GCC – ACS Daffodils Day Sale

Who do you know that has cancer? My grandma, that I currently live with has
cancer. She has pancreatic cancer. We didn’t find out until it was already stage
four, and because of her age they can’t do any progressive actions towards it. Who do you know that had cancer? My sister did. Your sister? Mmhmm. What kind of cancer? She had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is cancer
of the lymph nodes. Who do you know that had cancer? My mother. Your mother. Yes. And what did you think when you heard she
had cancer? I was very shocked. Very shocked. I never knew my mother until two weeks before
she died. Who did you know who had cancer? My grandfather – he had colon cancer. He was having chemo done for that and it just
– they caught it too late and it spread through
the rest of his body and it did get into his liver. Who do you know that had cancer? My mother was diagnosed with both breast and
ovarian cancer at two different points in time in the past five years. And how has that affected your family? It affected my family at that point in time
because my mom was the major income for our family and, so, we didn’t have enough money
to pay all the bills. Cancer not only affects the person diagnosed
with the illness, it becomes a family catastrophic illness. My name is Kelly and my mother was diagnosed
with breast cancer June 6 , 2005. Many families like mine need your support. You can make a difference in someone’s life
by purchasing a bouquet of daffodils and supporting the American Cancer Association’s Daffodil
Days to support research, education, advocacy and
services. I know how quickly one’s life can change when
a loved one has to go through cancer treatments. Trust me, knowing there are people who really
care makes a difference in someone’s life. A little bit goes a long way. Just think, if every student and faculty member just purchased
one bouquet of daffodils, Genesee Community College would raise over
$15,000 for the American Cancer Society. You can make a difference.

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