Gloria Alvarez “The battle of ideas that shapes society”

Gloria Alvarez “The battle of ideas that shapes society”

My name is Gloria Alvarez i am from Guatemala I`m a freedom fighter all over Latin America. Latin America, but also including Brazil and Spain and because of this is sometimes I also get to spread the ideas of Liberty in some parts of the US Well you see most of Latin America is suffering from the same regional cancer basically after the fall of the Soviet Union we all had Marxist Guerillas that wanted to copy what happened in Cuba you know Cuba was the model it was like wow finally some guys could put an end to the Yankee imperialistic ways of living and Castro is the way to go so we all develop Marxist guerrillas that starting started to follow Marx chause Marx said that through violence it was the way to acquire power and install communism but when the berlin wall falls and the Soviet Union disappears this leftist movements are completely out of resources plus we most of us were military dictatorships if you look at Latin American history from the beginning of the 20th century to the 1980s we all had military dictators so there was no much political expect room you know obviously communist parties were prohibit that’s why these guys you know had the Marxis Guerillas but in the in the 80s with the upcoming of a world without communism we also had reforms and we started having democracies most of our constitutions if you look at them are from the 1980s you know granting us freedoms that we never had before like for example first presidential elections and stuff like that so naturally right-wing parties starting getting elected in the 1990s you know unfortunately instead of opening the markets and allowing everyone to participate they did a lot of mercantilism and crony capitalism were only the few elite close to the president were allowed to be owners of these new businesses that were that were you know growing so of course the mass populations became consumers no one can deny that Latin America modernized itself and its cities became you know like world-class series of course they did but for the mass populations they could only be participating in the market as consumers not as entrepreneurs this created resentment and class struggle which united with the fact that the ex Marxis guerrillas had to figure out how to survive in democracy and so they did they did the agenda of socialism of the 21st century and because of the resentment of right-wing parties being corrupted and crony people started voting for people like Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega so what you’re seeing right now in Latin America if former Marxist Guerillo”s being president and then through democracy which would be something that Marx would despise and say no no that’s not a way of doing things through democracy they go to power and they start initially in our public and rewriting constitutions what has happened in Guatemala well in Guatemala we hadn’t had socialism of the 21st century governing but then you have this leftist movements trying to through civil society to maintain discomfort in the country so they make it really hard for companies to operate especially if it’s about a clean energy or mining or anything that its agrarian they they make conflicts they manipulate a towns to oppose this kind of stuff Well you see because of this elite that had the power in the 90s and having mercantilism and crony capitalism when Hugo Chavez came along our entrepreneurs are used to giving money to whoever is on the top of the polls they don’t care about the ideology of the guy or if the guy is corrupted as is commonly said he might be mother fucker but I want him to be my mother fucker so they give money to this kind of our genes they are not there bye-bye just because so they they were they trusted that over Travis as long as they you know give him money and let him be he was going to respect private property like all the right-wing corrupted presidents of the nineties but surprise surprise I was not the case so he started expropriating and this was the first attempt then Nicaragua follow Argentina Brazil with Lula and with Dilma then you have Bolivia like the whole region they started collapsing with this socialism of the 21st century tell you is because there’s poverty in Latin America and people fall for this populist promises I don’t blame the poor people I think it’s too cruel and too unfair to blame a woman that has five children that because the politicians gives her a bag a fool she falls into the trap and vote for him it’s too cruel it’s too unfair to say it’s because of that woman that we’re fucked we’re fucked because our elits haven’t had the balls of defending free markets of defending rule of law because latin american elites if you are born from certain class up then you know you have everything in life and the police is a suggestion ok and I on the Constitution is a suggestion and the law no no the law doesn’t apply to me because do you know who i am you know that that kind of logic if you are from the elite then the system doesn’t apply to you so is our elites political economic elites religious elites academic elite sports arts, everyone with this blocking this intellectuality that is needed for defending the right ideas and when you have a elits that are not educated that are not willing to defend free market and that are not willing to live under the rule of law then they’re going to finance the corrupt candidates that then expropriate them. Pinochet was the only military dictator that instead of you know putting into place protectionism or import substitution he said no no no no we need free market and I don’t know how to do this oh I’m going to have the chicago boys tell me and milton friedman was very specific to Pinochet and he said listen if you don’t open civil liberties this is going to backfire eventually, but Pinochet don’t want to listen and also it has been completely taken out of proportion because during the Pinochet era 2,700 people got killed vs a che guevara that only himself killed 17,000 people but if you ask the regular Latin American who is a genocide they’re gonna say Pinochet. So what happened in Chile is that everyone it started having this free market dictatorship and everyone focused on creating wealth as a result Chile is the best country of latin america with higher quality of life, less levels of a illiteracy and malnutrition and all this kind of stuff but the cultural battle was abandoned by this elite they focused on making money but they abandoned the battle of ideas so what happened the new kids that are born with money and they don’t study economics of course they think that the solution to give to the poor is let’s reduce tribute wealth you see it in the United States you know all they occupy wall street and socialism and Bernie Sanders rich kids that feel bad because daddy and mommy have money and I’m a privilege guy and I see that there are poor people so my quick solution because I don’t study economics is let’s give to them you know and this is what’s happening in Chile that’s why you have leaders like Camila Vallejo and a hundred thousand students going to the streets demanding that education become free now the voucher system that Milton Friedman imposed a that that is the the one responsible system for the fact that Chillian’s have better education than the rest of Latin America where we have unions that rub everything and now you see Chile one thing that system is like guys please study some history and economics you know. The fact that the right wing and the left wing had been completely disappointing for all of Latin America portrays a great opportunity for the libertarian movement to finally be noticed not as the crazy minority but as a political possibility and I think that in Brazil people have been very intelligent with the libertarian movement in saying okay let’s take the academics to the streets because what I’ve seen in libertarian movement sometimes is that they fight with each other you know like oh I’m more Randien and oh no I am more public choice oh no more Friedman, no more Ancap and it’s like guys in the time that you are wasting fighting each other our countries are getting fucked by socialism so of course as a libertarian I think you have the right of saying I’m going to leave in my jungle island and I don’t carry the world fall down that’s a choice but if you don’t like that choice and you want to actually influence in your country you’re going to have to be more pragmatic and I think that Brazilians are demonstrating all of us how pragmatism can work and can actually create a demand for these ideas so I really hope that they keep on that path that they use social media that they are true to the ideas i think that the work of Marcel for example inside the congress has been really interesting for other libertarians that have always seen that entering politics is not an option Well I mean I recently did a course on socialism for for some people back home in Guatemala the fact is that CheGuevara first of all he comes from a millionaire past his grandfather was one of the most wealthiest guys in Argentina as well as Fidel Castro’s dad, Angel Castro had a lot of fortune 8 million dollars in the 1950s that was a lot. So it’s the same thing of why you see now Millennials voting for Bernie Sanders. CheGuevara grabs some motorcycle he goes all around that in America he sees Indians being exploded countrymen being exploded by these companies and because he didn’t study economics you know there was no Henry Hazlitt around the libraries over there he blames free market for why this exploitation is happening in the agendas and the fincas and the factories of Latin America and he goes in his motorcycle thinking my gosh these people are being exploited and of course they were because when you don’t have competitors then you treat your labor force as worse than than scum, but the problem with Che is that he detected the problem but he couldn’t see what was the root of the problem the root of the problem was state mercantilism was few people with monopolistic privileges to have industries and he follows on all the way to Mexico with Marxist ideas with seeing all these things resentment in his heart and he finds Fidel Castro and by this point Fidel Castro was not a communist he just wanted to overthrow Batista because he was selling the country to the US. Also in mercantile istic protection istic ways were only US companies had the privilege to trade it’s we say in Spanish “The Hunger met the the willing to eat” you know both things got together and they go back to Cuba and absolute power corrupts absolutely and Che Guevara feels entitled to kill every single person that is not following the Marxist ideals actually Camilo Cienfuegos, Hugo Matos people who helped Fidel to do the revolution they were not communists and they were like wait, wait ,wait, why are we doing this this is this is not the path that we wanted to follow and they got killed or disappeared in planes. so the problem is that people don’t know that CheGuevara killed 17.000 souls that CheGuevara said repeatedly in his letters to his dad that I confessed to you that I love killing actually Fidel made him Ministry of Industry and a chief of the central bank and CheGuevara didn’t like bureaucracy okay his thing was killing so he said to Videl Castro you know what this is not for me he went to Kongo then he went to Bolivia trying to emulate what happen in Cuba he had no success Fidel Castro also bundled him because he didn’t like the shadow so I think that due to the lack of a Latin American young leader that defends life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, everyone thinks of CheGuevara as the revolutionary you know it’s like there is a demand in Latin American minds to have a t-shirt of someone that represents those ideals and if we don’t have no one from the other side then CheGuevara takes that place. so you recommend to wear shirts like “More Mises Less Marx” yes or like this “Who is John Galt” it’s like full of names of people who actually had you know fought for this what I say to two young people is listen if you are awkward life if you defend life you cannot admire assassins if you are up for defending private property you cannot admire thiefs and if you are up for liberty you cannot admire dictators so tell me in this category where does Che Guevara fit?! Well what I say to people is that the good and bad news is that it depends on us you know like I’m sick of the fact that people say oh let’s see what the gringos do and then we will see what we do or everything like in Latin America we have a victim’s psychological trauma where we think that if everything has gone to hell is because of the Yankees and it’s because of the spanish conquistador. and what i say to them is… 60 years ago japan japan didn’t have the conquest of spain or the Yankee intromition, which by the way every time the US has intervened in Latin America is because a Latin American has opened the doors so let’s take some accountability for that it’s not like the gringos come in ooh and the whole country resists no no there’s always someone that benefits from that entrance but that aside Japan, Japan didn’t have Spain conquering it didn’t have the Yankees no no it had the freaking apocalypse not once but twice with Hiroshima and Nawasaki and those guys are not 60 years later saying Oh Gringos it’s your fault that we are poor and we are so now they started producing they started working they started like you know taking their nation up so what I say to people in Latin America is if Japan could do it without crying for a 60-year apocalypse with what right we still blame Spain for our own issues you know it’s like unfair. The battle of ideas this is about fighting peacefully with ideas debating what I have found is that the Achilles I don’t know how you call it… the flow of the left is arguing because their ideas fall, they have no way on proving to you that socialism works so what we need to do is fight on that advantage and on this this is a game of thrones okay this is like chess you need different positions you need people on the horse you need other ones on the tower you know looking you need other ones writing you need other people in the in the halls you need others that are messengers so everyone is welcome Objectivist, Randiens and Friedman, public choice is stop fighting grab your position and let’s do it it’s the battle of ideas it it’s the field that we’re good in and they’re bad but if we keep on fighting with each other on who is more pure in the ideas then our countries for sure are going to be lost and I think that that’s that’s the only hope that we have it’s the battle of ideas the one that shapes society

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  1. 5:50 If a poor woman gets 5 children and she passes on poverty onto the next generation then it is her fault. Nobody can blame society that she is stuck in the malthusian trap.

  2. She is wrong about Chile. Pinochet dictatorship turn the country in pure business and erase all kind of civil rights to serve the economy. The result is that todays PBI is almost 4000usd (which looks very good from her point of view) but only 60% of chileans make less than 500usd per month which is not enough to live properly (0,4 gini). In my country there are very rich people (1% of population) and the rest of us, after working for 60 years, have right for only 400usd (less taxes) to expend . The education is the most expensive in southamerica and its 300 in universitys quality rank. Medications are also the most expensive around the world. Pinochet broke the economy not once, but twice in a 20 years time lapse. Less than 2% of chileans support her ideas so, according to her, 98% of us are just stupid because we are not able to see how good Pinochet was.
    She looks good but does not know what she is talking about. Read Noam Chomsky or came to any neighborhood beyond Las Condes, Lo Barnechea, Vitacura o Providencia, instead of hear this pretty girl opinions. She use a very rude language also. This last thing is only my opinion, the rest of this small message contains facts only.

  3. Freedom fighter supported by the Cuban Americans Foundation..and the oligharcs.. drug traffickers..The same garbage who are perpetuating corruption , drug trafficking, and she blames everything to the Communist..In the first place her country is a large plantation .. control by 18 FAMILIAS..Full of crap this piece of garbage..👎👎👊🙏

  4. I admire this young woman for the fact that she has given her professional life to learn about politics, and she will be very soon at the same level with Diana Uribe! Both amazing at telling true stories, and both amazing Latin intellectuals of or past and future! Am sure Mr. Harary will share podiums with them.

  5. 45,000 people die of hunger every day, in the Capitalist world, 25,000 of them are children, and that’s not history, it’s the row truth today, plus 8,000 more people die every day due to lack of medicines, not in the Socialist countries, no, in the Capitalist world, I’m Anarcosocialist, and therefore I condemn the both systems, so much corruption…..

  6. She is mistaken about Pinochet. Pinochet was the one who recovered democracy, fought terrorism and transformed Chile into a hardworking country.

  7. You forgot to tell people that the cancer you are talking about is a result of exploitation from bad managed capitalism..if the government that was in charge of Cuba before Castro and Venezuela and other countries would had taken care of its people none of this crap would be all comes down to greed on every types of govt..politicians are nothing but crooks and racketters.. Here is a quote from Vicente Fox ( is a waste of money to give old people and disable people a pension). Try defending this statement..

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