Get Walmart Off Welfare | Bernie Sanders

Get Walmart Off Welfare | Bernie Sanders

America, today one family – the Walton family of Walmart owns more wealth alone than the bottom forty percent of the American people. An by the way, when we talk about the Walton family, the wealthiest family in America and when we talk about Walmart, understand that Walmart is the major beneficiary of welfare in America. Isn’t it weird… That many of the people who work at Walmart are on Medicaid – which you pay for. They’re on food stamps – which you pay for. They’re in government-subsidized housing – that you pay for because the Walton family refuses to provide the wages and benefits their workers deserve. So I say to the Walton family the wealthiest family in this country get off of welfare, start paying your workers a living wage!

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  1. Here we go again,the welfare systems are destroying the black communities across this country and this fool wants more handouts …Black people needs to ignore this scum …

  2. Ready for some math?

    Ok the Walton family takes in $3.1 billion a year. Wal-Mart employs 2.2 million people. If you split that $3.1 billion to all the employees they would each make $1,409 more per year. Assuming the average 40 hour work week and the normal 52 week year that extra $1,409 equals a whopping 67 cents an hour. 55 cents per hour when taking into account taxes at 8.25% which is a normal amount for that level of income. So congrats a minimum wage worker at $7.25 now makes $7.92 before taxes. Not such a big difference as you might think. Please be quite Mr. Sanders. You're simply trying to get poor people to vote for you by making it seem that they could make "living wages" by making the Waltons pay from their own pockets.

  3. Walmart pays tax, Walmart hires ppl and gives them income, Walmart sells goods to shoppers and creates value. Walmart is greedy and bad. Lazy ppl don't work,  lazy ppl don't contribute to the society. lazy ppl takes section 8 housing, food stamps, and pumping out lazy babies. Walmart >> Lazy ppl

  4. Being in Bentonville, Arkansas, I am in a unique place where no one will vote for Bernie because of his personal vendetta against Wal-Mart. Ironically, Wal-mart could pay 15.00 an hour probably, but you know who can't; the mom and pop stores which makes Wal-mart even bigger. Minimum Wage is just a price floor which keeps millions of people from getting jobs. In a Capitalistic society there will always be a poverty area and 15.00 and hour will just set the line a bit higher.

  5. So why don't all 2 million Walmart workers just quit their jobs in protest and put the company out of business? Problem solved.

  6. I'm currently employed by the Walmart Company, and it's hard living off of 15 hours a week. Management and Coorporate are only concerned about themselves. they could care less about us "ants".


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  8. Our country is in a sad shape.  Unfortunately you cannot force employers to pay more with the Obamacare disaster!!  We need to get rid of obamacare first.  Bernie wants to make all illegals legal.  I couldn't believe what he way saying.  America is really drifting away from our roots.  NWO ahead.

  9. Anybody know how much money the Clintons (and their foundation?) is worth?
    Pretty sweet coin for politicians I should think.
    Namaste and care,

  10. awesome but so was obama before he was elected and looky what happened their so i really hope your the real deal sir

  11. When you wave your hands arround like that every time you make a statement it stands for a man that cannot get out of life what he wants, what he envisions in his mind, so he starts to wave arround his hands.. hoping in vain that that will change things for the better. It is a very powerless gesture. The man is delusional… HIllary is not, never going to do anything that Sanders would like her as President to do, changing the Democratic Party platform is not going to have any impact whatsoever.. She has her own wicked agenda..Ask Chip Tatum

  12. And give people who don't want to work more welfare , maybe when he's president ill apply for welfare so I don't have to work at all #socialistamerica

  13. What an a bunch of bull shit! People who work at Walmart deserve what they make! It's easy work you want more money? Get a real job! Don't be afraid to work you deserve what you get Walmart isn't a job to make a fucking living it's a job for teenagers. Everyone feels so entitled to shit they don't deserve…. And don't tell me it's hard to find a good paying job I'm 19 making 530 a week because I'm not a lazy ass get off your asses and do some real work

  14. yes it is true he repeats the same thing to make sure all the people hear this. It is shameful that the richest family can't give their employees decent wages. By the way main reason Walmart gives employment to senior citizens is because our system is so broken that if Seniors make more then a certain amount it will affect other entitlement programs like Medical and their Social Security Benefits. I don't think they hire seniors out of the goodness of their heart. They can care a rats ass about seniors.

  15. What a moron Bernie is. He'd try anything for votes. Walmart is not on welfare. The people do a job that's not up there with a Dr, Lawyer, computer professional, etc. Go get a better job and get yourself off welfare. What complete idiocy is spewed out of this guy's mouth.

  16. One of my favorite videos! I get mixed emotions just thinking about the opportunity that America had with Bernie Sanders as President and how it all went to hell because the DNC decided that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee even though poll after poll after poll Bernie Sanders defeated each and every single Republican candidate by a landslide, including the beast that runs our country today. #BernieSanders2020!

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