17 thoughts on “GMO Soy and Breast Cancer

  1. Interesting slant,sure playing with knives is dangerous, but with so many playing with guns, a concern with knives is a failure to see the big picture.

  2. Dr. McDougall talks about this sometimes.  It is true that getting people to just eat a whole food, low fat, plant based diet is the very important in the short term.  Problems are that this stuff is going to be controlling our food supply and we won't have a choice.  We will eat what is put on our plate whether we like it or not.  All native species could be destroyed and not enough people give a shit.

  3. gmos are bad, but if you eat sugar all the time (even organic sugar, wheat, fruit with high amounts of fructose ect.), your mind will be taken over by yeast. you will get diabeties, and if the yeast gets misdiagnosed as cancer, the kemo will kill you.

  4. Is having an animal product meal once a month, substantially worse than 100% vegan?  In your opinion, based on all the studies you have reviewed, what percent is the tipping point?

  5. Greger, stop asskissing Monsanto and the GMO industry. Your analysis completely ignores the vast implications of GMO's without which modern industrial scale meat production would not be possible. All this talk about the risk posed by parts in a trillion pale in comparison with the utter destruction of a living and vibrant ecosystem that is only possible if it is organic. These bastards at Monsanto and their ilk are only interested in putting a stranglehold on all living matter by patenting and rendering sterile anything that lives or breathes. The destruction of pollinators and bees is a deliberate assault on the ecosystem so that these fuckers can make more money.
    There will never be legitimate studies because there is gazillions of $$$ at stake. What bothers me about Greger is that while he goes on about a plant based diet and the evils of eating meat and dairy (which btw I totally agree with), he is turning a blind eye to the collusion of GMO's in those industries. Next thing he will be all in favour of GMO meats and dairy. What a farce.

  6. To cite industry funded so called "evidence based scientific" studies as science is duplicitous, amoral self-serving crap. You do a grave injustice to science. Shame on you.

  7. you're confused between traditional food and conventional food. traditional food is whole food unprocessed uncontaminated by pesticides and herbicides and antibiotics and hormones. conventional food is the opposite.

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