Great Plains IDEA — Your future.  Our idea.

Great Plains IDEA — Your future. Our idea.

Are you having trouble deciding which university has the best online college degree programs? Why limit your opportunities to just one university? Through Great Plains IDEA you can earn an online degree in high-demand professional fields while taking classes from several of our nineteen member universities. Not only will you interact with students and peers from all over the world, you will also learn from faculty all over the country. Great Plains IDEA provides faculty a creative way to come together, maximize their skills and knowledge, and develop a student-centered program that prepares you for the next phase of your career. So how does Great Plains IDEA work? You choose one home university. And while you’ll enroll and pay tuition there, your courses will be taught completely online by faculty from each of the member universities. When you complete your coursework, your degree is awarded by your home university. Students pay the same common price per credit hour regardless of which university is teaching the course. That means no out-of-state tuition or distance delivery fees. Plus, you don’t have to worry about transferring credits. Great Plains IDEA can help you earn your degree as you learn from the best faculty at our member universities. Whether you are ready to advance your career, thinking about changing careers or a recent graduate, Great Plains IDEA is right for you. Your future. Our idea.

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