Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : Glaucoma Treatments

Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : Glaucoma Treatments

Well, let’s talk a little bit about the treatment
of glaucoma. So, in general glaucoma has two methods of treatment. So the, one method of
treatment is using eye drops that are medicated, so we call that the medical treatment of glaucoma.
And, then the other method of treating glaucoma is surgery. So, we call that the surgical
treatment of glaucoma. So, most patients that have glaucoma fall into the first category,
which is to have their glaucoma treated medically using medicated eye drops, so those are called
glaucoma medications. So, there’s quite a few different types of glaucoma medications,
and their essentially eye drops that are used in the eyes at particular intervals to help
control the pressure in the eye. And, so once you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma, the rule
of variable that can be controlled is the pressure. And, so in using medicine to control
the pressure, prior to using the medicine, we’ll take a reading of what the pressure
is in the eye. Then we use medications on the eye, so we’ll prescribe some medications
to you, eye drops that you’ll either use once a day, or twice a day. Some drops are used
only in the evenings, some are used better in the mornings. And, so your particular glaucoma
medicine will be used at a particular interval. So, you’ll use those drops, we’ll take the
pressure reading in your eye, you’ll start using your glaucoma medication, and you’ll
use it typically for a few weeks, typically about six weeks, then you’ll come back in
to see your eye doctor to have the pressure rechecked. And, in order for us to figure
out that the medicine that we gave you is working well involves making sure that the
pressure in the eye is reduced by an amount that we think is good and healthy for your
optic nerve. What can determine the success of that medicine is one- does the medicine
work for you? And, two- the compliance. And, so, making sure that the patient knows really
clearly that it’s important to take the medicine and not miss a dose, and not double up on
doses, if you miss a dose, becomes really important on the medical side. What happens,
the reason that’s really important is that, that’s the only way we know if the drug’s
going to work or not, cause if the drug doesn’t work, if it doesn’t lower the pressure enough,
then the next step typically is to add a second medicine. So, now we’re up to using two medicines,
for the care of your glaucoma. So, now you’ll use two medicines, and so there comes the
compliance issue, it becomes even more important because now we’re using two different drugs,
at two different times of the day, and making sure that we don’t miss, and it stays on board
consistently becomes really important. In those patients where two drugs don’t work
well, or we’re getting compliance problems, or for some reason that glaucoma just isn’t
being controlled well medically, either we have to look at adding a third medicine, whatever
the case might be, those individuals then, are going to be served better by having surgery.
So, those individuals typically are going to be referred to glaucoma surgeons. So, glaucoma
surgeons are trained really, trained highly in treating glaucoma surgically by way of
effecting the drainage path within that chamber, on the front part of the eye. So, that front
part of the eye is called the anterior chamber, and there’s a drain there and that drain,
drains fluid away. So, the fluid called the aqueous that’s within the eye, so in the surgical
care of glaucoma what the goal is, same goal which is to reduce the pressure, but there
again surgically it’s going to happen by creating better outflow through that drain surgically,
making, essentially making that drain, drain fluid away better surgically. And, by doing
that, then we should be able to drop the pressure down surgically, and then for those patients
often times they don’t have to use glaucoma meds, and if they do, instead of using two
and three glaucoma meds, now they’re down to using one.

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  1. if you are a eye doctor why do you wear glasses there are many ways to correct your vision is there a untold dark side to lasik or lens implants? please tell me becouse i have a vision problem. after all the research it seems to be crazy to do lasik because of the damage it causes to the eye.and lens implant causes glaucoma. and cataract surgery who knows how long it will last please reply…SOS

  2. @tenordude1 its the basic color and the basic shape of things. its worse than putting a very high powered magnifying glass to your eye and trying to look around. i have it and im legally blind in one eye. i wouldnt be able to read if i had it in both, at all. and im only 12:(

  3. My eyes were already a lot of pain why i dont know. More than a few doing lately. I have been using computer for the long time being over the last two years. Doctor, it's what kinds of glucoma. Does it due to intake of Tea/Coffee. I drink tea/day. Or something, and sometimes I feel pain over the right eye followed by most of the time in the left eye. What should I do now?Which medication should be used? I live in Italy.Please help me.It's really grievous, irritating and most importantly painful.

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