would fits everything Christ did everything that Christ later does this particular angel sort of mimics in advance so if one of the Angels angel of the Lord came on to Mary well that means that he got into the body and he was the one who was born as Christ and Bukovina describes this as happening this was what they call the matrix and that word I don’t ever remember reading that word in the Bible I read many many passages of the Bible many versions of it and it never recalled the word matrix being in there but it’s been there six times now you’ve heard of the something called the Mandela effect yes I have well that’s one of the changes to the Bible now it says matrix and if in reference to the woman’s womb I spoke with the author of the matrix um Sofia Stewart and I had we started with the countless calc ski brothers but apparently they plagiarized they played runs everything the name of the book the name of the characters everything anyway super six years in court but she finally got all her rights back is the matrix she explained is when they created woman and just one of the author has created the book I need to get my hands on it’s on Amazon and she’s describing how when woman was created they sort of went overboard with the upgrades that they put in woman because the males were sort of a worker and that’s what Adam Adam ooh means worker but the female in order for her to have a child with the spirit the soul from creator she has to have a matrix a matrix is sort of a Stargate within the female and the female joined a gestation period this matrix sort of gets the signature of the soul that will be in the child and when it’s creating the cells of this body it is causing the DNA what we would call junk DNA to be aligned tuned in sync with this soul so that so can then inhabit the bodies which connects like an avatar and can express itself and be here on earth that’s what the matrix is it’s I was really fascinated by what she was explaining it as being and she also explained that the she also wrote the Terminator series and the Terminator series is actually the first part of the Matrix series that’s how the machines you mentioned got powerful enough I remember several years ago actually talking to her when I was on a different platform and I read that screenplay that she put together and it’s interesting it seemed to me like a lot of the information that she got was stuff that you could pull out a revelation but that’s you know and that’s just my opinion but you know the one thing that I do notice a lot of is there’s so much transhumanist transhumanism ai and even in a lot of the new films now they are portraying the androids in the TV series human as being more humane than humans are and it seems like we’re certainly getting a slap in the face whereas the the push is towards this AI construct which makes you wonder why why in the world would we give so much power over to an artificial intelligence and even mentally give away our own rights in a sense well that was one of her biggest concerns that these these AI will eventually take over and she’s got enough degrees to understand the concept of programming of AIS to an AI we’re in we’re in a coma we we don’t think anywhere near as fast as they do but a eyes aren’t alive they can make decisions and they can make suggestions or they can they can plan things out you recall when they had that big chess game with IBM and Daddy Roth oh yeah absolutely yeah they wouldn’t let him see the programming and there were six chess players masters back there supposedly counseling these programmers that’s not happening relate Lou was just a big box and these six guys were all playing this one chess player so let’s just say it was a real AI BM one okay where’s the technology what did you do with it they put it in a box and put it in mothballs and they hid it away in everyday anything with it because there was nothing there there was nothing to big blue it was just scam and that’s that’s why they wouldn’t let me see the printouts there were no printouts and basically it was just a bunch of chess masters playing the one chess master and IBM getting a lot of publicity for it I’m going to fry at us that’s what the evidence seems to point to so with the Catholic Church the work I was doing I had grown up Roman Catholic and I had one be a priest an exorcist for the Roman Catholic Church but they they were doing away with the Exorcist at the time so I I ended up leaving the church that father Malachi Martin he was he spoken this a few times but he was very certain or whatever this was was something that comes from space I’m doing this approaching earth and he he got a chance to read the actual prophecy the third prophecy and he lien them he stated I was not it he read it and that was that was not what they released they never released their prophecy of Fatima but the church became concerned because its spoke of something comes on the cosmos and causing great destruction coming into the solar system so they’re supposed to have a satellite that NASA launched for them flying out in that direction towards Orion look for this thing and they also have one look at one telescope they have already Italy and they’ve got that new one they built on Mount Graham this one’s the the only one of its kind it’s a binoculars there’s two two specific scopes that are looking in the infrared region and these are theoretical the first of their kind and they named the thing Lucifer so they’re looking for this object to be coming from the southern hemisphere they know it’s there then I was coming and they’ve also been rewriting the they’ve been rewriting the Gospels a new version will be coming out and it will include I guess the Annunaki unit because if they’re definitely tied in to everything that happened to Christ during the crucifixion the tie to Planet X and the Exodus many many researchers have already it out that that’s when it came by we’re talking about need a little while ago and his dating of 3,800 pcs about two hundred years off and I explained to him you’ve got Venus in there in your calculations take Venus out because Venus would have just kind of been a rogue planet at that huh I wouldn’t have been settled into position yet and and calculate the time you’ll come up closer to 3,600 years and I also discovered that because this disk he was talking about the Nebra sky disk that green disc that has gold stars on it brass with gold inlay that disk it pretty much is a star observatory they’ve got this one circle on one side half circle and another half circle and the other horizon and they’re starting to degrees apart so you can see whether the moon would or the Sun as far as it could one horizon during this say summer and then it moves in the other direction to the other equinoxes in the wintertime and you see them limited where the Sun would go for way it would rise where was that we have one on the east-west horizon stonehenge is similar and or several others several others throughout the world that are similar I believe these were her putting systems and the reason I believe that because you could check every year at that time when the equinoxes were supposed to be coming and you would see that the Sun rose exactly what’s supposed to once you saw the Sun was out of position then you would know stop preparing for the return of the time and wso the wormwood systems observers they noted that the phone was off by 17 degrees during the during the winter solstice it was a it’s supposed to be the specific location on horizon it would not also the other day two months ago I walked out of the front porch here faces you know the back porch but it was completely lit up and I’m looking around where’s the light coming from it was the moon it was lighting up the entire north wall the moon has never done that I’ve been there for more today they could do that and the moon was way out position so that’s kind of this object coming in these the earth is wobbling and the contact that I have with the off-worlders they’re trying to keep the planet from going over into a pole shift the poles are both moving very fast right now one in the north of course every knows about that one but the one in the south is already into the water it’s off of the mainland of Antarctica and it’s moving north it’s already on the in the ocean and both of them at speed they’re headed they should meet in the Indian Ocean at a location where there was a buoy where suspicions observers noted that the surface were the base of the ocean rose and healed 1000 meters in one day and it did it again I think of 600 meters next day and then that bully was pulled off line but that’s the location that both poles are headed to so they came to speed that they’re going they both meet meet up there south poles traveling slower than the in an old polish and the object in the north pole that one has a been shaped magnetic field they’re trying to hold the northern pole in that position and another one the southern pole and they’ve also been removing all the asteroids but too many are starting get through you I heard a few asteroids striking here and there you’ll hear more there they’re not getting them all out of the way we we will be getting hit Mars is getting hit the moon is getting hit and if you recall the palate on oh when she left the she was in Chicago really she mentioned that she was resigning because of the catastrophe that was pop happened she said it would be cosmic in nature Woolsey the CIA director said something very similar and what he was describing was these these asteroid strikes now we should have got them already since they’ve been moving the real big one all the way and the reason they’re doing this is because of what humanity is and what humanity has done and we look around we don’t see any major progress for anything we see we’ve lost a lot of ground but under there another show I mentioned that the Louis Cannon has spoken of these three waves of volunteers that have come to earth to try and change the outcome of the world because 850 years into the future there’s a great destruction across the galaxy and it’s basically caused because of Earth because of some tyrannical things that happened on earth and you can imagine the I guess the Galactic Empire and star wars something along those lines combined with the New World Order controlling the entire galaxy there’d be no way to get around it because they would have birthing centers and at these centers they will eliminate the individuals that had a higher frequency rate I guess a more spiritual they’re already doing that from what I understand they’re people monitor the baby rooms and they will eliminate the child and that’s why you have these people called walk-ins someone will be born in the child and they’ll grow up to a certain age and then they need the body in the walk-in comes in so that they weren’t eliminated at birth and they’ll be ever heard of walk-in three-fourth I have actually we did a show the other day where I talked to one of the guests and they brought up the walk-in that’s a fascinating subject well that’s why they do that too to keep from getting eliminated after birthing stations so one thing that I found fascinating about the the Exodus and not only that it matched everything that took place of timing the cloud that they said they were under when they were walking in the desert because once the Santorini caldera went off which is something like the Yellowstone Caldera it would have caused a cloud about 18 months long a dark cloud of ash that would have prevented the Sun from shining through very brightly you can see the Sun but you would not be able to get a shadow on the Sun and when this happened again in the year 535 which plunged the earth into the dark ages the diaries of that time speak of the Sun coming out for about four hours but you could not see your shadow and the everything tasted horrible this powder of this desk landed on on the water and they got the drinking beer a lot at that time and the wine that they had and had to dig up new wells new Springs but it set the world back considerably into the dark ages they just weren’t prepared they didn’t have that kind of food stores the church did because they were demanding 10% of your crop so any any royalty that survived that would have owed an allegiance to the church and then the church pretty much rewrote the everything in the planet date now we were on a flat earth and they were the intermediaries between the creator and us and they were going to be reading it all in Latin so that was a system of control that lasted for a very long time and the the Exodus getting back to the Exodus when it took place it it would appear that Moses is not Hannah’s half walk completely Israelites according to the Jews Moses is 100% Israelite he was moved along the trusses of the water in that little floating basket and and then they wanted to was she a sister of Pharaoh or whatever they picked them up but in the actual history of it it turns out that the word Moses means rightful heir to the throne Moses was the son of the Pharaoh now the wife that he had she was an Israelite princess so Moses was half Israelite but in order to hide this information the Jews changed the timing of Exodus moved it forward 400 years and distance themselves from optimises who was the brother of Moses the the Pharaoh at the time of the Exodus and then they pretty much kept everything else intact all the stories the destruction of Jericho everything else remained that way just that the timing was off all the dates were off but they’ve been involved with them it was a small matter however when they found Jericho when they finally discovered it they were amazed that it existed at all because it was something that was in the Bible and they didn’t really believe that was a documented history and what fascinates them was that Jericho was destroyed exactly the way the Bible said it was destroyed the walls were tore collapse in on themselves and side there if people have like stone jewelry over there wearing that they were still wearing it the gold will listen to think the precious metals but all their food stores everything was intact nothing had been taken at least in mines but Jews must have seen it as they came out they must across Jericho and and they put it into their storyline saying that they had destroyed taking credit for it because the destruction fifty years earlier than what the Jews said that was their exodus in 1250 BC so roughly time of the last passing of Nibiru which would have been to 1550 BC they write in that time print and I found that fascinating and the reason again they did it because this is the most important prophet you can’t have them being happy gyptian so it changed all that around and [Music] you

100 thoughts on “Flash Frozen Civilization found in Antarctica and Pre-Adamites

  1. I believe they went underground and used volcanos to reheat the planet. Push the drop of vacuum chill back up so to speak. at the same time creating these huge caverns to live, in the process. Just a theory.

  2. This is the most stupid thing I'VE ever saw on YouTube! Bless your heart you seam like someone who's smoked to much crack, burnt out their brain and then tried to talk smart! I did suffer through the first 4 minutes though! Talk about educated beyond your intelligence!

  3. I just learned about the large brain hominids by Dr. Ed Spencer and Karen Hudes. They are not human but are a second species. They are not ETs. They made maps in the previous ice age. The remnants of their civilizations are all over the place; especially along the coast. This group has large brains; very distinct from homo sapiens. Their DNA is so different that if the two species mated the offspring would be infertile. They have skulls all over the place; because they have been on earth with us. They have been hiding in the vatican since after the ice age. That is why the vatican wear miters. US gold resides in the vatican. Moses was Akenaten. Homo Capensis are trying to keep human beings under control by divide and conquer. They use our money systems and religions. It is a world controlling; large brained; non human species. A correspondent in Portugal attended a meeting of large headed hominids with inhuman blue eyes. In Portugal they are called cone heads and bone heads. E-mails were sent to government and military officials about this conspiracy. Concerns have been taken to the International Organization Of Supreme Audit Institutions.

  4. this is the backstory of the Greys from stargate (The asgard) literally, something happened, they hid and could only survive by cloning….

  5. Um….sources…….er………….sigh🙄🤥 no sources to research any of this myself means I can’t believe any of it

  6. Please watch this study regarding the 1000 year reign..thank you:

  7. Ive listened 6 minutes and I defenitly can tell that you make this up as you go along. give me proof or stop fabulate. U sound like my best friends drunk granpa

  8. The poles are not and cannot be moving together. The planet is moving, the poles stay exactly where they are. Just because the position of the pole now appears to have moved does not mean that is what has occurred.
    Imagine a ball with two lasers beaming points representing the poles, if I move the ball what has shifted, the ball or the poles?

    That would be why there is more sea ice in Antarctica today and they keep talking about the North pole moving towards London. It is not, the Earth is moving which means the UK is moving further North and why the land mass of the Antarctic appears to be melting and has less ice, it is moving North.

    Due to erosion in Australia, they found camp fires dating back about 30,000 years and have shown that Australia used to be up over as opposed to down under. In other words the planet has a rotation over somewhere around that kind of time frame putting whatever landmass you want to consider in a different position.

  9. If you want to know the TRUTH about "UFOs" then you NEED to check into the GLOBAL contact phenomena happening! You can google The Peoples Disclosure Movement. Here on Youtube search for and watch Thrive, The Movement and then Sirius Disclosure, both crowd-funded documentaries and expos on Truth… Then, check out youtube channels like ET Lets Talk, CE-5 Academy, Skylight Films, Sirius Disclosure, The CE-5 Initiative, CeRPERorg, The Contact Movement, Alien Protocols, ET Connections, … Just to name a FEW!!! If youve noticed the dramatic increase in reported sightings, you're fixing to find out that CE5 is WHY!!! WE ARE THE PEOPLES DISCLOSURE MOVEMENT! Arming ourselves with TRUTH will be the only way to avoid the deep states next big false-flag event, the FAKE "alien invasion". Do NOT FALL FOR IT! WE are the disclosure we've been waiting for! Namaste ❤

  10. the real question is whether or not this guy is just 100% deceived or if he is purposely spreading disinformation/misinformation

  11. sounds like he is reading from a script as well…….accidentally says 6th century then corrects to 16th……cuz he misread

  12. How does he know all this,wild speculation,interpretation of myths and a bit of star wars,where is dartsh Vader? Entertaining nonsense

  13. I don't thin this dude has read the bible . The 200 angles that came here early in are beginning and mated with women were sealed in the earth . for there sin . Remember there are angles are spirit and a sole and have no death . Cant be killed . And we will be changed and leave toe earthly body , because it came from the earth . and this body has death , but our heavenly body is like angles , never see death and cant be killed , the same that goes to hell . The bible says in heaven we will not partaken in marriage we will be not men now women and will not have sex as man and wife . Now won't the one 's that Kill them selves be fooled when they go to hell and not find 72 virgins . Killing your self is the sin you can't be forgiven for . You have killed a being and after you are dead you can not ask for to be forgiven . Simple . so you go to hell How stupid . I think the ones that have done this they could come back and torment the ones that told thim thes . It is hard to believe any is this dumb .

  14. Read Genesis 6. biblegateway.com
    Then YouTube Kent Hovind and the Hovind Theory. This is how the ice caps were formed. When God created the earth, it was all tropical because it had a water canopy, that canopy broke during the flood, warm air escaped, cold air came down. Before the flood, the earth was like a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, pure oxygen.
    What you describe is all spelled out in the Bible, and you confirm the Bible if what you found is true.

  15. y'all are fucking liars
    They studied a number of ice core samples that contained trapped air bubbles representing air samples going back almost a million years.

    In studying their data, the researchers found that oxygen levels had fallen by 0.7 percent over the past 800,000 years—they also calculated that oxygen sinks had removed approximately 1.7 percent more oxygen over that time period than sources had added. They also point out that the change is not a cause for alarm, noting that the difference is equivalent to riding an elevator to the 30th floor of a skyscraper.

    so you lie for your agenda. liars.

    Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2016-09-ice-core-analyses-atmospheric-oxygen.html#jCp

  16. Every Since Adam and Eve were Thrown out of Garden of Eden, Man/Women have Rebelled and had a Evil Strick, they were Born Clean but Satan Tainted the Fruit of Man so Modern Man Inherited the Sins of Adam because of Satan the Snake who actually was Lucifer the Fallen Angel. During this Time the Fallen Angels Begin to Have Sex with Earth Women-their Off Spring were Nephilim–Many of these were the Beginning of Giants that Roamed the Earth at that time–Noah and the Flood was a Means to Kill Most of the Evil on Planet Earth but the Nephilim being I/2 Angel and 1/2 Human-many Survived the Flood, How No One Knows but their Evil Continues to this Day. God's Word does Not Speak about Star People so I guess you will have to Take a Step of Faith in Believing this Video…

  17. According to some whistle blowers, there is still a lot more information that has been purposely held back from public release. Apparently it describes a lot about the Essene cult, it describes in detail how Jesus was in fact a high priest or something in that group, as was his parents. It describes how they regularly communicated with angels, specifically The Watchers. It also says that they were the keepers of a tradition, the knowledge on how to transform into our light bodies, our perfect form…aka the rainbow light body. It says that we can take on the resserection body, return to our celestial form and enter into Scion (the Kingdom of The Creator).
    So, all those passages in the scriptures where Jesus was telling the decipals (in reference to his performing "miracles) "You will be able to do all of this a more" was in fact him telling them that when they too attained perfection that they would be able to do the same, that ALL humans are in fact capable of this achievement.

  18. What a complete pack of shite total Hollywood fantasy Planet X ye ye ye hundreds of thousands of years here and there it's all a distraction do not believe a word of this .

  19. HalfTruths … even 90% Truths are Lies… beware of the leavening of the Pharisees… Hipócritas… Please Consider Carefully

  20. This guy is full of SHIEEEEEEET!!!!thos guy just mashed up a bunch of si fi movies and creates this pile of garbage….. Black goo!!!???? Realy??? Next the engineers created aliens and hollywood made aliens based on a true story!! Fuck off!!


  22. I have autism. My hands don’t feel like mittens. I didn’t get it from a vaccine. My mom gave it to me through genes. Fuck you

  23. 99% Truth + 1% Lie = 100% Delusion

    The problem today is: people assert 99% truth leavened with 1% lie – convinced their observations are infallible.

    Perhaps the numbers vary slightly – but this, despite the best of intentions, is what causes delusion in this world.

    Most people do not mean to do this – because they are unaware of, or they are unable to acknowledge the, 1% lie that is mixed with the 99% truth they perceive.

    Philosophical Trophy

    This is to say: there is a fly in the ointment – and, as such, the medicine is ineffective when we do not understand how to avoid delusions – that have persisted for millenia.

    The first reference of avoiding delusion was cited in the Book of Genesis where the creator told Adam and Eve not to partake of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

    Knowledge of good = truth.
    Knowledge of evil = lies.
    Mixture of lies and truth = delusion.

    Delusion = spiritual death (sin)

    Knowledge, being the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject, can be good (useful) or bad (useless).

    The problem is: we make assumptions, that are somewhat biased, regarding the quality of the information we obtain.

    Atheists are dismissive of scripture.
    Theists are dismissive of theories.

    …and somewhere between these – philosophy plays the role of referee.

    Indeed … our biases, often, distort the quality of such information until we are able to perceive a deterministic mechanism that is logical in its presentation.

    Theories (doctrines) are created in this fashion – with the best of intentions – even as ideologies exalt the ego.

    Therefore, we must learn to placate the ego to validate the veracity of our conclusions – if we are to be objective in understanding.

    If we do not seek truth in perfect humility: we will be spoonfed a story by some delusional hypocrite – and that will convince us to embrace their delusion.

    Of course: this is exactly what has been happening through history – because many have embraced the Messiah Complex to try and save the world.

    Messiah Complex (Mental Disorder)

    The time has come to wake up – and root out any theory or doctrine (apostasy) that causes delusion.

    How To Root Out Apostasy

    There is no such thing as your 'own' truth – because no one, save the creator, owns the truth: even as we are (all) required to personify the truth.

    Exposure of the 1% lie is the uncomfortable truth – that causes agitation – and this (often) leads to cognitive dissonance.

    It would be wise, therefore, to reconsider perception – before displaying arrogance – because that will allow the mind to be renewed.

    Removing delusion, however, is no easy task – because this (usually) requires a complete overhaul of attitude.

    Science, for example, is aware the mind is susceptible – perhaps even hardwired – to embrace a faith in something.

    If this is the case we must learn to get observation into perspective.

    The Diary Of Madness

    We can (then) keep a faith that does not cause any kind of delusion – and avoid the ideologies that exasperate the situation.

    As always … I ask the Father to bless all who seek His loving countenance in humility.

    Father Bless The One And All

    The Kingdom of Truth website shows how to apply the Name of the Most High in the forehead – as prophesied in scripture.

    The Journey Home

    My Dearest Friends (Welcome Home)

    Essential Reading (Free e-Books)

    Teacher Confidence
    Written by Abigrael Halo-Hymn

    Throes Of The Edifice
    Written by Thomas E. Christopher

    As a child … people would ask if I believe aliens exist. I would tell them, "I don't know … but if they do – I would advise people to avoid them because they hide for a reason."

    Years later … I refined my response with this article:

    Two Messages

    This video puts it all in perspective:

    UFO Deception During The End Times

    Everyone is free to copy and paste, to share these articles, on other social media sites.

    white Flag (website)

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  24. Sure is a lot of disinformation here. Just a quick example the cell phone signals, 1G vs 2G etc is not a multiplication of frequency, but it means first generation second generation, 3G is third generation, 4G is forth Generation, and 5G is fifth generation. 2G and 3G operate on the same frequency, one is analog the other is digital. I suggest before believing the things here is to research it. Space is not cold, flash freeze in a vacuum is because of the Vacuum. Water boils in a vacuum because there is no pressure keeping it a liquid. This has been known for a very long time, modern times the steam experiments. There are many search engines available on many servers all over the earth, and magazine and book search engines as well. The reason for 360 days in the old calendar is because of mistakes, and this required corrections with astronomical observations to get the correct date and know when to plant seeds and so forth. The solar year is 365.24 days. The Oxygen in the air is less now than in the past. It is about 18% now, but in the distant past it was about 40%. I do find it interesting that the speaker is idolizing the names and images instead of looking for the truth. There are a few different versions of Genesis, and keep in mind the book of Enoch does refer to the Antarctic, and it was not believed to exist. What I do find interesting is that the Bible books that are included are only ones that do not directly relate to things here on earth, but only tell stories.

  25. Where does this guy get his info ? He is speaking like these are all established facts !! Show me the proof and I will share this with everyone.🤔

  26. People want real proof not word of mouth . You have to witness to talk facts . Too many people adding stories to something greater then our understanding.

  27. Did you get your information from Corey Goode and David Wilcock those two dudes are the Beavis and Butt-head of ufology they've been debunked

  28. My had. I thought they were gonna present some evidence. Turns out they have just as much evidence for their Antarctic claims as he does for the bible. Absolutely retarded.

  29. This sounds almost exactly like what Wilcock and Goode said. If that's where all this information is coming from I wouldn't give it all that much credence. Goode is one of David's 'insiders' and has no credibility at all. He does have a good memory for whatever information he has gleaned from other sources but his own story is highly suspect. Seems he's just in it to profit in any way possible. Fan clubs, t-shirts and graphic novels, just to name a few. I don't know who this guy is.

  30. I'm amazed how you ppl commenting here can watch the movie transformers for instance but any fiction story and then be so hard on this guys story for being not true I think his story is awesome and should be made into a movie maybe then y'all might like it i know I would me personally i refuse to believe any story that has crashed saucers in it any beings capable of building intergalactic distances dont have ships that CRASH land.

  31. LOL What a crap

    How do they know if one specie was more intelligent than another lol

    You have to be bimbo to believe something or someone who invented a story while he was sitting on his toilet bowl.

  32. Jesus got double crossed by the frost Giants while he was on Saturn. They broke his space ship so he had to call the Indians to give him a new one. They showed up in the nick of time since Jesus couldn't survive in the harsh atmosphere. They brought him back to earth to complete his intergalactic journey to save us.

  33. Fukushima updates, Animal dieoffs Sept/Oct 2018 !!!!Japan's Nuclear water in to are SEA!!!!!


  34. I will err on the side of caution on this stuff. I cannot believe it. Why, if there are unknown millions of cell phone cameras EVERYWHERE, is there not thousands of pictures and videos of spacecraft, space aliens, a bigfoot, a ghost? I know one thing. If somebody wants to see something bad enough, they will see it.

  35. Try again lol Never heard of the nephilum apparently. Why do so called aliens smell like sulfur. Y’all really being deceived by Satan. You know fallen angels had sex with women. That’s where the nephilum came from. There proof on these giants. These people don’t wanna talk about that. They don’t wanna talk about how there is proof of the bible. There is proof of a world wide flood. Archeologists have found Jesus’s tomb. Y’all asleep really. Gonna belive that fake aliens rapture too. Those things are demons from hell period.

  36. I thought this video was about TRUTH for a change but once again another video SPECULATING without know PROOF whatsoever…..this video is full of non-professionals, no scientist, no geologist, no archeologist…..the video is nothing but DRAMA and LIES!

  37. Here's some more of your crazy ass morons that believe space exist but cant prove it. They believe in evolution but cant prove that. They believe aliens have been and still are on Earth yet this too they cannot prove. They believe the Earth is spinning at 1000 mph while floating in an orbit around the Sun at thousands of mph, while flying through an endless space at millions of mph and again none of them can prove any of their bull shit lies.
    They dont want you to believe your lying eyes or senses because they are smarter then you they will tell you what you can or cannot believe.

  38. The very definition of conspiracy theories. Propagating fantasy and misdirection. A great effort at producing artificial stupidity.

  39. This is a very interesting video. it contains a lot of information that I have heard before or similar information that I've heard and been learning for years. I know some of it probably is true. However, Satan has you all fooled. It says in the Bible that he deceives the whole world and he'll even deceive the elite. I do not doubt that there are some crazy experiments going on and have been for God only knows how long, transhumanismism, the search for immortality or extended life, AIs, cyborgs, and all of these strange artifacts of high technology, civilizations, and even these strange alien looking entities in Antarctica that are flash frozen and even these strange entities that 'visit" us now and have been for thousands of years, maybe millions. They are and have been living amongst us for thousands of years in Antarctica. I know that all that stuff is there, but it's all a product of the fallen angels and they have bread with human women and may be breeding with them now (because they have these breeders that have babies for satanic purposes) and DNA manipulation of humans and other animals that went on from the distant past and up to the present and will continue in the future. And it may be that Satan is behind possibly planting all these crazy entities and technologies all around the world for us to find and confuses people and lead them from the Truth. Who knows? But although it's awesome to learn about all this stuff we, should all be hungering and searching for the real Truth and I thought this was going to be a Truth video. The truth is that Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He is God. He's always been God, he's God now, and He will always be God period. Yes something is about to happen. I do believe that too. At some point in time, I don't know if it's in the next few years or the next 20 years or the next fifty years or even a hundred years or more than that But I do know that the Antichrist is going to come and all Hell literally is going to break loose. There's going to be demon flying up out of Hell. The gates of Hell are slowly and steadily opening and have been for a while. That's why there has been markedly increased occurrences of demonic activities and this so-called alien and UFO phenomenon that people are seeing or even personally experiencing. And I know people get abducted all the time and have been for hundreds or even thousands of years. It's because these demonic entities, whether they are actual fallen Angels or some hybrid nephilim mix, they are abducting humans to either bread with them or use their DNA or do some kind of satanic blood sacrifice ritual or whatever goes on. But I know that that stuff does actually go on. But just remember who's behind it. Satan is behind it. Satan is behind the bad stuff that happens and Jesus is the one behind all the truly good things that happen. Because He is truly good. He's the only one that was ever good because we're all evil and are worthy of Hell and judgement according to the Bible. But there is hope .Hope has a name and it's Jesus. We all need to be repenting and seeking the Lord while He can be found.

  40. It's the eleats and secret society's world not let him speak out that's why this is close as were gonna get to disclosure it's all timing of how much information goes out to the public and they can control where the information goes and where it is like with bullshit so that we don't believe it witch humanity wont believe it unless we can see it or touch it but there is ways such as prject blue beam Truman was the president that had that meeting with the grays as well

  41. Its funny how truth comes out in movies and tv shows stargate Atlantis they speak of the rath.and evil aliens Truman should have took the peace treaty but they didn't offer technology the grays did and reptilians took control of all who are rich and have power such as the vadacin church and governments it's sad knowing the truth and knowledge that's been left and kept from us and told this boggess history

  42. Quasars are what? Lol! Astrophysicists tend to agree that quasars are the result of supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies. Geez, this is bad even for a YouTube video!

  43. Hey does anyone know what this dude is “smoking” if so could you please link it, this is one powerful weed, and l would love to try it🤪🤪🤪

  44. Much information in this video is biased and distorted. The Book of Lamech in the DSS
    DOES not say Noah was a nephalim….he was pure Adamic. What the story is telling us is that his soul was a very pure soul….people need to understand not all souls are the same. Just as not all people are from the same root parents….like in Eve and the Nachash (serpent) creating Cain and the Cainites. Not all souls are as pure as when they were originally created…..much mixing is going on in that arena also.

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  46. Wait the anunnaki had a war with the reptilians? That’s a first many would say that they are the same thing…interesting though

  47. Wow.. just stumbled upon this.. actually never had heard of the term pre-adamite. This is interesting and intriguing for a first timer.

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