Forbidden Archeology: Ancient Advanced Civilization Proof: Strange Maps Artifacts

Forbidden Archeology: Ancient Advanced Civilization Proof: Strange Maps Artifacts

On some ancient maps, Antarctica is illustrated as a land with no ice, and the other continents are located much differently than they are today. Those are the famous 16th century maps drawn by Piri Reis, Oronce Finé, Hadji Ahmed, and several others. Scientists have been trying to determine at what point in time our planet looked the way it did on the ancient maps, according to geology. The results were so shocking that they still don’t get mentioned to this day Earth looked like this 24-34 million years ago… How is this possible? How did medieval cartographers get information as to how the continents looked long before the appearance of the first human It is possible that all the evidence in possession of historic? -archeological studies is not exactly on the right track. More information can be received from the maps of ancient seafarers, to which belong the famous maps of Piri Reis, Oronce Finé, Hadji Ahmed, and a whole bunch more, that show the world far more different than it is today. One is the 14th Century map drawn by Turkish Admiral Piri Reis. Drawn in 1513 it also shows features of South America which had not been discovered at the time. The Andes, with the Amazon rising in them, are shown (although the Amazon is shown twice, possibly due to source maps being overlapped wrongly) together with the island of Marajo which was not discovered to 1543. The Falkland Islands discovered in 1592 also appear. It shows an island in the Atlantic which does not exist today but where isolated rocks are now found. So, was the map based on a source drawn when sea level was different and more land was above water. In 1487 the “portelano” of lehudi Ibn Ben Zara was drawn covering Europe and North Africa. It seems to show glaciers as far south as the latitude of England and the Mediterranean as it would appear if sea levels were different due to the ice. Another map was compiled in 1559 by Turk Hadji Ahmed. This shows Alaska and Siberia joined by land almost 100 miles wide. Again this shows conditions which existed prior to the end of the last Ice Age. Claudius Ptolemy’s “Map of the North” shows Sweden covered with remnant glaciers that would reflect conditions that existed about 10,000 BCE. This map, which was lost until the 15th century, was drawn by the custodian of the Library at Alexandria. He probably had access to many
ancient documents and maps lost when the library was destroyed. These maps seem to be evidence of an ancient civilisation capable of exploring and mapping the ancient world. ancient maps, on which the continents are located differently than they are today, are also illustrated on the Inca stones discovered in Peru. On the map drawn by Piri Reis, South America is connected with Antarctica. And on the maps of Oronce Finé and Hadji Ahmed, Antarctica is
illustrated as a land entirely free of ice. And if we take into consideration Philippe Buache’s map, Antarctica is illustrated as two separate islands. According to geophysical research, today we know this to be true. But researches began in the 60s and became popular to the public at the end of the 20th century. So how did ancients know of this back in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries? why is Antarctica connected with South America? When did they split apart? When was Antarctica entirely free of ice and split into two islands? At what point in time did it have rivers? According to different sources, South America and Antarctica split either 24 or 34 million years ago. Antarctica existed as two islands more than 30 million years ago. And Antarctica, free of ice, existed about 25 million years ago I am not talking about a specific time frame, just a rough estimate. And then, 16 million years ago, almost full ice coverage began on Antarctica and it resembled today’s continent a bit more, and 5 million years ago it was entirely covered in thick ice and was the same as it is today. If we believe that ancient cartographers were suddenly motivated, then the illustrations were copied from much older maps, which by
some miracle have survived for 30 million years. We read in the Mahabharata, the Rigveda, and in Vaishvanara of a race of space aliens, and in the Book of Enoch, these creatures are guards who descended to Earth and cartographed it. We believe this to be a wonderful example of when one is working at the border of geology and folklore and this allows for the deciphering
of the mysterious maps. The maps are descriptive enough, but also contain depictions of near Earth objects, so it is quite possible that these maps actually did exist millions of years ago and in some way, even after all the natural disasters, they were preserved, possibly in some underground structures, and somehow ended up in the hands of ancient cartographers, who did not use them but rather just copied them and made their geographical discoveries based on the copies. But the maps were not entirely accurate since the outlines of Earth at that time have not changed significantly in the last 20 million years, but they have changed. That is why sometimes mistakes were made and other times – unexpected discoveries. These maps seem to be evidence of an ancient civilisation capable of exploring and mapping the ancient world.

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  2. Pyramids everywhere and cocaine and tobacco found in Egyptian tombs.
    Something definitely happened on the way to paradise.
    These ancient maps also prove the world is a globe without a doubt, but of course you won't be able to teach stupid people anything.

  3. It's not covered in ice at all update your info it's inhabited by the fallen angels and the demonic

  4. Very interesting. The ancient civilizations builders of the pyramids and all the big old artifacts must be more advanced than our civilisation today

  5. I wonder in 50-100 yrs if these discoveries will hold merit and push back the date of human civilization? Either way, with new archeological techniques and the constant pursuit of understanding, conventional wisdom is subject to change.

  6. I don’t think the map survived 30 million years or else he would not have incorporated into a map with more recent maps, unles prie Reus never went there and got this part off a stone tablet. It could be quite possible that pre ice Ace, pleocestene period of megafauna civilisations were active and the world looked very different just due to change in sea levels and rapid seismic shifts

  7. Horrible sound. It sounds like the old guy in Dennys who has the artificial larynx vibrator so he can talk…After reading many of these posts its amazing how fake they are. Everyone wants to subscribe because of how amazing this video is…what a friggin joke.

  8. The foot represents..the Temple at the foot of the sleepy warrior natives call it..the dendar Egyptian panel shows same details..go to Facebook page ancient cartography America …info all there..

  9. Anyone heard of Pangea, all continents were joined as one land mass. Antarctica was tropical like the rest of the massive island before breaking into the now 7 continents.

  10. The pieri reis maps were compilations of much older maps…. he did not draw from experience or discovery… these maps already existed

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