GOP Kills Welfare-To-Work Extension – Why?

GOP Kills Welfare-To-Work Extension – Why?

democrats suggested that expanding a welfare
to work program I and other extension for one more year would
cost one half billion dollars but here’s what it does these people that are on welfare give
them a job and of for example in Illinois alone it has led to
twenty six thousand new jobs nationwide it’s what the two within forty thousand new jobs
and what it does is and and this is what the reasonable of the democrats agreed to for bill Clinton started to welfare-to-work idea along with the republicans in congress the idea is to get people used to working and into the system the of all can much year get new jobs get
other jobs right and they have some of that to resume and some work experience it certainly tells us a lot why in fact of the back to it the American enterprise institute the largest
neoconservative think tank love this program it’s a fantastic haley barbour did deeply conservative governments at the this is a wonderful program republicans to think it was a wonderful program until the democrats have brought up worried
all right before the election in which his republican said where the filibuster of course of parts of course because okay in part of the country because that God forbid that might actually
be in favor the democrats when people go to vote they might the other democrats in a decent
job so no way to destroy the economy would destroy
as many jobs as possible so that the republicans can get a slight advantage
in the fall this is your modern the republican party the party of basically baxter well some of the worst people in the country welcome care all what happens to you only don’t want to pass before the election his tax cuts for the rich but the few and anybody did not include a
include tax cuts for the rich they just kill the bill noted that tax cuts
for the other ninety eight percent no cuts in wheelchairs people do you know what areas I don’t like as I don’t have any impact two percent of all
I care about that’s the richie rich republican party you’re had have it examined by a perpetual
if you vote republican in fact it is that makes us the innovative
picture that crash economy later you get four four okay but you live in the short term a little
bit about the various we have all republican if you’re in the top
two percent the rest of you had had exhibited a vote for
these guys it’s a welfare-to-work program that includes
a lot of against killed right now there’s reports coming from Illinois
from nevada from all these different places of people sanai will want to do that said
I got kids of at this job everything was going okay it’s we’re building something well let’s pulled out from underneath you now you have nothing go back on employment so the republicans can have a slight tactical advantage in their own

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  1. @Tiosh Yes, the ultra rich, would much rather have it concentrated as much as possible among the top 1%. Hard working Americans would like jobs, but screw em. The government doesn't work for those poor bastards.

  2. Whats happening to our country ? We have to do something about these fuckin clowns. The Pussy Democrats and the obstructionist Republicans.
    Democrats have got to show Obama they are tired of his shit, Republicans need to show the GOP they are tired of the filibusters that kill productive bills.
    The only thing that stands in our way is this divide between the "left" and the "right" if the American People were united instead of bickering over non existent socialism we'd be able to make progress

  3. @Tiosh Sorry, should have investigated your comment more. You're right. That video was pathetically simplified, utter, bullshit.

  4. The GOP killed this and the anti-outsourcing bill so that they could pass it themselves after the midterms and claim credit for it. And it'll work because no one will remember they did this just like no one remembers that the recession actually began under Bush.

  5. The republican strategy to rule America : Eliminate every job in the USA, so that the people will starve to death, and not be able to vote against them anymore.
    So far, it seems to be working.

  6. Why are Republicans set to win big in November?? welfare to work is called employment, man the Dems really cut their own throats by getting rid of organizations like Acorn I hope they are happy!! not saying only folks who look to Acorn for assistance are on welfare but, just imagine if Acorn was around to rally those po folks around work fare.

  7. The only problem with being a liberal, is
    that the taxpayers money eventually will run out.
    Actually, it's already run out. But what the fuck, extend all of the payouts. It makes us feel better.

  8. Building decent employment history is the BEST way to get those down and out, back on their feet.

    The neo-cons, and tea baggers love to talk about the "lazy taking a vacation on UE benefits", but when there's a plan to make people work, they still block it?

    Let's name names. We'll start with Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), who blocked request to bring up the bill.

  9. @bobbytiger Supply side economics only concentrates money into the hands of the wealthy, while giving them no impetus to create jobs, exacerbating this wealth transfer.

  10. @nilbud please enlighten me then how the dutch contribute vast amounts of something to the republicans. Hell they are already complaining that they contribute the most to the EU. why would they even contribute to the republicans. Do i need to make a tin foil hat?

  11. @TheUSMetalhead and scrapping it totally makes sense in what way? if it isn't perfect then either party should have just amend it. that would be more effective to win votes anyway

  12. Look it's the Democrat's job to accumulate a surplus every 4 years and the Republican's jobs to give it all to the top 2% of America. Why is it that hard to understand

  13. What can we do? Does all this politic news every make you just want to give up? There is so much power on the hill what can we really do? Even if we keep the democrats in office – they don't help us. What is happening with America?

  14. It is time to do away with this party system and make everyone run and legislate as an independent actually representing the people who elected them.

  15. Something is wrong with the Democrats message and PR teams! I can't imagine the Republican not coming out with a way to destroy Democrats if the roles were reversed.
    Cenk is completely right that the Democrats are whispering when they need to be using a megaphone. Because the American people for the most part are deft and are more keen on demonstrations of strength and conviction rather than logical arguments. It's sad really!

  16. @Temuzin11

    That's right. This, coupled with the outsourcing bill should provide the Dems with tons of ammo to run "Republicans against employment" adds. They must have the worst PR teams on the planet.

  17. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit benefits 12 target groups including ex-convicts who are eligible to get hired, vets and the disabled. It would not be a good thing to get rid of this program. However many jobs are being held by the target groups and "others" are unable to find work because the jobs are awarded to the target groups. It's a catch 22 :(. BTW we all know it would be extra cash in the politicians' pockets if the program was discontinued. I hate politics.

  18. Wow I never heard of this program but it's such a good idea that''s the problem tough people cannot get a job if they have no experience doing this is BRILLIANT!!!

  19. @upplsuckimcool16 I agree, but the point is that they move off the government programs into real work. But as Zig Ziglar says, "the major problem with people is once they get a job, they stop looking."

    Now they might have been in favor of it a year ago, but maybe it isn't producing the results, even more so if people aren't moving into private sector jobs, and why would they? government is easy street.

  20. @EmpressNimra completely agree with you. So the best way to fix that though would be to reduce taxes and force budget cuts. Once we start cutting things like parks, then salaries will come out. About how this senator earns X dollars from congress but closes a park. But as long as you continue to increase taxes and not cut spending, that will never come up and we will never hit the real issues.

  21. If a Canadian political party or politician tried to kill welfare-to-work-extension they be kicked out so fast that their heads would spin.

  22. You know…. The worst political structure I experienced was in Russia 1992-1998. The corruption was absolute, EVERYONE was corrupted. But i still like it more than the current US situation. Old post perestrojka system was corrupted, wicked, gain based. The current one in US is just plain gain based-evil. This world is sad.

  23. As bad as the Democrats are you have to be a fucking idiot to vote for the Republicans. That's like sheep voting for wolves because they dislike foxes.

    Anybody who honestly thinks there will be more jobs or higher income under a Republican Congress or President has been asleep for the past 30 years.

  24. Cenk I'm totally with you! The smart people can see right through these pathetic destruction attempts by the GOP. Hopefully we have ENOUGH smart people though.

  25. Anyone still wanna argue that the Republican party gives a shit about people who are not rich, particularly the poor?

    It seems like they're going to keep striking down bills that the majority were in favor of until there is nothing left. You really can't survive as a party if you're only going to approve of the things non=Republicans are against. They're not only separatists, but they want to take credit for everything just to retain their lost popularity.

  26. At least Republicans can get elected even after driving America into bankruptcy, it's because they have Fox News, Obama has TYT, sometimes, MSNBC, sometimes, its own Senators, sometimes, Republicans are onside 24/7 to get where they are going. Evil wins over good again and again in American because their weak remain weak and the Evil remains strong.

  27. Voting is like Driving. To go forward you must select 'D'. To go back, select 'R'.

    (Sometimes D is like putting it in 1st. But its still better than going backwards.)

    Bush took the family car on a drunken joyride for 8 years and left it in a ditch. It will take some time to get the car out and fix all the damage. Until then, only adults will be allowed to drive.

  28. @Relyt22 Seriously. I mean, WTF is on the Republicans' minds with this? This was such a "right-wing-friendly" policy and now they want to kill it? Obama could be like "CUT TAXES ALL DAY, FOR EVERYONE! NO MORE SPENDING EVER!" and they'd still be like "KILL THE BILL!" … how can they be so transparent and yet get over so much?

  29. The problem is how many of these people who don't stay informed will blame the democrats and go vote for republicans now. That is the whole plan behind republican politics.

  30. I always say if you are a republican because you believe you will get rich – it's just the same as believing if you blow your dumb ass up you will get 72 virgins. But nobody ever accused the republicans voters to be a group of thinkers.

  31. Another "Republicans are evil" clip. I know you want to blame Republicans for EVERYTHING, but sometimes little things like FACTS get in the way. For example Democratic Party got super majority in both houses. They also control the white house. Facts are stubborn little things.
    Cenk is a born liar.

  32. Republicans suck dog balls. My boss makes over $250,000 & he's not creating any jobs BECAUSE the republicans can't be trusted to vote for anything else that may help small business owners. They are doing what they were paid to do by lobbyists for rich CEOs. If you believe otherwise you are daft.

  33. It's a simple calculation. Corporations know the American people are retards with the attention span of a gnat who have already forgotten what Bush/Cheney did to America. They know that if they can make the US crash and burn while Obama is President, Americans will blame Obama and the Democrats opening the door for a corporate-friendly Republican administration in the future.
    I hope they succeed because nobody deserves a Republican administration more than the American people.

  34. @tehant1liberal "the Republicans want to create American jobs and balance the budget." I'm sorry, but that statement is pure, utter, fucking bullshit. Here's a hint: How about you actually look at the data for jobs and the deficit for the last time span Republicans were in charge? Google, I hear, is a very useful tool.

  35. @tehant1liberal you mean thanks to bush we have a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit because obama only added the last 300-500 billion dollars. also if tax cuts worked then why the recession? even with a stock market collapse a strong economy can and would recover very quickly but because the middle class pay is stagnant while the rich become richer (because of those tax cuts) the economy was too weak and the recession happened

  36. Got to wonder if all these filibusters will screw them over, if enough people realize what they are doing they might lose all support Obama's been giving them.

  37. I hate welfare to work programs. We have it in Germany and it's another way to get slave labor. They are called Euro jobs, because you get paid 1 Euro an hour, so you can get welfare. You spend money to get to work, since your typically not in the town the where the work is. It hits single parents the most, in the U.S. the program would make single mothers with children ages 6+ to work. It's the wrong way to address welfare reform, because again… it's slave labor.

  38. @wolfwing1 the real "democrats" should just make an ad, stating the stats on how many of their own bills the republicans filibustered. The numbers will probably be louder than just moaning about it. and the Democrats need to clean up their own house…

  39. @onlywhenprovoked if the holocaust wasnt our problem, would you try to stop it? thats not a hyperbole; without military aid there WILL be another one. Iran has nukes, and its neighbors have conventional technology that was cutting edge 10 years ago.
    your like the reps when they say "the poor and starving arnt our problem". israel needs arms the way the poor need food.
    and what does Israel's healthcare system have to do with anything? every country should have universal healthcare.

  40. @onlywhenprovoked also, mexico and canada dont have tons of conventional missiles, and Guatemala doesnt have nukes, and they are not hellbent on destroying us. no one needs to "help" us.

  41. @AthHendrixThe only genocide I see going on in that part of the world… is being committed BY israel, not against it. Borders? Nuke Prolif. Treaty? Come on.

    They make their own weapons and buy them from nations other than us, but you assert that they need our arms. They have a financial surplus, but you claim they need our money. BULLshit.

    We have poor and starving right here in America. Fuck Israel.
    Let them pay their own bills.

  42. @randyvac01 We all pay taxes, it just depends what taxes 😉 . At any rate, I agree with you. I'm an Air Force brat, and grew up overseas with my father in the military. But, blind patriotism should not lead us to unnecessary conclusions. We should help our countrymen, by giving them a fair wage and honest wage. As long as it's available, we should not have welfare. But if we cannot provide that service, we should not pay for welfare. Its sick how the left hate conservatives just out of ideology.

  43. @randyvac01 I am left leaning in the American sense, but I'm actually a European Conservative, in that I think it's most important for governments to serve the publics interests first and foremost. America's case, in my opinion, is tricky and to support my beliefs would go against the principles on what America was founded on. It's like if I would go to Iran and tell them how to live, even though it's not part of their political culture. Most Americans do not like big gov, because its corrupt.

  44. @randyvac01 Every country is different, and in my opinion, America is a case where limited government is best. I of course mean the correct laws that are enforcable and efficient should be in place. Unfortunatlly, the American 'left', if I may, believe that more regulation is better, like a command economy, but it's not true. Too distinguish between practical solutions and moral ones is a plaque on America's political system. BTW, I was born and raised overseas, but I am American by any reason.

  45. It does not say much for the American people that public opinion appears to favour Republicans in the upcoming elections.

  46. Republicans are the curse and cancer of America!
    Poor America!
    They fucked it up with their clown Bush and put America in deep shit. They don't want to take the responsability for what they did and they're trying so hard to blame Obama! So typical of what republicans do! But we all know they fucked it up! Never again!

  47. @nuage7777 Hey, not everyone voted for Bush. Not to mention his brother helped rig the election in his favor. Bush actually LOST the popular vote, but our screwed up system handed him the Presidency.

    As to his re-election, in times of war the incumbent President is almost always re-elected. I think he declared war on Iraq partially to get him another 4 years.

  48. @TheGodlessGuitarist That has to be the most inane statement of all time no understanding of economics what so ever. GOD you are stupid. You have no say in the matter. Th erevolutionary war gave us the freedom to tell you to shut up when it comes to the affairs of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Can' t get over the fact we are not the colonies but THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. who saved you sorry as from becoming a Duetsch territory.

  49. Bush was awful, but he's not the only reason today is as it is. We must remember that the blame carries to everyone at some point, if you want to include the fact that we vote these people in. The solution isn't to point fingers, but to engage the problem head on. If that means voting democrat so bills like this (arguably good for everyone, from nearly every political standpoint) actually pass and/or get renewed, then so be it. If your conservative, you should be violently sick over this.

  50. @mattmoreira252

    I don't know if you recognize it yet or not, but marriage does not lead to an increase in the rate of STD transfer. If you're tied down to someone, why would you be more likely to practice risky and/or unprotected sex? I mean seriously? Marriage is not controlled by the church, it is controlled by the government. Did you go to the county clerk to get your marriage certificate? Your parents did (if married), or a similar government office. Shove off with the righteousness.

  51. Listen, this work to welfare are for shitty ass jobs. These people are getting dead end jobs, part time jobs. These work to welfare jobs arent going to lead anybody up the social ladder but keep them barely living.

  52. America can the country afford another Bush in the oval office – Can we afford to Let our country be turned into a waste land Just becuase the Republicans only have the best intrest of the 1% and corporations – watch this Video and you decide "Thom Hartmann: Republicans ran up the debt & now they don't want to pay the bill" – Let's WTFU America

  53. All workers pay into social security and medicare so we can access it later when we need it . As for unemployment it id good in case you happen to lose your job and have some financial difficulties while you look for a job

  54. Two years ago Bozo claims GOP killed W2W, yet in 2012, Democrats scheme in a Sebelius memo to grant W2W 'waivers' from Section 407 of the Social Security Act – the part that imposes the mandatory work requirement in W2W. Now why would they do that if, as according to Bozo, the program was eliminated? Memo and act are both on the web, get the facts for yourself. Also; Look up the tax cuts Bozo claims are 'for the rich' – they cover EVERYONE who pays taxes, not just the rich.

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