Food Stamps are Affordable; Corporate Welfare is not!

Food Stamps are Affordable; Corporate Welfare is not!

here’s it another another point that I
share with you republicans are outraged frankly for all
the wrong reasons this this past Friday five billion
dollars just in time for Thanksgiving right just in
time for Thanksgiving five billion dollars was automatically
slashed from the federal food stamp program affected elisa 47 million Americans the
US Department of Agriculture estimates because in these cuts a family of four
who receives food stamps will lose about 20 meals a month but
that car was enough for the republicans they so on a slash an additional $40
billion from the program in a move reducing spending in the
federal debt republicans love to argue like program the programs like snap the
federal suit food stamp program and other social safety net programs put
unfair burden on american taxpayers but if they just took a minute to crunch
the numbers they’d realize that’s flat-out wrong in 2012 the average american taxpayers
making fifty grand a year pages thirty six dollars towards the
Food Stamp her program as ten cents a day as less than
the cost of a gumball the republicans think that’s still too
high a price to pay to help the neediest and most vulnerable Americans make no
mistake about it qualify for food stamps you really have to be on the neediest a
most vulnerable and when it comes to funding the rest to
American social safety net programs all over together although the stuff we call welfare the average
American taxpayer making fifty thousand a year pays just over six dollars a year thirty
six dollars food stamps six dollars for welfare simply put the american taxpayers in pan
much for social safety net programs like food stamps Medicare are medicaid excuse me but we are paying
a lot for the billions of dollars the US government gives to corporate America each year the average American family
pays a staggering 6 hours and dollars a year in subsidies to Republican friendly big business and
ashes the average family as a family making fifty grand a year some is making more that’s a seventy
thousand the pain even more so where is summer six thousand dollars the UN are
paying every year actually go or more for making more than
fifty or a little less wearing it was being get the point where is a go well
for starters 870 dollars other where Spain thirty six
dollars a year for food stamps we’re spending is a average family you
know with it he does know your income a hundred and seventy dollars %uh that
goes to direct subsidies and grants for corporations we give that money to the government is
taxes they write a check is includes money to subsidize big oil
companies that are polluting our skies and chilling climate change in global
warming and compare that the thirty six dollars
you and I pay for food stamps every year an additional 870 dollars goes to
corporate tax subsidies is a pain after taxes that
they’re paying back during the you know back before reagan basically
the tax Foundation’s found that the special tax provision corporations cost
taxpayers over a hundred billion dollars a year
that’s roughly eight hundred and seventy dollars per family and in reality that numbers
actually I’ll certainly much much higher citizens
for tax justice found that the US Treasury loss $281 billion
dollars in corporate tax subsidies which means the average American family
could be out as much as sixteen hundred dollars you’re just on that line item finally the six thousand dollars in
corporate subsidies the ever average American family pays every year 1231 other goes to making up for revenue
losses from corporate tax havens this money goes to recouping losses from
giant transnational corporations like Apple in GE that hide their money overseas so they
can boost profits avoid paying taxes to help the american economy bottom line here average American family
to pain six thousand dollars a year to subsidize giant transnational
corporations there are ready making billions hundreds
a billion dollars in profits every year the past decade alone corporations have
doubled their profits republicans are capital who keeps a
suggested we can’t afford to help poor in this country the wrong well we really can’t afford is
doling out a hundred billion dollars every year corporations they don’t need
it that’s where the real outrage and the
real news coverage should be time to bring an end to corporate
welfare to use those dollars to help those Americans who need it the most 36
bucks a year for food stamps six thousand dollars a
year for corporate welfare seems to me like that you know that this
is a no brainer

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  1. As I said in some of my previous comments, NATIONALIZATION is a answer, that fuckers from GE or the way how my friend calling it General Defective is number one of ripping us off, we the taxpayers we have to pay them according what I saw couple months ago in business section of Msnbc CNN etc, people wake up election of 2014 are coming let get rid off republicon mafia once for all.

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