Google+ Video Guide (The New Google Plus Social Network)

Google+ Video Guide (The New Google Plus Social Network)

Hi, I’m Mike Essex, the online marketing manager
at Koozai. Today, I’m going to walk you through Google+, the new social network announced
by Google. I’m also going to tell you how it can rival Facebook, and what it does differently,
and also some SEO benefits of potentially using the tool moving forward. There are four core elements to Google+. These
are indicated on the board behind me. So we’ll just run through each of these one by one. Now the first one is Circles. Now, we’ve been
talking about this since March, and it’s good to finally see that Google have actually followed
through with it, because it’s actually a really good concept. The idea behind it is that you
can have little mini-networks within your social network and only show content to them. So for example now, you might have a LinkedIn
account and a Facebook account. So you put business things on LinkedIn and personal things
on Facebook. By using this, you can actually have different groups of people and assign
them to a circle. You can say, “Well, these are my best friends, so I’m going to engage
with them more often, but I don’t want those conversations to appear with all my friends
or acquaintances that I used to know at school.” By dividing people in this way, it actually
helps you distribute content much easier. The SEO benefit of this is that people have
now got better networks, and are potentially going to be more likely to share content because
they don’t have to worry about what these kind of people would think about the content.
They can only give relevant content out now. Now, having more people talking about your
content, it’s going to drive more people to your site. So obviously, the easier you can
make it for people to share the content with their circles, the better benefit you’ll see
of this. The next one is Hangouts. This is just your
basic video chat service. So when you login to Google+, you can see friends that are having
video conversations and you can join in. Very similar to iChat, but the social networking
aspect of it means that you can get involved in active conversations far easier. It’s also
wider than having to just worry about people who own iChat or have a Mac. Then we’ve got Huddles. Huddles is probably
the least interesting feature in terms of you’ve already got Facebook chat, you’ve already
got Skype, you’ve already got instant messaging on your phone. So, in terms of what it adds,
it’s pretty limited. It’s just a long IM conversation that’s recorded across a group. Google have probably included it just to make
sure that they’ve at least got it in there as a similar service to their rivals. It’s
certainly going to upset Microsoft, who’ve just spent so much money on Skype, now that
Google are essentially giving away a rival service. Last of all we’ve got Sparks. Sparks is the
most interesting feature from a search perspective, and obviously with many people saying that
Facebook is going to be used as a tool for search, it’s interesting to see that Google
have hit back with their own version already. Now what this will do, is you’ll actually
get a search box within Google+, just like a typical Google search. That search is what
people are talking about within your network, and then shows related topics as well. It’s
really applying the power of Google to a social setting. Also, Google +1 is going to play a big feature
here. The more +1s you’ve got, the more likely your content’s going to be to show up, amongst
other ranking factors of course. It gives people more reason to +1 your content if they
find it through this network. From an SEO benefit, keep getting those +1s on your website
content, because it’s clearly going to be important here. So I hope that’s provided a good overview
of the features of Google+. Sadly it’s impossible to get access to it at the moment without
an invitation, but as we get access to the tool and learn more about it, we’ll be sure
to post more video guides. To make sure you don’t miss those guides, be sure to subscribe
to our channel, and also visit to learn more about what we do.

96 thoughts on “Google+ Video Guide (The New Google Plus Social Network)

  1. Great video Mike! The circle idea is fantastic and love your point about relevant content for specific circles to drive content to sites or profiles.

  2. Google plus will fail because the spelling varies through languages and in some it's just awkward or sounds like a supermarket offer.

  3. facebook keeps your info account after you delete it and can give it to organizations legaly, which is bull shit. Does google+ do that as well? If not, i'm changing! I mean, all these years google never letted me down. Look at gmail.

  4. Poor SKYPE is headed for certain DEATH now that microsoft bought them out, such a good program such a bad outcome.

  5. I got into google plus yesterday very nice…not too crazy about all the features of the new youtube though

  6. @fearfactor87

    As if those features are not easily copied by facebook…no this will not do anything and facebook already has over 700 million users, as if people are going to switch for some minor features.. People have built up networks with hundreds of people with as many shared pictures, they will not switch easily.

  7. @bramiozo you dont need 700 million people to switch you just need enough to enact the social pressure of not being part of the it thing.

  8. @LoLSK1

    Agreed as for the initial influx of people, but wouldn't google be the last party to work on that effect, google IS it rather than facebook imo.

  9. WTF I mean is good there is competition and all but when will we have a definitve Social Network , What F#%@ sucks is having to transferr all the freakign pictures from one social network to the next, I ve done it like 5 times. and it took me a lot to create FB because I said well I ll just wait to the next big social net work then that wasnt happening so I thought FB will be the one .. now Google + !! [email protected][email protected] I am not creating it until "ALL" my friends have that…..

  10. this is more like i was sitting on a comfortable couch watching and im supposed to get up and walk to another comfortable couch and watch tv …. No thanx ill just stay where i am …

  11. I couldn't follow along on this. And.. That's only because I can't access Google+, for whatever reason. I seem to be locked out of it. Anyone have any idea why?

  12. @Zihab2000 No, just from the looks though it's stupid. Google is trying to get too famous. They should just stick with what they have. Google is a search engine. Not a social networking site. Why are they trying to change. We've got so many networking sites already.

  13. I love Google Plus! It's pretty awesome and the hangout feature is so great… I have already started using it with my friends. If you want an invite send me a message on here and I can email an invite to your gmail account. 😀

  14. @Zihab2000 I understand your point but do you remember facebook when it first came up ? everyone was like oh this is useless and boring and we already have my space, hi5 and other accounts so no need for the boring facebook and it actually was boring at first but later on more and more people joined and it started to change. What I mean is that maybe we should give it a try first and see how it goes. I have this feeling that google + will be something really famous later on.

  15. @TacticRush I understand your point but do you remember facebook when it first came up ? everyone was like oh this is useless and boring and we already have my space, hi5 and other accounts so no need for the boring facebook and it actually was boring at first but later on more and more people joined and it started to change. What I mean is that maybe we should give it a try first and see how it goes. I have this feeling that google + will be something really famous later on.

  16. This makes me frustrated! I already had to switch from myspace to Facebook. I hope this doesn't get popular cause I like Facebook a lot and I don't want to switch over!

  17. @Zihab2000 Maybe, maybe so. I just hate all this change for a networking site. Why can't there just be one big one yah know? It's gonna be so much pain if everyone switches to google+

  18. @ThiskiidDances you dont need it anymore…google plus went public so you can just sign up! but you have to be 18+…but google said on july 31st they will make it 13+

  19. Google Plus is filled with potential threats to your privacy and safety. It can allow pretty much anyone to track you down and learn a disturbingly large amount of information about you, such as where you live. Don't use Google Plus, for the sake of your own safety. Visit my channel to learn more about the topic.

  20. If any of use need a google+ invite, subscribe to my channel and drop me a message with your gmail and I will send you invites. I have sooo many and none of my friends use google + so I will give everyone them 🙂

  21. i was the same mainly because i was used to facebook and did not want to go and make a new account up on a new site. but now i have to admit i think google plus is better it easier i don't have to worry about checking my privacy to see who sees what share and it a fresh start fb keeps changing and seems a bit greedy why google is known for keeping things simple and are don't usually keep things as they were if they got good reviews

  22. Still wondering how to setup your own Google+ account and/or wondering about some of the benefits? Here is a newly released quick step by step guide to Google+

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