100 thoughts on “Fort Worth woman shot, killed by police in her home

  1. 100 years later we will find this all of this killing of black were just a big scheme was some type of operation. Looks like it’s open season on black people

  2. I think the reason why they parked around the corner was that they was anticipating a person to be inside and "surprise" them..because why would they park around the corner..no lights..and SNEAKING around HER backyard..NOT IDENTIFYING WHO THEY WERE!!! Hell..I would've done the same thing if I seen someone with a flashlight creeping around my backyard.

  3. “It makes you not want to call the police department. Because not just Dallas or other incidents, if you don’t feel safe with the police department, then who do you feel safe with?" Smith said. "Do you just ignore crime or ignore something that’s not right? They tell you if you see something, say something. Well if you do that and you cause somebody to lose their life it makes you not want to do that and that’s sad.”

  4. People stop calling police. These welfare checks just keep getting worse and worse. How very sad. They are dying to pull the trigger.

  5. Welfare checks = death sentences. If you are truly concerned, check it out yourself or call somebody else. It will be okay though… they will investigate themselves and find everything was justified. There may even be talk of a promotion. I pray for true accountability but I am not banking on it.

  6. We know from the Amber Guyger trial how the police are investigating themselves, scrubbing media accounts, getting rid of evidence, contaminating crime scenes, turning off body cameras, sprinkling drugs at scene of crime, relocating residency, etc……
    The public already know just how Texas law enforcement investigates themselves!
    Fight back Texas anyone of you could be next!

  7. Badged bullies allowed to shoot human beings in their own home!

    Another of Amber’s crew…. surprised shooter didn’t say I thought they were in my apartment!

    neighbours comments are true…, not calling police would’ve resulted this mother still being alive.
    Sad world where being safe, has zero to do with badged bullies under colour of law.

    Very scary and dangerous

  8. Criminal charges ought to follow. Most videos I usually view such as this where blacks are shot by police – they're acting all kinds of out of control… Not this pleasant woman.

  9. This is sad,,, why didn't the police officer just ring or knock on the door,, too many black people dying at hands of the police,, inside they're own HOME.

  10. Secure your home and at night close all your windows with curtains and never answer the door. Buy cameras(Ring/motion) and a firearm and protect you and yours.

  11. The police is showing the gun because they are now in Operation Smear Victim Mode. He never identified himself and she was in her own home. She could use Castle Doctrine if they try to bring up the gun, because someone was walking around her house in the middle of the night without identifying who they were.  Again Police using their training, Shoot First and Ask Questions Later. I feared for my life is my get out jail card. Now with Amber Guyger, it may not work anymore, he could have retreated just like the DA said to Guyer.

  12. That’s really sad, I pray for the family especially the 8yr old nephew, I hope Prosecutors and the Judge do what’s right and give a sentence just as if he were not a cop

  13. I hope that cop gets life. And the ones that tried to smear her name when this investigation first started get fired.

  14. I'm sure they'll do a thorough investigation of the officers actions and come to the conclusion that this was well within police policy again.

  15. Weak Old people get Young people killed.
    If you see something strange in your neighborhood have the courage to check it out yourself OR MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. @
    It is the old man's fault, through ignorance or cowardice. He's either ignorant of the "gang in blue" or too cowardly and lazy to check out her home himself. @

  16. Second amendment psychosis, police are on the edge; while doing their job, civil society on their edge….this is the result. May her soul rest in peace.

  17. Every Black American in this country should know by now that if you call the police to a neighbors home, or even your own, and you report that there could be danger of a break in, if your neighbor is a black, YOU just put their life in danger. Cops will show up ready to shoot ANY Black person that suddenly comes into view. Period.

  18. Officer is on paid vacation. Pathetic! Not only do u have to worry about criminals breaking in your home and killing you, but now you have to worry about the police.

  19. I believe that after the investigation is completed, this rookie cop will be charged, mainly because he did not follow proper procedure. They will find that he acted "prematurely" when he decided to use deadly force and that the decision to shoot was "unreasonable and unnecessary".

    Scary to think that if it was not for the body-cam, the official police statement would've said " she disobeyed repeated commands to drop her weapon and when she raised her arm, the officer was forced to shoot".

  20. Well, the coward re-signed, of course, but MAYBE without the police influence, they will REALLY go after this bum….I know, I know…white folks look after white folks.

  21. There is so much black on white crime in America today the media won't even show it guess that's all the news and the newspapers would be about. When a white person does something to a black person it's all Hands Across America and nothing but riots. My hats off to the officer

  22. If this doesn't teach you people to buy a gun, learn to use it, and keep it close while at home, I don't know what will.

  23. my question is; why did they need to park around the corner? why did they not want to be seen, peeking through side windows, which was actually an open door with a closed screen door. they didn't open it or knock or announce themselves? when it looked like someone was home…weird. they continue maneuvering the side of the house to the back yard in the middle of the night, for a wellness check? never announcing once who they were, only to point a gun at a window in the backyard behind a fence yelling a command and firing at the same time!? wow….it's not uncommon or a crime to open your front door with your screen door closed, for air. what kind of wellness check was that? why did they assume that the person inside was not the person they were sent to check on?

  24. Why would a Cop think that they are a target and constantly in danger? Because they are and a big part of the reason why is the America hating President Obama doing everything he could to destroy the U.S.

  25. Brothas and Sistas listen….
    Have any of Y'all noticed that they QUICK to show the black neighbor's face all over the news but we don't know who the cop is AT ALL !!! no name OR face. I think TWO things are going on here, And I pray we don't fall for it. #1 They wanna put blame on the neighbor for calling not the cop, that's why they KEEP showing his face. #2 They not revealing the cops identity to give him time to ERASE any and all of his RACIST posts off social media.

  26. According to Reports today the Rookie cop who killed Ms. Jefferson name is Aaron Y. Dean. He quit today before hearing he would be fired.

  27. I get nervous whenever I see a cop car..not because I am doing anything wrong just because of how easy it would b for a cop to get away with killing me or my family.

  28. Ultimately, the officer would appear like a prowler to the home owner. Seems like they should have lights on in font of the house and should knock on the front door.

  29. Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, a 28-year-old black woman, has been shot dead by a white police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, the US. 

    The shooting on early Saturday occurred inside a home in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Police arrived at the house after a neighbour called the non-emergency police number, noticing Jefferson’s doors were open and the lights were on, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

    Jefferson, who was playing video games with her nephew, heard a commotion and went to the window — where she was shot by a white police officer standing outside.

    Body camera footage shows the officer entering the home using a flashlight and spotting someone inside standing near a window and telling her, "Put your hands up — show me your hands," before shooting seconds later. At no point does he identify himself as an officer.

    The police officer, who was called by the neighbour to check on the Jefferson's residence opened fire on Jefferson, killing her without warning her properly.

    Police said the evidence would be passed on to the district attorney "to determine the final outcome."

    The officer in the shooting, who has been with the police department for about 18 months, was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the incident.

    Lee Merritt, an attorney for Jefferson's family, said Jefferson had been babysitting her 8-year-old nephew at the time of the shooting.

    Marquis Jefferson, the victim's father, described her death as senseless. "That's my one and only daughter. I'll never forget that."

    Analysts believe racial profiling, particularly of black people, is consolidated in US society.

  30. Again, one example of how unskilled US police are really. How do these so-called police officers even call themselves policemen. It's no wonder that people in America are about to shoot police and do not blame them for it, maybe they also deserve to be killed. Everyone knows that American police are the biggest joke in the world. Hope someone kills this police and his whole family.

  31. Why is it when a cop is shot and killed 10 minutes later they give a news briefing to inform the whole world. What about justice for the victims that are being terrorized by cops? When will this end? Enough is enough!! This woman graduated college with a degree, took time off to care for her sick Mama who by the way was in the hospital at the time. So sad, my heart is broken. Sending out prayers for her family 🙏🙏🙏

  32. The sad thing about this is that the neighbor called the police to check and make sure she was ok and then this happens. That trust between the community and the police only becomes more separated than before.

  33. Release the names of the officer why not when you release the name of the victim. Officers should have pulled up in front of the house, lights on, went to the front door and identified himself. Not snuck around the back and drawed his fun expecting to shoot someone. You're only supposed to fire your gun when your life as an officer is imminently in danger. There was no danger. It was a wrongful death dude to policy misconduct. Name that officer. And charge him. It's not right.

  34. I saw the video Sunday and she had a gun pointed at the officer and before he shot, he yelled gun. Thats been deleted from the videos I've seen since then!

  35. these tyrants never learn . this is why i support first amendment audits , 2nd amendment audits and constitutional rights activist.

  36. So the drug dealers, pedophiles and rapists are roaming free while cops are shooting innocent people in their homes. 🤦‍♀️

  37. So what's suppose to happen to this cop nothing??? Really??? Like he was charged and was in jail. his bond was $200,000, that he got out on, and so now what's happens nothing??? he just go free and another family have to deal with the lost of a love one due to the actions of a cop who decided to use his weapon in deadly force. ??? Like so over it.

  38. This has to stop my kids open my front door all the time. This could of been me. White police officers are trigger happy they way they think is one less n*. He should of knocked loudly on the door and then enter or called for assistance

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