Global Cancer Facts & Figures: Dr. Otis Brawley

Global Cancer Facts & Figures: Dr. Otis Brawley

Well using data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer in your Global Can Database. We’ve actually compiled data on cancer incidents and mortality around the world with a special emphasis on Africa We’ll be able to show trends what’s
rising what’s going down and actually this will be very helpful
for people who are both interested in cancer for purposes of cancer control planning or just people
who want to know what’s happening in terms of cancer around the world. The estimate is, is there’s about 12.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in
2008 and there’s a little more than 7 million
people who actually died from cancer We can actually see from the trends that
over the next 20 years the incidence levels are going to double
as are the death rate We are going to see more cancers in developing countries. As developing
countries adapt more westernized habits including a bad diet lack of exercise and smoking we’re actually gonna see a tremendous
increase in the incidence of cancers there we’re actually very interested in what’s
going to happen in Africa where there’s a very low prevalence of smoking right now but
smoking seems to be growing there’s also tremendous interest in
infectious disease caused cancer you know in the up in the developed world about
1 in 10 cancers is caused by infectious disease things like hepatitis
B human papilloma virus or HIV In the developing world it’s perhaps one in three cancers
they’re actually caused by infectious diseases right now that may
change over time. Africa is an area where we have a tremendous
opportunity to stem an epidemic it’s very clear that over the next 20
years there’s going to be an epidemic of cancer in Africa and an epidemic is going to be due to the
adoption Western lifestyle habits especially smoking but
also bad diet as well as lack of exercise What we actually have is a tremendous
opportunity to stop an epidemic that as it’s just
starting to start Of the 7.6 million people who died of
cancer in the year 2008 2.6 million actually didn’t need to die you see we know the cancer control things that need to
be done having to do with tobacco being
abolished changed diet, changing exercise patterns, control of
infectious disease we know all the things that need to be done such that seventy three hundred people
per day who died in 2008 did not need to die all we really need is to decide that we
as a people are going to come together and actually do the things that are necessary to control cancer

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  1. I had no symptoms at all PSA showed up aggressive PC Gleason 4=3=7.I don't smoke or drink and eat properly.
    4 blokes I know with no symptoms decided to have the PSA test after my experience and found they had PC in later stages

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