GC2012: Private Prison Protest

GC2012: Private Prison Protest

Minerva Carcaño: Is this
an immigration rally or is it a prisons rally?
It is a justice rally.(Crowd cheers)Minerva Carcaño: “It
is a justice rally. Jen Tyler: We are on the patio
at the 2012 General Conference
of The United Methodist Church. We are here today to gather
to talk about immigration
and to talk about detention. Julius Trimble: 2.3
million people in prison
in this country alone. Sixty percent of those
persons are persons of color. Minerva Carcaño: About half of
the immigrants held in detention
have no criminal record at all. Yet they’re being held in
these ‘for profit’ prisons. Owen Kross: We’ve seen a lot of
these anti-immigration bills
that are going through different states that are seeking to put
more persons in jail which puts
more profit in their pockets. Julius Trimble: Something is
wrong, friends, when a Floridian
can go to the University of Southern Florida for about
21,000 dollars, but the U.S. government is willing to pay as much as 48,000 dollars
a year to incarcerate, to
detain someone in prison. Jill A. Warren: We were also
celebrating the fact that the United Methodist Board of
Pension and Health Benefits
put in a new investment screen that says, ‘We will never again invest in private prisons.’ Barbara Boigegrain:
After very careful and
prayerful discernment, our board of directors
decided to add a sixth
investment screen, screening out private
prisons from the United
Methodist pension fund.(Crowd cheers)Jen Tyler: I think that for me,
as a person of faith, I think the most important
thing to remember is that
Jesus was a migrant. Jesus was someone who traveled
from place to place and who not only was a migrant himself but who welcomed migrants.

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  1. General Conference has not, but will vote to support the DREAM Act. We divested our interests in for-profit prisons who lobby for ways to drum up business, including unholy immigration laws. The Pastor of Christ's Foundry United Methodist Mission is interviewed at 2:06. His name is Owen K Ross, not "Owen Kross." See more of our videos at our page.

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