G.E.E.K.S. General (Ectoplasm Exposition & Knowledge Society) | Tube Life S01 * E30  on Puša Studios

G.E.E.K.S. General (Ectoplasm Exposition & Knowledge Society) | Tube Life S01 * E30 on Puša Studios

Eastern leper Sunday well I should go
well except I wouldn’t shut down the chat window well it wouldn’t be a screw
something sir calling card if you will um how’s
everybody do it out there today hello and welcome tonight tonight we re
gonna have a Thursday date night date night on Thursday this Thursday night
it’s being a date night you know so joined us yeah she screwed up an updates
for me while I was down during why not now
does she like scary stuff she is scary stuff come on man you know we’re all
grown up here now so tonight we’re gonna have this as I was saying uh geeks on
tonight this is gonna be amazing yeah they are fun yeah they are crazy
and a little bit paranormal they’re quite a little bit of drinkers
by tines were their last couple of videos right from the beginning let’s
let’s try you know this is true but we are so excited because we’re gonna be
talking about all things paranormal about what they do and how they do it I
know they also are a specialist on tarot cards reading and I am so curious about
that I always wanted to try it to learn it or to do a reading I know they have
done it so I have couple questions about that and so there’s gonna be interesting
stories definitely some creepy stories yeah yeah and that’s what they do for a
living they they do welcome to explaining people come to
them saying that they see some paranormal activity in their house for
example and they come and check it out and they gather the evidence and
sometimes they only share it with clients but if they are ok for not
staying to private and their shares with us as well and we’re getting very
excited about it yeah and these two girls also are doing live streams those
live streams are quite hilarious and you always have to proceed with caution when
you enter their channel for a live stream because you never know what is
gonna be there for example yesterday the girls were having this is last week this
was the original ones yeah they were having a reaction video on their video
from the week all right interesting concept a reaction video of
their own video I was hilarious it was hilarious it was fun everybody had lots
of fun so we think we’re gonna have it tonight okay
Oh Tara thank you for dropping in I’m sorry for saying your name wrong and I
cried a while that’s way up there so he’s probably long gone by now
what’s wrong with you what are you doing you can just call her that’s a little
taster I guess tonight always see our amazing you team de bird
bits of real panther by the way was reading Terezin saying that there’s
going to be an awesome stream tonight while I was in and he was thanking
everybody for he’s over 1200 and a well deserved 1200 an amazing show all the
way from Alaska my sister because I was told about geeks tonight and she has an
old sailors most so I thought she would just love that
well she likes her booze to author of studios who was our guest a while ago
and did an amazing show with us as well as padding the videos we are also a very
interesting extreme pinon d how did you make out with the Recovery’s by the way
yeah man I ve lost all of their footage very unfortunate they did manage to
recover some of it you’re working with videos I guess but some of this has to
be redone from scratch so that’s we know how we know how bad it is we had our
personal pictures from six years altogether crash on us I think a year
ago yeah I like all of it baby pictures wedding pictures family pictures and
everything hairdresser I’ve been talking on you and that was pretty crazy two
weeks of trying to get all those pictures back of course some of them are
lost so we feel yeah real community a lunker hunter is named hello welcome
Carol Emerson TV or Carol they are original no I’m gonna be calling you
back fight all the time because it does sound like from avengers’ although I
haven’t seen any of the movies don’t think I’m a fan really this natural
journey is in this natural journey is our friends from New Zealand and they
are gonna be here on Friday there Saturday New Zealand time I will Friday
Canadian and American time so we’re gonna be traveling back to the future
I’m gonna get so old with this joke but I will still say it’s gonna be so much
fun and t:y speaks hello and yes no problem of following on Twitter that’s
what is there for is connecting beyond YouTube as well so I appreciate follow
back to that’s the easiest way to get to touch with us turn off the tongue close
to computer oh okay test
okay testing got there here yeah Friday’s tomorrow yes that’s right so
we’re yep that’s gonna be interesting I always find it fascinating how we’re in
such a different time zones that people can be all across the world and and be
like a day in a car basically away I don’t know I I know it’s weird but it
just feels so awesome so that’s tomorrow that’s tomorrow yes that’s tomorrow
you’re right it’s Friday so that’s tomorrow um let’s see what you guys have
talked about right here um lots of people also there are some people beside
behind the chat as well so hello to them as well oh and by the way my favorite
sentence for the beginning of the livestream tweet that live stream out
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and the more people already chat the more fun it is for you guys
I don’t know you’re going crazy woman Camero time it’s okay as we always say
like first stuff so definitely your wife just came home ba and having dinner have
a great day hello hello one two three can you hear
me the merger Inc is in as well nice to see
you as well as Polynesian vlogger hey pretty why don’t L never even showed up
in the sound meter I don’t know what forget here bottle caps hello hello hey okay so I’m getting caught up because I
was behind the scenes we’re really gonna get some good decent condenser mics
this is it’ll have to do badger farm girl is hello hello okay
well that’s okay Hannity yeah I think I’ve called everyone out
please tell us say something if I skipped you buy some unfortunate reason
oh yeah how is it made today in German it was lovely it wasn’t a great day but
you know what we’re gonna make it a great evening
there we go it’s a great evening because we always know have you guys on here no
that’s my wife we’re gonna have so much fun that’s right and especially today oh
yeah it can’t be any other way no these girls in the house if you can’t have fun
there’s something desperately wrong this is gonna be something they’re always
something I love their live stream there were I there you know like there’s
comedians have there are certain comedians that they all go – I think
geeks is the one where all the YouTube channels like to kind of go and they
want to have fun you know that’s there’s such a riot oh yes we forgot to
call a pity pie like yesterday oh yeah hey Peter pie thanks for coming by
don’t forget to tweeter and check out my 399 chair just like yours folds close
back round in circles there you go that’s our salute to PD pie so thank you
very very much appreciated and for those of you as well who have tweeted this
stream out thank you so much hey okay is gonna be having God what is God on
Sunday on Sunday starting 1 p.m. and drawing a 2 p.m. Central Standard times
1 is gone thank you Polynesian Walker mots appreciated who else haven’t
retreated this out ok I’ll be nice I’ll be nice if you don’t want to that’s fine
too um global I was fear watch global atmosphere watch a narrow brush in the
help us I’m gonna translate your acronyms their gift a twat I feel so old right now I try link my
cognitive abilities still haven’t recuperated since my migraine from two
days ago and I really don’t understand you I I’m no further I would assume it’s
a giveaway yes yes yes give away a ok for a change is gonna have on Sunday at
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tweet at us on Sunday no reminders that it’s on because unfortunately the Bell
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us okay have a good workout deal just keep thinking that sorry I don’t know
what are you doing I wonder are you running are you lifting weights like
what what I want to like picture what exactly what
are you doing while you’re listening to us a lot of leaks are gonna appreciate
this I always like I I for example picture bottle caps making keys pork
chops on a barbecue every I’m gonna play the strippers these cakes again I have
different things that picture every time I work chops and analyse my poppy and
after you just don’t listing and then elliptical well you go there you go
perfect don’t chat anymore gotta focus on that good job much more motivation
than us Pollack ice McGee’s pork chops yesterday while cap sent me amazing
pretty picture of colorful M&Ms all around the phone he was what for you
that’s really Tremont it was very I think Susan’s five very beautiful yeah
Wow is about now finding out the book Doug is her husband well maybe he knew
already I don’t know he wasn’t uh amw uncle burger well it’s good but I think
homemade still would be better Christopher spends hello like thank you
thank you good to see you okay what’s that get her
done Neal geeks or I didn’t see that tell them oh and bottle caps are asking
are the girls drunk well we haven’t had the girls on yet why do we have to paint
everything on the same brush oh we have somebody new here the rage and the worst
welcome let’s check it out your channel quickly hope we can
you know water down that rage a little bit oh I remember the front was your
channel called something else is that a name change you did or is have always
been the same because I remember I open up I do remember it look like they were
strategically placed around there so don’t tell me they helped however it’s
like that skittles commercial yeah joe do like bottle caps bottle caps that’s
my sister by the way and you two were meant for each other
yeah he’s an icon we always said she makes up for Heights with her mouth so
you guys will be a good fit so nearly saying that the rage and the worst is
awesome I don’t know if you could type in the chat using like Siri or Google
Voice is it possible like is it like school is running can he do like like
you know send a text or whatever send a chat okay do it to be the voice instead
of typing yeah I don’t think so that’s the heart with that stuff right now cool
bottle caps Jodi be that’s my sister yeah he’s gonna start hitting on her I’m
telling you yeah yeah you know a lot of people here that’s great you’ve been
around watcher channel I haven’t seen oh I remember the season went on to miss a
minute yeah no I just thought maybe it was a name G because the name didn’t
click right assisting the channels right now yeah Genesis should be careful if I
was talking people would think I’m even crazier than usual I don’t know it’s
possible she always ends it all for the compliment sandwich you can say anything
to friends right that’s rampant mm-hmm other or not your friend said he wanted
you said too much now that but I wanted to point it out
and we’re talking about that last time to yesterday that more and more people
are listening to us and I actually I really appreciate that because if I
think it brings it to the different level the live streams when you can
actually listen to it without participating in the chat and equally
enjoy it right III really think it brings it to another level it’s almost
maybe we’re almost ready for a podcast or you know just driving I’ll say idea
after Scott my sentence sis I apologize Scottie ventures and now
an official hello thank you for coming in yes he said he’s watching for the
disease first home that’s amazing graduations thank you for commenting
thank you for coming out good point yes thank you thank you especially from you
guys from somebody who knows podcast okay so another warning we won’t be in
chat when we go on cuz heart abd is gonna kill us what a great bunch o
parties you and Rob huffin and Patsy Patsy was on our Channel last week yes
so amazing amazing amazing go watch our new videos I was at a coffee just
arrived to dr. take this outside about because it’s too cold and yes today
we’re gonna have special guests geeks yes you crazy – crazy loud girls I wish I could do like I was just before
they come on let’s say that was Tomlin Elise I wish I could do like Neil does I
don’t need such a great voice you have to go into radio I know you did Donald
into it but you were meant for radio I only wish I could do something like that
hey there hi there we’ll go in then oh okay okay rusty tell everybody gonna brush your
teeth and wash your face it would be a good idea – okay now let’s make some
inequalities here there you go you have a face for a radio yeah 97.7 of
them he’s got that voice he just jumps right into character like that very
confidently sweet sweet a Autoworks is here – well Jody Jody we J Autoworks is
here we did works Jody’s here I’ll give you a hint
Jody we J is somebody that you know very well and had a baby well was the yeah
but I mean until we told her she could think it was from anyone at least narrow
down to a country yeah yeah our ritual and real family all together she’s so
cute yes thank you she’s very cute just like her mom oh I heard little and cute
fellas are doubly so she’s walking germ Factory well the other night you were
very nice about her I guess it depends on the day
either germ Factory yes Jenny kept saying that she was so sweet and natural
journey one’s coffee was not sugar and almond milk please so ok I got coffee
without sugar and no milk so she uh crack us yeah
walking jam factory ask icing shear yeah our daughter just said good night so
model caps referred to her as a walking gem factory which is spitting image of
her father yes she is nevertheless the cuteness comes from me
I think she was here yesterday we talked about life motivation inspiration
amazing a young man name is Zack he also was a speaker on a YouTube TEDx show you
can find it on yesterday’s live streams video with the links below check that
out a really inspirational very smart job I would call this live stream
yesterday was smart talk there’s a lot of thing and we shared it yes true to
form yes it was an amazing talk it was really just it was unbelievable talk
actually yes definitely they’re very very inspirational so check that out mm-hmm Thank You Jody thank you sister
okay geeks you got something waiting in the Twitter
you got something your Twitter but with these two I better just keep it that
yeah we wish that teachers would there would be more teachers like think sure
that’s for sure I agree geeks thanks WJ much appreciate it cadenza my corner
thank you thank you brother person I think so what got us on YouTube okay
well so for those of you guys who haven’t heard before actually our
YouTube started as a part of the social media platforms for our day to day
business which is photo and video sources for businesses and families and
then this was a place where Andrew would post the videos and also
his creative outlet videos pneumatic videos wasn’t intent really to grow it
to any thousands or anything but then the big date came in February and then
what happened from then watch the video well an apocalypse happened I figured it
was even worth trying we only had 42 subscribers I to videos over 10,000 but
there weren’t ultimate this is why I don’t even lose stories until are coming
on and then we just decided to take the bull by the horns Peter McKinnon
inspired us and we’re almost at 1470 I’d almost saw you guys we look we look yo
yo oh you’re sober like if Peter was growing in you guys have so many good
Clips so many amazing videos of course I had to show the one is your you’re like
from are you watching YouTube or hangouts hang out hang out oh yeah we’re
frozen yeah no yes no no you’ve done everything right I
feel like we should be on a corner or something like that if that’s the case
just log off and log back on or just do it so to finish our story yeah we
started lives to celebrate our thousand subscribers and we haven’t stopped since
this very 44th slide stream and we’ll live stream every day except for
Sunday’s so yeah we started month and a half ago
yep and yeah we are we’re growing can you see us now one of the funniest
things I ever see it I love that so it was so spontaneous and the always on the
same page it’s so nice thank you for once I can
actually speak it’s a lot easier he’s a lot easier than titrating we’re doing
good summer re today so that’s a good wetting
the face on and you’re not actually sober we’re always like this or is that
what mommy says to keep it away from the little working kids as she hugs the
bottle of vodka cries in the shower actually I was actually gonna by the
liquor store and grab some tequila rose I was just trying to keep order and keep
everybody in line oh my god is like a t-shirt or something
we should get my t-shirt and on the back or something blocker you don’t know yeah well I guess we’re gonna try and get
some a bit of footing in here somewhere I’m not sure where we’re not communicated what’d he have enough
shirts already apparently they’re straight to me
what she said sex toy you throw so we’re going to send you something we got we’ve
gotten and then I cut out old ladies Patsy saying you know Patsy will ahem saying that they had a friend who
claimed to have sex with a spirit now question is a friend was a human like if
you remember back in the day there was that movie I think it’s called entity
well they’re not quite sure you know where she was getting violated by a
particular entity especially based on a true story yeah I have heard that happening several
times and it’s actually demonic the ones that I’ve heard about I’m not saying
that your friend that had sex with the entity was demonic but oh good lord no
Toby not you know if it was a person or a puppet
while you’re fighting that out I will try to explain a little bit about what when I was sitting up his life screamin
asked me is there any age restricted content on a you know I don’t know what
the hell I was thinking when I didn’t put yes I was really thinking of the dog
you know we should probably do that on all of our videos I guess we’re gonna go
back through all of our videos and it probably offend the adults to most
likely this is offensive back about 15 minutes and are all goods little late for us to take patel now
well just wait yeah sometime we say we will get to you we do not discriminate well apparently the spirit spirit guide
who made her Christian and made you made me deaf okay you said spirit God that
made her Christian yeah Patsy was saying in details here that she became a
Christian after encounter with that spirit because it was acting more like a
guide and having an intercourse at the same time I guess you don’t know her
friends a real person a real person it’s a real person okay became a Christian
because it felt really good no became a Christian after and then the
spirit left like it didn’t do it anymore after they became Christian was more
demonic well we’ve never personally had this experience not for luckily also never in
Collinsville you meet the one that and I’m hoping she’s not watching what I say
this is the one that no don’t say anything that one I can’t say it but it
would not well no that was worded differently have you heard of that
happen before and what would be that sort of I’ve not personally met anybody
that’s had it happened but I have heard of it yeah and it is demonic and there’s
well she did say something about a succubus yeah she was talking about
succubus being there but the one thing that I remember the most because like I
said personally I’ve never experienced it but I did see the base on the tree
story movie about wine and I looked into it mm-hm
and yeah it’s supposed to be something but it’s supposed to be something that
particularly follows that particular yeah it’s a demonic spirit or entity
that’s actually attached to that person hmm always part of see part of the
person well it’s like say they are at the wrong place at the wrong time okay
and this entity attaches themselves to that one particular person and anywhere
you go you can cleanse your house you can cleanse the place you’re living at
but if you don’t get right with yourself it’s gonna stay with you right and
you’re not gonna get rid of it it’s almost kind of like being possessed I
guess you would say kinda and the sexual stuff it is it’s because it’s like the
ultimate violation and that they are like attacking that person in the
ultimate way you know because they’re making them yeah things they don’t want
to do well yeah what a sexual violation is one of the
most intimate ultimate violation you can ever have whether you know physical or
demonic and so they want to take the person and bring them down as far as
they can go and if you if your body actually gets excited for us
sexual bye you know how much that messes you up in your mind you’re never gonna
smoke that so where does the person pick these demons out so to say and how to
get rid of them how do you get rid of home I mean you could do a cleansing the
best thing that she did was she became a Christian yeah
a demon it’s impossible to be demon-possessed if you have Jesus inside
of you that is my belief and everybody has their own beliefs yes my don’t judge
anybody else’s beliefs it is my belief that if you’ve accepted Jesus in your
heart you can’t have a demon in your house heart – they’re not gonna be in
the same place you can get it you can get influenced by them but they’re not
gonna he’s not gonna stick around well there’s other ways I guess I’m doing it
– it depends on the person’s belief in my opinion um if they believe in Buddha
if they believe in oh gosh help me name some somewhere that
cleansing for each religion right so depends on that person’s particular
religion what they should do to cleanse themselves and get it kind of
counteracts yeah yeah I’m surprised that you can just pick it up anywhere so
basically we’re prone were open to all of these creatures so to say good and
bad and then the bad ones can attack us at any time or are certain types of
people or certain additions are the way the people are are
attaching them more like this it that’s a personal way here your lifestyle
probably does have a huge influence on whether you’re going to be surrounded
it’s just like you know they say that people are judged by their friends yeah
well kind of the same way you’re judged by your actions up in the spiritual
world like if you’re if you’re a Christian you’re doing right or whatever
your religious your phone your religion you’re doing the right thing and you’re
not doing drugs you’re not having all these other influences it’s probably a
little harder for a demonic force to attach itself to you or want to because
it really makes you burn a book at all within your if you’re not like if you’re
influenced under the influence of like heavy narcotics and stuff like that then
you’re you’re opening yourself to feel more vulnerable not saying that if
you’re if you’re a drug do and we’re not trying to say that that’s a bad thing
well it is well we’re not judging your lifestyle we’re not if you’re you know
out there you’re shooting up or you’re doing all these drugs yeah you’re gonna
be a little bit more vulnerable to an attack then if you’re out there you know
praying in you know helpless it’s just builds up like a fortress around your
head or with all the right elements in certain places a bacteria grows more
than other places and some people are more susceptible to it than others okay yeah I yeah I’m sensitive they were apparently messing around with
different weird stuff like beforehand that saying that maybe bringing out a
spirit on that and not letting them back where they came from so to say would
attach them as well well you know our business but yeah basically open and
opens the door it’s a portal and so you use a Ouija board things come through
and if you don’t close it outright they stay but like everybody says you know
everybody has their own beliefs about the Ouija board
I believe you can make the symbol on a wall and it’s just you’re more energy
that’s creating that it’s not it’s not just the board itself is harmless Luigi
boy or Eddie how el are there uncalled spirits or demons coming out at the same
time our only goal they’re talking to like you might call for Ethel and Ethel
and six of her demon buddies are going to come through or Ethel may say they’re
FBI send away do I have to individually send the demons away or they can
all go back like how to make white here other make something I didn’t question
you cut out I wonder default by sending back yo or do all the demons and whatever other
spirits came with her go away as well or does it have to be a separate ritual to
sending all of them back well on the same side I would do a full cleansing sure it’s not gonna be like oh darn they
don’t want me come on guys and there’s something so like we do cleansing but
there’s just some cleansing as we can’t do if it’s like a demonic thing that’s
going on we’re gonna refer everybody back to the church or to we’d enjoy
cleansing for a month in a stock I was right awesome but it’s but if if we
tried it cleansing and you guys are going oh my gosh the demons don’t come
in my other goes with this stronger than what we can right I mean we could do a
really good cleansing to our ability and I I could do a Christian cleansing and
we have someone else on the team that while he’s in LA right now that he can
do a pay in cleansing and so we try to follow the religion of whoever the
person is we’re doing the cleansing for okay okay yeah okay well interesting I don’t know if we can oh yeah that’s a
well like here’s we ever make this into a podcast I will read it out Patsy who
lance and her friend daft in Native American and various Eastern religions
opening herself to anything and everything in the Neo wrote I die I die
Belen native American but she’s my wife this is what Neal and I are allowed to
play restricted a while ago from them so he’s open to a lot of spirits and other
stuff oh I bet he is sexual content again you think it would be a spirits of
the head but quite surprisingly it’s one of the smaller we need a cleansing area
yeah now okay that’s not protective I haven’t led Jesus in my heart but I have so much you grab to be are great I’m not
sure if I like it yet fruit he gave me the grapefruit there’s strawberry in
there Oh Leonard starting it officially hmm
that is I like it it’s yummy I’m putting those red signs just in case she comes awesome when we had a server did you go
you guys were there but I did watch it and we’ll probably play the EVP right
here at EVPs you are Mike sure yep definitely forgers know for those who
haven’t been here on our last nanak deep and yeah can you explain what it is
again for people who don’t know okay EVP is electronic nama bins with that is if
you have a digital recorder or you can even use your phone to record sound you
recording something say like a five minute burst just an example um you take
five minutes you ask questions such as what is your name are you here how many
of you are here I’m gonna simplify it for you
EVP is a recording of entity and they’re gonna one that way entity is passed
we’re ghosts and what do girls do really practical folks how well do you want to
try it that way first let’s try it this way first then we’ll try it a different
okay I don’t know yet we’re about to find out okay okay I think we’re gonna
try to play this and if you guys can hear it like it’s circling so you know
it’s circling but it’s like if you can’t hear we’ll try a different way okay oh
why is it is that Justin Bieber Shh we’re not able to hear that barely like
I could hear time I may be a little bit yeah I wasn’t even sure it was you or
our daughter’s table I think all right we’re going to put the headphones over
it so if you talk it’s gonna echo okay we’re not able to hear that yeah yeah
did you hear the whisper yeah did you hear what I said pygar liar play one
more time we’ll play it again that sounded that’s
it that’s well is there a way that I can send these to you guys yeah maybe we can
email them to them because we do hear yeah you can email definitely to us do
that now parody videos as he heard it right away he’s got nice bunch of
exclamation yeah I think what the current was what you meant by it
something I wish there was a way I can send it to you through Twitter or
through hangouts it was hard to hear it it’s something
and I’m it’s somewhere I heard meat pole oh wait y’all have faced the same thing
there panic division says it’s a long long exhale saying wire yes it’s like
yeah and it was not yeah we were talking that was in the middle of the interview
that I was doing with them and she was explaining about grabbing his phone and
going through his phone and how this entity would take his phone or something
like that and the minute she said that it would I mean it just sounded like it
was mad yeah like we had several of our Dizzy’s and our videos there but only
three of them pick picked it up the other ones didn’t know so it was it was
an amazing catch and we absolutely oh my gosh know what you know like I have
goosebumps then do y’all have Facebook or even think it’s Facebook I can just
transfer a file straight to you yep yeah all right let me get on Facebook real
quick that’s crazy and have you had like before or
afterwards something similar as well like with other people um we need to
show we need to give her the Ghost Box one
all right here the Ghost Box one and the one what we found that Dustin found
remember yeah and then but the ghost want about what was his name I forget I
forgot his name Oliver Jeffries Jeffy how could I forget Geoffrey whoopee
yeah we there was a and I wasn’t actually at this investigation I came in
after and I did like the that was like Mike when I first got to geek so it was
like my beginning thing it was my first review that I ever did because I’ve done
uh investigations before I’m sorry I’m I’m family I can talk when I’m not drunk you’re definitely know she does that’s
why Jesus turn the water to wine we got a glass getting every taste lighting is
asking why don’t they have these as videos on in their channel like what
you’re playing now because I got ready or got to it we’re working on the video
the scripting and the editing and stuff takes time and we don’t want to give it
away so I have no idea what’s going on with that I’m gonna try to close it government conspiracies plenty will
administer Nazi Houlihan was asking about backwards messages in rock music sometimes that’s just any window people
will say this is what you hear and your mind says oh yeah but at the clouds you
know you can see something if you I mean I’m not saying that there’s that is not
true that sometimes they do put subliminal messages messages subliminal a lot of times I think it’s just
somebody suggests oh it’s saying this and then other people thinks that’s what
they hear just like you know I could look at your wall and there’s something
back there behind it and I’d be like oh that’s gotta be like a face and then
everybody’s gonna see a face when there’s really not a face their
subconscious is very it has a tendency to always want to see something
recognizable so it forces it into something the world we call that thought
form another term part two but intends to recognize first the things that are
familiar the shapes the the sounds that stuff that is familiar so therefore even
if it’s not there is twenty years ago I remember seeing an interview with Ozzy
Osbourne and they were talking with that guy that did the tipping for that and
they asked him about it and the guy was tired he’s a deranged lunatic and he’s
talking about the suicide solution when I played it back where it son don’t care
flag or not and the effect is Mexico that’s why remember for there’s called
hemi-sync they called it and they asked Ozzy if he did it purposely and that’s
Ozzie’s used in deranged days he literally said he said the only thing I
ever heard of the one you wash your f and face in everyone the voice of reason
once you see and went to hear him you know he couldn’t come up with backwards he would just straight up say something dookey comes out of your booty hole only
if your dookie dookie or two and folks is the secret to their success I will
watch my mouth I’m trying to get to their Facebook but it’s taking forever I
knew when we all had microphones at Varma’s this was not gonna end well duct tape goes with the geek toy here
yeah mostly do you guys ever make a drink it always something always ends up on
this somewhere somewhere actually does have a hole in her lip
I have to how does that work for drinking with nothing I have no regrets
just take it forever I could have had this done because we’re on Wi-Fi honey
Wi-Fi sucks you guys do Wi-Fi like even when you’re doing your own live streams
yeah unfortunately my computer is nothing but Wi-Fi I’m gonna have to get
another a desktop out here maybe I can put my desktop here but you can even buy
a dongle for about a hundred bucks that plugs in the USB and that will have your
it has a modem built into it bayen Ethernet built into it excuse me okay I
can’t right now I know but also Samuel example insanity turrets yet that’s
Tourette’s based so much I love trying all right that’s my excuse all the time
that’s my Tourette’s is acting up message so even that I guess I’ll try to
be the asshole for once this legs in is gone I guess I’ll give it a shit what I
said I’ll try and be the adult for once another digs in you guys are really good
at the name by the way it’s x NE a– x Ania
oh okay so with XM yeah I’m just gonna call her X baby or you know everything governor so there
you go goodness wait where am I at I gotta go to the
other monitor let’s go this way all right hang on just a second I won’t
send yourself because somebody says that we’re just fooling around right now
usually when this camera goes off on quite enlightened City assets into my
jeez okay I want to send my Jason yes leave me along with the door emojis okay
all right there’s more pressure man they’re like they’re boiling me god what
the easiest interviews ever they’re pretty much self oh no my sister my sister you guys are
like cut out of the same cookie cutter mold no offending her I need to tell her
that she was vertically challenged all the time that was my name for Becky
never sure he is vertically challenged where your mouth does make up for your
height yeah we hear that Jody you’ve got a twin somewhere yeah oh okay all right
sorry oh here’s this one oh this one was taken a TB hospital is that the one
that’s got like four or five messages as yeah yeah yeah really listen to that
third one because they’re set up third ones the last one that I sent the last
one that was sent there’s several things going on throughout that whole well if
it’ll send it’s titled full-blown yeah but there’s no it’s not came he
unfortunately yeah it meals still listening Neil’s driving home right now
at the speed of light so he can get back on his way home in a fast rush Oh
Lisa be careful in the driving wrecklessly yeah because we would like
for you to listen to it as a person my spirit with Neil right now we got bottle
caps or change Oh Vicki no my sister buy a bottle caps is five-foot-one or something it’s like
you’re always one step away from being in the NBA was just that point to
keeping you there maybe your brain oh my sister Mazda wrote some really
your fight with what oh gosh you know she’s not allowed to wear heels ever I
would like to see you walking a deal last week Wow well I’m trying to find
the spirit box ones I said we like Jeffy there is spirit box oh yeah you got
these that are about to send or actually spirit box ones and you’re gonna hear a
lot of white noise coming from the box and you should hear the actual sentences
coming through now whenever what a spirit box is it’s a Quincy is like
really really fast depending on how fast you really want it to go so there’s no
possible way that there you’re gonna get a word out of any of these stations
that’s popping out because it’s just going so fast let alone a full sentence
so if you hear a full sentence or even um the same voice in the same right
like frequent or not frequency and stuff probably it’s pronounced kitty in today we’re going to be going on a you’re just
trying to make this age okay example so we’ll be able to play them yes what is
the difference between the spirit box and the previous thing that you were
using what the spirit box is sort of like lives
it’s why you’re recording you have this box that you’re that you hold in front
of you that has a whole bunch of white noise going through you ask it questions
and you’ll hear the answer if there’s an entity in the room coming through on on
that radio so you’ll probably hear questions coming
up like me asking a question or doesn’t asking a question and you’ll hear the
spirit box answer whereas an EVP you’re recording at first you don’t really hear
it unless you got one of those awesome do your hickeys that you can fly and you
can hear everything then you have to play bass and listen but I can’t remember the name of it I
got a look at that but it’s where you can record and hear
things at the same time on the EVP I know what you talked about it look it up
and we’ll like tell you like later when it doesn’t well you know um their name
God something sha you know I hate you know we can be totally intelligent like
before life’s so great with faces and with visual things but you asked me to
remember somebody’s name three weeks from now and I’m gonna be like oh you
remember the place name never never never on I am so we’re in the same boat
on that one where the pictures are livestream oh okay I saw like Joe Pesci okay so I want to come around okay so
I’m gonna do this can you guys hear this I want to play it and then you guys can
tell us what we’re listening to okay it’s gonna play it and then we’re gonna
tell him what we’re listening to it’s hard because it’s so long it’s like
silence or listening to silence sound of silence Kevin here that one let’s just try just
because yeah there that one like you can hear better well it’s like white noise I
guess you guys hear that at all oh you do the spirit box ones okay we’re here six four and Zen is all free dope that
was six six for just a time oh yeah that’s we’re here
it’s we’re here we’re here yeah play it plays it twice we’re here we’re here or
did you just an enhanced one I never really liked the enhanced ones I like
the normal ones this year I wish were set up better if we were using OBS it
would be a lot better to be the internal mic yes so detailed it’s hard to hear
though I was well I was trying to figure out how to do a BS when we’re online
with you guys and I can’t but you know what I can always do the headphones if
that was better I mean can the audience here hear it okay you guys hear what
we’re playing if somebody can please sort of snow like enough to be able to
tell what we’re listening to I’ll play a note on the meantime press down on the
cat yeah that’s where I stood on the cat oh oh yes that’s me laughing it is
saying that’s right giggle Wow the healthy one yeah that was not a spare
bucks that was with the digital recorder and that wasn’t the hmm that is crazy
I know yeah yeah exactly it’s all freaked out right now make out what it
was saying she’s Sophie yeah you gonna listen it out of the phones because with
headphones with it on you can like in my ears I can hear very clearly like we are
here is just like when when I the first time I put on that we are here one it
just like went like right through me like this like you like it so so there
you know yeah hear it but when I have it to my headphones that we are here one it
just puts like tingling right through like somebody interested and would like
to go back to our live stream and listen with your headphones on to what enriches
play there are a couple of ones that you can clearly hear that help me one you
can like clearly hear it and we are here is as well just so clear here’s the last
one see if you can hear this do you guys hear that oh that was the
music yeah Gober just great music going on right there yeah Jerry that
investigation we were actually talking on that’s actually music that’s used for
us the Stephanie Channel when she massages our host escapes we’re going to
show it famous let’s see if you got the Jeff one because that one was that one
we actually have in the tail end of our intro video isn’t it be careful yeah
okay okay yeah you want to send the normal one or the I’m gonna send in the
normal one if I can find it oh I think I sent that to him alright
it’s the three five six well I’ll let me send you the normal one yeah what number
was it’s this last one that I’m sending when I second because I said an enhanced
version you really well I mean you have that’s three five six and you have the
enhanced and the normal on there I heard that so pineapple pineapple mandarin
oranges a mind share woman babe you know what I could really use some more oh
that is dummy came in here I like to wear well he’s
gonna come and show off thank you and for the record I said you’re one tough
patient man by the way I’ll put it on my hand again I want to
look pretty for a minute okay did you play the other one yet we’ve
never played it yet Oh at all because there was a whole thing right next to
the wall hold on we’re sorry it was a baby mom sorry we got the bad
yeah these by yourself all gentlemen in the channel pick a moment of silence for
this man and Pontiac folks don’t forget but the be careful say some really hard
but I won’t on the be careful one that I sent you guys I was looking at this
pentagram that’s on the door and I was asking the spirits like so do you like
this symbol if you don’t like the sim or something like that and then you hear
coming across be careful at the time I thought I said it’s trouble because
she’s deaf yeah I’m deaf in one year so I was like well if you think it’s
trouble once you just chuck it off the wall well and I listen to it and it’s be
careful and I’m like I was being really nice yeah big jerk we’ve decided that’s probably Johnny
because we’ve heard Jeffy all the way through and even when he says his name
um he says his name Jeffy this is same boy it’s the same voice and then when I
was doing the history on it after the fact I found out that there was a man
that had died in front of their store they got caught by a bus and his name is
Jeffy and he was a military guy so we had full honors full honors military man
so-and-so in when we do our show we’re doing a special section just to
dedicated to Jeffy in his honors and everything in the show this show is
really gonna be like in my opinion kind of heart-wrenching because yeah we go
really end up into the show we have a little history about what happened in
that area right and just to give you a little hint it was about the nights when
I want race riots and salsa and there is a commercial on our show that talked
that shook that talks about the future actual show that we’re gonna do on our
show on our Channel shows what I meant there is a commercial there um it’s like
what two minutes long but it’ll I mean it kind it can be kind of to your jerky
if you look at the images and stuff that we came we found and it’s actually a
really great commercial if you happen to go thank you
we don’t work hard on that do I know I’m sorry I I watched the today it’s
actually very well edited thank you well she did the editing part the visual
editing but I did like the scripting and the pictures and stuff and it took this
a month I think to do that two minute commercial so yeah we it was well we
brought him in writing it but it was just the the simple fact of we both work
uh at this point in time her computer so crappy she can’t do anything on it but
when she gets a good working computer I’m gonna teach her a little bit about
editing and stuff um of course she’s already learning because she’s watching
videos and stuff however all you are aren’t you yeah you know I when it comes
to computer stuff or whatever I’m very good at learning fast like but that is
so good because I do this in my spare time everything we do for geeks is in
our spare time I have a family of three or four if you count my husband days so
I work four days a week um except for go to the gym visit we’re
fishing I swear I need to get one drink a week I love doing it it’s just really
time consuming like the live streams we can’t I can’t that barely entered
anymore like I there’s just no time left and that kind of sucks down to the most
but maybe one day and that’s what we’re gonna do with this show because we’re
kinda like recording us and recording you guys so we’re gonna put like 15
minutes snippets on ours and if they want to watch the whole thing we might
do a reaction video to our reaction video from the other night that was a
very good idea that was really Ireland that we it was almost a funnier than the
first time around Wow Washington on to some speed that was that was pretty I
know right let’s go back are you being rough for a
second we have somebody in here the Suzy Channel and we have a we have a
tradition here every time in the house if somebody wants to become a meme no
it’s even on Twitter her husband is doodle right Doug and we
didn’t know that I wanted to take for you guys to figure
out there was more than one of us watch the channel before they did oh we’re
still not even females or then we were women because we get a lot of brokers
running bro no everywhere here that’s my guard we went live nobody digs and you
would answer some I would answer some and like I said I’m nothing most PC guy
in the world and exactly like oh I love that sheet of 62 lipstick and I’d be
like are you gonna drop the tranny and do it they didn’t know for a guy a girl
one or a hundred nothing we’re like this anomaly is floating around and we both
use the same thing so and it’s funny because if we forget we get back-to-back
messages oh we’re losing them hello hello oh I think they’re out yeah
they should be back soon yeah that’s hard it’s hard to live stream on Wi-Fi
that’s really our house and I went into her house to get beer and I didn’t go
past the door her husband was going to get the beer I walked in and on when I
turned around I can’t go to come back out and the door was bolted nobody was
around to do it this is full disclosure cuz we have paid we guys there the night
we had panic Dionne yes oh they’re ignored another ghost took Overton into
some video troubles lately yeah oh you’re back it’s your yeah that’s what
we were just saying I guess it just group into itself I’m a skeptic that’s
why Anna’s Enya’s she’s liking truth her if you played it up be careful yeah
yeah that one oh I know I’m like like I don’t I how do
I say this I want to believe I’m not saying nothing
but to me there’s just constantly it’s always this and I’m not saying there is
an answer for everything either I have the answer to why it happened or I just
haven’t figured out the answer why yet that’s how I kind of her into it we’re
having trouble here wherever your connections really choppy for your voice
that’s the only thing it’s hard no it’s very robotic I think it’s just a
connection I think it’s your connection Penida videos is gonna go take a bath in
holy water now there’s always something happening around you oh you’re switching over yeah yeah just
want to give you ads up I live in a village with three churches
even those one cleanse made apparently it’s bad to live in the vicinity of it
it’s bad to live where you can see the church out of your window because it’s a
true it has so powerful energy around it that it’s negatively influences yeah
it’s very very robotic yeah no problem yeah probably close everything else how’s that you do did you close all the
windows that did your porn open on what that gives us immediate strike
priorities I like it that was a test you paused that’s right that’s what’s that’s what’s
losing was doing with you you gotta get a robotic Smurf thing
going on right now maybe well maybe we’ll put you guys off and try logging
back on most of the LA Paris talking those Smurfs yeah that we’re taking over
and that’s Star Trek thing though that Sheldon please
that’s right craft beer pours how are you guys good to see you how’s
everything going chocolate nipples time oh these do
they’re when they get going there there’s something there there they’re
chats or just yeah I love it I get such a kick out of though maybe you are too
powerful with the church living on the church Lane might not be anything it’s
if you can see out of your windows a church that’s what they say old wives
tales or yes that’s what I call them all yes craft beer pours definitely you guys
are have you been in contact well can you post our Twitter link their
exams gonna post the Twitter link we definitely want you guys on and touch
and figure out the date that works best for you own us would be great I hope
those guys are okay and they find their way back how doesn’t latch me and beer
going come you found any yes by the way you can see and hear the church okay we used to live right across from sure
well as I said old wives tale but apparently innocence says because it it
surrounds with all the energy positive and negatives as like a you know like a
cross point or hot hot to a point of all the energy that’s why apparently it’s
it’s bad for health but who knows if it’s true or not that’s what they say I just supposed to know winked over
Twitter so a little help sometimes one going you J keep the camera turned of it
what’s now well I just hit the one with the box oh I gotta check out maybe they
restarted their phones or something like that so many friggin windows open
tonight are you guys bad for that like having like a ton of windows open or
typing something oh I’m gonna try to get down yonder this should close the
Twitter and after that Twitter though shouldn’t bother between Twitter’s not
much of a drain unless but shouldn’t it’s it’s stuff that’s taking a lot more
downloading in the or here I’ll just a little like you’re gonna make it easier we’re gonna try and get our fungus back
yes such a riot you have to get that one sometime with Stephanie
oh yeah that’s alright quite interesting combination yep actually Stephanie it
should be home anytime soon now unless she having nearly superb yeah I was
waiting for Tony to do this the hot thing and yeah that was coming so I
talked to you a Polynesian you win the cookie for that one I predictor on it well she in trouble oh oh they probably
didn’t close there no it didn’t ban you they must I don’t wonder if they can
hear us they’re saying we’ll let them in you still see them as gifts I’m using a
Jackson wait they sent us yeah I’m gonna use
their I want to send it directly to them I know so they might just need to do it
through different profile if they have any yeah the wait tomorrow we’re gonna
have our friends from New Zealand um on a family of five mm-hmm that’s gonna be
quite interesting talking about travel and beautiful New Zealand really looking
forward to that hmm that’s gonna be cool to grows us Kingdom
for directions back to the street wouldn’t oh good billion word thank you
so much for coming sorry I didn’t mean to cut you off yeah
thank you very much hmm always great having here my beer will absorb all the
holy fate no touching well you can never have enough
protection right I hope there they can get back now Android singing that’s
really it’s that um I guess we should talk about something yep I will you guys
what’s going on any live streams or anything coming up on you guys’s
channels you want to just give a quick shout out or any new videos coming out when did you break your arm I know I
know about the metal in your eye that you
just had recently two weeks ago I think now Donny you are telling us about that
what about your arm recent the camera is not working hangover your camera just
click it there’s nothing showing you little bro oh my god what I try to do
earlier I try to do a fake I know I did try to put a fatty III and she had her
I glued to her cheeks my cheek and crooked and she’s blind as a bat
you know thing about looking into a dark mirror with no glasses on
in my eye upon your eyeball you see it’s not just paranormal they also do beauty
tips as well I know just I don’t just make it so you have bad makeup I make it
so you well then we’re gonna test fan what I said before I got digitalized the
boat are a night we had on with panic D and you guys were there when that when I
mentioned our sweats and then all of a sudden all the lights went out here yes
they seem to me that’s such a that’s just a normal Quinn siddhis like but
like he got really freaked out about it like he didn’t even want me saying the
name anymore it was only like three said eight the a word once just now talking
about again your start you’re sounding off robotic yeah it was weird right now
yeah the minute you say they learnt the name by the way you need to learn my
bikinis okay we have a dictionary Shaunie’s and bikinis and Shawnee yeah
Shawnee is is random okay Vicki’s is nigga knees is constant right you know that look the dog gives was one
year up and one down sometimes I just say random words that just you know and
you’ll be talking about a total like separate like how X baby likes to always
stay constant on the on the questions and everything and you go right she’s
constantly random constantly Julie so we were talking about this investigation
and do those EVPs and during this investigation we were talking about
going down this hallway and oh my god you know what happened last Saturday my
knees not catching up with you like she’ll come over sometimes while I’m
trying to edit videos I never get a video edited not a single minute read
hours are we supposed to be doing yeah I have a partner like that too sometimes do you tell us a story like it boils
dinner there is a meal at the end of it but there’s gonna be lots of different
things that go into that meal we could we could take a two minute story and
make it an hour Oh with all the side trips like me it’s I
went to the store I got milk and the car was acting funny the way home her well I
was walking there in the blade later grass was footing what no it was flippin
to the right remember there was a girl that blue member the blue the best times is horrible I’m fucking
useless by the end of this like I guess and I’m so lost the family are even
talking about anymore okay I don’t mind that some guys are scared of with
another wine I like the challenge you bet you guys weren’t having a drinking
game tonight because you could drink every time somebody said bro here
because it’s come up like ten thousand times since you said it all the museum
vlogger alone decided about five hundred times and everything he’s saying bro
like five hundred times it keeps coming up since you guys yes I know we need to be serious about a
paranormal question we are very serious no actual on actual investigation
according Elvis hollering about it’s hotter than a Satan’s penis oh so we
were in the investigation yet but we got it on record well they had no hey sing it when the
windows was broken in the house based on us we’re based right above Tulsa and
Oklahoma oh yeah right here the Kansas border oh yeah if you look at our actual
about you can see we’re from Bartlesville Oklahoma however our
address not a piano box believe my London yes I can email I can hear them Oh can i right – yes what was a really
what spirits working against you tonight his first connection there really I
don’t I can’t really say this we call it Toby but we call them Toby and there is
a spirit in here we have seen him a few times not like like us looking but uh
like I was looking or not like at home Toby and I kind of always thought it was
somebody real till now Cinelli boyfriend to be honest we in this room we named
him Toby that’s kind of a funny story because we both kind of thought that was
what his name was or abbreviated version of Toby okay like why is or something
that was what we were hearing and feeling that’s what his name was Tobias
or something so we’ve just called him Toby
oh good you know ever since we named him that’s not how it always well I think
ever since we cleaned the corner we might have cleared him we might have
scooped him right up in the dirt want to ask us a professional question
no because they’re saying these girls don’t shut up yes thank you well we’re
gonna wait for them to answer nobody asks what you said you said they’re just
enjoying them oh it’s the chatter yeah they’re they’re enjoying them saying
that there’s lots of flaps always here so especially today these involve longer
done bro bro bro bro bro bro bro we got boobies you know bro and we didn’t put
them there bro it’s not bro it’s a bra I’m not a movie supporter well yeah yeah I don’t know Oh snowballs so I
guess I’ll be alien babies well then the curse she kisses on oh I’m just gonna
roll eggs Indian quick tonight random stuff Commission okay we’re gonna be doing an
investigation with pet Fitzhugh and we have Keith page on our show two weeks
ago how our last week but unfortunately the oh gosh but we’re gonna have him
back June and he’s giving away some tickets to that it’s XCOM and we are on
Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. that’s what I always part of Arizona there’s
like no daylight savings time so it doesn’t change ever right and in Florida
you know the state of Florida finally passed the law that they’re not really
receipt would get rid of it I cannot stand daylight savings yeah they talk
about how it causes health problems yep Saskatchewan the province
Saskatchewan over North Dakota they don’t change their times on the stale
year-round on just not change my time yeah I’m tired
of changing my time you know what you know my Claude says it’s a stick it to
the man bra am i a boy now or a boobie supporter I’m a boobie supporter I’m a
boobie supporter I boobs support boobs your thread right now that we’re
creating with all the places that people and hopefully one day we’ll be able to
have the money and the time to break that tour because we’ve got places in
the UK we got places all over the US on those I think we’re only missing like 20
states you have so many states it’s almost like going through all the
European countries it’s unbelievable I’ll divide like with us there’s only
like ten provinces across the whole thing so you guys have actually gets
more varied at least you can see you’ve been to more spots even though it’s the
same distance just because of the states have been like 41 states or something
like that it’s around that great ago I used to be a truck driver years ago I
did long haul it was a truck driving business and I always get respect for
the truck drivers especially when you have a crazy person that wants to whip
out right is your problem I hated trucks like I don’t kick the bumper every
morning because I hated the truck so much
my uncle when I was at any bitty girl yeah took me in on a ride of the truck
drive thing and he let me honk the horn and sit on his lap and stuff and we were
riding in those seats man holy cow bouncy I love mom I remember it was like
a ride and she let me I went with her for a week I’m an adventurer this was in
my previous life when I was married before but I went with her for a week
oh my gosh she tried she tried to get me to back the truck up you never really
get to see a place so it’s always interstate or you’re going into the
worst part of every town you know it’s not like yes it’s not exactly as scenic
as well yes or no like I was younger I had girlfriends at the time where I
wasn’t in a rush to come back for weekend so at least I could stop more
places but yeah you know what’s that oh no problem that was yeah I know to me
by trucker because my uncle he he was all over like the country but he was to
ask them like wow how did you like California or how did you like this
state or how do you like that I don’t know
yeah there did my delivery and drove out it wasn’t like I went on Scenic’s or no
you know cuz he slept he slept in his truck yeah he really didn’t have time to
even like just enjoy the states knowing you can’t even go in those places
because you can’t take a truck and even where there is something decent to see
and where you deliver is always the worst part
because nobody wants to live near a meat factory or they don’t live by a plastic
factory so on and so forth so you’re never you know it’s not that
this the sunny bright side of Michigan you know it’s the place that nobody
wants to go after 7:00 at night it’s where you’re usually going oh I was
thinking of Michigan just because it was a Lully a they were on one night they’re
from Michigan that’s what kind of stirred by I guess it’s what what she
was just saying that who Zulu was in the child I was born and raised in Michigan
but I was born I lived in several foster home so I was like all over the place I liked Alabama I briefly kind of went
drove through it but I didn’t really experience it because I was like driving
through it actually how I got it the elevators kind of a funny story is
because I got lost and I ended up three states away from where I was supposed to
be before I go so yeah that was a special moment I drove like a thousand miles before I
figured out it was the map you know and you’re like I can’t read the map at the
same time I wish I could be like well someday I might figure out where’s this
accident I’m looking for exit 223 and these are all saying wanted to that’s when you know you got an issue
going on I’d like to take eggs Enya that maybe even well maybe not this summer
but soon I like to take her down further in the States
I’d like to go visit anyone at least California we’re in Montreal Quebec oh I wanna go
there oh my gosh I’m going to be coming to Michigan and my to save up money so I
could come in Michigan y’all need to like meet me at the border no no I got
to the border though but they wouldn’t let me in huh
because well it was back before you needed a pass by I don’t like these
still neat I don’t know if you need a passport yet or not for Canada but it
was back before you needed a passport but I was with somebody that was from
Hong Kong and so I they wouldn’t let me in oh yeah could you or somewhere from
China well yeah but they’re not a lot of
people don’t realize it but like Canada is the second biggest country in the
world in landmass after Russia our population all of Canada’s population is
equal to the state of California one state is all Oh Canada is so cold in the
summer here in Montreal it’s as hard as it is cold in the winter
and I’m gonna do Celsius sister because in winter we have minus 40s but in the
summer we have plus 40s here well so did Mission Michigan has minus point 40s in
the in the UM the lowest Bartlesville has ever gotten is negative 27 was that
that was when the blizzards came that was one toughness of record oh no way
back in 2009 99.9 percent of the time in the winter bird over walking around
shorts and t-shirt oh really if southern Alabama you get hot and
hotter yeah well that and that’s what you’re like it’s very humid heat here
it’s very humid cold I know I was at Montana one time and I swear they needed
to change their state bird to the mosquito yeah yeah yeah most what they
were crazy like you can see them coming from like a half a mile down the road
you’re like what is that oh my god is a mosquito duck that’s like Louisiana when
I was stationed there just dripping with humidity there yes like if you like the
swamp saying you’re like alligators New Orleans I miss I miss when I was in the
military in stationed Louisiana you fart fire not everything is so spicy I don’t
like it was Issa Thank You Only You Only You I have some chili one time in Nevada
and oh my gosh three days later nobody else in that how it comes out screaming
see III heard you’d mention a couple of times about the military background is
it okay if I ask you to tell more about it what where are you doing were you
like a part of the army or um I joined the service back in 98 so this will this
will age me a little bit back as a kid before I was in the chem Corps back then
I heard now they kind of don’t have them os’s so back then my MOS was a 54 Bravo
which was Kim cork what I learned in the military was we
were in the where I was stationed out we were in a vehicle called a Foster
Chronicle and in this vehicle it protects you from the outside because it
like sucks the air we have like air conditioning we were so lucky we had air
conditioning but we had like this computer where we could detect chemical
agents in the area and what we would do is sort of throw a flag out for the
scouts in the military and saying hey this is contaminated area you need to go
around and so we we learned all about the different kind of chemicals and
chemical warfare which is really really scary I wish I can afford all the stuff
that we need to take care of everything because I mean a lot of agents let me
give you an example bludgeons do you see some of the military in like these big
old suits that keep them from contaminations and everything well what
agents will eat through that suit so that suit doesn’t protect you from
anything Wow um and what what agent is this it just seeps blood out of every
pore until you die it’s a very painful death so this is just one of the
chemical agents that is out there and it’s a very it’s very scary er you don’t
realize how real it is until you’re in that kind of employment I mean it’s just
crazy I never gone to Iraq I’m never going to
Bahrain luckily yes but we were back in 1998 we were on alert to go so during
that time everybody in my unit only got maybe three or four hours of sleep at
night if that for like two weeks straight
we were getting everything ready to go overseas and by the time we got
everything ready the trucks loaded everything set up
we were told hey the alerts been dropped you’re still on mild alert but you can
go home for Christmas it was during the Christmas we’re about to go overseas to
work over this mess geez huh so stressful
oh very stressful at the time was 19 no yeah no I had just turned 20
sorry I had just turned 20 years old so yeah there I go really aged me oh so I
was I’m an only child too so when my mom found out I was going it
was just like wow and I was scared to death I call mother gonna die my first
thought is I can never shoot a child so if a child comes at me with a gun I’m
dead yeah so okay that was the biggest thing I mean they you get trained to try
to to do that but you know all these soldiers have PTSD and everything yeah
you gotta think of all the stuff that good three were there I can’t even
imagine I am retired disabled military but my disabilities do not ever match
anybody that sacrifice the limb that has seen war that has had to deal with their
friends dying by their side no I mean I get people saying and thank you for your
service and it’s like no no no no you need to think those guys is because
those guys are the ones that seem and you’re still on call to go and so like
you’re just lucky your number wasn’t called she’s just too crazy I’m jello now so if there’s a jello
category I would’ve fit but at that time I was sleep and I passed everything and
failed a psychological Oh figure my recruiter was so disappointed when they
rejected me because of my psychological that’s exam used ad he was in the Air
Force yeah he was in the Soviet Army and he
that’s what he flew to Chernobyl after the meltdown he was one of the first you
know they do so differently anywhere because the Marines have a certain way
yeah way I mean when I was in the service it was like that but no we never
had to worry about well that was that was also yeah
this is Soviet he was a because he was Russian so he was part of the Soviet
troop was he an officer or what was he in that picture was a sergeant yeah my general general get a picture of that six India with her dad I have a family
full of veterans like my my OPA may he rest in peace was a captain was a
lieutenant colonel my cousin was in the military as a sergeant I had other
cousins that were Marines my uncles were in Vietnam as a marine in army so I come
from a family full of yeah my dad my dad oh sorry I was looking for something and
I couldn’t find it that’s exactly and father he was a general in the Russian
army you got to stand by Gorbachev and then
you know in the Red Square that middle section one other thing was that that’s
what are they usually were standing with all the generals and the Knights of my
grandfather it’s my favorite picture my son is like
so much in the world war two flames it’s so weird because like I can’t imagine
being in the military back air this airs ooh in Kalamazoo Michigan and so we had
a tour guide and the tour guy was walking around and myself a little bit
like nine or whatever in the tour guide was like asking questions my son was
answering every one of those questions and then finally you know my son
the tour guide screwed up on something and my son was like ah no that’s not
right that was the really one bringing us because I clearly believe that he was
a world war two airplane pilot reincarnation oh yeah because he yeah
when he was little bitty like little bitty he had memories of a past life
like he remembered and he would speak sometimes wrong man oh really yeah you
know what time he came out and he was like I just want my newspaper and coffee
lady like this is not part from raising this profile no but yeah I mean he was
in his diaper and he said that and I was like and then I went back to the baby
table that was you know and then when he was when he was born he had trouble
breathing for like long time there was nothing wrong with
them and highly diagnosed with asthma which was you know but there was nothing
wrong with them but then later on he he remembered getting shot in the back
oddly um in his chest yeah and he used to drag his left leg when he when he
Paul that’s up there looks like there was something wrong with this leg but
when in this past life you remember getting into a car accident with his two
daughters in the backseat right huh reincarnation is Ricky to me I don’t I
mean I’m not saying I don’t believe it I’m just saying it’s it’s a scary
concept to even think that something that you could remember because if
something bad happened to me I don’t want to remember
oh yeah our fleshy bodies it’s temporary but a spirit or eternal so why not come
in two different bodies different times I just hope it’s always the same sex
yeah you know that would be really confusing what if I came back of them
you know that would be so awesome they’re to be able to experience what
it’s like to be a male because you know their stuff is different than ours like
whenever they come back if I come back as a male and literally just gonna stand
there and jump Brown I think I’m gonna be back as a woman I’m going down
awaiting for the Navy to come in the next time Donnie was actually talking that he got
Hugh has an asthma too and that’s why he didn’t get accepted into army and
then we had a conversation about with Polynesian vlogger who actually was in
the army was it really yeah I didn’t know the volcano just erupted and while
there are six miles from it so I read an alert and they are on heightened alert
the ashes are blowing like nine kilometers was about if he’s safe
yeah not caught up in the street he’s still okay but he’s six miles from the
volcano and it just blew up so posting to say prayers for everybody yeah
because both my computer and my phone is dead folks just as good as prayers in my
book oh gosh so where’s my friend Josh’s brother is really finding the island
that there’s on the red alert like the actual island where the volcano is and starting but it didn’t culminate in turn
eruption well this is what finally happened like we waited for this for two
weeks I think now so it’s finally got outed but in the one in u.s. MA
I take it is erupting so and it’s culminate we take problems always the silver lining your butt on
the highway and see the blow a tire you know they’re gonna leave the road and
you keep watching that’s how you try the last 40 seconds it swerves there’s parts
you know it’s gonna hit the guardrail you just that moment you’re not like
myself um and then I saw my my tires like going like my car and I lost their
tire while my car is still sparking and sliding along I’m like I don’t think I’m
gonna be here right away tires and function as you as you can see
like they could hear the car like there’s my tire finally settling it up know what time I what time I was in like
an intersection of both the tires of like my front tire just went oh right it
flat no they just like completely yeah drop the cables went on your cars and
they just flop yeah wow she’s got a lot of stories of mind you you know how
ghetto I could be sometimes right this itty-bitty car and I had my son’s crib
and suitcases in a bed and like it was stacked like three stories high little
Jeff Foxworthy going I’ll tell you what if you drive a car like that you get the
road yourself yeah like at all so I was like driving you know my business not
going like you know I finally get here from Michigan to Oklahoma I turn the
corner and all that stuff just goes flying off behind you the suitcase our
flag everything’s opening unawares yeah I would totally put one on my just
help me you know the cop like finally stop it on like a trap I’m in trouble
now because I didn’t that was the time that I drove all the way from Michigan
Oklahoma my car next week on a radio show we are talking to Robbie
Thomas the psychic profiler yes we are I mean we have been so lucky and blessed
and everything to have all these I mean our first show was Rachel Marie and
Christopher same first show they pop or cherry it was they were so awesome especially
all the technical difficulties being our first show their eardrums we ask some tough questions yeah we did
ask them some number so nervous because these people are like high-profile
Christopher st. booth and his twin brother Philip
they have a TV series called spook TV and on the sci-fi channel yeah and they
are directors and producers of the show model she’s a model an actress yeah how’d you get these people I’m sorry I
gotta ask this how did you manage the way no I’m just kidding I’m kidding no I’m
kidding she’ll go to their Facebook page and say hi my name is Vicky I’m with
geeks paranormal you should check our YouTube channel blah blah blah blah blah
and they came and then Facebook friends with Rachel for about a year um Facebook
friends and he is a sweetheart and he has a best accent ever they are an
awesome awesome couple I mean to put up with us and then she
comes back like a week like a couple days ago this is like weeks after this
show that we and she’s like oh wait wait and saw your YouTube video and it was
great good pretty yes yes oh yeah we’re still on our hi yeah well not only that
like two weeks later we have keep age which is part of the spec TVs though
right here’s a producer of TV series yes he’s a legendary rock and
roll so he doesn’t like the word go sir okay no we’re blessed
well with bringing him in the celebs who want to join your 9:00 Eastern 8:00
central I don’t know what para Dexcom we’re an
hour hit on mountain I swear to God I just don’t know where you’ve done very
well though I’m impressed with Victorian so I not I get but I swear to God I used
to travel especially the 90s and to be like where you from like oh I’m from
Montreal oh you must love all this electricity down here like I don’t know
what they thought we live in I see what do you think like six foot red line one
side is Budweiser girls when we sit in the geeky ghosts we’re
gonna make them look like them too I kid you not like I used to get lots of
questions like that about electricity I’ve had questions about indoor plumbing
I’ve had questions like one day I was in Maryland somewhere you know and he was
dumbfounded into a potato whenever we do green-screen our headphones line in with
the green-screen Coriolis effect dinner with us at night you know their Channel
Coriolis effect meant which ones Coriolis interesting they had two
floating heads on our channel they they do cool heads all the time him and his
wife and then they use like stock footage of like I was trying to figure
it out before I got on tonight I just to do is cut a hole in that know where
there think they have the jumpsuits with just our head showing Jupiter all those
like free NASA really free images and they just keep their heads are floating
around like the rings of Jupiter and that is they’re talking and just pain
themselves naked in green and they wouldn’t have to wear anything cannot do
naked paranormal well but nobody would know because he would be you know in the
projection covered in projection the neat part about it was that he was
showing with the water coming actually see through ways a picture you know in
the glass the other channel from Ottawa and really really funny like that I’m
gonna find the link and they got like such a 40-channel like it’s really there you should just called in you should
just say hey no I can’t coming tonight I wanna I’m gonna show see oh yeah yeah do
i what yeah I think you guys are really in UK now it’s 4 a.m. and Donnie Shaw is
still watching it I’m gonna yeah what I’ll post them here but I’ll post them
in Twitter as well so everybody should shoot over on Wednesday new show and
your new video is coming up tomorrow yeah art well it’ll be the radio show
too late it’s we’re gonna start doing it in increments um that way it’s easier to
get everything all that so the radio show 50 minutes of the part 1 of the
reissue them get tomorrow and then part 2 you are gonna be up tomorrow evening
and then I’m gonna do three and four on Saturday tomorrow remember the
disclaimer that tomorrow in provo oldest one two three days okay just once I kind cuz I’ll be cutting you
off what was with us that was their interview and then they just you keep
doing Google hangout and you can do it on YouTube live what we’ve done there’s
where he has a subscribers when he hit made them rain down on them like that
yeah he’s so porky I know and then they’re in there’s all different places I sent you the link in Twitter so you
can because I’ve been trying to I’ve been obsessing with trying to figure out
how to do oh yes on a lot of things and I just now got the link for the where
you can post the chat inside your but I know what it is I’m gonna find it come
on yeah actually I made video about it and they also say if there are any
questions they can help yeah they’re really nice you can ask what did you do
oh we will pretty sure just did you wife is legally blind that’s why she has the
glasses on because the light is too bright for when they’re in they’re doing
it I’m mostly bad I think both of my ears equals for her good ear well the
way some words are really showing yeah that’s a good one oh I’ll say we’re
gonna be tomorrow we’re gonna be on blindly honestly she got amazing
tutorial on live on how to do fake eyelashes because I asked fake eyelashes he’s amazing so there’s love you
sweetheart that’s tomorrow night I think it’s gonna
be at oh yeah she put those on I try to put him on today at one point she looks
at me says they’re on it’s on upside there I was upside down you have it
upside down that’s why does it look real blind people should not try to come no
see these contacts before she starts putting on lashes I shot again she had
it quick it was like I love mostly at the end of all of our video bloopers of
me in the gym to this we’re gonna get that perpetual and isn’t having up yet
but like if you watch the commentary of the TV hospital that we did at the end
of the commentary you see bloopers at the end of the actual show you see
so always try to watch it all the way to the yes I laugh you’ll see the bloopers
work like a reward for the ones who got to watch it all the way through that’s
why I like because if you go to the end before and watch the bloopers before you
see the show you’re gonna be confused like what were they doing right the
commercial yeah I don’t think the commercial has bloopers I don’t think I
did I think the commercials are just less serious but we do have a separate
section this just for one of the shows if you look at one of our game churches
that was because it was like an hour-long show and like eight minutes
yeah serious nurse I was bloopers like what do I mean it’s a blazer segment
it’s a serious but if you look at our first geek searches the deep search has
got the most views so far is the Monte Cristo and I think that was before me
that was way before her you can tell you know and a half ago or something like
that actually no it was longer than that way
I started YouTube back in 2014 and I believe it was 2015 that I have put that
up you can see the editing differences between then and now because I didn’t
have a mic and it was I was just doing it off the voice things I’m feeling now
but I yell become death we’re doing back then yeah yes it was good I mean I was
always good to go back and see where everything and that way
the bloopers on that one because there in the whole show I do funny stuff
during the whole show like the geek searches now are different because we do
them on the radio show but back then I was doing it for entertainment and I do
like funny little noises and all that stuff throughout the whole little video
but at the end I do the looper and I I talk to myself that was pre me talking to invisible me two years ago here’s ago I thought I’m
crazy but I was gonna I’m gonna put the link in the chat and that’s what I’m
doing now for those the bloopers at the end especially but you have to watch the
whole video the whole video is actually pretty entertaining it’s only like 30
minutes long for the it’s not like our giant to our live I want to try to get
it up every frame no I’m gonna do it every Friday you know we have like what
3 geek searches that I have just the geek searches on there and Valentine’s
Day Massacre and then the castle and the castle in Ireland yeah oh and the fire
the one with the fire the wind the sad Georgia on Peachtree but I mean then
there’s and then there’s the show of the teepee Hospital that was two years ago my first my first investigation that I
was on is the ones that if you see the commercial the Indian got the Indian in
the front that commercial is the first investigation that I was up in with this
team and she actually accused me of being hateful not because it was a mimic demon that we
were dealing with and it would mock our voices and when I was listening to the
recording of the video it’s like switch them I mean you didn’t
you can tell I was like in the movie but it said no she was gonna do that annoy
me like this or something like that like really hateful people and I was like
what and I was so mad at her and then I listened to the Digi that she was
wearing and it she didn’t say that at all she said um oh I knew she was gonna
need help or you know it was so completely different the voice was you
know it wasn’t hateful it was you know it was so weird we were all like wait
did I just hear that right but they had changed literally changed her words on
the video part but not her did gee Wow yeah it was actually pretty creepy when
I went back and listened to it was like yeah whoa no I did not say that but
that’s the same one word it would mock our voices like we had another member
that’s no longer with us and he was in the room with with me and I could see
the commercial and Seana I don’t remember what she asked me
but all of a sudden she goes did you guys hear that I said hang on and and it
said okay bell boys well nobody heard her but it was a male voice and at the
time Darrin wasn’t what with us there because he had to run his girlfriend
back home so she had got scared so he was gone for a minute so the whole I
know there was the guy that was with me but he was in the same room with her and
over my shoulder and I told her I said like oh god did you hear that in the
commercial you see many church I would say did you hear that
he’s like no I said no you didn’t hear that it said okay and it was like nobody
heard it but her the Deaf one and the and the recordings of the Digi did you
thought it like no no not all of them the one
behind you the video behind you caught it
my digi when did you barely barely call you can hear it Bailey said yeah the
video that were in didn’t right in the video my dizzy creep up caught it but in
a quarter and the reporter the video reporter behind you caught it on it but
no other reporter caught it they recorders everywhere no no like did you
just say okay say it again and she’s like okay like no that’s not a
there was a male voice if she went early this in her head like four months maybe
maybe it was me I’m like Vicki you don’t sound like a man you want to like a man
I’m sure there’s thanks for that but still because it was so human it was
trip me up because I was like maybe I’m just joking and I said it really low or
something because sometimes I have you know but when I try to put diddly tried
to copy it yeah we try to mimic as me so this sounds just like the middle guy
that was with me on an polynesian blogger and Donnie is so saying it’s
creepy sounds like a bro but we believed that that time those entities was
actually mimicking the first one of the ghosts or whatever we don’t really like
this one but we believe that the help me help me help me that multiple times was
the demons that was not that was mocking the human spirit that was in the house
don’t say I’m healthy there’s a part where she slapped on my hand and yeah
and she’s like oh my god that was just crazy I just I just got hit on the hand
yeah something like it wasn’t like a horse I lose like a I’m right here and
literally in that part it touched my hand and said I am here hmm Wow and we
have that too ghost was it like do you know who was it did you call it or how
how did it up here there unfortunately we we’ve done an investigation on the
property and we found that up the road there was a girl that had passed away
that was actually Cherokee territory oh yeah I was doing I was doing a live a
live recording there at the time and I was walking around and at the time our
our witch which is on LA right now he was on there watching it with me and was
telling me those you know I see a teenage girl there and he’s like I feel
like there was a fire or something there yeah you told me first yeah he told me
and there’s like there’s a fire there’s like a teenage girl there she’s she’s
you know she got hurt I can’t really picture how she got hurt but she was she
was there and then Vicky tells me you know I really I pictured this 19 year
old girl there’s got to be like a 19 year old girl there I went oh my god
what I was seeing was a young girl and she looked perfectly fine except if she
had a black mark on her I can’t my fruit was her face her neck but she had a
black mark somewhere there and I think he said the same thing and that’s why he
thought it was a fire black smudge yeah my dude when I go to a house I don’t do
the history until afterwards so afterwards when I we were looking
through the history and stuff there was a unsolved mystery of a young lady that
was found on the road though she did did I died in the hospital
the only thing that the only mark she had on her was a
black smudge on her face and it was an unsolved mystery a my job I didn’t know
nothing about this case until after we did we already did the house and we were
looking at the stuff when you talk about seeing it like what do you mean by that with my eyes yeah see with these eyes
it’s more of a get a picture in my mind yeah but it’s like it’s almost like a
memory I think it’s kind of like that only it’s like almost pressed into me
you believe that the ghost is like communicating with you through these
images in your mind um sometimes they could be I not gonna rule that out um
sometimes I just you know because I don’t feel every ghost every time
everywhere so I think the ones that want to be seen or felt I’m like I want to be
seen or felt and I’m sure that there’ll be times that I’ll come into a place
that you know some people say it’s haunted or whatever and then maybe even
dust up come in at same time and he might feel some Oh for example only was
pre first uh well we went to we went out of a little mini-vacation
and we have the light by the way was a mini-vacation effort a live video feed
for a Turner falls where we went on the 13th of April but Dustin um both of us
had saw something at different times in this one room I saw a woman in a white
dress and he I think he said the same thing that he saw the woman with the
white dress I saw several other images that he didn’t see
or feel but he saw other stuff but then he saw something cuz he touched that
thing I couldn’t read yeah and he got an image when he touched that thing well I
never was able to touch it because well I’m short short in a word let’s put it
this way there were some of those steps that I literally had to crawl up because
I had to use my hands and my leg in life because they were like you these guys
he’s tall like anyway so I couldn’t reach when he was touching
but I thought there was like a fire pit and I suddenly saw an image of fire
shooting up and burning somebody well he didn’t see that image but you saw what
if you see a character he said he saw an image that was on the woods that it was
just didn’t want to be filmed right but they were wanting to be seen by by him
and I saw the woman and he saw the woman – but we saw it in a different way yeah
thanks yeah we saw the woman pulling this plane I saw the woman like a little
bit woman that was also this room that we went into a past that little section
that they’re talking about that had like a it was weird because it had like jail
cell doors all right Wow so when it closed we were like in this little bike
gel so I mean it was even big enough you could lay long ways but horizontally you
can’t lay it all right so it was just but whenever I turned the camera on me I
can’t remember who it was that was in the livestream in time and he was like
you know there’s a blue glow around you there’s like a blue halo around you and
your son mmm to find out that was a halo of like Maternity it was like a motherly
protective type like old okay I kept seeing a little boy and I never did
investigate that by the way I can’t see it across the thing I can’t steal a
little boy across the lake on the other side Oh
Turner bull yeah I saw it living little boy it was a little boy
across the thing and I never did investigate it was a very interesting
place yes but where I’m hoping the next time we go oh we’ll be a little more fit
and we won’t die halfway up the steps yeah I got ya cuz I went all the way up
to the top and her and Dustin stayed near the bottom but I went all the way
what are you talking about I went all the way I was like noise about one that
was already more up there was way more pests where y’all stopped no I I stopped
I went up and then I stopped and then I went up a little further and there’s way
more restock well right but there was more stuff on that they say there’s like
more stairs that goes way on you hear me on going okay I need weapons because
you’re in the zombie apocalypse I’m not gonna outrun anybody you okay now it’s
like I was like yeah if you walk ahead of me on so if I fall I got something
way that I wanted to know so uh when you talk about the UM like is it the gift
that you have like because you kind of barely touch it and skip forward but I
which is those are interesting but I wanted to know more about that like is
it something that only you have out of you your team how do you know but yeah I
kind of always had some kind of really call it a gift because sometimes it’s
more of a curse than a gift you don’t have it I have if you cut your hand I
would feel it kind of thing if you had a headache most likely I’m gonna feel it
being a bad game most likely feel it she’s an empath and a sensitive I’m an
introduced my son got in there I’m sorry that was
your honest other people like not that one southern I’m all this other people
were like yep yep I understood I know what you’re talking about you Yankee I’m
an empath and like and I have like oh they’re different I don’t really like to
talk about my abilities too much the reason why I kind of breeze over it
she’s very I’m always afraid I’m gonna be wrong so I don’t say nothing all
right really I’ll send her a message like whenever
the Hurricanes were coming and before they even were announcing that there was
hurricanes I sent her a private message saying that something bad is really
about to happen early a week later the hurricanes hit and they not got the
power in Puerto Rico yeah yeah so I mean I but I don’t like to say because I’m
always like what if I’m wrong what if I’m crazy she she’s like the person in
high school that worries about what everybody thinks
I mean people you you can’t be right 20% of the time Oh humans everybody makes
just because you have this gift doesn’t mean that you have to be hundred percent
true everything normal but the problem is most people don’t and if I’m
representing my team and I screw it up really bad it’s gonna look bad for the
whole team not just me that’s in in the hot seat if I predicted something or saw
something or you know whatever and it wasn’t true you know and so I’m worried
about that because I I don’t trust my gift all the time in fact I got friends
in Michigan that swear by me they do base where they meet up about like a
gift but I’m always like I’m always like you know I could be wrong and like it’s
funny story actually it was wrong about the day and I’ll tell you the funny
story my friend I have a friend named Heidi and hi Heidi if you’re watching
and her daughters Hayley and hi Hayley and um
if they’re watching probably not but if they are um her I sent her put a message
on her Facebook and I was like oh well you you guys got to tell me I guess
congratulations are in order or something to her and I was like and and
I knew and they’re like what and I’m like well you got a top and like
actually you’re your boyfriend tight Tyshawn tie the high tech on oh you yeah
it’s your issue it’s not good news you got to tell me about it and they were
like what what what and then I was like yeah and I was and I told them in the
Primus math message does I can’t something you know good do you see
confidence I see tan pants you know just little images like that like not like
piecing together and then the very next day my mind you they’re all like I don’t
know well maybe I got the day wrong and the very next day after I said that they
get a phone call from a job that he applied for like a month ago
and they get a phone call for an interview and the job he was getting
hired for the what he was gonna have to wear it was tan pants oh really wow
that’s amazing I I wish you would talk more about that
especially on your channel because I think a lot of people aren’t interested
like I am all drawn into the stories that you’re it’s really anything you
know it’s something mystical it’s something that we really don’t fully
understand we know that it can be like I’m like I might be able to pick up
something from you one day and the next day you’d be like I really need you to
pick up something and tell me what’s going I like yeah Wow our which is
actually really good at doing that – he is he’s got a different ability than she
does like when we were at the TV Hospital the one that I sent you that
has says full mom yeah he was he was he told me he goes I was sensing a woman
there but I wasn’t hearing her until she started moaning mm-hmm and he goes it
sounds like she’s crying and if you listen to it it sounds like somebody
crying and then here little whispers going on I’m at
nine Newton here and in that video I’m levity upset and this comes up again
and it’s Shh so I’m Tish and it’s over because she’s already gone but you can
hear that loan and I want any I look over and over again I guess such a
heartache I feel so sad for this person like I’ve never felt this sad over
hearing it a recording but this whatever is going on with this this entity is
just total sadness ma’am they are so I was once in the cemetery before I even
met Shauna and we were I was with this guy and he was drunk and he was like so
we’re walking along and he’s he’s got digital recorders and he’s like he’s
seriously like saying some vulgar things and we’re like at a Catholic cemetery
and he’s like saying things against Catholics in the Catholic could he’s
trying to make a mad well I actually heard a spirit talk to me and said kill
him oh so I asked Rebecca I was like well if I kill him he’d be stuck here
with you oh you don’t like that that’s a great animal
yeah that was like you might want to stop pissing the ball you want me to
kill you they were gonna kill her you shut up now you know and he’s like oh
whatever they didn’t say that but when he played it back on the Digi they did
say that Wow I told her was she gonna find all this stuff I know I know I know
cuz that one because I was in that one house and um we were saying something
out remember and he’s like if you know talk would’ve burned this effing house
down and the spirit said great let it burn and it was that plane but sure her
SD card that she has is busted so didn’t have for no reason
yeah that’s that’s one of the fun funny things about EVPs and stuff is sometimes
you’ll hear something and then you’ll go back and play it again and it’s born
oh no I said the collinsville thing the cause they’ll think the picture yes like
a picture if she saw something moving the oh yeah so what she said it to me I
was like I see nothing Vic okay I’m sorry but I was looking through still
pictures still they’re not closed to move just like right now weren’t you’re
not yeah cause you’re moving but I don’t want to refresh again right it was still
pictures and one of them there was a small demon like God like right there on
the corner of this kitchen counter and it turned and looked at me in the still
picture Wow and it startled me so I was like in the name of Jesus go did I set
it rose like oh my gosh you got to see this a desert than the now by the time I
got to her I think my in the name of Jesus go
sounds like so crazy come on not really not crazy crazy when I’m sorry I call
much of it is out there and we don’t really think about it on the day to day
basis you know especially the regular people
and she said that at one point I remember she said at one point I was
what’s your what what did I do during the cleansing that kind of guy oh she
started screaming during the cleansing I mean screaming
out the the Bible verses and in the name of Jesus and I’m saying hair following
behind her and I started screaming I realize I’m screaming and I’m like what
am i doing in our intro you’ll see me doing it I hate that part I really hate
it because I’m like I’m best part I’m actually doing a cleansing of that house
right there and you can hear me kind of I think it but doesn’t that mess up the
something messes up the thingy I don’t remember what happened but it’s on after
that part I didn’t put that up in the intro though but in the house like I
don’t know it was affecting me and there’s parts of parts that I don’t even
remember while I was doing the cleansing because I really truly believe the Holy
Spirit took over or something because then they remembered all everything
that’s happened in the cleansing oh yeah she was just I’m like do you realize you
were screaming at the top of your lungs she is no but we didn’t record that one
the one that we recorded was at a different location right but one in the
column in Collinsville is where she was screaming because that was when I was oh
yeah she was she was blessing the client at the time oh my god we do have those
yeah we do have those many said that we could post those there was a picture of
her that was taken before the cleansing there was a picture of her that was
taken like 12 hours later and this picture of her taken like 24 hours later
and you could a drastic difference like the first picture e-books she’s on my
own just yeah she Louis she had horns on her head it’s crazy and then like 12 and
24 hours later she looks like oh she looks healthy
she kind of helps me glow about her hello everything is like after I you
know you know the Soderbergh whatever it was and she
was literally scared to death what was going on in that place
oh honey so much so that she’s like oh don’t leave me don’t leave me want you
to cleanse it and we’re like we have to go cleanse your place right if you want
us to push we have to leave you you have to go I cleanse the entire family
cleanse their vehicle and before they would leave because they were scared
they didn’t want to they didn’t want to following them they didn’t want him to
follow him so he climbs though every person in the house we cleanse the
vehicle and then Oh what else I can’t remember everything we did we even bless
the dog yeah we bless the dog dog and the cats because they had animals they
were afraid of that so you rust and I’m telling you when you
spray Holy One it was very it was a very interesting case that’s been one of the
most interesting being a case though I don’t think I have no I don’t think I
know I have not yet been scared no okay I was startled with when the
demon turned his head at me but I wasn’t scared okay I can’t think of a time that
I’ve ever been scared of and I but we haven’t gone away really hills yet first
time I ever saw or dealt with an entity was my mother told me that I described
her mother to her to to purr like 100% exactly right and her mother had died
when she was 17 Wow mm no five years so ten years because I was five when I told
her wow wow I’ve got ten minutes so if you all have any questions well I have a
one personal question and then we can let you go hmm
sometimes a my voice disappears that’s another matter sometimes when I do do something and I
look around or like like just look into the room or just look around the corner
I see like a like black cats like passing through their the corner or
going into the room would that implement something some kind of engine going
crazy yeah well animals could be spirits – I
know before I got my cats in my house I had a
cat in my house that wasn’t alive and we all have abilities
it was a white cat and oh that’s where I talk about that lady – oh look I would
quicksort but yeah probably quick story I what I first personal
about her it does it relates to your cats listen when I first got this house
okay I left and I come back to get my stuff and there was a lady standing in
the middle of my living room and so like it looked like her solid salad and so I
you know there was no part where I live there’s no way this old lady would have
gotten there without a car so and it didn’t dawn on me that it was anything
but a person because I was a little bit annoyed that this lady was sitting in my
living room so she’s like well this is the last time I just want to see this
place one last time I I was raised up here blah blah blah and you know what
she had a white cat when they were kids oh right so that kind of leak that’s
where the cat came but um then her daddy built the house so I was something in my
spirit told me not go ahead and show her the place so I did I took her around the
place and I never did touch her I hope she never does should never shook
their hand never nothing and you know I just felt like I really had to show her
this place even though um and you know all this time this is how you think I’m
you think I’m so we don’t gifted ah all this time it took it took quite my
cousin who is also which like oh that was an entity she was standing there
that’s like two years after you yeah yeah she was she was dead she was
already dead she had just passed and I didn’t catch on to that because I just
thought she was a strange old lady in my living room you know it I saw that right
right for her yes yes the cat for white cat the white cat was was her cat when
they were when she was a child the white cat was there hmm and before her and
then there she was and the white cat stay for a couple of months after she
left oh yeah yeah I saw I saw that why can’t
many times if in fact it would climb up on my on me like normal cats do and lay
I mean I go to pet thought there’d be nothing there I’m just basically petting
my own belly nice belly but ya have like some video which I works out of gotta
kittens um you remember it where it is there’s like a little it I guess you say
entity or a lot of people don’t believe in orbs
however we are one of the groups that believe we believe because there’s a
certain type of orb that has a different essence to it are they afraid well this
one turned around came around with playing with the kittens
it was playing with a cat and you can see it turning around or moving moving
and playing with the kittens and the kittens are responding to it yeah the
kittens are trying to play with it everything but they couldn’t see it with
her eyes they only saw it with the video right and so then the cats in the
precious I’ve ever wants while she still weren’t she’ll stare at
something at the house because there’s an entity there and I have something
that comes every which one and then the chicken one time got turned off the
chicken remember I told you into my ad the moment I put chicken in the oven I
didn’t turn it off and no and I went in there and thinking it was gonna be burnt
and it wasn’t it was turned off right at the exact time it was done Wow but that
was like right after my mom died we also got we got a question from Suzy Suzy
Jones she says are they ever afraid that some of the spirits of these spirits may
attach and follow them home after every case we do we always go to pray right
afterwards before we go before I go into a case I don’t know that this she did
this before I was there she didn’t before ever I go into a case I always
pray for protection and I’m kind of a different entity on that I like to go
into a case just like clean clean I don’t know yeah I try not I did pray
with her this last time because I felt like collinsville was something I needed
to pray for when we got there to the property it was just like overwhelming
just like we’re like yeah we’re gonna pray before you go into this one but
otherwise I don’t do it because I want to be open and susceptible to whatever
is susceptible because of my gift so what I’m praying for protection only
praying that something does it come home with me right when whenever we lead the
investigation we do it cleansing that is totally anyway bye and Dustin command
update they’re not allowed to and when we do it cleansing that’s part of the
cleansing too you can’t come home with us and you can’t stay here you gotta go
when dozens in they hurt because he’s gonna ventually come back right now he
just fell away for school no he doesn’t see us with then but now
the season but now that the great we’re gonna have like the cleansing so we
should be waiting to go hurt all ways from Sunday I do a spray and it’s up to
them what they’re not they win but me myself I don’t usually go in straight
and them we’re starting to lose you ladies it’s really starting to break up
again unless you want to be ETI yes so if they’re angry it was at one point I
envisioned physically hurting another person that’s totally it was because I
was sensing the spirits that was there but I will sense what their finger I’m
gonna feel yeah it’s getting hurt here isn’t that
but thank you guys so much for your time tonight and you got well you guys as
well I mean that I we’re very honored to have you here so and even keep coming
back and letting us know what stuff’s going on with you guys okay Susie wave
that’s right nice to leave a good note but connections are connections not much
we can do about it so yeah talking about the ghost coming in well you know my
thoughts on everything I mean and my other cannibal well guys thank you so
much for joining us tonight and be well be good and tomorrow night we have a
really great show for you so it’s a meet good friends from New Zealand its
natural journey it’s gonna be so cool so definitely tune in at a p.m. Eastern
Time anything if you are in New Zealand except noon Saturday
so yeah I’m turning and we’re gonna be right here talking about New Zealand and
travel and okay yes yeah it’s gonna be interesting so lovely thank you guys so
much for tuning in tonight Louise all Cheers Thank You pollution
water for sticking to something creating

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