Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : Glaucoma & Blindness

Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : Glaucoma & Blindness

Well, let’s talk a little bit, about who can
go blind from glaucoma. I think that when patients hear the word, that they’ve developed
glaucoma, there’s this level of fear and anxiety, in terms, of will I lose my eyesight, will
I go blind? Currently, the estimates that are in the U.S, that approximately a hundred,
a hundred and twenty thousand patients, have gone blind from glaucoma. That represents
somewhere close to about ten to twelve percent of patients, who have glaucoma. The reality
is, that people who go blind from glaucoma, are typically, individuals that have gone
years, and years, and years in their lifetime ,without just routine, comprehensive eye care,
and as a result, the glaucoma, that has been found in their eye, is so advanced. And so
later in life, that it could have been addressed much earlier in life, had they had the ability
to access eye care. So I think one is, that people go blind, because of lack of access
to eye care, because the patients who finally go in for their eye, to have their eyes examined,
may have had a case of glaucoma, that could have been dealt with earlier in their life,
had they had the ability to go in, to have their eyes examined, so I think that is one
group of patients. Another group of patients that could lose their eyesight, and potentially
have blindness from glaucoma, are folks that are unable to keep up with the regimen of
these eye drops, and so it’s really important to take the medication that your eye doctor
gives you. The eyedrops to help manage your glaucoma, because that’s really the only way
that you can keep yourself from losing eyesight. We’ve got to use those eye drops. We have
to use them regularly. We have to use them ongoingly, and by doing that, that allows
the pressure in your eye to stay low. That allows the nerve in your eye to stay healthy,
and it keeps your vision, your peripheral vision intact, and that’s how the doctors
can help treat your glaucoma, and help insure that you don’t lose eyesight, and I think
that there’s a third group of people, that can lose eyesight and glaucoma, and those
individuals that go blind from glaucoma, are typically, ones that are lost to follow up.
So they have glaucoma, and they’ve been treated for their glaucoma for a number of years,
and for one reason or another, they move, or they choose to not go back for their eye
care, and they lose their insurance, and are unable to afford going back for follow up
eye care, and as a result of that, what’s unable to be determined, is the effectiveness
of the treatment, and so, eventually the treatment stops. And so then we’ve got the issue, of
not having appropriate medicine on board, or perhaps that medicine stopped working as
well, and so, had they been able to go back for some follow up care later on, potentially
a second medication could have been used, or a potentially referral for some surgery,
could have happened. So in general, those individuals that go blind from glaucoma, are
typically not like you. They are not individuals that are well informed, that are taking a
proactive approach, that are taking care of their glaucoma. In my opinion, it’s typically
those individuals, that are either lost to follow up care, or there’s a compliance issue
at place, so there’s such a small amount of people who go blind from glaucoma, that as
long as you’re getting follow up care at your doctor, and taking the medicine, I think you’re
on the right track.

4 thoughts on “Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : Glaucoma & Blindness

  1. how do you get treatment if you dont have medical or can not afford the treat ment, is there a free or sliding scale place to go for treatment ?? thanks

  2. GUYS I have been really shocked few months ago when my ophthalmologist has told me that i have a very advanced glaucoma in one eye and just an advanced glaucoma in the other eye . I am just 42 years old and i am really depressed . The pressure in my eyes is around 12 it was around 29 . but it is advanced .. I am afraid to go blind there any cure any ray of hope to restore what i lost of my sight or at least to maintain what I have of it ? I heard about stem cells in china Is it fake?

  3. I find it interesting that doctors always put the blame on something the patient did or didn't do. I progressed while under care of a physician who totally dismissed my progression until I got a second opinon. I think you should include another factor is that eye doctors sometimes don't treat their patients correctly. Happens every day.

  4. I may be going blind I was fine before my shower and now I'm losing a little vision on my right side I'm I going blind?

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