12 thoughts on “Foul language leads to soap in mouths at local private school

  1. why is the principal yeeting out of the state like that? shes obviously avoiding responsibility and the school should have her step down from her position…that's seriously messed up tbh 🤚

  2. Putting soap in minors is literally child abuse, and that fact that she left right after scene proves she knows she guilty. Somebody like this can't run a school. She should step down.

  3. Hey guys its OK i got soap in my mouth and I turned out perfectly fine! It only caused my tongue to swell so much that I couldn't speak for several hours or eat dinner. This principal is obviously the best principal especially the fact that she left the crimescene immediately after this story came about. Who needs toothpaste when your mouth has been permanently contaminated with toxins for hours? Not to mention I had a severe stomach ache so I saved tons of money on food expenses

  4. oh so you think YOUR life is hard? Try being a student at Austin Peace Academy 😐 sending thoughts and prayers to all the guys involved

  5. 99 percent willing to bet that this principal is a tyrant that has complete authority over all matters (in a totalitarian-esque manner) and takes advantage of that power to do what
    she like with students knowing that her position will likely never be threatened..! Glad this case came out to the public, this principal and the school needs to be held accountable for harming their own students.

  6. You didn't need to punish them like that…. It could of been detention, Suspension , Parent contact. Come on Education system.

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