Gov. Christie’s Corporate Welfare Results

Gov. Christie’s Corporate Welfare Results

governor christy believes that tax cuts
assimilate an economy create more jobs and that’s his excuse for doing billions
in tax cuts in new jersey now at the same time of some of this
uh… you know of voters or incredibly
disadvantaged by this uh… they literally a couple points in
trenton where they could put toilet paper in public buildings anymore and and newark also had a toilet paper
problem much more importantly and newark and camden had proms paying for their
consummate out their police force signifi italy and then had an enormous
spike in crime and ended hannigan reads there reassert reinstitute all out of the police that they had
prior to or or dismissed earlier so it’s a mess in new jersey why because
we got a new these taxes how much it in tax cuts will uh… chris is already push for one
point five seven billion dollars in tax cuts to corporations has a core braces guy got paid you know
you don’t get cops on your street you’re going to a better that’s your problem
not chris chris is problem he’s getting paid by those guys uh… to do their bit buddies is not
good for the jobs are really well let’s look into that well uh… for example he gave going up eighty million dollars so that they have the jobs they create
for those eighty million dollars i can show if you know my hands nine nine jobs how’s that for an investment that’s
almost ten million dollars a job you give me toh main office i give you a
lot of jobs grant thursday while what a terrible mess right now you
might be thinking okay well that’s gotta be a rare exception wrong again bob is
almost always the case so uh… listen to some of the other
numbers fed this one of the uh… under news by campbell’s soup he had no forty two million dollar at
tax break you know they did they cut the hundred jobs so is it all yet while the time i get
tough on you men i don’t think they’re forty two million
dollar tax associate gave ya gonna knock it down a thirty four million while you really are up but only if you
don’t want a bris you know i know the is is that primers
like aa shai well what happened but of course british
in those at the role of sudden and you know you know so top now he says you can get back to the
forty two million dollars lady thatcher eight million dollars if you create as
much as five jobs eighty-year what do you do rule that would be eight million dollars
over a decade for fifty jobs while are taken by the way they continue to not create a single jumping if they can
do to cut jobs based on your particular with thirty four million dollars then go
to paying for cops teachers twelve babe or anything else in new jersey but this is an about creating jobs it
never once he never had the data to back that up it was about paying off it is uh…
contributors that’s why entry was signed by chris chris is possible presidential
candidate or repeat and then why do you think you were talking about that it’s
because he has some of the top donors in the country that’s the guys who are
creating conversation they thought boldness about guy it looks like a
populace he looks like one of us he looks like tony surround pruned left by
realities and so there and that has meals with that hedge fund as a new york missus what can i do for you sir on your you
know loyal servant and i’ll give you all the tax breaks that you need whether
you’re a hedge fund you’re a good jack corporation i won’t pretend that we’re
creating jobs and we’re not creating a damn thing accept money in your pocket

100 thoughts on “Gov. Christie’s Corporate Welfare Results

  1. Tax breaks like any other form of welfare is an expense to government. It's money the government used to collect and once it decides not to create a lack of funding, this means the government now must find new sources of income, ie raise tax on the middle class, increase fines or cut public programs, education, law enforcement. Tax breaks help corporations welfare at the expense of everyone else. They don't create jobs and they certainly don't benefit the average citizen so why bother?

  2. We'll there is only once solution to this, more tax breaks..If they can create 1 job per 10 million kickback, think how much they can create if we give them 10s of billions of dollars in kickbacks! 100's maybe even 120's of jobs!

  3. You're a buffoon if that's the only difference you think there is. You're also a buffoon if you think tax cuts stimulate the economy. You're a buffoon if you think the Recovery Act didn't stop the country from falling apart. Then again, you're just a buffoon.

  4. Help me out here, Grasshopper. Exactly where did I say in my statement, that that was the "only difference"? Having said that, I really got to hand it to Mr. SmileyFace, (that would be Obama of course), and his liberal/socialist Administration in where they come up with these words like "recovery" act. Come on now, you can't really believe that, (ok, I'll use the term), the Recovery Act did any good can you? If you do, then you are a double baffoon with cream & sugar on top, bunky.

  5. I love to call people names too. So in the spirit of the Democrat Senate majority "leader", Barack Obama "is a light skinned Negro, who speaks with little accent", and, (my words), is simply a "fuck". Damn this is fun, no?

  6. Wow 9 jobs at this rate there wont be any jobless people around 2020 because people will start to eat each other. -.-

  7. God this guy is a embarressment to society. He looks like grimmice and has the charisma of a wild bore. The whole bull in the china shop attitude he has, is because he's not happy with the guy in the mirror. What a hack.

  8. Cenk, you really show how economically illiterate you are when you confuse a tax break (company keeps more of its own money) and a subsidy (government gives them taxpayer's money).

    You keep confounding the two, pretending that if a company pays less taxes, it's the same as if you give them your tax money!

  9. This is what voters in New Jersey directly or indirectly approved, isn't it?
    They did something stupid, and they pay the price for a long time. Well, Life is fair.

  10. Well, look at who else the Republicans have – nobody. This guy is the flavor of the month, until voters get a good taste of him.

  11. All except for the few that opposed him from jump street. If all his recent actions aren't enough to take him out of office, then I fear for the future, especially if he really does go for a presidential bid.

  12. You're splitting hairs. But ultimately, if water comes from the top of a stream or its bottom, it's still coming from the same stream. And ultimately, Christie's policy hasn't stimulated the economy. Having money that is tax-sheltered IS paying less taxes. You're going to place a verbal shell-game with the money? Fine. Where are the jobs? Where is the growth that Christie implied when he "granted the subsidies" (as you put it)? I'm all ears.

  13. Bobby Pussycat knows nothing about a great many things. If you listen carefully, you can actually hear him breathing through his mouth when he types his comments. If anything, you should be impressed that Bobby Pussycat has an opposing thumb to use on the spacebar.

  14. Chris Christie is a loud, obnoxious, rich Wall Street guy who doesn't give a damn about other people. He's everything Republicans want to be.

  15. so not true. the effective tax rate in the US is 13%. google corporate tax rates and go to the usnews & world report article.

  16. This is what's going to happen. The security problem is going to get so bad in Jersey the insurance companies will jack their premiums up through the roof and all the businesses will go to another state. These morons always rooting for the free market without the slightest idea of what it really is. Look at the carjacking stats.

  17. Look at this fat pig in which New Jersey citizens voted in office, when will you ever learn to stop voting against your own interests. Get this thug out of office an soon or we all loose around the nation. OBAMA 2012 an every women on the ballot we created you we can take you out. I can't wait for the RNC with guns in Florida. This hopefullly will be a gun battle among themselves .. I can't wait as I sit across the nation n watch hoping n praying that they get all they deserve bang bang ur dead!

  18. i see all this shit about corporate taxes when it was higher in late 50s and 60s we had some of our strongest growth in history the tax break policy only works when corporate America is ethical and take a long term look vrs quarter profit compared to last year for bonus. And if you think CORPORATE AMERICA is ethical and honest i have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

  19. No. I want to hear you talk about CHRISTIE. You don't get to set the rules or move the goalposts. You don't get to make non-sequitir arguments about the "msm". You're allowed to tell me how the economy improved in NEW JERSEY. If you won't talk about that, you're forfeiting the argument.

  20. This fat fuck has been around since forever and jersey is still broke?what the fuck do these teabaggers love about these GOP dickheads who have not put up one jobs bill in over ten years in congress? Not one jobs bill in over ten years and if you give this fucking Mormon the white house he is not make one fucking job that is not connected to the military.Because the first thing this panty wearer is going to do is go to war with Iran….That there jobs plan blow shit up and buy more bombs..

  21. You could see how many euro countries do it (ignore UK) for the answer.
    I dont feel like doing the search right now, but its out there.

    Socialism today is more about mixed economies, and they would have incentives to keep jobs in the country or penalties.

    It leads to more small business which is best for any country.
    Let megacorps leave the country, good riddance.

  22. That's not the case. What we have is decent employment law. you have to provide a redundancy package for each employee you lay off. Unless there's a cost associated with firing people that's what the capitalists do. Retraining is expensive and it's always easier and cheaper to fire people and hire in people with the new skills, unless there's a cost to doing so. The US economy is socialist but it claims to be capitalist so it can dodge it's responsibility for the citizens it fails.

  23. huh? I think you misunderstood me, while it is "socialist" its not run like europes more socialist market economies which i was referring to.

    Even then, as I said, I dont know the actual policies over there, but was giving my thoughts on basic policies that might work in relation to the question he asked.

  24. United States – 39.2 percent
    Japan – 38.01
    France – 34.4
    ^Top 3 corporate tax rates in the world, U.S. was second until Japan just dropped theirs

  25. Economic theory says that if more resources are controlled privately, they will be used more productively (i.e. yield more growth) than if they are controlled by the state.

    What matters then isn't tax rates, it is state expenditures ( plus regulations).

    New Jersey's 2012 budget actually is the highest expenditure (some $47.6 billions) it has ever nominally had in history.

    By that alone, you should not expect any improvement of economic growth, no matter how much tax break there is.

  26. The fact that NJ's state expenditure in 2012 is the highest ever also shows how much of a liar (or deeply ignorant) is Cenk when pretending the state has to do deep cuts to afford those tax breaks.

    NY's state isn't making any spending cuts. It is increasing its expenditures over last year (by about $2.5 billions).

    And no, tax cuts aren't expenditures, they only lower revenues.

  27. living in australia now, australians are amazed americans live on shit wages, even if the cost of living is a little less in the us than oz. the wealthy here do quite well, nobody is leaving the country and going to singapore because they get taxed too much and thus can't generate business; their businesses can still turn profits because consumers have more money to consume goods. while oz has conservative ideas like private retirement in many ways it's a confirmation of all the lies of the gop

  28. Well, regarding religion in this case, one can easily point to the protestant work ethic which due to it's concept of predestination created a "see how god rewards me/I'm going to heaven, God shits on you/you're going to hell" system that we still live with today.

  29. That's the way they got us to willing divide into classes the middle and poor ones anyway. Most of the rich inherit their money or get it has a reward for obeying the wealthy elitist families. The real creator or the universe; however you choose to see it doesn't deal in gold coins or paper with colored ink. He/she values our creative abilities,skills,intelligence, and courage. Most certainly not blind obedience to shallow authority figures and material goods.

  30. While I am not going to hold my breath that either party can, or will, do anything to actually change the system, I have no problem in helping eliminate crony capitalism and trying to get money out of politics. Any fair thinking person should agree. But like I said, given the political climate these days, I'm not going to hold my breath.

  31. I encourage you to learn more about government regulations. You seem not to be familiar with what they are, who writes them, and who they benefit.

  32. I dont understand the incentives given to companies to "create jobs". The truth is if I as an employer need you, I will hire you. I will not expand if I don't need you, that is just a waste of money.

  33. So, production is getting more and more efficient, but less and less people are going to be able to buy the products because their work is no longer needed? I see an obvious solution to the problem, but it's not compatible with capitalism.

  34. And people are still silly enough to vote those people back into office? Smh….I'm glad I live in the state that I live in is all I have to say. We don't play that here.

  35. Taxes on the people are not the same as taxes on corporations. Everything you spoke of is about taxes on people. Cutting taxes on corporations have historically meant higher taxes on the PEOPLE. They have to make up the revenue somewhere. And also, cutting taxes on corporations are supposed to free up money to create more jobs, the point is it hasn't done that, therefore, creating a deficit.

  36. So you're not going to offer any data? You'll talk about New York state (which has 11 MILLION MORE PEOPLE). You'll talk about state expenditures. But you won't talk about economic GROWTH. You failed.

  37. I saw a Christie speech where he bad mouthed lobbyists from the teachers' union, and he's a former lobbyist himself!

  38. I reject the entire premise of this piece, IT's NOT THE GOVERNMENTS MONEY, its the corporation's money , stop trying to get something for nothing liberals, government has NO right to anyones money. Go out and earn your own money ointh eprivate sector and stop having the govt. steal money for you. Either that or move to europe…utterly pathetic!!

  39. Damn. I'm in jersey. Best thing in years out of here is the Jonas brothers, shudder. The worst? Our politics.

  40. Obviously, but what should we do about it then? If we stick with capitalism we're gonna have to let the workers and their children starve to death, unless we destroy the machines and outlaw technological advancement. Or, we could just give the unemployed what they need, which shouldn't be a problem (in an intelligent humane society) since production is constantly improving.

  41. By capitalism I mean that everyone has to find a way to be useful to someone else in order to survive. Socialism isn't the only other alternative, but I live in a somewhat socialist country (Sweden) and I think we have pretty widespread prosperity, although unemployment is pretty bad here too. When you think about socialist economies, you probably think of the USSR, China and North Korea. Those are oppressive dictatorships, they didn't want equality for all.

  42. We can scrap North Korea from the list, the aren't even technically Socialist anymore. The revised North Korean constitution doesn't mention Socialism, Communism or Marx and replaced it with some weird ancestor worship/ultra nationalist mixup called Juchi.

  43. UPAMANASS Denver teacher who is a failure. Oh yes he is a Karate Man. It is hilarious how stupid he is. He thinks he is some authority but knows nothing.

  44. Uh, dude. Government has to be able to run somehow, they have to pay employees and have infrastructure otherwise there would be no roads, bridges, and public buildings and no people to maintain them. These things are kind of important to the people of the state and businesses as well. Or are you so anti-govt that you think we should just have total anarchy and no way for society to function? I guess we should just go back to an agrarian society and all live on farms and use horses to travel.

  45. IT doesn't matter!! It's there fucking money, do you want someone telling you what to do with your money !!?? We are a free country and a Capitalist one at that, you have to be kidding me? If the nobama regime wants jobs maybe they should create a climate that would encourage risk taking by companies so that it is in their BEST interest to hire. The fact that you would ask such a question tells me you have no clue about America or Capitalism. Pathetic.

  46. The fact that you think the president is in any position or has the power to get companies to hire people tells me you have no clue about the America we live in or crony capitalism. If we actually had capitalism we would probably be just fine.

  47. not talking about that, I am attacking you on the premise that anyones money somehow belongs automatically to the goct. And yes, tax cuts definitely encourage and create jobs, the more money a company has for ITSELF that it doesn't have to give to the corrupt inefficient corrupt govt. , the more it has to reinvest back into its business which creates jobs! Use your head, that's just common logic.

  48. Now im wondering what the books for those companies like because if they had losses last year it may explain a lot but if they had profits larger than the tax breaks then i dont know what they r doing

  49. ever heard of a little company called Coca Cola:
    Muhtar Kent, Coke’s chief executive, said “in many respects” it was easier doing business in China, which he likened to a well-managed company. “You have a one-stop shop in terms of the Chinese foreign investment agency and local governments are fighting for investment with each other,” Kent said that US tax burdens and political polarisation were creating uncertainty for businesses and hurting investment. The libs need to compromise!

  50. how about just forgive the capital gains tax for a year ….. why constantly tax people, why not slash the govt. and then give the producers a break. What's wrong with that?

  51. its the liberals and the left who are obsessed with the tax code and make it so complicated, Ryan wanted two rate s with no deductions, its you brethren who make it possible to have all the looholes, I 'll type slowly for you: its called the unintended consequences of liberalism. in trying to control and create a utopia you fuck yourself in the end. LMAO!!! you guys are idiots!!

  52. LOL, your a liberal and you know it, you're just too ashamed to admit it LMAO. You mean the govt takes in 2.5 trillion and you think somehow an argument can made for the side of taxing even more!! How about cutting the fucking govt , in other words cut spending we collect enough in taxes…. people like you just want something for nothing..

  53. Republicans are the party of the stuborn. No matter how much real life evidence refutes their argument on anything they wont even concider changing thier mind.

  54. Or hook him up to The Matrix. That's some renewable energy for yo' ASS!
    Hmm…Cartman and 80-ft satellites come to mind!

  55. Hate to break it to you New Jersey, but it IS your fault that Fatboy is your Governor. You have the right to vote, USE it…

  56. You stupid liberals… These tax cuts and subsidies aren't for creating jobs as much as they are for saving jobs. Without tax cuts and subsidies these companies would have shed countless jobs. Keep spinning the facts libs..

  57. That's actually pretty brilliant. We could also incentivize corporations to create higher paying jobs by giving them tax breaks based not only on quantity but quality of jobs they create. It's a win-win for the government, because they'll get most of the money back from the increase in payroll and income taxes from all the new employees.

  58. Another novel job creating idea that I have waited my lifetime to hear out of the mouth of ANY politician, dem or repub, and it's along the same lines. Why not shift the entire corporate tax burden gradually to outsourcing, dollar for dollar? Take the taxes off domestic employment and shift it to importation of foreign goods and EXPORTATION of labor. Make it more expensive to pay the taxes alone on this practice than it would be to hire domestic labor. THAT would be an incentive.

  59. Well, I can only agree in a practical sense, but in true idealistic identity, I am an anarchist/voluntarist and I think there should be no such thing as "currency" and certainly no such thing as a "business" that serves absolutely no social function and makes it's money by lending money it doesn't actually have, tossing around "buying power" issuing "credit" etc. If commerce and trade were limited to actual things of value, goods and services for goods and services, no entity could GET so big.

  60. He is setting up his presidential campaign fund at our expense. He's a bully! He does what benefits him and the people of a certain class. If you aren't part if that class and don't like it, you can either leave the state or sit down and shut up as he has said himself.

  61. CORPORATE WELFARE COSTS TRILLIONS AND NOONE COMPLAINS….meanwhile I can't even get help with my $400 month student loan. lol…and if I Ask for help I'm lazy. lol

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