Good Practice   Listening to young people at secure welfare

Good Practice Listening to young people at secure welfare

(light acoustic music) – We provide a short-term
secured accommodation for young people who are
at substantial risk in harm out in the community and to themselves. We work quite closely
with child protection to provide a safe place
whilst they’re insecure, and planning for when they exit Secure so that they’re safe with a safety plan. – We’re all passionate about what we do. We’re listening to our clients. We’re trying to make their stay as comfortable as possible and trying to help them get through their short stay in Secure Welfare and make some change along the way. – The exit survey is
basically a way to come up with how we could provide a better service for the young person. – We get clients to complete the surveys before they exit Secure Welfare. The feedback that comes
back from the surveys is taken onboard and acted on. It’s helping us improve our services, and also making it a better experience for young people that
come into Secure Welfare. Most of the time, it’s not a good time in a young person’s life when they come into Secure Welfare. They’re in crisis, and very emotional, and have very complex issues. It’s about us trying to make them feel as comfortable as we can. – Secure ensure young
people are safe by observing and communicating with them,
spending time with them. They take it onboard. It might not be action straight away, but then you see the results later in life where they call and you can see that that’s
impacted them post 18. – I honestly do believe
that Secure Welfare actually saves a lot of lives as well because these kids are
actually putting themselves in a huge amount of risk, and they need some
containment, and some help, and someone to push them, give them some guidance to move forward. – We work in such a complex environment. It’s not an easy job,
but it’s very rewarding. (light acoustic music) – [Girl] Flannelette sheets and teddies. – [Boy] Add more sports and gym equipment. – [Boy] TV too small. – [Boy] I’ve been to secure many times, and each time I come and go, it helps me improve my
state on the outside. – [Boy] I think secure
welfare is like a second home and family to me. – [Girl] The staff were amazing. They made me feel comfortable and safe at Secure Welfare. – [Girl] But I feel like my stay here really made me feel like
I’ve bettered myself, and I really think I’ve improved myself. – [Girl] Thank you, secure staff. – [Girl] PS; Sarah is the best. – [Girl] Beautiful staff. – [Girl] Best team of staff; that’s what really makes
this place special. They are caring and genuine. – [Boy] Thank you to all
the staff that helped me. Much respect. (light acoustic music)

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