87 thoughts on “Great bit of Typing

  1. Man you don't even have to push down on those buttons for it to type, this will put mechanical keyboards out of business!

  2. Starcraft one taught me how to cuss you out with one hand while working mouse and using hotkey commands with the other.

    but… SCII is a fail to SC

  3. yeaaaah…so fast he doesn't seem to be making them look to have been pushed. Now that's some fast typin' yessure bob.

  4. Have you actually seen some of the top (especially Korean) SC2 pros play? Some of them are absolutely ridiculous.

  5. maybe his keyboard is extra sensitive?
    maybe it just got out of an abusive relationship?
    maybe it belonged to the angry german kid.

  6. related videos are more to do with what you search for. I get Lamb of God, Muscle and Fitness, and something about cats?

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