Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : What Is Glaucoma?

Now let’s talk a little bit about what is
glaucoma. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness, here in the United States and worldwide. Often
times people call it the silent thief of sight. It’s a really particular problem because there’s,
typically, not symptoms associated with it. So, unlike a broken ankle or a problem with
some other part of your body, where there’s some pain or discomfort, glaucoma’s one of
those things where patients don’t, typically, have symptoms until it’s too late. Glaucoma,
typically, at last measure, glaucoma effects about two million people in the Country and,
typically, there’s one hundred thousand new cases of glaucoma diagnosed each year. Glaucoma
is, typically, is more prevalent in African Americans and it is essentially caused by
an increase of pressure within the eye. If we go back to how our eye works, inside the
eye here there’s a fluid and there’s two types of fluid. There’s fluid that’s here on the
front of the iris, right behind the cornea, there’s another style of fluid back here in
the back. It’s this front fluid that we’re talking about, in this front cavity, it’s
called aqueous. Glaucoma’s a problem where there is either too much production of this
aqueous or there’s some problem with its outflow and so as a result, this fluid is being produced
in here and there’s a lower amount of that fluid leaving so as a result, there’s an increase
in pressure in the eye. As that pressure increases, it causes this compressive damage against
the nerve back here, causing the nerve to become damaged. And when the nerve becomes
damaged, what we find, is that patients start loosing some peripheral vision. Earlier I
mentioned that glaucoma doesn’t have symptoms and so, typically, when patients come in we
won’t find them to say “look, I’m having a hard time with my peripheral vision.” There’s
a lot of studies that suggest that about forty percent of peripheral vision is lost before
there’s a subjective complaint, before people will complain that there is some loss of eyesight.

27 thoughts on “Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatments : What Is Glaucoma?

  1. ive glaucoma i only see at 10% with my right eye and the other is totally blind + the eye that i see ive water in my cornea ha fuck i need a surjury of cornea but i dont want to cuz the succes is 50% the other 50 if it doesnt work or they miss it ill blind with this eye too 🙁

  2. me too, i only 40 yo also…and i have Glaucoma,….u r in my pray, bro…..never give up….. maybe we can go blind…but never blind in opur heart….

  3. Hey guys, I'm an Optom, and glaucoma will not make you go completely blind. In advanced cases, it will leave you with "tunnel vision" where you're peripheral vision will be severely impaired. However, keep taking your prescribed drops! The drops reduce the pressure, and thus SLOW DOWN the progression of glaucoma. This is very important in terms of treatment.

  4. Had a staple shot in my eye,had a cataract 2 days l8r. Then my whole summer was ruined traveling till the removal of it after the surgery. Then I had a retinal detachment. Which they then proceeded to operate and give me lazer surgery. Then the retina deteriorated. Now they want to either remove my eye or laser surgery to cut off the flow of pressure. The AZOPT,COMBIGAN & LUMIGAN are giving me side effects of ITCHING,NAUSEAU etc. So is there anything else I can do for treatment?

  5. I have Glaucoma and im only 15! There is thining my the bottom of my left eye whhich is really the top of what you see! The did the a scan and found it

  6. Yo descubrí la manera de remover los depósitos proteicos que obstruyen el drenaje trabecular, sin necesidad de quirófano, con lo cual la creación de fistulas y la colocación de válvulas quedan como algo obsoleto

  7. @yaninho i really need your advice >> i am 42 years old ,, i did not visit an optician throughout my life but 4 months ago when he told me that i have advanced glaucoma in both eyes . 17 years ago , i had seen an ophthalmologist and all what he said to me that i have big optic disc most likely normal . my pressure was between 18 and 23 when measured by puff machine but in the hospital it was measured to be 29 now with eye drops it is 12 . is it possible to halt progression of glaucoma ?

  8. I may have this. My eye doctor said I have a lot of pressure on my eyes. I'm also part African American which is even more of a risk factor. I'm only 15 and I've worn glasses my whole life. WOOHOO.-.-

  9. never do glaucoma surgery unless its to put a tube in your eye for controlling the presure! i have lost 1 eye because of this + a year for extream pain

  10. its not really a progression its just a preasure that keeps destroying your nerves so as long as the preasure is low your good. be carefull with surgery those can go horrebly wrong :S

  11. I'm 10 years old and have had glaucoma all my life I've had 6 operations 1 very recent I had a tube put in my eye I have no sight in my left eye 🙁 everyone with glaucoma your in my prayers never give up hope we r all in the battle together

  12. am 23 an doctor says i have glaucoma but i also have clear vision what could be my type of glaucoma

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