GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA WON’T SHOW YOU – Brussels: Terror VS Civilization –

GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA WON’T SHOW YOU – Brussels: Terror VS Civilization –

Yesterday, after the horrible and tragic terrorist
attacks in Brussels, many people to express solidarity, started putting Belgian flags
on their profile pictures. The same happened last November, after the horrific Paris attacks.
But few people realize that between Paris and Brussels attacks, there were at least
38 more terrorist attacks in which 20 or more people died. So, if people were to change
their profile pictures, for each attack, this is what it would look like. All in all , between the Paris and Brussels
attacks, there were at least 304 other terrorist attacks in at least 35 countries, with at
least 2,906 people killed and many more injured. These attacks were all very different, but
there was one common trend among all these tragedies. The perpetrators, the ones who
killed innocent people are clear and obvious terrorists. If they appear in any public place
– they will immediately be arrested. However, few people know, that right in the
heart of Europe, in South-Eastern Ukraine region of Donbass,, more than 9000 people
have lost their lives. And the people in the Ukrainian government, the ones giving orders
to kill innocents, the ones waging an ugly war against their own citizens are hailed
as democrats, and welcomed in European capitals. The man responsible for the war and atrocities,
president Poroshenko of Ukraine, was himself in Brussels just last week.
And despite thousands of casualties, nobody in the West changes their profile pictures
for these dead – their tragedies are simply never reported. So to learn the truth government and media
don’t want you to know, please sign up for our channel – “War in Ukraine – the
Unreported Truth”

24 thoughts on “GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA WON’T SHOW YOU – Brussels: Terror VS Civilization –

  1. The man immediately responsible is Poreshenko. The people ULTIMATELY responsible are Obama and the US taxpayers

  2. The west has lost its soul.  Without Russia or China, the whole world would be lost. This behavior by the west can' t go anymore, there has to be something that gives and stops this world wide terror. The terror in Ukraine is a western creation with western fingerprints all over it. The Islamic terror is a western creation since the early 1980s with the mujahideen in Afghanistan, then Al-Qaeda and now Isis – all western brands. In the cold war era, the US/NATO created Gladio terrorism  to  blame leftists and communists and western European to not vote leftist. The west had a long history a lack of empathy for humanity. The west has no shame showing its true mask to the world now.

  3. 9000?)))) ahahhh……its only what fixed OSCE. only in donetsk and lugansk. only as a result bombing of kiev military. without thousands repressed, without thousands root donetsk people, who went to levy. and around 1 million 100 thousand refugees run in russia, without CRYME, where live 2 millions. It needs to keep, pay pensions .in CRYME needs to build all, because KIEV 25 years absolutely did not do anything. roads, power, all… its absolutly subsidized region. Putin was forced to accept them, because because they are waiting for the death of kiev chasteners… and war in rostov region…near the dagestan and chechnya

  4. È chiaro che mancano ancora tanti altri Paesi all'appello quali lo Yemen, il Tibet; e poi c'è la Grecia, l'Italia, il Portogallo dove la gente è indotta al suicidio; ecc. ecc. Se gli USA non la smettono di esportare "democrazia" è davvero la fine! In generale la gente è troppo distratta per ricordare che son già quattro anni che gli USA stanno tentando di portare la guerra in Europa e pian piano ci stanno riuscendo con la complicità dei governanti corrotti!

  5. Just for information – Ukrainian army follows silence mode, but Donbass terrorists and russian military volunteers kill our people and destroy our territory every day.

  6. It seems as if TRUTH is a rare commodity. The oligarchs and neocons have control of the news media in the EU/US, where all politicians build their fortunes on propaganda, blatant disinformation, or simply "acting" their careers which they know will secure them millions for their "easy lives."

  7. Haven't looked through all of your videos yet. just signed up for your page, so if this comment is redundant, please disregard it.

    What I was wondering is have you spoken about the double standard position of the west on Yugoslavia, i.e., make the comparison between Crimea (including the vents in Ukraine) and Yugoslavia? If not, perhaps that too is of great importance. Having lived in the states for a very long time I know for a fact that the overwhelming majority of westerners, especially in the US, still have no idea about the facts surrounding those events and how America positioned and continues to position itself on those matters in utter contrast to the very similar events of Crimea, but to its disadvantage of course. Wouldn't hurt to mention the shameful decisions of the Hague court just last week regarding Radovan Karadzik, as it panders to whatever Washington and the EU command of it while arrogantly turning a blind eye to genocides and atrocities committed by the so-called "land of democracy". Just a thought.

  8. Alex – you know there's a "ban" button, right? 🙂 When you run across commentary from people who actually want to learn or debate, you should engage them and allow them the opportunity to learn. But when you run across subhuman, bio-waste like "Arom" down there, just toss 'em. Single-celled organisms shouldn't even have access to the internet to begin with. 😉

  9. mate u right 100%
    but just to let u know the devil in this world is in
    White House
    there is no peace anymore in this world

  10. I am so speechless and moved by the video clip of the dead mother carrying her little one. Fuck these cowards who have pitted these peaceful people against each other for their own greedy ambitions.

  11. It's just a part of life..death, and the nature of the beast. Idk, just do what you can with what you have, before what you have, does what it can w you.

  12. “They're sobering up”: Crimean Tatar leader on “cardinal” change in public moods in Crimea

    Read more on UNIAN:

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