100 thoughts on “Google reportedly collecting Americans’ health data

  1. every time…you click on a insurance or heath..or food or even dog food….phones…you and I get called…its a proven fact they spy on us

  2. Hmmmmm I don’t recall entering into a HIPAA agreement with Google. Im sure they would settle out of court for a few million dollars. Time to call my attorney and ask him to make some free Google money for me.

  3. Are you nuts? Do you honestly think Google wants to make something BETTER? in fact I worked for the company collecting the data. They had Napolitanos health records, and he has heart and blood pressure problems. Do you know how valuable that is? Varney is an idiot.

  4. Duh, our phones are bad enough now we where watches that tell them everything. Google is the precursor to the mark of the beast

  5. If you use your phone to jerk off, they probably know your d*** size as well. Thats why i always give my phone a smile and thumbs up afterwards… to show them i care… 😁👍

  6. Google is turning the information over to Ascension Healthcare without our permission!!! This is a clear HIPAA violation and I certainly don't consent!!!!! There should be full prosecution for having initiated this without our consent!!!

  7. I do not consent! Any information, research, experimentation done to me due to GOOGLE or any subsidiaries is criminal and subject to the right to privacy.

  8. you know whenever you hear one of these stories its absolutely true the only problem is not only is it true you find out that they've been doing it for years

  9. Fake Fox News trying to make Google the bad guy. Don't believe in this corrupt News outlet. 🦊
    I personally gave Google my Health data. That was my choice. I gave Google my Health information so I can get positive information back so I can improve my Health. I didn't give Google my data to share with anyone else accept my personal doctor. Apple collects people's health data from there Apple Watch but you don't see Fox News bashing Apple This whole video is screaming Rich Republicans trying to hurt Google's reputation. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Don't believe everything you read or see from the Media.

  10. Google has No Right to
    Reference or Public's
    Our Government Must
    Take Responsibility for
    Personal Records &
    Accountability as our
    Government Taxes the
    Same customers.
    Google is not Public
    Government by any

  11. I love JUDGE Napolitano! 👍🥂👏! He speaks the truth & breaks down THINGS very clearly! I would love watching him!

  12. Funny it's no surprise that these conglomerates are Collecting all the data they can to monetize it later…

    hhhmmm journalism at it's worse

    Way to go academia students of journalism you are as incompetent as your fellow academicians in the Federal Government SERVICES …


  13. If you want to keep all of your information private then go live in a cave somewhere then you’ll be perfectly fine people need to adjust to the new reality nothing will ever be private while the internet is a thing

  14. One simple statute would solve all this. It would say: All personal information belongs to the individual and cannot be collected, used, disseminated, held, sold, or otherwise placed in commerce without the express written consent of the owner for each and every use and the owner of such information may charge for each and every use and this ownership cannot be alienated or otherwise waived. That would be the end of it.

  15. Time to bring Google down to earth.

    So ridiculous that a tech company, built by customers, becomes the enemy of everybody who loves freedom.

    Time to bring them to court, one by one, by one.

    They nefariously share information from everything we do on their little gadget, even though I specifically rejected Google's request to read my emails etc.

    Time for them to get straight. Lengthy jail terms for the upper echelons will certainly get attention.

  16. So he spends the segment saying it's a good thing, but then says he didn't like the fact that an unknown third party had his information and called him. It's kinda what the point is. Private information should be just that. PRIVATE.

  17. If you all are naive enough to think this is the only information they are collecting, you all need to wake up. Google is collecting and manipulating data on a worldwide scale. What else do you think they are up to? Collecting cookie recipes?

  18. I’m sure no one cares about this because America has been dumbed down by the education system paired with entertainment.

  19. They want our data so they can cure all ills & do something magnanimous for mankind…. or

    Depopulation Isnt a new concept.
    Neither is the arrogance of it.
    China, Mansanto, all the big corporate evils are rooted in.
    How many lives has big pharma & glyphosate affected or ended?!!!
    Need data right?
    AI + Chemical warfare = WAKE UP.


  20. I caught Google trying to suck out my soul thru my phone a couple nights ago. I think my tv and laptop might be in on it, too 😩

  21. Spying on the American people while Google openly works with Communist China! Personal medical records are PRIVATE and should not be released to outside interests.

  22. Google isn’t free to use. They sell our data. Everyone knows that and we use google because we don’t actually care. We are used to it by now. Google probably has a full log on every single person on YouTube by now. We have to do something about this now though because we don’t know what the future entails. This could be a major problem in the near future

  23. Google is mining the info to feed their AI algorithms to predict future health problems. Without the data, they can't train the AI models.

  24. I actually gave no consent for my medical records google only to using their services. If I get targeted by advertising for anything related to my health I will sue.

  25. I know a ton of people who put all sorts of info on facebook, and they think that that's just fine. I don't. I don't think that facebook needs to know that my baseball team is having practice or what my wife looks like pregnant. No sharing is the best policy. The only accurate photo of myself that has ever been online is the one for this account. Follow my lead. And why would ANYONE think that GOOGLE is going to keep something private? When they say "we may"…they mean "we will". Get it through your heads. An tape up your cameras…

  26. Google sends me ads of communism apps example TIK TOK i have repeatedly told them to stop sending these ads and they refusing to listen, GOOGLE once again stick your communism ads up your bum idiots.

  27. Lol it's cute how people think they own their biometric data. If you use a finger print scanner to clock in and out of work. The company that owns the scanner owns a copy of your finger print.

  28. Listen, Grandpa, we should not be bought and sold. It's my info. What right does anybody other than myself have to sell it.But it's not new. My credit union sold my info to an insurance company that sends an offer, every month now for maybe ten years with the name of my credit union on the return address so it looks like it's from them (in very small writing it says "for members of". I remember going to Toys R Us maybe 15 yrs. ago and fighting with the cashier who asked for my address and phone number. I was paying cash. I refused and we fought about it. This is just a new form of that only much, much, worse because no one is asking anymore.

  29. I believe they interpret and build a profile.
    These likely are the same people that will protest law agencies from listening for threats – hypocrites.

  30. Google knows everything, where we live, all our activity on internet, our personal records. There’s no way to stop it now, we had people warn us but we brushed it off, they control us and there’s no go back.

  31. It's a good thing I LIE on every survey, webpage, & net posting AND+ I LOAN random 8 yr olds my phone just to screw w/the data they collect.

  32. Now were talking about it? While were at it why not look into the parent company who owns twitter and youtube aswell. Who is alphabet?

  33. Google built its HQ ontop of an EPA superfund site. Its employees are being exposed to a carcinogen that directly causes cancer. I wonder if their employees know about this.

  34. Question. Were do I sign up to sue Google? Violating all kinds of privacy laws. Hey Google butts my sh_t is still bown if you want to know that health question.

  35. So wait until you have some kind of health condition and then all the sudden you can't get health insurance nobody everybody mysteriously won't give it to you but won't tell you why that's the kind of crap you'll see

  36. Someone mentioned Apple I saw a commercial on TV the other night that made me laugh. Apple was trying to sell their products and bragging about how they protect your privacy yeah right remember around 2012 when all their phones are tracking people and they denied it until I got busted on it

  37. The U.K. is reportedly building a health care system based on "social credit," and this is what Google is doing here. Trump needs to break these bastards up.

  38. Especially our healthcare. Google needs to come down. India trying to take over the technology industry. Google is India. Screw Google! Having a bunch of Hindu and Muslims controlling my healthcare.

  39. This is not good. I am a nurse for 2 state hospitals and we use gmail. A state hospital is what a "insane asylum" is now referred to. It has a bad connotation to it so that name is no longer used. But that information should NOT be out there for the general public to get a hold of.

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