Gov’t Paying Black Men To Impregnate Women Says Lawmaker

Gov’t Paying Black Men To Impregnate Women Says Lawmaker

When a country undermines traditional marriage,
it cannot print up enough money to take care of all the problems that happen in our society.
And we need to look no further than our welfare program and the black families in this country.
Prior to the great society programs of the 60s the out of wedlock birth among black families
was approximately, or was under 20 percent. Today that in the inner city, the out of wedlock
birth for black families is over 80 percent. And one of the primary reasons for that is
that we have developed government programs that will pick up the tab for having children
out of wedlock. The result is we exploit our women, we create a bad situation for our children,
especially minorities and we tell men that they can impregnate as many women as they
want and the government will pick up the tab. I think we need to stop that philosophy not
expand it as the ah.. with the credit in the health insurance exchange. Thank you. Representative…. The member from Olmsted, Representative Liebling. Thank you madam speaker. I think we’re pretty
far afield here from the bill and even from the amendment with some of the comments that
have been made. But I think it’s just really important to at least correct the record in
one respect. First of all, in Minnesota right now when people are on our MInnesota Family
Investment Program, what a lot of people like to call welfare, and they have an additional
child, they don’t get any more money. They don’t get more money. And what they do get
is very, very low. So we have a welfare program that does not insentivize anybody to be on
welfare. No rational person would want to be on welfare with what they get here and
they certainly not insentivized to have any additional children.

43 thoughts on “Gov’t Paying Black Men To Impregnate Women Says Lawmaker

  1. no if you listened the problem went from 20% to 80% which is not acceptable for any racial group. Did you cut and paste your remark?

  2. Cities that are run by Democrats that have large African American Voters are hell holes. Detroit, Chicago, D.C. etc. I don't see Republicans promoting illegitimacy, nor denying firearms. Hello?

  3. Just another in a long line of fact free crazy statement from this legislator. He blames years of fracking controversy on a recently released movie, he claims homosexuality isn't genetic based solely on the fact we haven't found a gay gene, he doesn't believe alcoholism is a disease, he wants to ban the use of Kinsey's "filthy" research, he thinks Sigmund Freud is a pervert and a moron. All his crazy statements can be found by googling his name. You have to wonder if he thinks the world is flat.

  4. Gruenhagen is absolutely right. Kinsey was a pervert and child molester.
    check out this website if you want to know the truth.

  5. Hilarious, garbage peddled on a wackjob website by the fascists over at ALEC. No proof at that site at all. Under their crazy reasoning, the pope and the Catholic church hierarchy would be considered pedophiles as well. Are you going to call them pedophiles too?

  6. Yet he makes no mention of the white people going to that welfare office in Glencoe. There aren't many black people going there. I wonder why?

  7. black men are greedy with sex and not staying with the relationship. They choose not to commit or be serious becuase of how they were raise in the environment. Family upbringing…. Period…it really not about being poor or wealthy. Regardless sex is sex…..woman need to stop putting out without the commitment….maybe the keep actually have stable relationship so they wont be stuck with the child the cant afford and the man that does not love them. The woman is also mainly responsible

  8. Facts are facts and some people really can't handle the truth. You should only bring life into the world that you can love and care for but instead we're breading like rats because some have the self control of a three year old. Dignity, self respect, self control, reponsible behavior and good parenting has now been deemed part of a racist belief system. At last the beast rears its ugly head and exposes itself for what it really is. And we should pay for this why?Rewarding Stupidity doesn't Work

  9. What is acceptable behavior and wear does the line get drawn? A woman in Florida with 15 illigitimate children, the father of 11 of them in prison and the tax payers flip the bill, it's not sane. Yes people need help and they should get that help if and only if they deserve it. We have junkies in this country who never worked a day in their lives collecting Soc Sec and Food Stamps, we have people on welfare living better than people who work hard every day, it's insanity and it needs to end.

  10. Umm, how in the hell did this rat bastard come up with that 80% bullshit? Did census takers roll through the urban are,as to administer that survey? Regressives need to get their shit straight. First the percentage of bastard births was 60%, then I heard 70% and now this douche chimes in with 80%? Anyway, it's no secret that the leading demographic, when it comes to welfare pay outs, are Anglo-Saxon females, that live in red states. Maybe he ought to be more concerned about his own people first

  11. Welfare is paying black men to produce babies. It's paying welfare mothers to have babies, basically.


  13. Majority of Black men impregnate their black women thus passing on their genes and run away. While good people pay the bill via taxes and cannot afford children. I hate this more every day.

  14. Look at the ugly and dishonest virtue signalling white lady. I lived in soCal for 2 years, saw so many welfare and foster families in my neighborhood it was ridiculous. YES they are incentivized to have children out of wedlock. Just bust a nut and the gov won't let your kids starve.

  15. He was on a roll until he said, the government is paying black men to impregnate black women. No, they’re not. They’re locking black men up and giving housing to black women with kids, who can’t afford rent.

  16. welfare leads to a problem which is that young folks do not care if they become pregnant, because government takes care of the baby afterwards.

  17. They hate black men and don't want to hire or educate them, so they create reasons to blame black men. White people oppress nonwhites in every nation they occupy. They are calling nonwhites lazy just like you are doing. You are too blind to see the similarities.

  18. Why are blacks the number one for abortion why are more black kids without fathers why do women have kids that are on welfare really

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