Fox News: Welfare for Me, Not For Thee!

really offsets so putting aside that attack by sixty
minutes on the social security disability
insurance the the attack also comes up in this with full full
peace by a john stossel sorta promoting his a you know his Leno on the street man on the street interviews program and he’s doing it on the I’m the wonderful bastion %uh vagrants
that we all call Fox & Friends here it is John Stossel on Fox and
Friends talking about how we’ve created of stuff a nation of takers so is
welfare creating more victims and actually helping joining us now is the
host of Stossel john stossel himself so the system not
doing what it’s intended to do well I think government was there to
keep a safe and welfare was a new idea it used to be done by private charities
which did it better is my new that is ally that can only be disproved that by a anyone who has any notion of the
history of this country private charities have never never ever ever been up to the task I love dealing with society’s poverty levels
private charities could never ever ever be up to the task love dealing with all
societies a.m. charity needs or welfare needs or poverty needs back in the nineteen twenties in this city there was literally twenty thousand people
sleeping on the street at the Bowery now the vast majority of them were men because some women and orphans were
taken care of in the most horrible love conditions by a charity’s of course there was also a
lot of women who I were prostitutes and we’re living in
brothels up but it has never been the case that
is if Justin absolute abject lie but of course John Stossel is on Fox and Friends so
he’s not worried about that lie how to guide who needed help a new need
to kick in the rear but now we have laws over see that the charity’s also new the
vicar the town vicar new well he’s the town
drunk we just needs a kick in the rear and it’ll all be fine maybe just push
him out into the a the outskirts of town and maybe the
late Charles Dickens the kids is the situation a pickpocket gangs stop asking
for more oatmeal she’s like grow up and have a little
roughly the job may have some more sorry all I thought you that do much
continue the kick in the arse camps but you can see it with the war on
poverty how it created dependency let me look at this story they can proudly say when the chance and
we wage war on poverty we create welfare probably goes down to the next six years
but look at before it started Americans were lifting themselves out of
poverty welfare continue that and then progress stops has gone up and down syndrome cannot now
parts so there was a dip in poverty if you can
imagine during the greatest economic expansion our country’s ever see and then we instituted the war on poverty a
poverty continue to fall but then we hit the seventies does
anybody remember anything about the seventies what is it about the so I
remember stagflation I remember the economy went into the to the the
tank impoverished rise to have weirdly a real 1983 when we start to see the destruction love unions when we start to see the redistribution of wealth upwards when we
start to see the diminishment love in the increase income inequality
and ever since it’s almost as if it attracts like the economy but of course no one’s going to question
that that graph on Fox and Friends because they don’t have the capacity to people
to be dependent and wouldn’t you say that given the fact
when you looked at at the last presidential election you
know there were a number of people on the right he said look everybody’s gonna vote for Barack
Obama because he’s giving away so much free stuff maybe and you we all get free stuff mean
I’m get medicare now it feels like freestyle way to go we learn it though I whole him I’m getting free stuff but the problem is the other people who
are getting free stuff we can all agree that I earned my medicare even though
that we know medicare pays out benefits that are actually higher than No your average person put in or at least
the if you average it out amongst everybody
you put it in not everybody meet makes it to 65 that’s okay but let’s talk about those
other people because we know they’re not like me from we went to one jobs office where we
found all kinds of entry level jobs just
outside inside they said of no jobs are out and I’ll what are the welfare workers
actually admitted that yeah I would probably encourage people
not to look for work and do 630 and human resources encourage
people to be dependents yes we too so wats what should be done about them really know Tyler really know it’s not like it’s not give the way the
money and then go get a job the and you work for the government
that’s right well thats it’s refreshing I know it
yeah thirty-five states okay other now let’s
let’s go back just a moment here for second a couple seconds for staff we don’t know how that the
that exchange was edited we don’t know any context it’s a great
anecdote we don’t know if as I think it’s a
Elizabeth Hasselbeck will bring up in a moment om well maybe it’s possible that people
can’t make a living wage and they can’t feed their kids there is
always going to be a dynamic there’s always going to be a price point
folks where if I work at a minimum wage job
with the family of four I will not be able to put food on their
table I can get slightly more from a welfare program but if I work at all
I’m not eligible for their welfare program that is always going to be the Lamma the
percentage of people who follow that a that that zone is incredibly small in if you want to fix it then there are
ways to create a tiered system but there’s no
interest in doing that because then you would lose this anecdote well thats it’s refreshing I know in the air in 35
States thousands the actual in the minimum wage there is
less than what you can make being on welfare so the motivation to go
get a job is it almost non-existent in 35 States often and disability rates
going up so what’s weird about that better medicine
less manual labor and more Americans are solar people more I used to be a state
road to to take a handout and now you start to feel like
you’re a sucker if you don’t cuz your neighbor is getting you know well my wife and I were talking
about this once upon a time there was some shame to it you know occasionally that on some occasions
families would fall into this to the stage where they were tapping get
some sort of government is is it and now it’s it’s exactly what you’re talking about
hey it’s out there let’s take it and I was at fault I joined the chorus that
said it’s not right. these people who through no fault of their own need help
but we’re be shaming them it’s terrible but it’s
grown from Matt to this entitlement in people who need
it should get it but it’s the other people that you gotta worry about this
is we’re going to talk about tonight in your shower right yeah I wonder fair
tonight on a shows john stossel make a really clear who aren’t the other people mum I wonder

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