Flat earth society explained

hi guys this is knr from the act of
knr still some people in this world believe that Earth is flat it’s not
sphere it’s been a long time since it’s been scientifically proven that the
earth is spherical in shape but still some people believe it’s flat that’s
even a society for supporting it that is what called as the flat earth society
in this video we are going to see about the flat earth society and their concept
because they are telling the earth is flat right so they will have a concept
regarding this let us see about that as well the thing started in the third
century exactly on 330 BC Plato gave a concept for the spherical earth until
before that everybody was believing that the earth was flat during that time
Greeks strongly believed that the earth was flat even their concept was
believed by the entire world so the entire world was simply believing that
the world was flat but at the 330 BC plato gave the concept for spherical earth shape
and later on it was developed by Aristotle and by the 5th century to 6th
century Pythagoras gave the spherical concept
of earth his concept was so much helpful just after that the Greeks had found
that this earth is spherical in shape they found that using the Sun and
shadows but they had theoretically and practically had proven that the earth
is spherical in shape their concept their concept is that the flat the
earth is flat in shape or disk like shaped under it is being surrounded by ice
walls so that the water is not leaking out and we are safe inside that let me tell you again again the earth is flat and it’s surrounded by ice walls so we are not
getting drifted away and the water is not leaking they have a clear visual that
the earth is flat but one thing for sure even the earth is flat or round it
has global warming impact on it so plant trees and they have particular things
for their theory that the season concept their season concept is completely
different from us they believe that the Sun is revolving around the earth and
earth is stationerly fixed on a position if the Sun gets close the earth will
have a summer season if it gets away from that it will have a
winter season and the gravity concept they don’t believe in gravity at all
they say there is no gravity that the earth is constantly accelerated upwards
and the Sun as well that is if this is the earth and this is the Sun then both are
constantly accelerated upwards in 32 meter per second or
something so that we don’t fall out it’s like if you are driving a car and you
are sitting on the driver seat you you drive it in a high speed you won’t
fell off because you get attached to the seat right that’s what the concept same
for this as well and photographs people talk about photographs
yeah because NASA is sending every space station in the country is sending its image
for confirming what the shape of Earth is but these community people they don’t
believe in photographs okay they told you the concept they have reason for
supporting this the reason that they say is Bedford level experiment in Bedford
level experiment Bedford is a scientist who asked his friend to sail in a boat
in the river and after six miles he was clearly able to see him why six miles
if the earth is curvature or spherical in shape after some point we should not
have to be able to see a person after six miles approximately he should be 13
feet less in the actual image that he should had observed that is he should
be 13 feet under the visual of him but he was clearly seen from the first point
that he started observing him thus he concluded that the earth is flat and he
had published books regarding this he gave many theories not only this theory
there are lots of theories supporting Flat Earth Society and there are a lot
of books for this everything is theoretical but not practical okay
coming to the important point why people are not believing in it two reasons the
first one the earth is so big just imagine if we are placed in a huge box
and you are just the size of the ant you cannot feel the shape of the box because
you are so small that’s what the case of Earth is well the earth is so big that
you are small as a ant and you cannot feel its shape that’s what
the first reason that is disproving this theory and second thing
why Space Station’s should have to lie space agents like nasa isro Russian
space station why they are going to lie there are number of astronauts had
gone to space they could have revealed this right but what the Flat Earth
theory society presents or making the point is they are faking this entirely
and making money out of this they are telling that they fake this and tell
people that a lot of money had been spent in space for launching rockets and
they are just collecting it that’s what the reason they told everyone but it’s
quite unbelievable why somebody should have to be like that because they are
doing it for their nation they are patriotic could they won’t lie I
think this field these two reasons are the cause why people don’t believe in
Flat Earth theory concepts but I’m not stressing you anything there are lot of youngsters
following this moment if you want to believe this believe this it’s up to
you it’s signing off knr from the act of knr

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