FREE SUITS! Assassin’s Night Welfare Event ❣️

FREE SUITS! Assassin’s Night Welfare Event ❣️

Hello, this is Iri, and today I have for you
a short & sweet guide on the upcoming free event – Assassin’s Night! The event is really simple, we just need to
walk in and do any story stage, (maiden or princess), and we’ll receive this additional
drop called Secret Letter, and then all we have to do is use the secret letters we have
to exchange for suit pieces. And the best news is that the event is *12*
(not 7 xD) whole days, so if you just do what you normally do in game with these levels
and don’t like, not use *any* stamina, you should be able to get these suits for free,
as in you wouldn’t need to spend any real money on them. You may also encounter the NPC Debbie and
if you have finished the suits and want to give her your extra letters, she’ll even
reward you with diamonds or other small gifts. I mean you can give her letters anytime if
you want to, it’s just probably safer to finish the suits first. Now as we look through the suit parts, I have
an interesting story to tell – so this event first came to the Chinese server a whole 2
years and 6 months ago, and their parts are still used *today*. I mean this is a free event with 2 free suits
and both of them come with makeups, so I personally find it hard to say anything bad about it
even when pressed, because these days, we don’t even have makeups for some of the
paid / expensive event suits. If you want more concrete numbers, since the
drop rates are about the same for princess and maiden, assuming you get 2 drops per try,
it’s about 2.3k stam for maiden and 3.5k stam if you do princess. But again, this is *12 days*, and you’ll
probably get twice or more stamina just with time passing and picking up the free stam
that the game gives you. And yes, if you have sharp eyes, you probably
saw earlier that the nun suit – Red-haired Asura, comes with posed gloves. Posed item in a free suit, but I do have to
point out that the posed gloves, it’s a completion item. Though then again, since we’re getting the
whole suit for free in the first place, there really shouldn’t be any issue with us getting
that completion prize also. For the other suit, Silent Hermit, it doesn’t
have clothing items as completion prizes so you’ll just get 30 diamonds when you finish. And that’s it for the quick & easy guide
on a welfare event coming up, I am personally really glad we’re having this, partly because
it’s two suits that really have passed the test of time and I’m happy to get to talk
about them. If you thought that was helpful, please consider
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60 thoughts on “FREE SUITS! Assassin’s Night Welfare Event ❣️

  1. ❤️ Yes, the suits were spotted in game a while ago, but real life comes first 🤗
    ❤️ Coming to LN on October 22nd!
    ❤️ I keep saying 7 days, but it's actually 12 xD which is good news because it means we'll have even more time to get the suits!
    ❤️ Subtitles available

  2. I've been waiting for a stamina event since I've managed to save up 12k stamina thanks to the two most recent hell events and I've been waiting for these nun suits to come ever since I first saw them so I'm just super happy right now

  3. So everybody's been waiting and collecting Stamina for the next event except me, I didn't give it a thought and spent all my Stamina 😂

  4. The Nun suit reminds me of Black Lagoon ¬¬
    I think they're pretty decent for free suits, and even if you don't use most of the parts, it's bulking up your wardrobe. And who can complain about new makeup that's free?

    Thanks as always Iri~

  5. Oooooo I'm so excited the nun one is suuuuper cool. I've been saving stam for a while now and this will give me a chance to work on a hell suit!!

  6. free suit with make u and separated pose? oh my YES, also the parts seems really useful so i'm looking forward to this event, thanks iri as always for the video

  7. Free suit both with pretty makeups and a posed item from one of them. I’m totally down! Glad that I can rest my diamonds during this event 🥰😌

  8. Thank you for your informative and helpful video!

    For once, I have like 7k stamina saved up, which is surprising to me since I'm always short on stamina. xD

  9. Oh yes! I love these suits because I could use these for my theme. The suits are free, they have makeups, and separate pose item. I'm getting these suits in one day! 😮😍

  10. When I saw them in the gallery after the update I begged my artist friend to pretty please draw 2 of my OCs in the suits. She plays LN too. XD

  11. Hey Iri! Thanks for the video! I loved these suits when I first saw them about four months ago. I didn't know it was a stamina event though. I always hoard stamina anyway; I'm sitting on about 12k already. So yay!

  12. oh hell yeah, i've been saving a stamina heavy suit thinking that we might be getting a stam event soon and here it is! i also saved up over 5k stam somehow so im getting EVERYTHING

  13. I don't care much for the nun, but the dress from Silent Hermit is so pretty and looks versatile! I wonder if we'll get another stamina event right after this one…

  14. Ah, so excited to finally get this! I remember seeing screenshots of these way back when I was a baby player 2 years ago, and I've wanted them ever since. I can't believe they're free!

  15. I thought I wouldn't have enough stamina but dang the event is cheap enough for me to finish it on the first day and I can keep stacking up stamina in the meantime :O

  16. Im at 112 stam. How periodically should we check our stam to make sure it doesnt max out to make sure this suit is free?

  17. Ohhh 😍. I have been excited about getting this event for a while now, but actually seeing how beautiful the pieces are just hypes me up even further 😍😍😍. Thanks Iri!!! ❤️

  18. Whoo easy event! I have 13k stamina saved up for whenever we get a major stamina event so this’ll be a piece of cake! Still wondering what Nezuko is doing there though lol

  19. Those are really great suits? I'm so happy to see your channel growing, you really deserve it Iri. Amazing work!!!!!♥

  20. Usually I'd skip a welfare stamina event when I'm hoarding stamina, but since I already have enough for Taisho Roman if they decide to drop it immediately after I'll participate in this event, it's free dias! and arm pose and makeup, how can you say no to that?

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