From sous chef to Private First Class

[clock ticking] [♪bass guitar playing♪] This is a 60-second Army Now from Soldiers Radio and Television. I’m Crystal Park. Imagine you’ve worked your way up the ranks to become an executive sous chef at a 5-star restaurant. Would you trade it all in for a uniform? Private 1st Class Robert Edwards did just that. It’s something that was hard for me to give up. I did work very hard to get where I was. I had great opportunities, I worked with great people, and they showed me quite a bit– –so it was a very drastic change of things for me to change my career opportunity. So what made him do it? I realized that me having to sacrifice for my family– –giving them the best life that I possibly could and not having to worry about potentially losing my job due to the economy– –that kind of gave me a feeling of relief. Private 1st Class Edwards is deployed in Iraq. He’s scheduled to come home to Michigan in late 2009. That’s a 60-second Army Now. [clock ticking] [♪bass guitar playing♪]

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