Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC: Your Licence Dollars At Work

Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC: Your Licence Dollars At Work

I think the diversity and opportunities that we have in B.C. makes fishing in B.C. special. We have some fantastic Interior small lake fishing for rainbow trout. We have coastal fisheries that provide excellent river fishing opportunities for salmon, steelhead and other species. I think that diversity is unique around the world. In B.C. we have about 20,000 lakes, as well as 750,000 kilometers of fishable streams and rivers. We have over 350,000 anglers. Freshwater anglers spend over 500 million dollars fishing in B.C. each year. The Freshwater Fisheries Society was created in 2003 with the mandate to enhance and conserve freshwater fisheries for all of British Columbia. The vision of the Freshwater Fisheries Society is to have the best freshwater fisheries in North America. 100% of recreational non-tidal fishing licences are reinvested back into the recreational fishery. We operate six hatcheries and every year we raise and release approximately 6 million fish into the lakes and rivers of B.C. We raise rainbow trout, brook trout, cutthroat trout, kokanee, as well as sturgeon for conservation. Approximately 50% of all lake angling takes place on lakes stocked by Freshwater Fisheries. We release fish into approximately 800 lakes each year. There are a lot of different steps to raising and releasing fish. First thing you need to do is you need to collect the fish. So, in the springtime, we collect adults that are spawning. And we take the eggs, we fertilize them, and then we incubate them. Once they’re incubated, they hatch, and we start to feed them. Once the the fish have all been raised at our hatcheries, we come along with our trucks and we suck them up out of the ponds with a fish pump. And then we drive to the lakes, and then once we get to those lakes we hook on our hoses and pipes and then we discharge those fish into the lake. The fish that we released into this lake today are catchable-size rainbow trout. So they’re ready for the anglers to catch right away. We’re continually looking at ways to improve the growth and survival of fish we stock into B.C. lakes. We’re also developing new strains of rainbow trout to provide exciting angling opportunities. British Columbia is such a beautiful province that has such a diversity of recreational fisheries from mountain-top alpine fisheries, down to large lakes, rivers, even down to the ocean. For me to have the opportunity to work to try to improve those fisheries, to make them even better, is a great honor. It’s something I take pride in every day. It’s pretty gratifying knowing people are out there catching fish that we raised in our hatchery. I’m a fisherman myself so it’s even more gratifying when I catch a fish that I possibly touched in the hatchery.

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  1. Almost all lower mainland lakes have been illegally stocked with bass as have many interior lakes, so what are you doing about it? In the interior lakes that have been discovered to have bass are closed to all fishing, yet why not the same for the lower mainland lakes?

  2. You sure did not help much with my favorite lake on the enterprise road! First, you introduced in the lake the Horsefly strain and ruined shoals sight fishing. As if it was not bad enough, you netted the lake and took out the pannask triploids, you know the ones who feed on the shoals? For 4 years I asked, why? I was told it was for an experiment.I suspected all along there was something "fishy" going on. why I keep on asking. Finally this year, I found out what was /is going on. The reserve before the lake claimed the lake 5 years earlier and wanted bigger fish in the lake ,geee I wonder why? You said you made an arrangement with the reserve to allow us, the fishing license purchasers, to fish the lake or there would be no restocking. It is a fly fishing lake only and 1 fish limit, I C&R, but not what I see now. gang trolls and no limit is respected, since for some group ",regulations do not apply". Are we upset? Damn right! Any other lake could have been chosen any other lake but this one gem. Brian would have fought this takeover.

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